Can someone please recommend me a post apocalypse comic similar to Fallout vibes?

Can someone please recommend me a post apocalypse comic similar to Fallout vibes?

marvel zombies

Which Fallout?

Wasteland, but its not very good.

Old man logan is pretty great

I guess 3 since its my favorite one.
I was just looking at it, it seemed all right except for the art. What else is wrong with it?

Gone With the Blastwave is pretty funny.

>I guess 3 since its my favorite one.

Good taste.

>Fallout 3

Read Kamandi.

Last of Us: American Dream

There's actually a New Vegas comic about Benny and the Khans he was with. Pretty good

>What else is wrong with it?
The writing is pretty bland.

Pretty mediocre though

I still have my copy of All Roads. It's a prized possession.

Try Fist of the North Star. For american comics, Vic and Blood's graphic novel (but watch the movie or read the book first)

Then go play Fallout 1 because you really fuckin' need to. It's like watching Star Wars without having seen the originals.

mE liek fallow tree

me loV violins

invader zim


that's where OPs pic is from

Why do people say Fallout 3 is bad? My main peeve is there's too many Centaurs. Seriously fuck those guys.

Can you not? You're going to attract the crybabies from Cred Forums.

I like it because it did atmosphere, exploration, and level design very well, and because it was the first of the series that I played none of the differences to previous fallout games bugged me. That said, looking back on it, it has some rather glaring issues with characterization, plot, and progression, and I totally understand the people who complain about the stylistic differences from 1/2/NV since I went through the exact same thing when 4 came out.



Bad plot, bad characters, gameplay and choices arent interesting but exploring is fun!

Ever played Fallout Tactics?
Ah, silly plot. Got it.
I remember playing Fallout 3 second time with DLC installed. Operation Anchorage kills all WILL I DIE IF I OPEN THIS DOOR vibe with their fancy rewards if you answer their signal early.

Scout is a fucking masterpiece of post-apocalyptic fiction in ANY medium. Whether or not is quite resembles Fallout is iffy. You should check it out though anyway because it's amazing.

Desert Punk

The Legend of Mother Sarah


Only read the first couple issues and it didn't take off but it seemed pretty cool.

It's like Brotherhood of Steel in that it completely fucks up the tone, gameplay, and story of the series. Only difference is that complaining about Fallout 3 or 4 makes you a neckbeard, while Brotherhood of Steel is totally acceptable to bitch about.

In greater detail, the games very strongly lean towards a specific character that the developers want you to be. You HAVE to be passionate and looking for your dad and your son to continue the story. You HAVE to be a good guy to progress the story, because you HAVE to be a part of the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3, and HAVE to be a Minuteman soldier, a Railroad soldier, or a Brotherhood soldier to get to the Institute. You also HAVE to destroy the Enclave in Fallout 3. You also HAVE to be rooty tooty point n shooty guy in Fallout 4. But that opens another can of worms.

On topic though, Vic and Blood's some good stuff.

>You also HAVE to destroy the Enclave in Fallout 3
Funnily enough, that's only in Broken Steel.
If you somehow manage to leave Raven Rock without "convincing" the president to kill himself, the elder of the BoS tells you they sent Liberty Prime in the destroy it while you were in a coma.

What happens to Washington Brotherhood after that?

Everything continues on as if you'd made the pres kill himself.
This is Bethesda we're talking about.