That one episode of The Nutshack where Tito runs for president

>That one episode of The Nutshack where Tito runs for president.

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That didn't happen.

They did have a giant mechs episode though. Shit was SO fucking weird"

Oh man the ending was really fucking weird.

>That one episode of the Nutshack where Horat and an army of cyborg monkeys take over the town.


Can you actually buy this? More importantly, who would do such a thing?

I bought a copy as a joke for my friends birthday

>They replaced Jack and Tito's voice actors in S2

absolutely disturbing

>that episode where you can understand a single goddamn word Horat says

>That episode where GRAND DAD wins the lottery.

I can confirm it is in fact the pistachio manor

Why did they call it The Nutshack? Is there even a nutshack in the show?

Why was season 2's animation so much better?

>having friends

Should I watch this? My brother won't shut up about it.


It's a meme, you dip. The show is fucking awful.

It's a show (the "shack" in question) full of nuts.

It sounds like nutsack?

the acorn abode

>That episode where Tito and his bro fuck an entire village of widows

Here's 14 episodes at once.

true pinoykino

huh I just bought Rohan at the Lourve too. A little disappointing

Fuck forgot link

My favorite episode.

would you say it was so fucked up

I love how you could say absolutely anything, and it would sound legit, because nobody has actually watched this thing.

>that episode where the Chase Manhattan Bank in Gravesend, Brooklyn, was held siege by a gay bank robber determined to steal enough money for his male lover to undergo a sex change operation.

You bought your friend all of that shit for their birthday?

I wish I had richfag friends. I get like a card and a 4-pack of beer.

>That episode where Jack builds a time machine and he, Phil, Horatio, and Tito travel to coloniel times where Tito fucks Martha Washington.

nearly everything in that picture is a gag gift


This is...beyond shit.

>the good all nutshack boys would be killed by government death squads in today's philipines

>That episode where tito tries to fulfil his best friends legacy

Nothing good about them

Netflix better pick this up.

tito just means 'uncle'

it's not his name

uncle dick

Tito dick
No relation

Don't you mean "tio"?

I tried to watch an ep, and dear god I can't understand what anyone is saying

I'm still confused, why did Cherry Pie turn into a giant and turn everybody into oj.


>check Wikipedia
>it's real

It's a 2-parter, in fact.

>That episode where Tito, Phil, Jack, and Horatio get stands and travel to Egypt to defeat the vampire Dwayne.

>that spinoff about Tito's bastard son in a midwest small town

>That episode where Phile decides to become a gangster with his broken Stand Golden Nuts but first has to beat crime lord Titovolo and his King Dick.

> that episode where Chita had to personally replace the milk in the fridge and the neighborhood gets addicted to it

Can we stop with this meme?
It was ready to die back in 2008.

>that episode where phil fucking dies

As soon as the Nutshack threads stop.

This is obviously just like when people had that psuedo Shrek fandom to make fun of the fandom for "that show".

Yes. The show is so fucking bad that it comes full circle and becomes hilarious through its mediocrity. check it out.

This is the logical conclusion of nutshack memes

We're practically a post-apocalyptic setting with how much shit The Unnameable Show caused.

Hopefully the Brogre thing made people realize Smash Mouth was actually great.