Is this the happiest dystopian fiction in exsistance?

Is this the happiest dystopian fiction in exsistance?

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It shouldn't be

Why would anyone wanna live in an Orwellian Society that wasn't ruled by Asami

What about Jimmy Two-Shoes?

do you have a website or something?

Idk people seem cheery in Adventure Time



>Is this the happiest dystopian fiction in exsistance?
Man, I should watch this just to figure out what the Hell you mean by this.

Man, I did not expect a reference to that here!

>there is a president of the world, who acts like a tyrant, and the goat character was scared for her life when she insulted him online
>everyone is either sick or maimed constantly
>pollutants everywhere
>living conditions are shit
>everyone lives there life in gleeful ignorance to the horrors of life, almost as if theyve delved into insanity to escape the madness lf reality

Man, with deepest lore like this, one would think this show would get a lot more attention.

The coolest thing its not outright statted, and it probably never will. You have to read into all the background details to realize there living in a cross between an acid dream and an orwellian horror.

Cred Forums has shit taste thats why alot of good shows are never discussed that and a lack of waifus

But it DOES have waifus

very comfy ending theme


My nigga

>This show is actually fun and cute.
>Everybody shits on it because of it's artstyle.

>Pretty ironic considering the cute, vibrant visuals are the show's greatest asset

I am pretty sure theres no lewds of the goat.

Does the cricket have any lewds?


If they wrote Pig out of the show it'd be great. He's the source for 90% of the gross-out humor.

is there a mega?

THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYIN'! Thank you, user!

I think the PGBC Crew wanted to write a dumb character used purely as comic relief in the same vein as Patrick Star, but failed misterably.

The three other characters all have some kind of quirk that actually makes them fun and interesting: Banana's a wisecracking jerk, Goat's a struggling artist with anger issues, and Cricket's a scientific genius with a crush on his roommate.

Pig is just... a gross idiot whose ignorance causes nothing but chaos... which he learns nothing from! Removing him from the show would greatly improve the show.

Well, the show is still on it's first season so thing might improve in season two.

pretty sure if it was made in the 90s, people would call it a classic

I can only hope so, man. Pig's face in this shot is one of the few times he's actually made me laugh in the show.

The show has a really unappealing art style so I refuse to watch it at all.

I've never understood the hate towards the art style. It's cartoony AF, and those backgrounds are ridiculously good!

>Being this much of a faggot

despite its impressive artstyle and fluid animation, it had typical wacky lolsorandumb writing along unfunny gross out humour.
the jokes were just really bland

>new episodes are airing on Nicktoons now
it's fucked, lads

Is this the artist the illustrated the children's book skateboarding monsters?

If I have to choose between the Loud House or Pig Goat Banana Cricket on Nickelodeon, I choose the Loud House!