"Badass" character in cartoon passes through metal detector

>"Badass" character in cartoon passes through metal detector
>30-second scene of them taking dozens and dozens of metal weapons out of their pockets

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Can we just skip to the Cred Forums shitposting on cockslut and Doug's fat wife?

I love that trope. Fuck you.



Cool, I get to shoot a midget!

Hey that trope is actually funny. As for one I personally can't stand:

>Villain's motivation is "humans are a cancer, they are destroying the enviroment and are a violent species, they must be erradicated"
>The villains themselves are humans

I can stand that one with a non-human character who wants to erradicate humanity, but it really comes of as hypocritical from human villains, I just can't take them seriously.

I too, have noticed that things that happen in one form of popular fiction happen in other forms of popular fiction!

I agree we should shit on his drop of quality in the past few years. But we shouldnt make fun of his wife. It doesnt matter if shes fat, all that matters is that shes a good person

what does he look like when he walks?

Whoa, talk about a blast from the past.

>and the knife in your boot
>all of them

>Episode cuts away from them
>Eventually comes back to show they're still pulling stuff out of their pockets

Also, is it mo or have these trope htreads been using that picture a lot lately?

Now there's something I haven't seen in a while.

Even better when their plans will completely fucking wreck Earth in the process.

I've honestly grown tired of that trope regardless if the one uttering it is human or not.

Like, yes, there's plenty of people who would give that faggot from DeviantArt a boner with how shitty they are towards the environment, but pretty much everyone else is innocent and may actually suffer from that, too.

I've also grown tired of the "aliens come and easily rekt the human race" trope, especially when it's obvious the invaders would drop like flies if we launched a nuke at them.

[audience laughs as more knives that could possibly fit fall out as the boot is shaken upside down]

>guy is stuck in a tight situation
>"Do you need any help?"
>"Nah I'm fine!"

>doesn't want to do the supervillain shuffle
>does the supervilain shuffle

>heroes point out that the villain is also human
>next time they meet him, he has mutated himself into a monster/turned into a machine

Report and move on, people. Don't feed the frogposter.

My favorite trope:

>title sequence/cliff hanger
>slow pan/silhouettes of the group of villains of the season/arc

I want to see a person who wants to destroy the world with no particular justification.

I saw purple runoff water near a coalmine and imagined how someone could want to destroy the world PURELY because pollution can be really pretty.

>what do you think ----------- is up to?
>...i dont know but i can't be good