Spiderman can canonically snap steel chain just by flexing

>Spiderman can canonically snap steel chain just by flexing

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old spidey was cooler than modern spidey

Spiderman's strenght is one of the most inconsistent ones in comics.
And that's saying a lot.

but can spiderman beat the hulks weight in bees?

yeah spidey is strong as fuck


So can I.


> I'm not a Bond villain. I've DONE it already.

are you shitting me Adrian

Mayday broke free of being chained to an anchor and tossed in the ocean once. Sort of a reflection of Spiderman's if this be my destiny moment

I miss that book

Too bad Peter died like a bitch

Different universe. Fuck off Slott

It was literally the same one, stay mad Mayfag :^)

>spiderman can canonically throw wolverine through unbreakable glass
>knock out the hulk
>trains his spidey-sense to be basically clairvoyance in an alternate universe

I'm pretty sure Spidey is singlehandedly the most broken hero in Marvel's universe.

To be fair, that first one was pissed off Spider-Man. Dude's talking shit about his wife, and this was before he and Logan were friends. If he didn't throw him through on the first try, he would keep smashing his Admantium skull against tbat window until he goes through.

Hey OP, comics of that time period also implied the Hulk was not strong enough to break free from the grip of an Anaconda.

They also implies Spider-Man was ridiculously strong just because he was incredibly popular at the time.

>They also implies Spider-Man was ridiculously strong just because he was incredibly popular at the time.

If anything they made his strength even more fucking absurd over the years.

Could you post the page of him throwing Wolverine?


I honestly think Logan should die.

>dies making sure his wife and children are able to escape
>this makes him a bitch somehow
No, MvC Peter died like a bitch, Maximum Spider dealt zero fucking damage

I've got some good news for you user

Maybe he activated x-factor and blocked all that shit

I'm gonna assume Logan wasn't being a dick for no reason.

He'll be back.

I have some bad news for you user..

That thumbnail is misleading. I thought they were a bunch of Silver Surfer penises bukkakeing over Peter's chest while he protests.

If This Be My Destiny is one of the best spidey stories ever.
i could read those 3 issues a million times and still be hype as fuck when Pete lives the structure off him

Peter was angry; i cant remember why, i think it was related to The Other.
anyway, Logan was trying to joke and make light, but Peter wasnt fucking having it.

It doesn't help that Peter walked into Logan moments away from humping her leg, horney little bastard wanted her so bad until Spidey laid the smack down and showed him who the alpha male was.

He stole his jizz?
Is he planning to impregnate himself?

>proportionate strength of a spider
I've always wondered, say Peter convinced someone to give him that surgery that some midgets get, the one that make them a foot taller or whatever, would he get even stronger because he's bigger?
What if he gets incredibly fat?

He'll be back.
X-23 is a meme.

why would this surprise you? all spiders can snap steel chain by flexing

No, we have OML, Logan is back, Laura is not named Logan

Shows how much attention I've been paying.
I wasn't even the original guy, just shitposting a bit, my bad.

to be honest, OML hasn't been too bad, not as good as the orginal mini, but still pretty good

>Peter is this strong

>Venom is even stronger than Peter

>Carnage is even stronger than Venom

>Toxin is even MORE strong than both Venom and Carnage

So does this mean that Toxin has a chance of shitting on the least powerful versions of Hulk?

Spiderman is as physically strong as basic Superman (Superman when he first starts superheroing)

I'm quite glad to hear that, OML, the run that was recently storytimed, was the last Logan-related thing I've read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Where does Anti-Venom fit on that scale?

I've also been enjoying AN Wolverine, even if it's not Muh Laura

Anti Venom could "cure" all of them and their powers. He's pretty fucking strong.

Very cute, would you recommend it? I've read X-23 stuff, but not since she donned the mantle.

What's he even up to nowadays?
Last I read he was hanging around with some junkie chick during some short or some other BS.

Fucking checked em, and yes, I would, there are some people that don't like it and I guess I can understand why, but I just don't agree, I've been enjoying the run, even the CW2 tie ins have been good
.Double checked em, Slott killed Anti Venom off during Spider-Island, Reed Richards removed all of Eddie Brock's white blood cells and used them to cure the spider virus. This also met that Eddie could never again be Anti Venom, however, it my headcanon that Reed actually injected Brock with a series of self replicating nanobots designed to reproduce at the same rate as his white blood cells and inhibit the anti Venom symbiote from emerging again because if you remove all of someone's white blood cells they will fucking die...I think.

>if you remove all of someone's white blood cells they will fucking die
I'm fairly sure that's part of leukaemia

Why did Green Goblin jack off Spiderman?

>reed richards injected eddie brock with something that removed all his white blood cells

I dunno, I never really got into advanced biology, but it seems like taking all of someone's white blood cells, literally all of them, is ridiculous. It's easy for me to believe that Reed knew Eddie doesn't know shit about biology and just lied to him because he fears that power. If Eddie can cure Spider-Man of his powers, what's to stop him from curing the F4 of their powers? It's just like Reed to take care of a problem before it becomes a problem if he can
Not remove, just latch onto and Inhibit, I have no idea how he was able to remove all of Eddie's cells in the comic, it was something Slott just glossed over

It's not Green Gobbo, it's Jackal. And he probably used nano-boys to retrieve it straight from his scrotum.

By catching them in a web, just like flies


It might not be that Carnage and Venom are stronger, but that Spidey is holding back - we know he does.

Since Carnage has no reason to whatsoever, he could simply be the true level of Spider-guy strength. Venom holds back a little and Peter holds back a lot.

It was intentional. He was helping Peter get some rage out before he confronted MJ

Logan is a fuckhead, but sometimes he is a bro.

>If Eddie can cure Spider-Man of his powers, what's to stop him from curing the F4 of their powers?
Does Ben still want to return to a normal dude, or has he decided to remain Thing?

IIRC MJ had done something pretty fucking stupid, Wolverine decided to take one for the team by getting Peter to work his anger out on him. If he hadn't, he was probably gonna have a serious fucking argument with MJ, and who knows where that would've gone.

That could be a partial reason, though the symbiotes are still stronger. Most recent evidence I can think of is Renew Your Vows - Spidey hits Venom hard enough to break his own hand. He most definitely wasn't holding back a thing during that fight, and Venom was still capable of taking it all without much issue.

On the topic of Carnage, it's generally accepted that he's far stronger than Venom - during Maximum Carnage, the only time Venom was actually able to fight Carnage one-on-one was while Carnage wasn't even all there, due to the FeelsGoodmanRay. Once Carnage regained his full composure, Venom straight-up charged him into generators and caused a boom just to ensure Kasady wasn't able to actually fight back, now that his full senses were returning. And while Venom holding back a bit could be an argument for some incidents, he wouldn't hold back against Carnage. He wanted him dead and gone. Plus, it's less a matter of pure strength with some of them. Venom's a lot tougher, more resilient, and often shown to be stronger than Spider-Man. And Carnage himself is superior in all aspects - speed, strength, agility, etc. Only thing Peter has on them both is intelligence, which helps him win.

yeah i know it was intentional, thats what i said
>anyway, Logan was trying to joke and make light,
i wanted to say thats when MJ has all that credit card debt, but im pretty sure that was marvel knights spider-man

It's always the same shit with Ben, he wants to get back, does, goes on a alcohol and whore fueled rampage, something something bad guy happens im useless without my powers, I must be the thing again.

Again Richard is a dick, we have "turn on powers" like iceman, colossus, human torch, whats stopping him to use his genius to study and give Ben a Gene splice treatment to have a turn on/off ability? Hes been able to cure him god knows how many times so it should be posible

>Hes been able to cure him god knows how many times so it should be posible
Of course it's possible, but what the hell is Ben going to do after that?
And by that, I mean what are the writers going to do with him after that?

If they did that, I could see them having it so "rocky exterior is actually who I am" like when Bruce Wayne believes that he is Batman, rather than Bruce Wayne.

To be fair it's something i can see norman do to get his spider/goblin hybrid heir.

>Toxin is even MORE strong than both Venom and Carnage

I assume that this is also the case with Scorn and Raze

they had Ultimate Ben whose powers matured from rock elemental to tactile telekinesis

Spider-Man is unstoppably strong when he's pissed off.

Or when someone is controlling him. Like when Doc Ock used Spidey's body to punch Scorpion in the jaw at ful power, and he tore his jaw off. Then Otto realized that Spidey has always been holding back so he doesn't splatter people.

How can you not want to fuck spider

>Hinting at Peter's full potential

The Lee/Ditko/Romita era was so based. I almost wished they stopped when they were ahead.

If they didnĀ“t revived gabby i would have dropped the book.

With the hulk having a sonic clap and Toxin only being a 90 tonner. I'm gonna go with probably not.

I need a shop of him with a heathcliff helmet saying I'm hip

Is this still his greatest feat of strength without augments of any kind?

He really wants to get that spider off him.

Either that or punching out a Herald of Galactus, but that one is harder to put numbers on.

I think in raw numbers, bracing the landing gear for a plane is higher

Well it's not easy when writers don't know how many kgs and what density things have etc without checking it up all the time.

Like Superman is way easier to write, he already can do anything so you don't need to care about research.

>make a female clone of Peter ala Ultimate Jessica Drew
>impregnate her with Spider-Sperm

that was mainly speed blitzing
he did the same thing to titania (who beats up someone like she-hulk for fun)

I think it helped getting his anger out instead of just bottling it up

Nah, he says later that he's been there and just did it to let Peter take out some anger. It worked.

Remember when female lead capeshit books were good?

I miss those days.

That was in Secret War and Spider-Man clowned on EVERYONE there.

I guess Shooter really liked the character or something.

did he jack him off and take his cum while he was unconcious?

>Counting Slott

That's a Mysterio trick, user.

You mean when they didn't feel the need to constantly remind us that they're women and super capable and just showed us on the page?

Isn't the current Ms. Marvel pretty good still? Or has that changed?

That is pretty incredible. I forgot all about it since it's from Slott's run.

You're expecting a big two comic writer to know shit and do research when they don't. Big two comic writers don't do that shit.

I wanna see him get tossed around in the movies and then in Infinity War he just swings at Thanos and decks his ass

>I mean what are the writers going to do with him after that?

Turn him into Marvel's Wildcat and have him train teenaged heroes?

Ben turns human one week every year. That week is also the only time he ages.

ben grimm? the thing? of the fantastic 4?

>this was before he and Logan were friends
I'm done with Cred Forums.
It's like Cred Forums talking about movies based on webms.

Keep in mind guys - Spider Man can lift 10 tons over his head at the very least. That's the strength level that is attributed to him at the most minimal level.
How would that translate to other areas of strength? Personally, I can't lift more than 185 pounds over my head (and that's with some cheating) but I can bench 285 pounds, I can squat 400...
And think of humans who perform feats of strength. They can lift a few hundred pounds over their heads, sure... but they perform feats of strength like deadlifting cars, pulling fully loaded tractor trailers, rolling frying pans with their bare hands, bending rebars...
If Spider Man is strong enough to press 20,000 pounds at minimum, then just think about how strong he is in every other area. I mean if he's anything like me, he'd be able to squat something like 50,000 pounds, possibly more. And that means, sure, he'd be able to buttress the landing gear of a plane quite easily.

Holy fuck.

We see amazing feats of strength all the time in comics but it's always inspiring when Spidey does something incredible

How come Hulk's, Thor's, or Things' punches don't ignite the air around their fist from fiction, or cause changes in the weather?

skip to 7:30

That was just bad writing.