Is this the best show that has ever come on cartoon network?

Is this the best show that has ever come on cartoon network?

if you say so

Nah. Its high points were really fucking good, but the low points were pretty bad.

Yes it is

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Was definitely my favourite BITD. This or E,E & E

Fred Fredburger

Not everything you disagree with is bait, young one.

Id say SU and gumball are really good, but this and samurai jack are also really good. Also early adventure time, transformers animated, and over the garden wall because that made me feel.

It is not bait if it is the truth

I don't remember Billy and Mandy being particularly funny. I always found everything about it really unsettling. Of all the cartoon network worlds to live in theirs has to be one of the worst. But even that doesn't make much sense since Flapjack is also disgusting, but really entertaining.

I just think it's hard not to think this show was complete and utter shit considering it was paired with Evil Con Carne.

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Fred Fred burger and evil con Carne knocked it down a couple of pegs

EENE and Courage and OG PPG

That's inevitable given how many seasons and specials it had.

I wouldn't say it was the best CN show though I love it a lot. But it is one of the better ones.

The most unsettling thing I've seen on CN was Courage the Cowardly Dog.
That episode with the slab and the creepy ghost gave me nightmares for a long time.

PPG's quality took too much of a nosdedive after the first season

My vote goes for Ed Edd 'n' Eddy.

But I place this show in highly recommended. I don't actually like first season, having too obvious jokes.

I'd say it went insane and it was good.

That's not Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

It was fantastic but for some reason I just cant rewatch it. Ive tried. I dunno what it is about it.

You've made the mistake of asking this question on a board filled with 20-somethings for whom the entirely mediocre Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy is the pinnacle of classic cartoons. The replies in this thread confirm this. Also, the correct answer is Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.

>not muh slapstick cartoon

Grim is the best rendition of a Death character since the classic "business man" trope, but that's it. Too bad such a solid character was wasted on a rather meh show.

*clears throat*
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>implying grim adventures wasn't just lolrandom humor half the time

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Here Thar Be Dwarves is one of the best 11 minutes of children's television I've ever seen

Why did the Wizards get chicken nuggets?

>no one mentioned Samurai Jack
Get cultured, you faggots.


Dwarves > Elves

Dwarves work long and hard and all they ask for is a small room and drink. Their toil for Armok has lead to the fruits of the Earth which is an accomplishment that not even Humans can claim, let alone hippie Elves who get mad and just siege any Dwarven settlement that used lumber for themselves.

It's very good but Megas XLR is the best.

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No, user.

Ed Edd n Eddy is the best
also Evil Con Carne was miles better


If I could only show one CN original show to my kid, it'd be Courage the Cowardly Dog

Did Discworld's Death come before or after the business man trope? Because it is one of the best versions of Death I've seen in media.

I think Gaiman's version is pretty great too



I think they mean shows that are no longer runnung




don't false flag
-love, an SU fan

we posting older Mandy designs, alright then

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Thread's over OP
I think said what we're all thinking.

In the top 10.

Evil Con Carne was better


Grim Adventures will always be my favorite. We need darker cartoons right now, it's all light-hearted, pastel-colored muh feelings bullshit right now.

Here you go user.



The darkest I've seen modern CN get is SU's "and mom!" joke and a few episodes of UG.

No it ain't.

This. Most Billy and Mandy characters were pretty lame. Billy was just a dumbass with nothing interesting about him, Mandy was probably some goth chick writer's self-insert...Grim was cool, at least.

Eh. I felt Courage was actually darker. Billy and Mandy had more sardonic humor but beyond the early seasons it wasn't really trying to be that dark.

Doesnt the creator of MXLR work for blizzard now??

There he is.

Make that name the official GAOBAM meme

It was both dark and sarcastic. They go hand-in-hand a lot.

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Nah I'd say top 5

1. Samurai Jack
2. OG Powerpuff Girls
3. Ed, Edd, n' Eddy
4. Billy & Mandy/Evil Con Carne/ Grim & Evil
5. Courage the Cowardly Dog


This. Back when it was still Grim and Evil, they tried to make it actually scary at times but the art style never lent itself to it, so it just came off as tame. Later on they decided to stop trying scary and just go for pure humor.

>Carl Greenblatt
I like how CH Greenblatt was referenced in all the shows he worked on.

What's with this Mandy=Goth meme?

Mandy is pretty clearly goth, she's just not stereotypical. She's like if Hot Topic wasn't a punchline.

she's a real goth all others are posers

SU only has music going for it. Everything else is generic shonen mixed in with forced feels. Best show is EENE or Gumball

Yeah. I think so.
At least the early/mid seasons.

I can't understand that so few talk about this show.
It was fucking magnificent.

>Clears throat twice