What went right?


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All the Batman shit was great imo





Really, the majority of things

>>Actually taking the opinion of reviewers that are obviously bought and paid for by Disney seriously


fuck off

I agree

Almost everything although the bad parts really shit the whole thing

Except for the part where he kills people.

Yeah, fuck Batman 89 and Batman Returns.

See? I can accept this.

But Age of Ultron hitting 70 percent has me REALLY doubting the validity of that 27 percent.

They took everything that makes superhero movies bad and they made a whole movie about it.

The embodiment of joint.

He's killed in literally every live action movie, you kinda have to expect it.

Well, yeah.

>The embodiment of joint.
Is this nigger speak or something?

Joint is the lowest form of cinema.

>meme hustling

batman and alfred
cool ass kryptonian tech
music. so great music

Who apart from Spike Lee even names their films joints?

Some elements of Batman and Ben affleck being surprisingly good in the role.

Other than that nothing.

If they seriously quipshit the DCEU up to fall in line with the MCU ill hanged myself in Disneyland

Buddy have i got an invention for you, It's called google!

>most actors too old
>lex was shit and too young
>fucking ben affleck!
>jeremy irons completely wrong casting as alfred
>black mr white
>jimmy olsen dies
>pacing was shit

>it's YET ANOTHER Hans Zimmer soundtrack
they all sound the same. every single one of them. you could switch this one with the soundtrack of The Rock and you wouldn't notice the difference. besides, all his soundtracks suck.

only relatively good thing I can think of is... hahaha, scratch that, can't think of a good thing in this movie.

As a matter of fact, in most superhero movies the hero causes the death of the villain.

What didn't you like about Affleck my dude

I liked the murky intrigue of the plot, and the grainy textured cinematography, the difficult moral quandaries Superman has to deal with, the deconstruction of his character to try find a way to fit him into a morally obtuse world, I liked fetishistic visuals of superheroic displays of power, I liked Batman on the edge of sanity. All good stuff in my opinion.

in general I can't take him seriously at all, as a person and as an actor. his faces look terrible. he always looks like he's pulling his shoulders up, making his neck look really small. it's impossible to read his expression, he has a bad voice and he never looks imposing at all, neither with nor without the mask, in this movie or anywhere else. and I don't like his political views, but that's beside the point.

Nothing, it was shit.

Insightful anal cyst.

He was forced into a corner. Those ducks had to make a sacrifice for the good of America

Why is this show still popular?
It's laughing AT Batman, not with it.

So it's okay when WB pays off reviewers and is actually caught?

obvious false flag followed by samefag
>pls go

Batman killing people was the best part. They've been doing it wrong all along.

As a matter of fact, in most superhero films the hero doesn't go around turning people into red mist with his car with reckless abandon.

Trying to draw parallels between other superhero films and the sheer level of carnage Batman commits here is never going to work.


It has a few things going for it. It was quite creative in its silliness and the closest you could get back then to an adaptation of 60s comic books.

Also... honestly, Batman and the characters associated with him lend themselves to a farce better than they lend themselves to a serious drama.

Nothing. This movie raped Superman.

You ever play Arkham Knight? You know how much fucking collateral damage that bat tank does? That's Keven "Batman Doesn't Kill I Should Know I'm The Only Batman Actor" Conroy voicing him too
He's great Batman but he's a stupid hypocrite.

Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises

By not sucking as much as the last one and even less then the one before that and raping the fuck out of the 70's puke-in-cinematic-form?
You have some fucking bad form of autism if you think this is worse then any of the other filmed Supes. Reeves might have been an okay actor but his movies were stupider then all fuck.

Thor 1 and 2 were way worse than BvS

Superman is a very boring character.

Bale was the worst batman ever. He was saved by his co-stars.

What Superman comics have you read to form that opinion?

-cavill's clark kent looks
-action scenes
-soundtrack by hans zimmer

>Batfleck not wearing armor on his regular suit
>Luthor not being the same bond villain we grew up with since TaS
>Wonder Woman's fight theme