Will they make another reboot?

Will they make another reboot?

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In 10 years maybe, when the DCEU continuity is concluded.

>600 posts incoming



Eventually, maybe.

Remember that Batman's copyright expires in 2033, though, which is basically only 32 movies away, so chances are they'll just move away from Batman and Superman and try and make the bulk of their profits from younger characters that it's possible to hold onto for longer.

Needs update.

>Disney will own DC in your lifetime


WB will run it into the ground before they'd ever sell it

the only way Disney would ever own it would be if Time Warner ended up in Chapter 11

>Batman's copyright expires in 2033
How exactly does that work?

Batman's copyright will expire roughly around the time as Mickey Mouses does

aka never

here come the snyderfags who will literally sit in this same thread arguing the same points for 6 hours every single day

when you simian retards who thought mos was a good superman movie with good writing show up, just know that i wonder about your sanity every time i see you

Was the reaction to Superman Returns THAT bad that we had to go in this direction?

I like the comicpop theory.
we're actually watching earth-3, the creation of the crime syndicate.
butman's tactical suit looking like owlman might be a hint of what's to come

They just pass another law extending how long you can hold a copyright for, just like Disney's done with Mickey Mouse.

No IP made in the last fifty years will ever be public domain.

ah, American exceptionalism

>hundreds of countries signed up to treaties extending copyright for a few billion-dollar corporations' sake!

no, hundreds of countries brought their own copyright law into an international framework

in the case of the US, this meant extending the duration for copyrighted works, which had always been short in the US because of the free-market hawks who had affected the original legislation processes

there will be no extension; even Disney is worth such a trivial amount to those economies collectively (and to the US) that it has no influence

"passing another law" would only affect the US, which is no good if you want to make movies outside that area

it would also put the US at odds with its own treaty obligations, which would fuck it completely

The feeling's mutual.

>You can maim her, Kal... you can maim them all.

What did he mean by this?

WB would rather ride DC's reputation into the ground than admit they where wrong

Justice League is WB admitting they were wrong.

not really because Snyder is still onboard and hes also been asigned to MoS2

Justice League is WB shackling their one true visionary to the corporate schlock mandate set by Marvel more like.

Is there a reason why DC can't just negotiate to create their own film studio like what marvel has? Have their own people in charge of that shit instead of suits in towers telling them to do stuff?

Yes, WB is a bunch of nepotist idiots.

I wonder how many people got into at least the first episode of Ultraman Mebius because of that macro?

I love how Mebius was so good with the idea of Ultraman

>Be new Ultraman
>Don't understand how big the job on earth is
>Do some fancy moves, mess up city bad
>Get butt kicked right off the bat a few times
>Have to learn humility, responsibility, and the importance of a team
>By the end saves the planet from essentially the ultimate evil

Fuck yeah.

Yeah, and hopefully they don't make it incredibly edgy.

I was tempted to but instead I went and watched Garo

>he seriously thinks that as the fair use deadline comes closer there won't suddenly be a lot of talk about extending it around the world, just like it had been the last two times.

did you know there's a law which allows companies to reclaim public domain characters that once had copyright?
capitalism is a cruel game sometimes.

>Is there a reason why DC can't just negotiate to create their own film studio like what marvel has? Have their own people in charge of that shit instead of suits in towers telling them to do stuff?

They have, now. DC Films became it's own entity run by one of the head comic guys in May.

Oh is it really? I thought they just slapped Johns with the title of "producer" and that was it

I confess I'm not that up to speed on the legal issues, but isn't the secondary minefield that even if 2033 comes with no extensions, it's only explicitly the things that old that become public domain?

Like in 2033 you can't go hog wild making new Superman stories, all that will be public domain would be the characters and stories as of Action Comics #1, so you wouldn't be able to use a Superman that can fly, no things like eye lasers, none of his supporting cast outside of Lois, etc.

>Watching Edgeknight over fucking Mebius

You disgust me.

Yeah -

>[WB] is making changes to the way it handles its DC Entertainment-centered films, giving oversight of the feature projects to a pair of executives and creating a dedicated division for the films. Current executive vp Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, DC's chief content officer who successfully launched the comics label's foray into television, will co-run the newly created DC Films, according to multiple sources.

He got over it also those OPs are mindblowing

It's not just like Disney's done for Mickey Mouse.

Laws aren't character specific. Disney lobbies for a law change whenever their shit is up for expiration again and shit gets extended for everybody.

Disney fucks it for everyone over and over again.