Superman as a Dragon

Superman as a Dragon

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Superman as Elvis.

and judge dredd as batman

lois is one lucky girl

good thread op

Who would win, him or 10 billion actual dragons?


well, he has super strength and is powered by the sun
i don't know, maybe dragon goku, but not likley

What the fuck is an "actual dragon"?

A real fucking dragon and not some mutant offspring or shapeshifter like one of these

>Superman as an ant

Let me fix that OP

you made it even smaller

why are his head and tail so big in proportion to his body

You're not wondering who body-painted a big lizard?




you mean like some kind of dragon man?

maybe he's just a dragon

I like the idea of Kryptonians having dragon-like forms.

Little Kal-El comes to earth. Could the Kents have raised him, even in the seclusion of their farm? How would he have learned to interact with the world around him?

Could he have learned to be heroic? Would he want to be heroic?

And no matter how many airplanes he saved, or villains defeated (and not BBQ'd or eaten) could humanity accept this Wyvern from Krypton. This Drake of Steel. This... SUPERDRAGON?

Will a pair of glasses and tie still work?

can we agree that the DCCU would have been better with this

well dragons can cast magic and i assume 10 billion is too many to just speed blitz so dragons

but hes superdragon, he can just throw them all into the sun (also he can breath in space)

Yes, obviously

can someone draw it?

Try clicking on it.

music by John Williams

Was expecting epic sax guy,
But secretly glad it was this instead.

so Lois lane fucked an alien and a dragon

I've always been a fan of Kryptonians having a more alien "true form" and Superman's just doing some kind of thing.


This looks like a job for: Drawfag!

That seems really dumb. Nobody would be able to relate to such a character, especially with that appearance and their powers.


nobody relates to superman anyway

The average american man does.

i disagree. looks more like a dragon as Superman

ah, the "supermans powers are every power" era

>Superman in duet with Lex Luthor

That could be awesome.

>Instead of a spaceship, Kents find a dragon egg on their property
>Clark is raised with all the same morals
>Can harness his inherent magic ability to appear human as a disguise

I'd read it

Superman as a homosexual

But supes is already a homosexual

I feel compelled to re-evaluate my finances

Gave it a shot

Bravo user

Fuck you. You're a homosexual.

Bump for more dragon supes

That's great. He's even fiddling with his glasses.