Pick one

Pick one


They tried too hard with fanservice with Shinigami.

and this is bad?

Gimme dat shinigami

I haven't watch TMNT in a while, has Seth Green's Leo voice gotten better?

Canon Karai...

... What? Why would I choose between a bland OC that probably won't be around for much longer or a revision snake girl that WILL be ignored. This show only has 27 episodes left and I doubt Not-Bayonetta and Snek edition Karai will be lasting additions to the franchise, there's a higher chance of the next show featuring the Utrom Shredder, hell there's a higher chance of THIS show having an Utrom Shredder within the last 27 episodes than these two becoming franchise mainstays.

Shinigami, no contest.

The one with the nose

Wow, I agree with you completely and yet still I want to smack you the hipster off ya.

so, both?

not exactly. THE nose

Turtles Forever/TMNT 2003 Karai.
Or 2007 Karai.
Shit IDW Karai too.
Then Shinigami,

>2007 Karai.
> dat voice.

Goddammit user you're reminding me how much I lusted after Karai's VA after that movie.

i totally forgot the existence of this movie.

It's a forgettable movie save the Leo/Raph fight and Karai's voice actor talking English fully for the first time.



>her weapon is anal beads
yes please

>Shit IDW Karai

I meant that in like a "Shit, I'd do IDW Karai too" kind of way.
I just forgot the comma like a retard.

Good busty Karai is best Karai.

Shame the one in Mutants in Manhattan didn't get more screentime, she looked to have a rockin' bod in that game.

Nah; if it ain't April and her bedonkadonk, or Venus, I ain't interested.

>Leonardo quickly regretted testing out Donnie's new mutagen

>April and her bedonkadonk

I like the way you think.


Karai because shapeshifters are best.

>only 27 episodes left
Unless it is renewed again.


Karai looks like a granny



They both look like tyrannies who failed to transition properly.

>trying this hard to shitpost.

If you say so

Goddamn son now I want to watch TMNT

Have lotion and tissues handy.

Do it, it's alright