Hero Registration

Can we have a thread about how Hero Registration makes perfect sense?

Let's discuss the pros and cons.

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I fight a particular gang in my area I don't like the registration act since I believe those guys will go after my loved ones

I don't think the government realized that street level heroes are more vulnerable to this

>you get training and pay for nothing
>comfy job
>you don't have capekillers after you
>guess who's first on list of recruits to infiltrate Iran and steal their secrets?
>moment you're out of line, your country's equivalent of Siberia will greet your family while you'll be decapitated and left on Moon

In a world were supervillain exist, it doesn't.

We are talking about monster/evil genius who can easily overcome the standard force.

Heores's strength alos come from their chaotic nature, that their are not an organisation whose structure you can weaken.

Putting them in database where their secret ID can be revealed is the worst mistake ever. It nullify one of their biggest strength.

Pros: Heroes receive training/have government oversight and accountability

Cons: Every single government department and office is so thoroughly infiltrated by Hydra and other terrorist groups that any superheroes and their families are horribly murdered by terrorists unless they have high invulnerability powers/live in space/are already dead.

Btw, there's RPG with such premise. Brave New World. Heroes are on the run from corrupt & oppressive registration run by shapeshifter pretending to be Kennedy.

It also doesn't make sense that Marvel and DC have just regular cops with pistols. The government would obviouslt spend trillions researching gear and weapons to take out powered people but that's not how its portrayed. Cops still run around with just handguns. You gotta have some leniency with the comic version of reality.

>It also doesn't make sense that Marvel and DC have just regular cops with pistols
eh, petty crimes still exist.

It's because despite all the crazy fantasy and scifi shit it's still supposed to be like "our world".

So they roll up to a bank robbery and it turns out to be a guy that could literally punch their heads off their bodies... Then what?

Do they just wait and hope a vigilante teenager in spandex happens to swing by?

They should be issued with weapons r&d'd to take down PoP's (people of power)

I think it's more likely they would just have special tasks forces in major cities with the gear needed to take on a super.

I get that, but there's just some things that simply wouldn't parallel us.

I guess it depends on what % population has powers.

Do we know something like this for Marvel/DC? The extent of powered? Mutants were on their tens of millions right?

And then it turns out to be lead/orchestrated by some supervillain who just wants a team of anti-super stormtroopers, because of course it would. Also, if it's Marvel, insert some hackneyed political commentary on police brutality.

Hero academia is a setting where superheroism is organisied and said system isn't treated as super evil and corrupt.

Most of the crime-fighting sort of heroes are good heroic barring a few more assholish examples, and while there is a business side to the whole thing it doesn't overwhelm helping people and doing the right thing.

It helps this is a setting where most of humanity has some sort of superpower or physical mutation.

Personally for you, there are no pros. Only cons, meaning your government tracks you an will draft you if they will need you or kill you so you're not a danger anymore if they don't.

Yes it does. And I'd expect the governments to become a bit paranoid and authoritarian.
For example: emigration of superpowered people? What kind of government would like that?

Sadly, not many comics look at how capes would change the world aside from punch fights leveling a city. You got magic, aliens, interdimentional tech leaking every week, major landmarks get razed my maniacs on a regular basis, and governmental agencies never seem to hire people with superpowers. Can you imagine the Thing or Iceberg in a fire department?
Seriously, if I had powers I wouldn't go into fights with supervillains. I don't patrol my town with my rifle on my shoulder. It's silly and I have more useful things to do.

Gotham by midnight had special SWAT units that dealt with superhumans.

I think it helps where very few people have exceptionally powerful quirks, right?

How is there no pro? If you truly want to help people then you can do it legally without being a hyocrtical vigilante. AND you get paid to do so and probably help people more efficiently too.

Are there any stories where criminals have gotten off in court because it was a vigilante that caught then? I mean, these people still have to be trialed right? It must be very common for criminals to walk free.

Yeah, most people just have little quirks that wouldn't be much good for hero work unless they were extremely creative or compensated by being extremely talented in other areas.

>emotionally mature
>can produce anything from her body
Yaoyorozu is perfect wife material. Meanwhile anti-gravity jew hick who is literally the worst girl of the class is the main girl.

Eh depends, Superman or Flash shit isn't around at least, but there are quirks that that can be highly destructive not even counting the likes of OFA/AFO.
One hero is able to basically 'generate black holes' but since he's pretty pacifist he just uses it for disaster relief.

There can also be alot of development via training, a quirk that at first seems weak can become alot more powerful/useful by the person with it coming to understand how it works and refining their ability to use it.

>implying Punisher's model isn't the best model for our crime-filled overpopulated world

It doesn't make sense for the same reason Batman's no kill leave them to justice rule doesn't make sense: comic officials are stupid at best, evil at worst. They're here to be an obstacle to the heroes who follow their heart and try to do the "right thing". If you give control of the heroes to them, everything goes wrong. In fact CW's registration resulted in Tony deleting the entire database he worked so hard for because like two weeks after the whole thing they had put a notorious psycho in charge of everything.

I understand, you're jealous because your waifu is a side-character that didn't even make it to the top 10 of the popularity contest, its okay user.

too bad it's a shitty manga. Dropped after the first three volumes

Honestly even in the real world police aren't just packing pistols anymore.

man that new americop design is actually great

I know it's a kind of awkward comic book commentary on recent events but it looks cool

Still a criminal. You can't just let someone run around doing what they think is right.

Imagine some batshit insane feminist gets superpowers and starts running around punching mansplainers and cis shitlords for not checking their privilege. No difference in her and Spider-Man.

"Heroes" need regulated.

Isn't that just the issue of superhero comics (most notably when it comes to neverending comicbook universes) being generally shitty and their writers terrible. They can't actually develop the setting worth shit so they have to keep the status quo going.

>Gotham by midnight had special SWAT units that dealt with superhumans
And yet the still get slaughtered wholesale by the Joker with a knoife

same. whether or not I agree with what they are used to represent I still hope the concept is here to stay

>Imagine some batshit insane feminist gets superpowers and starts running around punching mansplainers and cis shitlords for not checking their privilege

She isn't my waifu, it's just that I like every other girl in the class better than Uraraka who is the only one with bad traits and no redeeming features. Each other girl would make a better main girl and love interest. And from what I've seen, even thought we don't know that much about them, most girls in other classes too. It's another case of main girl and love interest also being worst girl.

In comics it's dumb as fuck, In reality it'd make sense.
In comics you have villains that steal from and infiltrate the government and organizations all the time. Hell at that particular juncture in time, the whole world was heavily infiltrated by Skrulls and Osborn had a relatively high ranking government job which he used to springboard himself to the top of SHIELD/HAMMER and the only reason he didn't use it to fuck over every enemy hero he made and their friends was because Tony deleted everything to stop that from happening.
In real life we don't really abide vigilantes in the first place, all I can really see is some stink about having to register yourself when you're doing nothing to warrant it besides existing.
Hey now, all the girls in Class 1A are perfect wife material. Except Mina and Haga, they're perfect midlife crisis mistress material.


Once upon a time, DC had the Special Crimes Unit. I don't know what happened to it.

>implying she would have the right to make me check my privileges considering her superpower privilege


If she's strong enough, then its legal.

That's the deal with comics. They are based purely on might makes right.

Heck, most places in the world in a capes universe probably still have trial by combat. Because might makes right.

Example: Wolverine goes nuts, kills a couple of armies. When he's back in his right mind, do they put him in jail for 5 billion years? Nope. It's right back to heroing.

Look at any major line from the comics. Hero gets mind controlled and kills the president? Don't worry, in just a few issues, he'll be an upstanding citizen again, and back to heroing. Sure its due to the comic book getting back to "status quo" to start the next story (with or without some small bit of change for "continuality"), but in that character's world, it's nothing more than Might = Right. Character is strong enough to kill the president and then tells you it wasn't his fault, it was his evil clone or he was being mind controlled? Ok. You take his word. What else can you do? You need him to protect you from the even bigger dangers.

Just think about the Didnu do nuffin crowd. A gentle giant walks into a shop, beats the owner to death, gets some papers, smokes a couple of blunts, walks down the middle of the street, beats the first cop to talk to him to death, and then what? He gets shot, and the super medic EMT keeps him from dieing. His family sues the city for not keeping the gentle giant from being possessed by demons, cause he didn't do nuffin. Riots in the streets cause the people are tied of the city not doing anything to protect them, but has an exorcist on staff that protects the city board and city mayor 24/7.

Seriously, most of the minor powered hero level people in the world are busy going around, checking to see if EVERY SINGLE CRIMIINAL is actually innocent. Standing in for the trial by combat courts, etc. Gotta keep the masses in line, and that's what they are all doing.

like they say in opm
if you work on your own unregistered then it just means you're a weirdo
oh also opm season 2 announced

You like cocks now, Bobby.

>She isn't my waifu, it's just that I like every other girl in the class better than Uraraka who is the only one with bad traits
Flaws are an important part of fleshing out characters user. Uraraka's flaws are more on display because she's a main character.

It doesn't make sense. You might as well just make a full on agency that uses super trained super people.

Hero Registration is just saying special rights for special people.

Whats stopping villains from just infiltrating the hero groups if they are so good at it? Or the infinite hordes of vigilante heroes being as bad as the villains?

So you've never read a comic before, huh?

Been years since I read civil war, wasn't one of the points of registration, "all metahumans will be paid to fight crime n shit on behalf of the government"? Like, you don't get the choice to opt out of crime fighting and become a baker or something instead?

>wife material
Yeah, stereotypical wife that nags you over every penny you spent and demands you surrender your paycheck to her every month. At least Mina and Hagakure are fun, energetic, affectionate and probably would be great in bed and with kids.

OPM is shit with terrible worldbuilding, you can't really hold it up as an example to any other series.

Isn't that what the Avengers are? And so many other super powered teams? Super powered agents sponsored, trained, and monitored by their government?

You are literally just talking unjustified smack for the sake of it.

says the 1 percent

Depends on the book.

Some was draft, another was prison, and yet another was you could stay home all day.

Not even close.

Books always have teams go REEEEEEE the minute the government tries to get involved. Although their are some super teams in universe that are gov sponsored. But as said they always become corrupt or fall apart.

Avengers/JSA/JLA are usually just the top freelance teams who try to be role models for the rest of the world.


Way to change the subject. We discussed whether she is the worst girl (which she is), not why. As for "flaws we might not have seen", maybe Uraraka embezzles retirement funds from old people in her free time, way to pull factors we have no way of knowing into the discussion.

They occasionally do that as well, I named the Skrulls they did exactly that. The difference is that a villain infiltrating one group and gathering secrets through actual work is relatively better than having a database full of secrets and ids in a massive organization where all someone needs is the right set of falsified information to get by all the checks.

So let's say some 17 year old develops super strength and decides to be a superhero. He gets a costume and starts walking around punching "baddies" in the face.

Iron man fly's by and sees this. What the fuck happens here? He just introduces himself? Do established heroes get together and check him out? What if the lengths hes willing to go to to stop criminals differs from whats acceptable to another heroes? Will other heroes decide who can and cant hero then? What gives THEM the right to do that?

It all makes no sense dammit.

Name one girl out of the class who wouldn't have made a more interesting main girl and tell me why.

I think we all know who the real best girl is.

Her whole character is based around being a bubbly supportive dork

>One's writing
>kill yourself
pick one

This dude needs to learn to cut the fat when it comes to side characters.

It's called plot armor.
When I watch an action movie, I don't draw conclusions on gangters' competence just because I see a thousand of them mowed down by a burned out cop.


Her being a miser is an established character trait. And every girl in the class is nice and supportive of others.

One's writing of OPM is pretty awful.

You're full of shit.

She doesn't spend money to the point of depriving herself because her family is hardworking but poor, she wants to get a good job with her quirk so she can help her family.

i don't think i have seen worse taste than this

The core problem is, actually, a mistaken assumption at the heart of superhero registration.

That it's required at all.

The thing is, having super powers has yet to be legislated against.

But Vigilantism, from long before that, is still a crime. Sure, there's citizen arrests, but that's not what happens in cape comics.

So, the only 'registration' to be required would be if the super in question joins a military or civil service/police/firefighting organization.

That's it.

Literally no one. Tsuyu and Yayao have received some shallow characterization but every girl other than Urara is just a two-dimensional waifu bait prop/gimmick power

>Not even close.
There were periods in which the Avengers were funded by the government, who even had a say in how many members they could have or who could join.

I vaguely recall Janet using her connections to speed up getting some new members when she ran the Avengers. Sometime after Hank's various incidents that made up the first half of Trial of Hank Pym

If he's going around punching law abiding citizens they probably would get together and stop him. Or if he kills though comics are pretty inconsistent on that. What gives them the "right" is usually they're trying to stop crime or save lives not going around punching people who disagree with them.

>It turns out her power is literally being a flasher.

Hori is a genius.

Norman Osborn literally took over SHIELD.

>and why
I guess reading the sentence to the end is too much of a strain on your brain that already works full time to make sure you have the worst taste.

>implying an exhibitionist bombshell invisible girl wouldn't be a fantastically fun main girl
>implying a girl with hearing + sound projecting powers wouldn't be a mine for intrigue, lead-ins, embarrassing situations and cute misunderstandings as the main girl
>implying an alien-looking genki girl with acid powers wouldn't make for an interesting main girl

>"lel, no this girl can sorta fly and she's also tight with money, 10/10 waifu"

I have. But the status quo has to be maintained.

Reed Richards can invent a battery that sucks the bad particles out of the air (radiation, pollution, etc), and power a city on its output. It's only pollution is purified air. He can do this in less than an hour of his time. But he never mass produces it, because he gets bored and moves on to other projects.

Superman and Flash both can make sure no human ever gets hurt again. Ever. They can also dismantle every armed force or government agency they disapprove of in the world, and only each other would care to stop them. Superman doesn't do it cause "humans should learn to do it on their own", and Flash doesn't do it case "its boring".

A girl or guy that gets a couple of psychic flashes about other people a few times a week are nothing. A couple of men with batons or pepper spray is enough to keep them in line in society. But a psyker that can make a house burn to ashes in 3 seconds? That person gets to do whatever they want until someone more powerful cares enough to shows up and make them behave "properly".

It might explain why "marvel citizens" are the way they are. They are at the bottom of the food chain, so they are all unhappy about it. After all, super scientists can invent machines to send people back in time or cure cancer or provide unlimited power. But they never do anything for the common citizen. How hard would it be for a more gentle super scientist to make a robot army to do all the hard labor jobs in a country, instead of making war bots to take over the world?

Spiderman alone is a super scientist that can whip of magic formuli on the spot to make all kinds of things out of his personal invention, webbing. He invented a camera that basically worked under telepathic intentions to take all those shots of spidey fighting. Imagine the actual millions of people's lives he could save in his lifetime by actually applying that to things that matter, rather than going around heroing?

He's baiting you, you stupid chump.

>I'm full of shit for pointing out AN ESTABLISHED TRAIT
How do you think rich misers come to be? They start out hardworking and poor and never stop working hard and being tight with money.

There are a bunch of other people in the world that are Superman-tier.

And Flash has lost alot, as much as hack writers have wanked him out over the years others have had him suffer embarrassing defeats so in an odd way it almost balances out his bullshit

Also alot of powers like pyrokinesis lose when put up against sniper ambushes

>Superman and Flash both can make sure no human ever gets hurt again. Ever.
Superman maybe, Flash has gotta sleep sometime, especially with his crazy Speedster metabolism.

>"DUUUH, main girl got more character developement because she's main girl so it means she's the best main girl."
All of them have more interesting powers than levitation of self and objects and less generic personalities than the tired "friendly girl next door" bullshit.

>How hard would it be for a more gentle super scientist to make a robot army to do all the hard labor jobs in a country, instead of making war bots to take over the world?

I think all the people currently doing those hard labor jobs might be somewhat put out by that. It's one thing if such jobs become automated over the course of generations, so the population can acclimate to it, but quite another if they did it all at once.

>slips on atomic powered banana
>unbeatable except for when it's funny
>yfw "speedforce" is actually a type of toonforce that the roadrunner and Speedy Gonzales also posses

So what happens if some hero accidentally kills a guy in a brawl after a robbery? He will have to be forced to stop heroing and go to prison.

Y'know these are how school shootings start, right?

So what you're saying is, there will be consequences for their actions? Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

Current day, things are a bit more murky, but most of the big teams started as government sponsored and government controlled hero teams. You might be too young to remember that though. Some of us neck beards are actual grey beards, you know.

As common culture started distrusting the government, more and more did heroes "go rogue" and the teams move away from that original "endorsed/controlled by the government" story elements. After all, why would the heroes be working for the evil government, when that's the "villain" behind the next 20 arcs of the comic?

In the DCU the answer is Batman has zero concept of other people's privacy. In the MU the answer is SHIELD is only hilariously inept and corrupt when a hero is on the scene, otherwise they don't give a shit about things like civil rights and due process.

But there isn't consequences for superheroes. They get to do whatever they want. They need to be regulated. Fucking iron man was right

Well I'm done with this conversation, you can jack off to your waifu of choice in peace now.

Urara is still best girl

Some nice bait.

In the real world, there's bounty hunters. They get to break a lot of laws that normal citizens can't, and that cops cannot as well. In a caped universe, being a licensed cape would be very similar to bounty hunting, legally speaking. For instance--- being able to break into a private residence or commercial property to apprehend a person or villain. Being protected from being sued if in the act of helping someone, they become injured. Etc etc etc.

Now, how a caped universe would go about granting a license to hero, that's where the fun comes in. But if you want to keep that world setting as close to ours, it needs to be as simple as being a bonded bounty hunter, because that's what it would be the analog of.

Of course, every culture would have its own way of regulating and licensing supers. Some wouldn't have bounty hunters. They'd just be part of the police or army or whatever. But US? They'd occupy the same niche as bounty hunters with very similar legal protections and legal possible actions.

Which ones? JSA, JL, Avengers, Teen Titans, Defenders, West Coast Avengers, and X-men all started independent.

Bounty hunters actually have a ton of regulations.

Flash can time travel. Heck, after watching some Naruto, he could probably make some Speedforce Clones of himself on purpose.

And the point is, if the top dogs WANTED to help humanity instead of show boating, they could do so and be much more helpful and protective. But they don't. Sure, it's because it wouldn't be an interesting story, the Flash delivering food to every human on the planet every day and making sure no local warlord seizes it and keeps them starving. If that happened, then their world would no longer be mostly aligned for our own. But in their universe, how hard does that got to make the common person burn?

Superman can hear every human getting hurt (accident, intentional, raped, etc). And he does nothing. Superman had an army of superman bots that were perfect copies of him, so they could have rotated the overwatch of humanity, but what did he do with them? Leave them to watch over Louis and Jimmy exclusively while he goes off planet or shrinks down to go into the bottled city to help them with a situation.

Why would they? All that free labor means plenty of food to go around so no human starves. If you got a full belly, and don't have to work, that means you can pursue your own entertainment. And a super scientist can SURELY come up with a fun series of games to teach all those out of work joes enough knowledge and skills they can all become something more skilled and challenging than basic physical labor that they WOULDN'T choose to do themselves.

And all those robots doing the basic tasks will probably need overseers to make sure they do it right and, this is most important, fill out the paper work correctly. So they'd just move up.

And it isn't like any super scientist is afraid of the technological singularity. Most see it as the future utopia of humanity, so they should be working towards it.

Government registration databases are already too easily hacked in the real world. In superhero universes not only do they have people who can hack things by pushing a few buttons, they have characters who can literally physically enter machines, plus lots of living AIs.

Any superhero database information would quickly fall into the hands of everyone from hostile foreign governments and terrorist groups to major crime families and corrupt corporations.

Both Flash and Superman are held back by resource constraints. The correct answer for a superhero who should logically be able to massively impact humanity for the better is Firestorm.

For much the same reasons it's why he's always omitted from "hero turns evil" stories.

And Marvel had Code Blue, who I don't think we've seen around for a few years.

Instead we get cops and soldiers who still say "hands up!" when they come across a superpowered mass murderer surrounded by fresh corpses. IRL they don't even say that so small children with toy guns, they just shoot.

Everything has tons of regulations in our world. But they have a lot more freedom than cops or citizens to carry out their tasks.

And the laws are a lot less developed and a lot less enforced in a cape universe. That's why capes can break into private property, commit assault, battery, and kidnapping, and never pay for those crimes. They can hack your yahoo or gmail account to see if you are just an overtrusting fool, too naïve to know better, or a baddy up to no good.

So a cape's regulations are going to be "can do anything that is required to get the bad guy that doesn't make the mayor/governor/president look like a bad guy or completely incompetent."

>Why would they
Because they're jobless. All this sort of relies on all the SUPER SCIENTISTS simultaneously creating a brand new system for humanity in almost every facet of life. And even if they COULD do that the shock would not be good for society

>But in their universe, how hard does that got to make the common person burn?

Not very, likely because they prevent the end of the world on a regular basis.

Fair point, I failed to remember Bounty Hunters as an option.

I doubt 'licensed capes' would be that deregulated.

Or at least, not for long. America is a very litigious nation.

We also haven't seen SHIELD agents in Guardsman Armor for decades.

Why is that? Were they scrapped after Armor Wars or something?

Job opportunities decrease as specialization increases. Increasing automation also means that increasingly sophisticated robots will begin replacing skilled workers, as is already happening in some industries.

i am really digging OP art.

We, in this world, have been able to feed every single human on the planet since the end of WW2. At that time, the US alone had the capability of distributing food, and the agricultural output of Kansas and its neighboring states was more than enough to feed the world.

We've only gotten better since then. At this time, Kansas and any two of its neighboring states agricultural output is enough to feed the 7 billion people on this planet.

There is no resource constraints stopping Flash.

Superman can go out into space and gather whatever basic material he needs. Period. Being able to both travel FTL and time travel means he can go anywhere and get back with whatever he wanted to fetch with no issues.

Furthermore, Superman has all of Krypton's knowledge to pull from. He doesn't need to go to the top shelf for its latest and greatest--- its "basic elementary school" level science is a few hundred thousand years ahead of earth's so he's bound to find whatever he wants or needs in there.

But setting those "instant societal disruptions" aside, Supes by himself can solve the two biggest problems facing humanity--- potable water and energy.

The energy is easy--- he just works with a nice billionaire who will pay for the solar panels, basic electronics, and microwave transmitters, and Supes carries them up to orbit, reducing their cost to just a few bucks more than normal solar power installation. Then free power from the sky, branded with Wayne Enterprises, or Virgin, or Trump, or Clinton Global Foundation. Whatever.

Potable water can be done by supes just freezing large open tanks of potable water, and flying the chunks to distribution points around the thirsty world.

Now humanity's two biggest problems? Solved. And he can let Flash distribute the food. Food, water, and free energy.

SHIELD was Mandroids, Guardsman armor was used by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and restricted to the Vault.

> google Americop
> that design


As for the actual question, I think citizens would push for registration. Gun are registered in most countries, why shouldn't the person that can blow up the planet be?

It's from Sam Wilson - Captain America.

You'd think there'd be more now, rather than less.

Also, Secret Service. There's been multiple supervillain attacks on the President (and even a few superhero attacks) over the years, yet all they have are MIB suits and pistols.

The only time I recall seeing SHIELD agents in anything more than spandex recently was in Avengers Undercover. Of course, they were being deployed against a bunch of teenagers who didn't do anything wrong, instead of against superpowered mass murderers who've repeatedly escaped incarceration.

Mere growing pains for humanity.

And the super scientist wouldn't need to come up with something new. People would find their own things. Heck, most of those people could be trained to help americans navigate ObamaCare or the American Tax Code. For that matter, they could be put to work verifying Medicare charges (the US government estimates 48% of all Medicare charges WHICH ARE PAID are fraudulent, but they just don't have the manpower to investigate or even do basic checks).

Seriously, there's always something they could do. Or they could fill their free time with their own hobbies and whatnot.

Firestorm can transmute matter.

there's also One Punch Man and Tiger and Bunny have an organization that work hand and hand with heroes
weird how all these are all Japanese, maybe they just don't get the not trusting your government thing and think it makes more sense to work with them

Thank you.

Why haven't we seen more of those armors in the past decade+?

Ya think they would have been useful during the first Civil War.

That abomination also had "SHIELD Necromancers" as the ultimate Plot Convenience Characters.

Tiger and Bunny also showed that it takes a single man to fuck up the system, and even ignoring Maverick, no one knew what the fuck to do with Lunatic.

Most heroes don't prevent the end of the world, ever, in their careers. Only a handful will ever do that, because only a handful will ever get those stories told.

And why aren't they stopping all those secret invasions and governments agencies going rogue?

Seriously, most heroes aren't ever going to do much. There's only a handful of top tier heroes. And the rest? They let the world get owned, over and over and over again, so the top heroes can save the world. Why bother having them around at all? They get special treatment, are allowed to break all the laws, and what do the common citizens get out of it? Caught in the cross fire when one of them stops a bank robbery? Who are those heroes actually helping? The insurance companies. That's it. If the heroes didn't fight the robbers, didn't chase them through the streets, the citizens wouldn't even be in danger from it. Instead, citizens get needlessly hurt and killed because of those heroes and their actions.

>(the US government estimates 48% of all Medicare charges WHICH ARE PAID are fraudulent, but they just don't have the manpower to investigate or even do basic checks).

That's BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of fraud and waste every year.

Hiring a few thousand more investigators wouldn't cost that much even if they got to retire after 20 years with full pensions.

>That abomination also had "SHIELD Necromancers" as the ultimate Plot Convenience Characters.

That it did. Which is the sort of thing it would make sense for SHIELD to have, and use against threats more severe then angry kidnapped teenagers.

Why would they need any of that in your utopia? I'm sure Reed could build a machine that puts every doctor out of work, or at the very least make the necessity for a government plan to pay for medical expenses.

So can any wizard, mage, alchemist, chemist, or any generic super-scientist. Heck, so can high school nerds doing a nano-robotics science project for school.

>Imagine some batshit insane feminist gets superpowers and starts running around punching mansplainers and cis shitlords for not checking their privilege.

It's really past time for Superia to make a comeback. She's a perfect villain for these times.

At least Free Spirit is back.

>few thousand
Try few hundred million.

There aren't a few hundred million people on Medicare and Medicaid.

Fair point. But that's something that would be too boring for Reed. It's have to be left for the lesser scientists to do.

Besides, IBM's Watson is making a play to put most doctors out of work. And they aren't the only ones in our world doing that. Expert systems make the right diagnosis more often than human doctors right now, and they are always improving at this point in our world.

Then what's going to employ the rest of the people who just lost their jobs to robots?

Make a few armies out of them and invade other worlds for cheap resources.

Wouldn't robots be better suited for that?

Also I was stuck in a first world mindset. What does this do to all the third world shit holes full of sweatshops that just got outmoded?

You know what would be easier than training all those people to navigate Obamacare or the tax code? Building a computer program to do it. Tax code is fairly simple until you start trying to game the system.

SHIELD mandroids haven't been seen since Armor Wars, but they were combined with Spider-Slayers and seen prior to and during Superior Spider-Man. Guardsman armor is specifically only used by prison guards and designed to stop working if they leave the vicinity of the Vault. Civil War had the Capekiller units wearring powered armor.

Tiger and Bunny is about what are essentially corporate mascots on a reality tv show. OPM has their hero organization being mostly a union.

And you believe these machines can not only be trained to diagnose but treat patients, putting the majority of doctors out of work not just within our lifetime but in a matter of years?

The thing is, most countries in the world would already have hero testing and hero registration. United States might not because it is so individual liberty based, but the rest of the world? The old world works hard to maintain the current civil order, and it always has. Security over liberty is the basic rule of human society for most of its history, so hero registration would have just been the US "moving to a more European model of society".

You can headcanon it that despite all the books focused on superheroes, within either the Marvel or DC universes, they're probably really really rare. Like 1 in 100,000 people might be a meta-human, and their powers are so diverse that it might make specialized weaponry development impractical.

>we will never get a story about Superia having a mental breakdown as her villainous version of A-Force collapses due to self-sabotaging passive-aggressiveness and infighting

That's the feeling among the medical practices.

You'll still need technicians to run the machines (CAT scans, XRays, etc), nurses to look after people, but doctors? They are going to be replaced. They are very expensive and a very big risk for health providers. Machines will mitigate that. And machines are better at knowing all the side effects and drug interactions, for instance. And they can more easily share their observations, so that means even less "odd cases" to see to learn from.

Seriously, learning to be a doctor is going to be like learning to be a whip maker after Henry Ford got his assembly line working. A short window of work. At least in the major western societies.

>Trump working with Superman to provide free energy to the entire planet

I don't think this will end well on multiple different levels

Morrison's X-Men run put the number of mutants in the MU at 32 million at its peak. The OMAC Project put the number of metahumans in the DCU at less than 3 million, including aliens and some human offshoots.

With Trump, all you get is "T R U M P" being big enough on them you can read that from earth with cheap binoculars.

If its Branson, they will all probably have death rays secretly attached so he can then use them to kill off humanity to stop global warming and all the other bad things humans are doing. Then Superman (and whoever he's teaming up with for that month) would have to go into space and destroy them all before they reduced humanity's numbers back to pre-historic numbers. This would of course return that world to the status quo once the world was saved once more. Heck, something similar has probably already happened at least 6 times in the recent couple of decades, and its so routine, we don't even get stories about it.

With Trump you also have Superman being portrayed as a racist bigot for working with "literally Hitler". Imagine seeing hundreds of millions of people instantly turn on fucking Superman because he worked with someone they don't like. That'd be hilarious.

That would be hilarious. Especially when in comics, Hitler would be alive and mostly well, living under the name of George Soros. That would explain all the funding Soros does of pro fascist and anti-government groups, and keep it all black hats leading well meaning white hats, a favorite comic trope.

> implying heroes being fooled by villains into working for them isn't a trope

It doesn't.
A)Heroes risk their loved ones, since info about them could leak.
B)Heroes should fight evil and evil comes from the government too.

Someone shouldv'e read Superman: Peace on Earth first.

...and the Joker survived hundreds of rides in dozends of cop cars for some odd reason. They don't even leave their crazies locked up in metal boxes out in the Arizona desert where they perish of thirst within a few days, but in detention facilities smack in the middle of NOTNewyork, just across the road from their old haunting grounds.

Yes, capevers USA isn't RL USA.

user, the Sentinels are pretty useless. They don't even manage to kill nonwhite mutants.

But he isn't a villain.

That's because Trask Industries has a backroom agreement with the Purifiers.

That's a good point. I could see China invading another planet with all it's excess men if cheap robot labor put Chinese factories out of business.

>so hero registration would have just been the US "moving to a more European model of society".

In other words, slipping back into peasantry and dictatorship. No thanks.

But it would explain why the rest of the world seems to have so few heroes or even powered people compared to America.

no but the Government sanction Avengers and government sponsored SHIELD from the 80's and 90's did.
It's how Avengers lineups were made in universe, you work for them you get to chill at the Avengers Mansion and go on missions, most of them were government(s) asking for help
Vigilantes were tolerated but most of the hero vs hero fights that happen back then were Avengers getting between heroes like Daredevil, Ghost Rider and the like because their actions from there view were going to far.

This crap is just police state boogie man stuff to beg for sales

That's a bit too subtle for Hitler, but oddly enough, Soros' behavior has been exactly the Red Skull's MO for decades. Funding every subversive group in the country in the hopes that they'll cause a civilizational collapse.


Daily reminder that My Hero Academia is basically a House of M where Magneto won.

Sounds more like secret exile. Tell the former Chinese labor that they're now Martian Colonizers then shoot them off into space when in reality you just didn't need them anymore, so you gave your whole society a fool's errand.

>But it would explain why the rest of the world seems to have so few heroes or even powered people compared to America.

The UK is full of them in Marvel, but few people want to use them or just kill them off.

The UK also elected an insane mutant to be Prime Minister. Now that's integration!

This is basically it.

In a real world, it would make sense to register people with super powers, and there would be very little downside to it.

In a comics world, where there's been half a century of the government sending giant murder robots after people for having different genes, it's an insane idea.

To be fair they didn't know he was an insane mutant when they elected him.

Also what is it with Marvel UK and insane reality warpers?

We need to explain why London looks like a school child was asked what England looks like and then had everyone say bugger blimey and bloody a lot.

it isn't really.

You get the same feeling from Marvel Universe NYC when the artist isn't a local, too.

Ever read Worm, OP? there's Hero AND Villian registration there, its a pretty interesting read, all in all
Mixes the politics of having a superpowered world, with the actual struggles and stuff of it, going around with the deconstruction with the hero itself as it is.

Even NYC locals get NYC wrong sometimes.

So pretty much exactly how it is when they're setting a story in other parts of America?

>I don't think the government realized that street level heroes are more vulnerable to this
In the first Civil War issue, Captain America outright says that the street level guys would be the first ones to rebel, listing Daredevil and Luke Cage by name.

>Even NYC locals get NYC wrong sometimes.