How did we go from this

How did we go from this

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To this?

To this?


>shut up pol Jews are innocent
>marvel now gets jewed
>omg how could this happen

>Stanley Lieber
>Jacob Kurtzberg
Marvel has always been Jewed, it took you decades to notice?

I know a girl who wears a shirt like that whenever she goes out and doesn't want to get hit on. Apparently it works like a charm.

Uuh, have you never read comics? Marvel always had a leftist agenda.

>ruining Bobbi

People aren't as stupid as they were before.

Guys, how will life look in the matriarchal caliphate?

Wouldn't it be funny if Disney/Bendis tried to replace Murdock with a black and or female BLIND character? It's obvious they are just covering their progressive bases because Matt remains untouched. Like here's their thought process:
"Minority race, females, lgbt, special needs" "Oh, Daredevil already has one of those. Let's move on."
"Um, next one on the list, Hawkeye.."
Ha, like M.A.S.H TV show?"
"No relation, this one's a archer, bow n' arrow" "Another white guy"
"Hmm, howabout a female. aaand sshe's.. blind!" "Great! Done. Wanna grab lunch?"

isn't clint deaf or retarded? is that over now?

Hes partially deaf.

You know what bothers me more than what the shirt says?

The lettering on the shirt doesn't match up with some of the shirts wrinkles. Who the fuck let this go to print like that?

>matriarchal caliphate?
The cognitive dissonance is crippling

It doesn't match with anything because whoever did this just used the "Warp text" feature in Photoshop.

Courtesy of user(tm)

>She's hotter now

And the problem is...?

>retarded clickb8 articles equal real life

Does that mean that those Ten Strange Tricks To Make Money actually work? I heard Big Business Hates Them!

We live in a "hot take" world, stop confusing it with reality. I

He doesn't read comics he just wants to bitch


Oh boy.
Ignoring the relative shallowness of that article, if the Muslims are to have a "Reformation" it's gonna be sparked by (some would argue it already has been) the women in their religion.
The burqa/hijab is not empowerment in any way shape or form though, despite what some believe.


Nice try.

So, because sexism exists in some institutions, it should be ignored that it is woven deeply into the tapestry of Islam?

I feel disgust.

This article isn't even similar to the other one

Dave Sim? You post here?