Tropes You Love

>Depressed character turns on the radio
>Every station is playing a depressing song

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>depressed character turns on the radio
>audience expects the song to be depressing
>the song is super upbeat and catchy
>song becomes the theme of depression for the rest of the episode


>song is narrating literally everything characters does and feels

>Depressed character then proceeds to destroy said radio in an over-the-top fashion

Any examples of this?

>Character turns on the radio
>it's the same generic pop song that they use in the whole series

>Cap is told the president is black

>It's a girl power episode

>They're shown their proper place as property of their closet male relative

How are these so rare?

>and finally smiles in silence

Probably the trope I love seeing used the most is:
Enjoy seeing things subvert our expectations by playing a scenario out like how it'd really happen instead of the stereotypical manner. As well I just straight up like seeing doses of realism in media.

>Villan looks defeated/dead
>Area is in ruins and heros are battered and weak
>Villans demented laugh gets louder and louder

>Many characters know same special move
>They all do it at once, adding up into a fucking cataclysmic attack


I also watched Zootopia recently

>team of heroes being chased by a horde of enemies/formidable enemy
>someone sacrifices himself to hold off the enemies while the rest of the team escapes


>Sophisticated or well-mannered villain snaps and becomes dangerously feral when their plans fail for the last time

>Cap is told the Presidential Democrat nominee is a slut

>someone throws something off-screen
>glass breaking / cat yowling / MY LEG

>Character is flipping through TV channels
>The people on each channel collectively say a message


>Cartoon depicts the apocalypse
>It's always The Road Warrior

>cartoon uses old footage or real-life for a gag

>Young character gives out advice to friends.
>Soon becomes the school's "therapist."
>Inevitably gives someone really bad advice and it almost ruins their life.

name exactly 3 cartoons each this happens in

>Character angrily confronts MC and rambles on about some trouble MC caused
>MC eventually cuts him off and warns of a bigger immediate threat
>"Why didn't you say so earlier?! Let's go!"

See it a mile coming but never gets old

Rugrats, Reboot and the Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Now stop quoting everyone you fucking autist

>male characters dont invite girl character to thing
>they face an extremely strong opponent in thing
>it ends up being the girl

Azula, Bill Cipher and pic related.
Seriously it's common as fuck. Actually pick the ones you're going to challenge next time.

>Characters wake up from dream after dream of weird shit happening, and eventually give up
>Duck Amuck parody/reference
>Flashback episode, but all the clips are things we've never seen
>Flashback episode, but they only use clips from one episode

Clerks TAS was too good for this Earth

shut the fuck up

That last update for left 4 dead 2 killed me.

You were too good for this world bill