Do any of you cunts remember Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack?

Do any of you cunts remember Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack?

Who could forget? It was quite unique and memorable
It also directly or indirectly spawned almost every popular cartoon of the decade

Of course. It was weird as fuck and I loved it.

ill never forget that glorious show.

It's a shame how little I hear of it. I marathoned it earlier this year and it's absolutely amazing

It currently exists in the limbo zone between recent memory and nostalgia
Flapjack's time will come, probably
Though it never really reached mass recognition like earlier Cartoon Cartoons, as it was too weird and came on during the network's low point after a few years of decline. But it definitely had a huge role in the revitalization that took place afterwards

It and Chowder saved the network back when.

I remember wondering why they kept calling the pretty girl a boy until it hit me Flapjack was a boy. And then I wondered why I felt this way towards a boy.

nothing wrong with a little BOYZU RAVU

Pretty much all current CN shows can track their origins to this show

Can we turn this into a SS thread?

/ss/ as in "straight shota"?
because there's nothing straight about Flapjack

Yep, it's responsible for top-tier reaction images.

He was in love with Sally Syrup...

Not really, when he had the hearts above his head and thought he was it was just blood-sucking parasites
They were cute together but love is a strong word

Oh boy

Good lord

He made this into something great


Chowder, Flapjack and Adventure Time(first 3 seasons only) must be some kind of holy trinity of modern cartoons, they pretty much saved my interest in cartoons

it hasn't even been 8 years since it was over.

also i disliked the show, alot.

Chowder and Flapjack are enjoyed but came out in the dark age that was CN Real so you can see why it get's forgotten alot.

Adventure Time was the central show to bring back the channels cartoon focus alongside Regular Show, so even if many people now hate AT current runs or the many copy cats and imitators it spawned it's still accepted as the show that basically saved the channel.

Chowder was better.