Wait a damn minute somethings wrong here

Back in WWI, Wonder Woman couldn't even stand up to bullets and here she is now taking on Doomsday in his SECOND FORM?


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You haven't even watched the movie yet so you don't have full context.

Nothing will be worse than the MCU and their power level bullshit especially when it comes to Iron Manlet losing to heroes with no powers.

>Iron Manlet losing to heroes with no powers.

This never happened.

She was a lot younger then. Probably went through a lot of bullshit power ups.

She was younger.

that is thousands of years worth of power creep

Isn't she like 2-3 thousand years old? I don't think a century should make that much of a difference.

>that is thousands of years

But it's, like, a lot of bullets.

There was only one Doomsday.

all power levels are bullshit you autist, its completely subjective and changes from writer to writer

It did in Civil War.

This really only applies to Marvel bullshit, DC heroes are normally more consistent.

I'm gonna say the real reason for this is to keep the Trinity looking good as DC always panders to their top dogs.

No it didn't

Cap and Bucky don't have powers.

Super strength and superhuman reflexes are not powers?


They have the powers of being unsubtly gay.

>What are best friends?
Isn't surprised Tumblr wasn't able to figure that out either.

That still shouldn't be enough to take on Tony. He's fought stronger like Thor or the Mandarin.

Damnit, Tony why you gotta be so inconsistent, m8?

Or Snyder's movie was so boring that we're in a delusional coma.

>baiting this hard

Cred Forums please leave

nah, stop being such a hater

it's called experience

She upgraded her shield to +20 DEF.

Am I the only one who gets what OP is referencing?

DBZ? Kind of a stretch but I guess it works for baiting purposes.

Nigga, even if you wanna say these dudes have powers it's not enough to stomp Iron Man.

And he lost to both of them, if you forgot.
Thor fucked his suit up, and Pepper beat Mandarin when Tony was defenseless.

Disney shills working on Sundays?

It's not easy, shilling Disney.

Man, you didn't even watch the movies. The airport fight was everyone holding back and taking it easy, and the final fight Tony was kicking everyones ass until Cap hurt Tony's feelings, and didnt go for the killing blow.

You have no idea what you're talking about. The power levels are inconsistent, but Iron Man in Civil War isnt the best example for this. He didn't job at all.

Yeah but he can hold his own against them. If that were Steve and Bucky in that situation they would have been slaughtered.

Tumblr doesn't into friends. They into likes, shares and "hearts".

Explains quite a bit on why they're so socially... strange.

Good thing it wasn't then.

You have to realize that the entire movie was friends having playful fights, bar Panther. Up until the revelation that Bucky killed the Starks, Tony wasn't going all out like he was in Avengers or his solo movies. He just wanted Cap to be his buddy.

And if you forgot, he did kick Bucky and Steve's asses in the final fight. The fight only ended when he realized it wasnt a fight to the death, Steve didn't want anyone to die like Tony did, and Tony realized that and the fight ended.

No, Tony lost the last fight because of an overused trope: the "I'm distracted and forgot I'm trying to murder someone" trope. That and it's pretty hard trying to kill one dude while some other dude keeps chucking a shield at you.

But you're right. No jobbing on IM's part.

Tony or Bucky would have taken out Killian easily, same goes for WM if he had the chance to.

Tony is not a brilliant tactician when it comes to fights.

If Batman and Superman weren't there she could have solo'ed Doomsday with a quick decapitation.
And don't give me that "oh he regenera-" no, just shut the fuck up. His healing makes rocky protrusions, his neck stump would heal over and the only part that would be a threat would be the severed Doomsday head rolling around

WW1 was in the fifth century BCE.

>No jobbing
>armor built to stand up to military artillery being felled by punches

I mean its not even the hulk, its captain america

Oh wow you're a special kind of fucking retard. Go talk to a ten year old for a minute and maybe learn something about super heroes.

Bitch, even Cred Forums knows better. This guy is probably on bath salts, its the only logical explanation for how stupid he's being.

Insulting me still won't make it so they have powers now.

What baffles me is why didn't they let Diana impale Doomsday with the kryptonite thingy

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Is this bait or just stupid? Because this is like when casuals shouted Black Panther didn't have powers

Two super soldier's both wielding the strongest metal on Earth as weapons isn't enough to stomp Iron Man?

How are they killing Killian when it had to take a super powered Pepper to do so?

Super strength is a power
Super agility is a power
I'm pretty sure they get increased mental capacity too, but if we're talking about the movies I don't fucking know because they mostly suck ass and are the same movie just with the script re-written

she's always had a weakness to penetration. it's like rock-paper-scissors.


So are the MCU. So are the DCU and so are the MU

He's peak human, that's like saying Batman has super powers.

y-you too!

They are as strong/fast, but much better fighters and tacticians. There are a hundred ways they could have killed him, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be able to regenerate a new head for example.

But T'Challa is enhanced by a special herb isn't he?

The DCU power levels are literally perfect, man.

I think there's a concensus that Tony's building his suits more for versatility than armor. Remember also that he took that not-Bleeding Edge suit to fight Cap right after the airport fight, which was where it got punked by Hawkeye, Cap, SW, and Ant-Man.

Yes. That user just can't admit he's wrong.

Yeah sure. I wouldn't say Black Panther doesn't have super powers, just Cap.

yeah it gives him basketball powers

top kek

>Peak human

I'm literally not though.

Are they fuck! If Superman was written to even a half of what we know he's capable of all the time he would make the rest of the league (Except Flash) irrelevant

I'm sure Batman could do that also.


>Peak human

Superman is considerate and does not want to hog all the glory for himself.

I'm sure your headcanon is not facts.


She might be bulleproof, but her kicking threads might not be.

Look, I'm just saying Batman can do some shit that would make you think he is super human as well.

Lemme just make sure I'm clear on what you're saying: despite Steve being given a super serum, which enhances all of his abilities, he has no super powers?

So, in TWS, when Cap blocks a rocket shot with the shield and survives, you're saying a "peak human" with "no powers" could survive that?


Without preptime?

meanwhile ...



why not? regular humans survive some crazy shit.

>Regular humans can survive being frozen for 70+ years.

Batman can swing around a 600 pound Man-Bat like it's nothing, I'm not making this shit up it's from the comics. I don't think that's far off from what Steve can do.

Why of course, my good user.

Fuck off Tumblr

Okay now I know you're a fucking troll, they literally have the same fucking powers.
You actually had me going for a bit, good for you.

You lost, give up. No human of his build can lift a motercycle with three chicks that easily. He gots fucking supah powahs.
what were we talking about again?

>her powers got better after a century of fighting

>a woman from an island living in the bronze age has no formal training defending herself against bullets, a modern invention
To be fair, she's realistically holding her shield up because that's all the knows. I dont know much about WW but I imagine she doesnt have super speed to dodge bullets. This is probably her equivalent of playing dead

I'm pretty sure Black Panther is well above peak human, especially thanks to his King of the Dead upgrade. Nigga can throw down with heavy weights like Namor now, Captain America could never do that shit.

Nigga, if Cap has super powers I guess Batman has them now too then I suppose.

He has pretty much super strength and a shield with a narrow edge made if the hardest material on the planet, you could argue that would be enough to break through and bucky's arm is super strong.

In the movies, they are pretty gay, though my man.

Wow you managed to read Wikipedia and still got so much wrong.

Trips confirm

No, he has crazy fucking training, and IQ that fucks your mom and makes your dad like it's dick clean, and a workaholic obsession for fighting crime. Batman uses physics to achieve superhuman-like results.

How are those relevant? Cap does basically nothing in the first clip so how are they comparable?

Cap can throw down with Namor now?

>powers =/= skills
Unless otherwise stated they don't usually grow after someone's reached adulthood.

Cred Forums logic. Don't try to understand it or you'll start thinking the best super power is being really fast and then you'll start sucking cock and it will be too late.

Cap has beaten Namor before.

Well, in some versions she is just straight up invincible, in others she can take hits from super strength foes but not peircing attacks like knives, arrows or bullets. We never see her stabbed or shot in BvS or this trailer and she is making a conscious effort not to get hit so I assume they're going with the second version.

They're also pretty gay in the Captain America: White miniseries

Don't remember the story, but was it the one where Mr. Sinister cloned a Namor-like being and sicced him on Captain America?

If years of reading comics has taught me anything, it's that powers don't mean shit in the Big 2, you can bullshit a victory for anyone.

Cap macks with peggy, sharon and Margery, Bucky gets with two chicks in the first film and reminisce about a girl in civil war.

True although I feel that wasn't Loeb's intention, especially since Bucky is underage there.

I thought that sounded like bullshit.

They like to roleplay and take turns being various women.

Idk it was just weird, especially since Loeb's other color series were about love mostly. Not sure why he picked Captain America and Bucky over Iron Man and Pepper Potts for example. Or maybe even Wolverine and Jean Grey, for some extra writing challenge lol

They are bros-in-arms

No bait, just stone hard facts, brother.


gtfo with your SJW chronography

>a woman is weak to penetration

It wasnt Tumblr who called people fag for being friends

It was you, Cred Forums. It was you all along

seems legit

Until you remember that Iron Man can survive a tank hit.

Tear machines apart.

Can Captain America withstand a tank it in the movies?

Its standard comic book BALANCING, where it SEEMS alright, like in a fighting game, but....

not really

your serious, arent you

can Iron man bend that think like spaghetti?

>Superman is weak to rock
>WW is weak to scissors and scissoring
>Bats are weak against nets



We all know who's the Strongest Human here.

I was expecting Felicity

>DC heroes are normally more consistent.

Look I'm a DCfag but you honestly can't be serious.

>modern time
>I can't comprehend the passage of time.

Doomsday duel wielding P90s woulda been unstoppable

>there are people in this thread that don't know about hysterical strength

I'm more annoyed she's not using her bracelets to block the bullets.

>If years of reading comics has taught me anything, it's that powers don't mean shit in the Big 2, you can bullshit a victory for anyone.

Somebody gets it.

Amazingly, a hero who depends upon flight and ranged weapons lost in extremely restricted quarters against two super-strong guys with close-quarters expertise, and weapons at least as hard as his armor.

>A woman from an ancient legendary race of super women from the time of the gods and monsters is better at subduing monsters

>couldn't even stand up to bullets
>literally stands up to it in the first image

Did you not see cap and bucky and panther our running cars?


Honestly, given what we've seen, it's hard to imagine anyone in this movie giving her trouble.

I did.

They're probably going to pull some Thor bullshit where she leaves the island and her powers get nerfed to a fraction of what they were.

How is White, anyway? I'm in a bit of a Cap fix and might pick up the TBP.

So if WW is Piccolo, then who is Nail?

Superman was also blown back by Batman's machinegun bullets. Those can still hurt superhumans, just not pierce the skin. Like air soft bb's, or beanbag guns.

So what you're saying is Batman should have aimed for his balls

Yeah and she spent most of those years just chilling on Paradise Island. Being merely REAL FUCKING STRONG she gets involved in WWI, where she needs to protect herself.

After the War she decides to stay as and protect Man's World and gets stronger and stronger until she's able to face off against Doomsday.

Literally the scientific nomenclature, you'd know that if you hadn't failed out of high school.
SJW shoudln't be a universal boogey monster either. Misattributing them gives them more power in culture, they're best ignored.

It's alright.

It's got Nick "White Power" Fury in it.