ITT: talented but insane comic book creators

ITT: talented but insane comic book creators

never insult Don Rosa here again motherfucker

>liking donald duck kiddy comics

shouldn't this be your nappy time before mommy comes to breast feed you?

If you lived in Scandinavia, you'd get your ass kicked for insulting Donald Duck comics like that.

I met him at the phoenix comic con, he goes in to a rage every time some one bring up duck tales,or Disney

I'm not afraid of toddlers mate.

Utterly hilarious, has anyone shown him the artwork from the new ducktales with Webby?

>calls him talented

Frank miller

Look, man, I love Rosa, but the dude's insane.
"Eccentric", if you like, but he's pretty out of it.


They USED to be talented at least.

Don Rosa isn't insane, he's borderline blind

Since superhero comics are so mature

>Muh dark and edgy comics
Eurobro reporting in

The planet Earth is expanding! No, really!

Wow how does it feel to have the shittiest taste in Cred Forums user

Every male comic creator I have ever worked with can't handle me because they are sexist. It's definitely not because I'm crazy.


How can male creators be sexist against another male?

Don Rosa is many things (all of them positive) but he's not crazy. At best he's a huge fan of a niche subject.

His idol on the other hand...

That describes most of them. I can think of 3 wizards right off the top of my head for fucks sake.

Carl Barks was a little strange.

But still self aware.

Pay me no mind. I'm just here to grab crotches, lick faces, and bite other creators.

Steve Ditko has expressed a strange philosophy


>Disliking anything but Holy Terror

Can't believe he hasn't been mentioned. Only person in this thread with a legitimate mental illness

Seems like a lot of the silver or bronze age creators where a little crazy. Now a days everyone is just pretentious, overtally pushing some kind of politics, or lazily fallowing editorial edicts while working on a creator owned thing that they hope will get optioned for a movie or TV show

Superheroes are at least better than furry bait. And the success of the MCU speaks to their universal appeal. I can't say the same for Disney comics which are only popular in Europe and more like starting material for new readers ala American comic stripes.

>disliking Holy Terror

>let me insert my creepy fetishes into my comics and get paid for it

Yeah enjoy your Bendis and autism. You shouldn't restrict your taste in comics just because of memes or whatever that freaks you out. You gotta be a super freak to get aroused by Don Rosa's Scrooge McDuck stories.

Basically what's happened is that comics have become so niche and the market so based on characters and events rather than actual quality, and so stagnant because of Diamond that editors basically have turned it into a crony game.

>starts bringing up MCU unprompted in response to a perceived furry threat

The art is terrible on a nearly unreadable level. The paneling and composition is fine but jesus is the inking unconscionably bad

>starting material
Are you implying a medium used to teach developmentally disabled needs working into? Fucking delusion. Stick to your beloved MCU you autistic.


Why do Nordics like Donald duck so much?

It's because in Scandinavia they publish a weekly Donald Duck & Co comics since the 50's and has become and still is very popular to this day. Carl Barks and Don Rosa are celebrated for their stories and artwork and are known to push the comics popularity vastly.

Came to post this. Glamourpuss was actually alright, at least the Alex Raymond/history of photorealism in action strips parts were.