Youtube-Poop Thread

When people didn't earn money with youtube and just made these videos for the lulz. God i miss 2008 era.

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Lets plot a course

Post gems

Most of them are unfunny garbage anyways.


I never understood why people liked these videos. There are like only a handful good ytps, most of them are just retarded shit.

Dinner's ready.
Where's Grandpa?

Does this count as a ytp?

That's why you grew out of it. I bet your 13 year old self would still laugh those videos.

Let me tell you boys something about women, something about women

>Yo, Women are a trip Uncle Funkle


Deepercutt's last few videos were really good.




It's so difficult for me to find the ones I watched years ago. So many lulz lost in time like tears in the rain

This will always be my favorite. It isn't anything special, but goddamn does it never fail to make me laugh.

Favorite part was always the Smack My Bitch Up dance.

>Would you fuck the fox?

Any good Wander Over Yonder ones?



It was dumb as fuck but it was honest fun. Not the glorified commercialism we have now.

I feel like most of these are much better made than they deserve to be.
Like actual effort was put in.

This one is in Finnish, but it only makes things better.

>only re-posting old shit
>never anything new
Are you srs?

Most people abruptly stop watching these when they turn 14.
That being said, I still find Noisepuppet's stuff good. Unusual source material

Well, how about THIS one:

>RAAAA watcha doin' Mr. Volcano?

My latest vid

>you actually make something
What a shocker. That was very 2008, in a good way.

Waxanator was the king.

There was one when I first saw them that would edit the DIE with kids in shows dying.

>posting tier meme garbage
neck yourself fast

my niggas

cause he ACTUALLY puts some damn effort in

me too

it's more like:

>reposting unfunny meme tier trash
>never anything good

The first to I ever watched and the reupload of it were deleted. The only thing that remains from it is some little kid recording it off of his Wii

Hey G, would you make me a sandwich?

Ethan Mars is Gay and Revenge of the Mad Madman are still my 2 favorite YTP ever


Shit we pissed off the ytp specialist

His Gaston vids were God-tier. Why did he have to nuke his channel?

Pizza time.

You do it then and stop being such a shitter



Someone should put all these into a playlist.

Can we all agree that "The King's Epic Adventure" is the greatest YTP series of all time?

Wow user, you really felt the need to unload all those opinions right there, didn't you?
You must be the most important person in the world : ^)

Yeah, but that's what makes finding good ones all the more enjoyable.

That isn't Skooks

>literall meme tier trash

nigga what?

>implying there's new YTP
at BEST someone will reupload the ones that were taken down for copyright infringement

spelling bees are serious shit

DALLAS first


I mean, YTP is kind of meme tier trash (or perhaps more appropriately shit) by definition

The question is whether or not it's entertaining meme tier trash

This one has a sad but comfy ending with great music

I think people are either afraid to post new stuff or these threads are comprised of people that only remember stuff they like.

For example, my videos are basically a window into my thoughts. They're self-aware and constantly revel in the meta of what this community has created over the past 10 years. Boatloads of stolen jokes, horribly executed references to obscure things, and editing that borders somewhere between "awful" and "this person sorta knows what they're doing". Does that sound like something you'd be interested in?

Sadly, a good half of good poops are not board related.


Maybe some content just doesn't belong in certain places. For example, certain webcomics, despite having sizeable audiences, are almost never discussed here, since the people who like it don't come here more than 1 time a year.

I will watch whatever you post, but no guarantee I'll like it.

Kind of new:

>I will watch whatever you post, but no guarantee I'll like it.
Here you go.

I really like the adventure game. I'd actually be interested in playing a twine or scratch game like that.

Well thanks.

a classic

That video is terrible and you should have just posted Krobo. He's got that poopgame down to a science.

It's weird how we have two YTP threads running concurrently.

I didn't like it.

The only one I know of
I think one of the storyboarders tweeted something about it.

Too hot for YouTube apparently:
Awful Fawful has quality poops

Okay, here I go:

for more avant garde/just experimental stuff.

can someone explain to me why there is YTP threads on Cred Forums?

Sacred Seaweed is hilarious


Skooks is amusing, but have you SEEN The King's Epic Adventure? It's amazing on so many levels.

The best ytp story wise was this one


>2006-2010 internet will never come back

I actually got a non-weeb friend into Evangelion through Walrusguy.

How long has Durhamrockerz been out now?

>watched some guy who made anime poops when I was in middle school
>his account got deleted, can't even remember his name now

All I know is his name started with a K and he made a good amount of Lucky Star/Death Note crossovers.

I remember when it was either weebs or furrys who made youtubepoops or atleast i remember when haruhi and lucky star were big things in youtubepoops

MeStarStudios is a hidden gem.

>TFW Poopchanne1 is still the fucking best YTPer
>ITT pleb tastes galore

good thing i'm not shoveling shit into my ass, fags

Non-pleb tastes coming through:

The Frollo Show will always be my favorite YTP series. Who can forget the haunted carnival arc.

There's plenty of good shit still being made, you just have to take more than a cursory look. NPCarlsson has made some pretty good stuff. Still the king.
Durhamrockerz is our king of kings