ITT: Post a western cartoon and their eastern equivalent

ITT: Post a western cartoon and their eastern equivalent

You fucking wish OP

Not even close, SUfag.

>Mostly female cast
>Reaccuring theme of how aliens fuck everything up
>Gems = Soul Gems
>Corrupted gems = witches
>Characters actual bodies aren't real, instead their life comes from their gems
>Purple one is best girl

There are tons of similarities

I never realised how much Madoka ripped off SU

>this nigga


I have never seen either show, whats the problem?

Cred Forums requires a trigger warning before posting any SU-related content.

Madoka isn't gay enough, and it has a chick that becomes so obsessed with another chick she basically keeps groundhog daying herself in order to save the other.

Who's the Kyubey in Steven Universe?

You're EXACTLY 2 years late to that comparison, because the "monsters are former gems" thing has been a completely dropped plotline that has gone nowhere since Ocean Gem aired sept 25th 2014. Rebecca got distracted making everything about fusions ever since it got her all that fame and now we have no fuckin clue what this show is about anymore.


So does the smokey quartz episode just not count? We see jasper corrupt right before our eyes


Pink Diamond

is there a western equivalent of berserk?

You said equivalent, as if to say that they are in equal standing, when we all know that SU is more garbage than most slice of life anime that comes out nowadays. The only saving grace that shit has is its overreliance on referencing which means ripping it off completely in most cases anime and games and shit all the time in order to bait the faggots who will watch the series so they can go "I understood that reference".

The Evil Dead

Oh right. They used that plot to get rid of the last remaining threat the show had, because upping the tension or stakes would be asking too much. I'd argue all they used it for was an excuse to get rid of Jasper, but you're right, it DID come up again.

OP's trying to compare a trash CN show that's 80% filler where nothing meaningful happens with an anime with and active, overarcing story that doesn't skip a beat on what's happening, which is funny because said trash CN show relentlessly tries to be just like it in every way when it lacks the experience, budget, and creativity to do so.

What in the world are you talking about? Ripping off? The most referency Steven Universe ever gets is a few visual gags

Monster Reuinion specifically touched on that subject, then later again with Jasper's corruption episode.

The Cluster arc was all about corruption though.

>implying Homura "time to become the devil because muh lesbian waifu!" McYandere is best girl
Oh, so you just have shit taste.

Flesh & Blood actually.


>a few
Oh boy here we go again...
No, of course I get a response like this in a thread where the OP involves Steven Universe. Every time somebody tries to discuss the amount of references to other works in the show every last /sug/ regular that's been watching the board like a hawk swoops in to heavily downplay it altogether, the same way they also try to deny that there's any kind of animation errors or inconsistencies with how the characters act or speak between episodes.
I should have known better, there's no reason to even try to talk about it because all that will happen is the thread gets derailed in an attempt to veer the conversation away from any criticism so that Cred Forumsmblr can continue with its facade of being a safe haven for Steven Universe fans everywhere. A damn shame when even crap boards like Cred Forums are laughing at us for shit like this.

Weebs are triggered their show got compared with another show.

Please give me one example where you think one of the references becomes a ripoff

>The most referency Steven Universe ever gets is a few visual gags
You say that when shit like this exists where it's nothing but references, and that's not even mentioning the numerous times SU just copies them scene for scene.

Wasn't Madoka a Scorpion & Frog story? Kyubey being the scorpion and Madoka being the frog.

You know the story, the frog carries the scorpion across the pond and the frog becomes God because it's in his nature.

Again, thats just a gag. I have yet to encounter an instance where SU actually rips off another show

>Weebs are triggered their show got compared with another show of vastly inferior quality.
I'd be mad too if my series was being compared to the Johnny Test of this generation

In all fairness this is a CN show so anything that goes there gets straight up raped or handicapped if it's not a cancerous reboot or a shitty slapstick comedy show "le funny memes EXXDEE". the only reason that there are so many filler episodes is because they are required by CN to fill a quota. if they were free to do what they want, i'm sure the show would be alot shorter and alot better

And in doing so, she saved all of them the the awful fate of the Magical Girl.

>"Sayaka Miki, this was my father's church. See, years ago I made a contract with Kyubey just like you. Because people for whatever reason, be it they thought them blasphemy, heretical, or simply out of line with what the church was teaching, his new teachings directly contributed to the lower turnouts during sermons as well as my own family's poverty and destitution. I thought his teachings were the truth anyway, so I wished people would listen to what he said and I became Meguka! But my father found out. Rather than being thankful that his own daughter helped keep his career afloat, he went mad and killed everyone except for the very daughter he'd come to scorn. Yes, even though my own sisters did nothing wrong, they had to suffer and I got to live. And then he killed himself. Never mind the fact that I literally turned his life around to a point where things were getting better, apparently to him convincing people of your views is more important than a stable livelihood. And that, Sayaka Miki, is why you should never use your powers for the good of another person. Never mind the fact that your life is pretty good and objectively much better than mine was at the time these events went down, you WILL go down the same path I did."

>Mighty Magiswords and Slayers
>Lion King and Kimba the White Lion
>Star vs the Forces of Evil and Urusei Yatsura
>Winx Club and Sailor Moon
>Spongebob and Doraemon
>Samurai Jack and Kenshin
Any more?
Also calm your tits, equivalent doesn't mean direct rippoff

forced fusion has literally nothing to do with corruption

Sayaka wasn't using her powers for his good though, she wanted to make him feel obligated to her so they could get together. Then she pussied out after the reveal and acted surprised when he got with another girl.

EE&E and Nichibros

> Madoka isn't gay
Do homework please

Fullmetal Alchemist and legend of Korra

>This nigga
>not knowing that they copy anime all of the time
>not knowing that this isn't the first time

Why does SU make people go into an autistic rage?

>implying the haters dont swoop in just as fast
thats why these shitty threads keep popping up, guaranteed replies from both sides

>Peoople complaining about anime references on a board that worships Avatar and Teen Titans

The worst part with the OP is that one of the writers mentioned that they never even heard of modoka until people started drawing comparisons

I honestly don't see any logical statement in any of these posts.
I'm guessing you (that is you, singular, because you're just a dumb troll trying to stir up the pot again) have just run out of any legitimate criticism for Steven Universe as a children's animated television show and have to make due with blurting out redundancies.
Your lack-of-an-actual opinion doesn't matter, because we all know that you're just some dirty little troll sitting in your mother's basement and have nothing better to do in your worthless little waste of a lack-of-an-actual life than just hate on whatever's the most popular thing on television right now.
I want everybody to know that they should not waste any of their time trying to even reason with this non-person.
He isn't going to listen and he doesn't want to listen, he just wants to sit in a box all day long and blow raspberries at those passing by.

It's popular (both in a "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT'S POPULAR THUS IT'S SHIT" sense and in a "It's popular so it's fans are plastering it everywhere and we're sick and tired of it" sense)

I don't know why this has everyone so upset. They're both fucking shit, it's a perfect comparison.

She dragged the universe's god that was making the process as painless as possible into a Lotus Eater because she was convinced there was no way Madoka'd actually want to do something selfless. Never mind her insanely obsessive tunnel vision and the fact that she gives 0 shits about anyone but Madoka.

I don't see why this is a problem though. If they traced it or something than I could see it equating to laziness, but its just a similarly composed shot.


>one of the writers denied they ever even heard of modoka until people started drawing comparisons

It was Matt Burnett (he said his knowledge of anime stopped at around the early '00s)

How i see it is that it's not that they did it, it is how closely similar they are. if you actually watch the scene to that anime "revolutionary girl utena" and that specific episode side by side it makes you think. for me tracing feels extremely juvenile and shows how little skills animators have, so i guess you can say that it's just bias

Right. Like the author of the Hunger Games "never heard of" Battle Royale.

Ironically, Urobuchi said he "never seen" a magical anime prior making Madoka Magica.

Wouldnt the equivalent of Madoka Magica be Watchmen?

I like how this thread's original topic has been long forgotten and that it's just two or three faggots going back and forth, taking turns attacking or defending their shitty tumblr cartoon. Keep it going you retards.

Smoky Quartz is a perfect example of how much focus the show has had since it premiered. The episode that followed RIGHT AFTER Jasper getting corrupted was not Steven (And Connie) dealing with the baggage of it all, but fucking the fusions going on ha-ha FOURTH WALL BREAKING jokes!


Can we please ban anime globally outside of Cred Forums? This shit is exactly why My Little Pony was banned. It's posted on every board just to troll people.

Even if that is true, he must've had foreknowledge of Madoka, considering how popular it become either by word-of-mouth or through how much of a huge franchise it became making it nill impossible to not of it. That's blatant sophistry on his part and I'd like to believe he is lying.

OP posted this thread yesterday and it got pruned/deleted as quickly as he posted it. I'm surprise it is still up now.

I don't think Spongebob is as important to American pop culture as Doraemon is to Japan

>Post a western cartoon and their eastern equivalent
Code Lyoko to SAO.
Mega XLR to Gurren Lagann.

I've been lobbying for SU to be strictly contained into its own general for almost a year now because their retarded fanbase can't stop spamming multiple SU centered threads on the board at the same time when the general's still going. And yes, it is in fact still going, it's just on a different board where the fanbase can freely post their crap without breaking rules. Then when /sug/ goes down they ramp up the posting even more, reposting the same shit over and over, and always trying to hijack other threads into being all about their fucking show. I don't even have anything against the actual show itself, its fanbase is where all the problems are at, they're almost as bad as Homestuck's was when it was still alive and kicking.

yeah i'm sick of all the Cred Forums shit in /m/ and /jp/, what the fuck is wrong with people

Early the Simpsons where Bart was the protagonist to Crayon Shin-chan.

Conan the Barbarian?

he had outright said that he never heard of it until people started drawing comparisons

Was Archie the first harem animu?

Fuck off. Cred Forums will always be anime imageboard and you cant stop it

It's clearly a reference, I won't deny that. The issue is, you're implying they "shot for shot" took a fight. Those 2 shots are from Utena but used completely out of order and the rest of the fight has no relation. Heck, that bottom shot is kinda an infamously lazy shot. It's copy and pasted like 5 times throughout the anime.

>It's posted on every board just to troll people.
Just like Steven Universe amirite

Sure, Matt. Continue to stay deluded.

I never heard of Evangelion until some reviews made comparisons with it to the new Godzilla.

Suprised nobody has post it yet.

What is SU a deconstruction of?

When are the mods going to learn that whenever someone post a thread with a SU image, it's because it's a "subtle" /sug/ thread?

Never forget KoTH.

A good show.

those are indeed the three most famous species of bear

whats the name of the Cred Forumsnal one?

top kek.

Shirokuma cafe, comfy, but the ending was disappointing

This thread would've stayed on topic if it didn't start with Steven Universe.

What's the western equivalent to this?

no waifuposting or ship posting or arguing about lore/dumb theories

how is it /sug/ again?

Star Trek the animated series

Count the amount of comments that stay related to the topic vs the amount of comments talking about SU.

>I never heard of Evangelion until some reviews made comparisons with it to the new Godzilla.

Did somebody really do that?

No animation equivalent. Heck, no great TV equivalent either. A series about war where they show both sides kinda equally as shitty. Best I got for you is Game of Thrones? That's a pretty big stretch though.

What is the equivalent?

>ATLA/TLoK - Naruto
>The Simpsons - Dragon Ball
>South Park - Fooly Cooly
>Home Movies - Shin-Chan
>King of the Hill - Azumanga Daioh
>Johnny Bravo - Space Dandy
>Flapjack - One Piece
>Superjail - Deadman Wonderland

I'm shocked there hasn't been an attempt.

>This list

I dunno if this is b8 or simply lack of common sense

>Someone not watching an anime I watched, but still having similar plot points? THEY MUST BE FILTHY LIARS!

Rip-off isn't the correct terminology, Steven Universe pay homages to their favorites. I mean, I don't mind. I do wish Sucrose and the others were more subtle, however.

Just like how Swery never heard of Twin Peaks when he made Deadly Premonition.

It's not wrong.

Madoka was a retelling of Faust with magical japanese schoolgirls

SU pays homages to them because it's too unoriginal to think of its own imagery.

Bingo, moving their shit to /trash/ was a really fucking poor decision. /trash/ doesn't have the userbase to support it and with the generals being banned here, it just creeps into fucking everything.

Containment threads/boards exist for a reason.

>"[I]f you ever find yourself wondering if Steven Universe just referenced anime, the answer is almost always 'Yes.' "
-Matt Burnett

>The "johnny test" of this era
>Anything but Teen Titans Go

Exosquad is probably your best bet. LoGH is miles better though.

Wakfu and by extension the Dofus movie does a good job at being the western equivalent of those crazy anime fight scenes. They have some DBZ and Naruto among other things splashed in, and as an added bonus they don't stop every 2 attacks to explain everything they're doing or filler it with "powering up" scenes.

The quota isn't even a fucking issue to be honest. The problem is that they want every god damn episode to be more or less self contained so that they don't have to worry about reruns airing out of order and confusing people.

If they did a full 22 minute show for each episode and were actually allowed to have real story arcs, the show would be a hell of a lot better.

Closest I can think of battlestar galactice, but it is way smaller in scope and also not a cartoon

it looks like fucking shit

>South Park - Fooly Cooly
How can this be anything but wrong

>>South Park - Fooly Cooly
Panty and Stocking would be a better fit.

Not Cred Forums, but who else has noticed the shocking similarities between Wilfred and NouCome?

What's the Castle of Cagliostro of Cred Forums?

>Cred Forums vs. Cred Forums

This is the spiciest bait in hours.

Cred Forumsumblr proves yet again it doesn't know shit about anime

The great mouse detective.


Ok, early Wakfu had a lot of awkward moments but you wouldn't even know the Dofus movie was made in flash if no one told you. That fuckin movie is loaded with great animation.

What I don't get is why nobody is saus fagging the right side panels for me, please.

To this day, i'm waiting for the westen adaptation of this manly gem

Go to Cred Forums. They love answering requests for shows. Especially ones as obscure as the one in the pic.

there's nothing stopping the /sug/ regulars from all moving to trash and posting the same shit they would here, other than the porn posters chewing up the image limit a bit faster i guess

face it, the other su related threads are usually more bait than honest attempt to start up a SU discussion

But that's nowhere near as good as Cagliostro.

Samurai Jack.

Is there even a western equivalent of Gunbuster?

Someone already said it in the thread you bum.

Symbionic Titan?

Yeah fuck you too ASSHOLE, It's Revolutionary Girl Utena BTW.

Fucking faggot.

Gagliostro was good movie but wasnt good lupin movie

Is there even?

Better than DBZ's constant excuse of "It's so fast you can't see it!" choreography.

>i dislike what i'm seeing
>i'll move the goalpost and say there's no argument

>2 hours late


>not even 1.5 hours
Rounding does not work that way.

>Johnny Test tier
It's OK if you don't like the space lesbian rocks but please develop critical thinking skills

Afro Samurai.

It's not guns, but it's the same thing.

>Afro Samurai
>Cred Forums

Is there anything this comfy

But afro samurai is also eastern

Houseki no Kuni, faggot

Well, as it looks like this thread only wants westerns equivalents, i will ask for the eastern equivalent.

My bed is comfier.

Cred Forums barely even knows anything about comics or cartoons.

The latest

Is there an eastern equivalent?

All I can think of is Berserk and that's literally only because I swear to god Miura and Hammer/Publick are in a hiatus competition.

wander over yonder and Kirby right back at ya
well, in at least the relationship between the villain and hero

I guess this makes sense if you're implying Western cartoons are as a whole embarrassingly inferior to anime, which is true.

I don't even get why we have a Cred Forums board. It's like making a board for phone games in addition to a board for videogames.

>Guaranteed replies.

>story of revenge/fighting for survival
>strong theme of family/togetherness
>can be dark and gritty or goofy, even a mix of the two
I'm gonna go ahead and say

Stop reminding us.

It's actually a fair point. We have an entire board dedicated to discussing a lesser form of animation. All this equivalent thread does it remind us we're watching cheap wannabes. Not one of these equivalents is better than the original.


I find that highly debatable, both for Western animation being very much on par with anime.

And second, there would always be a board, if enough fags start cancerring up a somewhat relate-able board.

can you legitimately tell me the last good Cred Forums cartoon
like seriously, cartoons died in the early 2000s, and have been regressing steadily since the digital era

DC cartoons.

The Amazing world of Cumball.

Both are shit and I can think of 10 anime better than both of them from the last 2 years alone.

A cartoon where they admit at the end of episode 4 that episode 5 isn't written yet?

No they are not.

Also pretty much any recent western cartoon movies.

> I can think of 10 anime better than both of them from the last 2 years alone.
It isn't that difficult considering 90% all looks the same, and are done by the same companies.

Amazing World of Gumball had one season where they really did their unique style well. Then it got horribly lazy and became just as bad as adventure time and all that noodle limb shit. That being said, that's just it's animation. Writing and show-wise, they're teen titans go levels of obnoxious and LOUD NOISES ARE FUNNY HURRRRRRR.

>done by the same companies
Except for the tons of animation studios in Japan?
I like cartoons as much as the next guy but you can't seriously believe that Cred Forums is in any shape or form better than Cred Forums.

I know I'm responding to shitty bait, but Over the Garden Wall.
>inb4 hurr tumblr
>DC cartoons.
I sincerely hope you only mean DCAU and maybe TDKR part 1 and 2.

>Ignores all the other forms of animations, different styles, and being able to integrate it so well that it all blends into a seamless work of art.
>The morals and plot-lines of TAWOG is bad.

>one shows vs the 20 anime from this year alone
Yeah, you sure showed me.
Cartoons are dead.

Pretty much.

>and are done by the same companies.
i wouldn't be surprised if they were made by the same group of underpaid animators

>any anime that isn't Utena, Ghost in the Shell or Texhnolyze
Pick one.

>"all that noodle limb shit"
Did you even watch the show?

Oh, and Akira.

Nobody else than fucking Cred Forumsnimongrels is making that fucking claim here asshole.

It literally all started with some Cred Forumsnalbeads whining about their copy and paste style animus here in this thread.

What about Jojo?

>disregarding anything by Nagai, Matsumoto, Oshii, Kon, or Miyazaki
weak ass bait desu

Awful shit that only faggots who like shit like MCU would eat up.

Anime peaked with Angel's Egg and it was all downhill ever since

Me neither, I bet they just have really large legions of them, and are able to churn out so much of it, because of a large viewing audience, that also buy all the merch.

>Purple is best gem

>all those talentless idiots
Shit taste.

Kill yourself.
Find me any good western equivalent.

>Muh obscure vague animu movie is where it all went down from.

Jo-Jo is great go rewatch Anal's Egg.

>Best Gem
Here we go again.

>Kill yourself.
You first.
I don't need "equivalents". Even mediocre cartoons like Waltz with Bashir stump everything anime can offer.
>exposing yourself as a capeshit-tier pleb and being happy about it
JoJofags, not even once.

>Cred Forums version of Madoka is Steven Universe
>Cred Forums version of Paper Mario is Cucumber Quest
>Cred Forums version of Twin Peaks is Gravity Falls

Christ why is the Cred Forums version of things always a downgrade?

Pick one and fuck off.

They're equally garbage, idiot.
JoJofags need to really all get AIDS and die.

You're fucking gay and are an animoo'd hipster, you go die in a fire.

Gravity Falls is better than Twin Peaks, though.


i've heard some people say Cerebus is probably the closest thing to LoGH

that's was charlie brown

>West will never produce something as terrible as Danganronpa
Feels good.

Not when Mega Babies exists.

user there's this country called Canada that exists in the west
You should check out some of their cartoons

At least I don't have to see Mega Babies anywhere I go.
Canada's shit is usually just offensively bland not offensively terrible like DR.

Do you guys ever feel like Cred Forums doesn't belong on Cred Forums? Just the topics, tone of this place, it doesn't feel like it meshes with the rest of Cred Forums at large. It's weird, like a close alien copy of another board. Something is off but you just can't put your finger on it.

the only reason why i even come to Cred Forums is for the retro threads desu


2 episodes before that they had a whole episode being a tribute to Initial D

OK K.O.!


Threads about comics are usually fine, even if they are to shit on whatever is going on in it. Its always cartoon and Cred Forums threads that are fucked beyond belief.

Checked, examples?

>Something is off but you just can't put your finger on it.
Believe me when I say people on this board are generally nicer and more mature compared to some of the sociopaths and man children on boards like /vg/ and Cred Forums. Cred Forums at its worst hardly holds a candle to them at they're average.

Because Western animation is pretty gimped compared to most other forms of media.
Can still make good stuff though.

Cause people on Cred Forums actually talk about a topic, and can delve into subjects with serious exchange of information, with low amounts of "faggots" and other buzzwords, offending for the purpose of offending, type posting. Cred Forums is the reddit of Cred Forums. We're here to converse, not to attack others and shout opinions mindlessly because we can't do it in real life, like actual Cred Forums.

Cred Forums is just a better version of toonzone.

>ATLA/TLoK - Naruto
maybe Korra

Also, Daily Lives of High School boys and Gumball