Is this the undisputed GOAT superhero movie?

Is this the undisputed GOAT superhero movie?

Mask of The Phantasm is better. I know that's a boring, expected response but that doesn't mean its not true.

I miss Bruce Greenwood Batman hard though. He's one of my favorite live-action actors and having him voice Batman was great, he was the best since Conroy.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is better.

But what can you expect from delusional Jasonfags after all...

Only if you're talking about the flashback scenes in Return of the Joker. The "current day" plot with Terry is kind of boring.

What the fuck are you talking about op? Under the Red Hood has the cringiest joker of all time and shit writing in general.

I think my favorite non Conroy Batman is the guy from Young Justice

Alright I just looked it up and it turns out that was Greenwood, so I'm retarded

That's Greenwood senpai. They got him back for the show.

also bruce greenwood

Hah, it's all good.

Like I said, he's just a great actor in general. I was glad he got the role.

>Mask of The Phantasm

Overrated nostalgiafag shit

Holy fuck, no.
It's absolutely godawful, like everything Judd Winick gets his hands on that isn't Green Arrow.

It's tied with Return of the Joker for my favorite Batman movie. It's funny because I hated the comic storyline and I hate Jason Hood in general, but the movie did such a stellar job at telling the story in a way that worked perfectly.

>they can't make even half as good animated superheo movies nowdays
What the fuck happened? They've even ruined KJ.

I liked KJ tbqh

Yeah, Greenwood's got such a perfect rasp to his voice that it works really well for Batman, especially one who's slightly older and had a couple robins.

I know this has been said before and almost certainly wouldn't happen, but Jensen Ackles wouldn't make a bad live action Jason Todd.

Yes, and DCEU will be freaking dumb if they didn't consider to adapt this story.

He wants out of the Supernatural Train SO BAD he auditions for every cape possible

>Captain America

It was just meh, or even okay, if you didn't read comic. But they've could make MUCH better. Despite batsex and generic frist part, which could be easily be awesome if it was batgirl:year one or smth, they've erased parts of Joker monologue, misunderstood his tone few times (during question about laugh, for example) and also Hammil read final joke too fast. Also animation were bad and they've forgot FUCKING LIGHT OF LINE at the end.

I liked Flashpoint paradox because everyone died

How edgy, user.

Thanks, you too

>having this shit opinion

super hero movie is the incredible. batman movie is return of the joker

It's normie entry tier.

I don't event think it's the best batman vs robin movie.

My vote for best DC animated movie goes to Flashpoint

>forgot FUCKING LIGHT OF LINE at the end.
Has someone edited that in yet?