Name a place you'd rather have gone to school at

Name a place you'd rather have gone to school at

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anyways, Recess's school is a piece of shit.

have fun dying

Piss off Randall

Peach Creek Junior High or the school from Juniper Lee.

Pokey Oaks kindergarten


X Middle School

>Not wnating to be a wild kindergartner who acts like an Indian at all times
you wut?

>not wanting to be classmates with the PPG's
(Seriously, do you know how awesome they would make recess?)
>not wanting the best teacher in all of fiction
>not wanting to join the anti-broccoli invasion army
>not wanting to watch giant monster fights live in person daily


X Middle School



maybe I'd have fit in there

Pokey Oaks
>1st - 6th
3rd. Street.
>Middle School
>High School

Any from any Cred Forums harem

Gotham High? Monster High? EVer After High? That highschool we can't mention on this board?

>Not wanting to go to Clone High

Walker Elementary School.

Then John Adams High School, because Mr. Feeny.

>That highschool we can't mention on this board?

Easy choice. I could have a three way with my waifu.

Literally anywhere but The Skool or Endsville Elementary.

Does Republic City have schools

I like to imagine Sato Funded Schools are all just brainwashing facilities t keep the Orwellian Lifestyle alive forever

Frig off, user.


Clone High is to dangerous if you aren't a clone of someone famous.

Skool had some hot chicks in it.

wayside baby

Gotham Academy

None of my answers are Cred Forums related.

All the best places listed here are going to be dangerous.

Buttercup was a bully

i can't

I liked where I went to school


Hell yeah, motherfucker


All hail King Bob!

Elmore Junior High, wherever Star Butterfly is attending(forgive me if they stated it, I can't recall), that high school we can't say the name of on this board, or Tremorton High(they have hobos for substitute teachers and robots)

Gunnerkrigg Court
Learn European martial arts
Learn how to build robots
Sweet dorms that drastically change every semester
>take me now

This is the best answer.

>I choose to walk out on you
Damn, that is harsh. We needed more teachers like him in our school.


There is a club for everything. EVERYTHING!!!

Charles Darwin Middle School.

Wasn't Atticus Finch a teacher?

A military academy, but I don't know of any.

Wayside School

The book version, not the show version which was fucked up and not funny