Should larfleeze be DC's deadpool?

Should larfleeze be DC's deadpool?

No, that's Harley Quinn.

God, no. That wouldn't make any damn sense.

He should get his own rebirth ongoing

Naw, I'm worried that they'd fuck him up, his own New 52 ongoing was great, but since fans hated the new 52 things will have to change, and I fear that Larfleeze would suffer from it. No, just have him randomly appear in a few GL issues every now and again.

The most important thing is that they should emphasize how fucking broken he is, having an entire corps' worth of power for himself only.

they tried making him the comic relief in something, i cant remember if it was gl show or in the new guardians. it was alright but in my opinion he deserves to be left alone. i like the fact that no one messes with him and he kind of just does his own thing. i think his own comic book would get old fast. if theres any corps that needs more show time i would go for the indigo tribe. they look pretty cool and their pasts sound interesting.

No, that would be either Ambush Bug, Lobo or Jimmy Olsen.

Just how strong is Larfreeze suppose to be with no bullshit or jobbing?

Yep. Palmiotti and Conner should move from Harley to Larfleeze, I'm sure they could make the character work

I'd say stronger than individual Guardians. Close to Ion level.

Sounds like the ultimate monkey's paw.

if he kills you, you become his. he fought the guardians so i imagine that hes pretty damn strong

he's going to be in the next arc of HJGLC

Instead they made him silly and greedy. I enjoyed his intro arc, but his ongoing seemed to so out of character.

what's up ith him nowadays? still running around with that enslaved braniac guy?

I wouldn't say he's Ion level as Larfleeze isn't the entity itself, just siphoning directly from it. He's still about as strong as a Guardian or 2.

Definitely not Daxamite Ion, but he got a lot of hype back in the day, and most of appearances Ion just jobbed so I always got the comparison. He doesn't approach Parallax though.

nu harley is

based on upcoming movies and plot information it looks like they may try to make deathstroke their deadpool

which would be fucking hilarous


i liked him in wrath of the first lantern, when the first lantern tries to make him give up greed and realizes soon after that its impossible