In this thread we fix comics

In this thread we fix comics

Why don't you try first?

You didn't fix shit, dumbass

Dear Diary,

Today, OP was a fag.

t. anonymous

Your thread is shit OP

Fix your life, OP. It's been too long already.

Buckley gave you too much overconfidence in fixing comics.

The original is fucking cute.

I'm just here to offend you

You've killed the rhythm and you've cut out every panel that isn't talking heads.

>In this thread we fix comics

You first OP

>Thinking calvin and hobbes needs fixing.

You piece of shit

You can't improve Calvin and Hobbes. The only way to win in this thread is not to play.

Drink bleach.

This genuinely amused me as a reaction image

>You can't improve Calvin and Hobbes. The only way to win in this thread is not to play.

I'm not interested in winning. I just wanted to point out that I fucking hate Calvin and Hobbes.

>No one remembers this exact same thread where we made fun of "fixed" edits and ended the comic with just the glasses
Has it been that long?



Cred Forums's gotten a lot more nostalgic for its childhood since then, as we've been inundated with shitty millennials.


I just assumed we all just decided to ignore this thread

Thanks for reminding me I needed to re-read C&H, OP

You can stop now OP. You got your (you)s

I disagree. The last panel is kind of weak. The eye is naturally drawn to the dad and speech bubble first because the mom is in the lower corner. As a result, the flow of the last two panels is "Calvin says something ridiculous -> the dad makes a face -> the dad gives a long sentence showing he wasn't amused -> we see the mom breaking into hysterics". It would be stronger if he could have found a way to put the speech bubble in the bottom corner and put the mom above it. That way, we'd see the mom much sooner after the third panel, making it feel more immediate.

That's just my opinion.