Who's the most significant Cred Forums character who NEVER appeared in a live-action film?

Who's the most significant Cred Forums character who NEVER appeared in a live-action film?

i was gonna say jack kirby but he was in argo.

will eisner?


Namor has to be up there.

Define "significant".
Then admit that Moon Knight fits literally zero of the possible definitions of "most significant".
Then beg for mercy.

THEN I will consider posting in your terrible thread, fucking mongrel. Tired of peasants on MY FUCKING BOARD


Moony is just significant enough to get himself a cameo appearance in a netflix series. And that's about it.



Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Shazam, The question,Spectre, Zatanna,Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Flex Mentallo

basicly anyone from DC who isnt Batman,Superman or Wonderwoman

a cloud doesnt count
nobody in the theather even knew it was him

Captain Marvel
Barbara Gordon
Ray Palmer
John Stewart
Guy Gardner
Kyle Rayner

The living Tribunal

>Shazam had a TV show and has a movie in the works.
>Booster Gold has a movie in the works.
>Zatanna was on multiple episodes of Smallville.
>Blue Beetle was also on Smallville.

>Barbara Gordon was in Batman & Robin.
>Ray Palmer is on Arrow / Legends of Tomorrow.
>Hawkman/Hawkgirl were on Arrow / Legends of Tomorrow.
>Rumor of GL movie being John and Kyle.

Just saying.

booster was also on smallville

Ah, yes, he was. Forgot about that!



Dream. That's going to change soon but unfortunately I don't have high hopes for the upcoming movie.

Moon Knight isn't significant.

Sim's marvel parodies were killer and somehow have become extremely relevant again. Sim's a bizarrely prescient writer.

Just because you have a hard on for movies, doesn't mean that most of the characters you've named haven't appeared in a live-action format.

For DC it is definitely Black Canary.

Black Canary, Green Arrow, Anti-Monitor, Jason Todd, Darkseid, Highfather, Orion maybe (HE'S SIGNIFICANT TO ME OKAY), Beta Ray Bill, Frogman, Wally West, High Evolutionary maybe? Mister Sinister, Adam Warlock. Dozens of X-Men characters now that I think about it.

Except the topic of the thread was explicitly about movies, and you listed a bunch of TV shows in your reply to him.

Namor most definitely

Namor's been around forever, is still featured in books, has been a part of the X-Men, FF, and Avengers supporting cast yet has been in fuck all

Charlton Comics characters.

Wasn't he in BvS during those video scenes?

I just want and animated movie or even a short episode about that one Moon Knight arc where he had to wear some ancient skeleton over his costume so he could BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF GHOSTS. I mean come on, that's pretty fucking cool.

>Barbara Gordon was in Batman & Robin.

That's actually wrong, though.

She was "Barbara Wilson", Alfred's Niece.

That was Aquaman, not Namor.
Namor isn't even a DC character.

>Your status
>not trole'd

Damn you got me.

Wally West for DC is probably the most major character they have that's not been in a movie or is going to be in a movie. Two decade long permanent fixture on JL teams, top tier title, arguably bigger than Barry in the comics world.

Marvel is obviously and easily Namor. The dude always shows up for anything important and has been a fixture on so many teams for so long it's a bit surprising he hasn't shown up in movies yet.

I would have to say kite man

Not sure if Darkseid counts, since we're getting him soon enough in the DCEU.

The rest of the New Gods, Black Canary, and BRB are certainly valid. Oh, and Martian Manhunter.

A legitimate, accurate Dr. Doom.

He's had 2 appearance in Fox's fantastic four

Jason Todd, Zatanna, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, Terra... Sabrina Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead.

I am surprised Gwen Stacy took so long to adapt. Her death was extremely important and iconic but all adaptations passed it up for years.

If we count serials then Captain Marvel has been in film since before our grandparents were born.

Anti-Monitor as a character himself isn't really that significant.

>A legitimate, accurate Dr. Doom.

>Mister Sinister