We enter a alternate time line where Zack Snyder got the helm of iron man, cap, thor, and avengers...

We enter a alternate time line where Zack Snyder got the helm of iron man, cap, thor, and avengers. (Hulk didn't really need a solo movie so will just keep hime only in avengers.)
What's it look like, Cred Forums?

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When is Hiro going to do something about this?

IM would be worse. The others would be better.

Pure Kino. Avengers would be fondly remembered today and still discussed among comic viewers instead of the laughing stock of a film it has become today.

Since your thread is so shit here is a better topic

Did anyone else watch this?

Did anyone notice how the Iron Man team in Civil War is trying to tell people how to think and who to vote for?


This is a video about "going to vote and since its your right"

But its just a propaganda video against one candidate and for the other.

Where is Cap in all this? Why wasnt he in the video?

pretentious and dark vs Whedons shallow and light

We're talking about an alternate universe here. Not what actually happened, junior

Iron Man would have fucking miniguns mounted on his armor and just blast the fuck out of shit and leave dead bodies everywhere

Captain America gets raped

Hawkeye dies

Loki is an autistic assburger

Movies based on comic books have always belonged on Cred Forums

while DC cements Batman and Superman as the quinnessential superheroes, while the rest of the DC multimedia franchises and comics suffer, and their movies are accused of all being the same shit

Snyder dies of symbolism overdose during production of "Thor".

Instead of Tony putting the nuke through the wormhole, it actually goes off in New York and everyone is kill

I think he could actually make a cool Thor movie. It would basically be 300 with lightning. It would be meh on the story, but it would look cool.
Like every snyder movie.

Cred Forums isn't the rest of the world user.

But OP only wants to talk about what Zack Snyder movies are like.

It's about as Cred Forums related as "what if The Godfather was directed by Michael Bay?".

>Iron Man would have fucking miniguns mounted on his armor and just blast the fuck out of shit and leave dead bodies everywhere
you act like iron man has some sort of problem with killing. The first thing he did with Mrk3 is kill 10 rings mooks.

I've seen it, and I'm just surprised there were few to absolutely zero threads about it. This level of manipulation and electoral shilling is unsurprising, but it goes to show how desperate people are to aide a collapsing party.

>Where is Cap in all this? Why wasnt he in the video?
Because he believes in personal freedom. I don't know what side Chris Evans is on, tbqh

probably just doesn't want to meddle in politics. Look at his laugh, thats a man with no fucks in his pockets.

>It's about as Cred Forums related as "what if The Godfather was directed by Michael Bay?".
No. Its not

Michael Bay (Not Cred Forums) + Godfather (Not Cred Forums) = Not Cred Forums related.

Zach Snyder (Not Cred Forums) + Marvel (Cred Forums) = Cred Forums related.

It's not so hard to understand.

Why does RDJ seen like such a fag to me all of a sudden? Like, in Civil War when he was trying to guilt trip the Avengers with that kids death, and went on and on about the dishes being left everywhere and running a frat house instead of a superhero team in his pressed clothes and his nasally voice he just felt so gay. Like one of those lispy limp wrist gays you would see in a 90s sitcom. Is he gay?

So are we ever going to kick these faggots out and send them back to Cred Forums?

Check out his twitter. Evans is anti-gun and anti-Trump. He's also pro-gay rights because of his brother. He's just also very private with his personal life in comparison to most Hollywood stars.

What would the overwrought religious analogy be?

Is this the one where a bunch of heads go "racism is bad mkay" and faggots scream about how it's anti-Trump?

>Marvel (Cred Forums)

It's a live action movie (Not Cred Forums).

Even so, the thread is about Snyder more than it is about the movie.

It'd be like Millar's Ultimates.

Next Civil War event will be about Iron Man endorsing a war criminal for president while Captain America wants to make America great again.

Meh, they never actually SAY vote for Hillary, just don't vote for Trump.

Which, unless you're some edgy retard on Cred Forums waiting for a race war or active want someone that will, not might, will wreck this country, should really be common sense.

Hint; there are more than two candidates, and one of the three wants to go to space, which is about the only solution that makes sense at this point.

Besides, I wanna see Ruffalo's Ruffalo.

shouldnt you be prepping a bull?

a fucking leppo

>idiot stoner wants to waste his vote on the idiot stoner party candidate

He adapts picrelated with David Hayter.

I identify as libertarian but I'm not gonna vote for a guy who does this shit and gets triggered over the word "illegal"


I'd love for people to vote Libertarian and ensure it gets federal funding for the next election. But that's not gonna happen because the party picked Gary Johnson.

I'd rather go for the person who's not insane and not Hillary.

>once in a lifetime chance for a third party candidate to win from how utterly unfit and despised the other two candidates are
>put forward this autist

bravo libertarian party!

Donald Trump is not only insane, he's comically incompetent.

And Hillary is a sociopath on her death bed. Congrats America.

>Laughing stock


It'd be Shit. Zack Snyder is a legitmately terrible director, who's more concerned with style over substance. He's almost as bad as Michael Bay, to be perfectly honest.

>It's a live action movie

Thats based on a comic book

We get the heroes we deserve.

Yeah but it's still a COMIC BOOK movie.

So in this alternate timeline Joss Whedon was in charge of the DC Universe, or at least the big Justice League crossover.
Fascinating considering Joss was actually originally attached to a Wonder Woman movie like 10 years ago or something, but Warner Brothers fired him cause... well they're Warner Brothers.
I can actually see the timeline unfold.
>Joss' Wonder Woman manages to be a fun and profitable endeavor for WB
>Movie has a stinger with Batman meeting Wonder Woman, leading to a shared universe
>WB launches a series of movies to introduce other Justice League members (maybe the Reynolds' Green Lantern film gets some more TLC and ends up being a more faithful adaptation of John's original Secret Origins instead of the dumpster fire we got)
>WB smartly chooses to save the introduction of Batman and Superman for the JL movie since those two characters are universally known and don't really need to have their origins gone over again (Especially assuming the Dark Knight Trilogy still exists in this world)
>Joss directs the Justice League movie and it's a big success, loved by fans, hailed by critics, and perpetually sneered at by grumpy Cred Forumsmrads
It's fun to dream.

On the flip side, I can't see the Marvel Studios premise working if it didn't knock Iron Man out of the park. So if Snyder made the first one and it was as much of a dreary mess as Man of Steel, I imagine Marvel would have just cut their losses and sold all the movie rights to Fox.

They're extremely different directors for comparison.

Zack prefers style over substance, which in his case he thinks style IS substance, as well as making things overly dark. Hell, he'd probably make a better Transformers movie because of how much he loves greenscreen.

Bay's style is making movies that have a bit of good substance in them coupled by some nice use of practical effects, but is ruined by a great many things, and on worse ones like ROTF and AoE, almost nearly irredeemable because of how the pacing, the story and the added padding of teenager sub elements.

I would not doubt that he's a pot head

It looks like a solo Iron Man film that flopped due to awful writing and nothing else. Without the success of Iron Man there would be no other films.

>Not posting the video.


And honestly I'd probably like The Avengers a lot more if Snyder directed it.

it would be interesting to see a Marvel without the MCU

ASM would be flourishing.

Lets not go crazy.
Just because WB and Marvel Studios swap places, doesn't mean Sony would suddenly know their ass from a hole in the ground.

>Hulk didn't really need a solo movie so will just keep hime only in avengers.

This is why I hate mouseketeers.

He's literally the most interesting Avenger, but all you faggots want is Iron Man quipping.

people hate avengers? everyone I know loves it

No but it does mean that without the MCU, there wouldn't be much cape movies or cape sequels. A lot of them would probably be in limbo like say the Incredible Hulk before Avengers 1

Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, various X-Men movies, and Blade movies would all beg to differ.

The fights would look a whole lot better than this.

I mean Batman's batman. It's been a success since the 1980s. Like X-Men, it's been a series since before Spider-Man 1 was released.

Without the MCU, they would've stuck with what worked, and Spider-Man was an all around superhero with charm. They would've probably never thought of making captain america, Guardians, Antman or hell, Fox would've just moved on with making the third Fantastic 4 movie.