Never trust a bitch

Scooby-Doo learned this the hard way.

looks more like an incestous threesome.

Can we agree?
Velma > Shaggy > Scooby > Fred >>> Daphne

Isn't Scooby-Dee Scooby-Doo's cousin?

Why was he in love with her?

Holy Molly, Scooby-Doo in Full HD. Where did you get ths OP?

>Not wanting to bang your hottie cousin

Do you mean like the best characters or the most fuckable characters?

So uh... More of the girl?

Who the fuck would fuck Scooby before Daphne?

kek this made me laugh

This is Cred Forums. You never know how degenerate anons can be.

perfectly acceptable behavior for dogs

Scooby dee>Velma and Daphne>Shaggy>Fred>Shit>Old Man Jenkins>Scrappy

Shouldn't Velma be dead last? She's a controlling, obsessive, manipulative sociopathic bitch. Plus she's fat and has no fashion sense.

Because you can jizz on her glasses and she'll never take them off to clean them because she can't see without them. And so after a good week of you jizzing on her glasses she'll have nice crusted over lens and she'll need you see.



>She said you're just the type fans love to see get slammed


>Velma not at the bottom

Is Fred dead here?

Why WOULDN'T he be? All his female cousins were hot.

She's more stacked than Daphne, so...

Scooby > Rest



Are there any series worth watching that aren't the original if you find the original really comfy and relaxing?