It's hip to fuck bees

It's hip to fuck bees

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>no boobs

Is it really though?

What would your mother say if you expressed a desire to penetrate a bee?

Bees want to penetrate us, so role reversal seems fair desu

Is that the logic your mother would employ if you said you wanted to creampie a thorax?

Buzz Buzz thread?

I remembered this one fanfiction where Barry goes inside the woman's vagina and starts to pleasure her from the inside

She was one of my earliest cartoon crushes

Good taste

Moar pudgy bees


This bitch got some mantis-looking eyes

You don't say.




someone tweet this to Jerry so he backs down from making another one.

W...wait, they're making another one?




The art looks more and more shit every time this gets reposted.

I'd personally prefer moths myself.

I was just thinking about this movie, what the fuck?

He felt around for interest in the idea on twitter. I'm going to assume a bunch of meme lovers encouraged him in the end.

holy shit

I want to sketch some sexy bug girls now.

qt gothy/vampire mosquito grill

Haven't seen a bug girl thread on Cred Forums in a minute.



Her and one other character I can't even remember were my first boners to a cartoon.

I hate them in real life, but this wasp pictures does things to me.

I had a dream like that once. Barry went up her skirt and stung her clitoris.

the fact i am 100% sure someone has fapped or gotten hard at this makes me sick to my very atoms

>human with fluffy clothes
you're not a real bug fucker



Requesting a butterfly diva singer, if possible.

Some of us like our bug-girl with a bit more girl than bug, y'know.

>Some of us like our bug-girl with a bit more girl than bug, y'know.

then you aren't one of "us"



> The trials have ended in favor of the Bees.
> However the decision is not shared between nations.
> Some countries relent, yet others do not.
> The more economically well off countries can afford it, but third world nations simply cannot.
> Pro-Bee rights revolutionary groups begin popping up in third world countries.
> The U.S. has respected Bee rights, but they can't afford to lose international alliances based on these uprisings.
> They become militarily involved in putting down the rebellions.
> Barry is conscripted into the military.
> He must choose between his heritage and the nation that accepted him.
> Bee Movie 2: Back to Beeitnam.

No, he said on a Reddit AMA that he wasn't going to do it. Which is honestly slightly disappointing, I would have watched the shit out of that.

Id watch it.



>Anthro Venomoth has more insectoid eyes than the normal one



>more girl than bug


So if lusting The Bunn makes one a furry, what are you called for wanting to nail an insect? :^/

bug catcher

We're not all over the place and hella obnoxious, so there is no name. We're not fighting for our right to post, hell, how often DO we post?

>puffy sleeves and collar
>no blouse
this triggers the user

Did you know! Scorpion claws are not a fifth pair of limbs, but actually mouthparts? A more highly developed version of chelicerae, the iridescent mouthparts on this extremely photogenic jumping spider.

Pardon me, I seem to have forgotten my educational image! I'm sorry phidippus audax, you deserve better.

Huh, well I appreciate the information mate


I get excited about weird nature facts.
Like that giraffes have the same number of neck vertebrae as humans, but owls have double. Owls also possess redundant carotid and jugular vessels so they don't lose circulation when they twist their necks.
also just imagine a pair of muscly arms impossibly unfolding from a scorpiongirl's mouth

>beeitnam movie
>it ain't bee starts playing

>posting sexual explicit pictures of insects?
What went wrong in your life?


That insect model

We definitely need more bizarre transformation stuff.






I don't have a link to the fic itself, but I do have a reading of it:



There's a mantis ovipositor cleaning video somewhere in my favorites, and it hurts so bad that I get whyboners from it when I'm at my most depraved.

Link it


Where I come from, we just call em "bug-fuckers."
Not the most creative name, but certainly gets the job done.




I'd be nervous around water too if I were that fluffy and wore a cape

What does that mean?

That boy needs therapy!

underrated phoaste

made me laugh

Gotchu senpai

"What's this?! A thread about bees on Cred Forums, but everyone's too busy waifuposting?"

"A large influx of bees should fix that!"



any more pics of this ship?



This thread is the bees knees. Hyuk!!

holy shit fucking this


Post her, you know who

To bee is to suffering


I've never understood what everyone's problem was with this movie. Sure it wasn't a masterpiece but it had laughs and it kinda knew how ridiculous it was, as exemplified by Patrick Warburton's character.

There simply aren't enough goth insects in this world.

Can't believe how hot this is honestly

wish there was one more

Nigga that spider ain't goth.


And yours is just a Beatnik. In any case it's nice to see sexy arachnids represented.

im itchy all over

Dreamworks would never make another movie with him. He was a nightmare to work with, a total fucking headache.


Wait, she was a spider underneath?


funny I should see this thread now

there's a spider in my bathroom I've had around for a while now and I've taken to putting other bugs in her web or trapping them in there so she can catch them

she was just dining on a little black beetle I left for her last time I visited

I pretend we're dating and tell her about my day while she eats

i think we found the loneliest user on Cred Forums

I feel like you were not paying too much attention during the fight. Like when she spammed her spiderlegs March and teleport shit

Is it supposed to undulate like that? What the hell is happening?

Kamenkuro. Huge nerd. Draws bug girls every once in a blue moon.

Honey Ant Butt is Biggest Butt.

I'd smash her

Why do I feel like I've seen a post like this illustrated before?


>be a termite queen
>after finding a mate start becoming a giant pair of ovaries
At least they're monogamous.


>that horn
isn't that supposed to be a part in her hair


This thread is delicious


We need more beetles


Do anyone likes mantises? They're ugly as sin even more than most bugs

And why do the females eat theirs partners head after they're done mating?


It's slightly hilarious that it switches while it eats


Moth is love
Moth is life

Did you know you're wrong? Scorpion claws are the pedipalps, not chelicerae.
You can see the pedipalps on the spider here as well:
the two small "arms" next to the iridescent chelicerae.

>Perfect opportunity to turn into a dragonfly
>"Nah let's turn her into a girl"

>You will never be called a good boy by a a qt dominant moth
Why are we here? Just to suffer?

Rest in pieces, sweet princess ;_;

Holy shit, so queen slug-for-a-butt from earthworm jim is actually a real thing?

>that one fan art of her that's sexy by Jacques00

Because they hungry? Many spiders work the same way.


That's a human with some glued on bits.

Actually spiders did that because of the stress of being watched

That was in a novel I read in high school, Jitterbug Perfume. Her erstwhile boyfriend sucked the venom out.


>And why do the females eat theirs partners head after they're done mating?
They don't always. Sometimes the male will offer himself up as food for the female. No point mating with her if she starves before she gets to lay eggs.


>Wanting the Jap Hornet to win
I want all the Hornets to leave all ready

That's an old myth that it happens EVERY TIME.
More than not the male escapes, why did that myth came into existence?- It was studied by putting males into lab cages with the females, and in a cage the male cannot escape!


It's not work safe and I don't trust Cred Forums's mods

Just link it, nerd.

Same for Mantises. Guess they're not into exhibitionism



Not my fault you're too casual to use Google

Gee Mantis! How come your mom lets you eat TWO bees?

>tfw no yandere moth waifu

why even live?

Someone put it on imgur for those of us without a god damned FurAffinity account

>Not having a throwaway account for most popular sites that don't charge money for it.

Are you thinking of the one saying that spiders are gentle and keep your house free of pests and then underneath is a drawing of a giant spider posting it?

I bet you get mad when people link the picture of the sad panda too.

>having a god damned FurAffinity account
>being a god damned furry

You seem overly fixated on labels. Just do what feels good to you.

what the fuck happened to Donkey Kong

>is begging for people to show him a picture of sexy Queen Slug-for-a-Butt
>not a furry

Suuuuuure thing, buddy.

I read that as "does stings to me"


I feel like there's a joke about marriage somewhere in there.

No I don't think so. Pretty sure it was a comic made in a Cred Forums thread about spiders, where a man falls in love with a spider in his house and the spider dies and comes back as a spidergirl (I think).


The joke that picture is trying to tell is ruined by the human parts.

Does this count?


>It's hip to fuck bees
but am i bee size or the bee is human size?

this makes me feel terribly uncomfortable

I'm gonna kill you!

What's this?

A thread about fucking BEES??

My oversized briefcase full of BEES ought to put a stop to this!

Bee sex doesn't end well for anyone

Actually, the reddit AMA was before he felt around on twitter. the reddit AMA probably got him thinking seriously about bee movie 2, which is why he started feeling around on twitter.

How bizarre are we talking about?

You know what bug is great? Dung Beetles.
They clean up all the poop so we don't step in it.
And not a single one you ever gives thanks.

>this fucking thread

You have a link to this, by any chance?

you have, there's this one comic about a spider looking after a guy who doesn't know just how much she cares about him.

talk about performance anxiety

And the most delicious.



Wow, really? I slightly hope that there will be a second Bee Movie, all memes aside I actually really liked it.

Source me fanpai


How the fuck did it get that big?

Sket Dance. Very good series.

I saw this for the first time recently.

It was pretty strange.

Bump for bugs


You got it


my nhentai brother
Gotta love their similar recommendation feature at the bottom and easy search tags


Bumping with some Insectarium cartoons.

Man thats some great shit if only it were translated.

>no qt spider gf
Why live

Bump again.

Somebody mentioned Queen Slug-For-A-Butt?

>No gamma wasp

s m h

I've been trying to get it translated for months. who should I ask? where should I go?

It's a shame best robot master was never used for the games.

i don't know but godspeed user, I'll try my best to look for a translator as well.

we need this, the world needs this

It's afraid!


Really, all arthropod mouthparts are modified limbs, so you could argue it the other way around.

It sure is.

Isn't that just Chloe's sister?

Cred Forums once again proves it has patrician taste.

Post the unedited version on /trash/ and link it here.

Suddenly I feel all flinchy after watching that

>this thread

My first thought when i saw it

>Megaman's dead
>MN9 was a hunk of shit
>No more cute robot girl ever

Bumpin. when?