You don't think that there are trolls lurking among us right now, do you?

You don't think that there are trolls lurking among us right now, do you?

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You're just being paranoid, user.

>4 out of 6

Uh oh.

theyre as real as the supposed one world shadow government

There's no such thing as trolls, user. Go to bed.

And a faggot

SP should have ended after Bigger, Longer and Uncut

Uh...disappointment to who, exactly?

nah, there are some good seasons after the movie

To your parents.

There's a troll right behind you!

Maybe a handful of good episodes, sure, but not seasons.

Are you sure?
All I see is my shelf mirror.

There is literally nothing wrong with being a troll

These days there is because these fucking kids are awful at it.

I remember when trolling was a art

Look in the mirror and you shall find the troll.

It has gotten pretty pathetic in execution.

Troll live in mirrors
I hope you don't believe in God because they can smell the blood of a Christian man

I'm a shit poster not a troll.

>back when trolling was a art

brings back memories of the days when it was considered a respectable profession and not a buzzword people online threw out whenever someone said something they disagreed with

back in my day what kids did was awesome!

Now i look at what kids do and it looks childish!


The regular car reviews guy said it best: "The art of trolling is not getting people to fight you, it's getting people to fight each other.".

I think it's an issue with the increasing homogenization of online spaces. To troll property you need to identify the disputes and fault lines in a community in order to provoke an argument. It's much harder to do as each online micro-environment becomes more and more polarized.

Member when trolling was an art?
I member.

Hillary is batshit Crazy and that's just the way we like her!

I also like the Fact that she supports the KKK, I seriously think she would have no chance without that kind of support.

>an art

The user is right though, now and days its like people are just gathering around holding out their cameras and mics waiting for someone to say or do something meme worthy. Meme's killed creativity because all kids do is repeat them.

>an art

Public education is so bad, people can't properly write any longer.

>didn't pick up what was wrong with the post
>even when someone pointed it out
>implying you even know

to my parents or Boco's parents?

It may not be art anymore, but I'm still a artist.

I have another list you should check through.

To your parents. Boco's parents have raised Boco, their threshold for dissapointment must be really high.

>clinically diagnosed autism
Finally it is time to reveal my powerlevel
I was even medicated for it way back

These all pretty much describe me but I've never once made an active attempt to 'troll' anybody over the internet (let alone real life). I'm more of a lurker and content sponge, hording information, media and art for nobody but myself.

So very real?

Get the troll


t. literal faggot

Do you like sonic?
What are your thoughts on minecraft?
Whats your view of trains?

Plz answer this is really important

When and why did people start associating Minecraft with autism? Back in 2012 it was received better from what I saw.

When people started making lifesized replicas of the Enterprise C by hand in vanilla, and such.

anyone got the mega for this episode?

Well thank goodness, I'm not scary. Otherwise I'd be a troll.

How do you know if you're scary, anyway?

literally can just watch it on the south park website

I'm canadian, didn't realized that they NOW allowed us to watch south park episodes on their website now.

>that Boston montage

I was in tears, this show should completely suck ass at this point but it's still killing me

So the big reveal is that Trolls are real. Not internet trolls, I mean actual fantasy creatures based out of fucking Tolkien and D&D, and that leads to a great big battle where the boys all dress up in class knight armor, and literally White Knight for the girls.

I really need to see that movie.

No, modern kids and teens are excellent at trolling

Just look at the as asshurt Cred Forums has generated, to the point where it bleeds into real life (MSNBC reporting on "Nazi frogs")

I disagree, all kids do now is say something stupid and say your counter argument is a meme. Comparitivly speaking it's kinda like trolling back then wad like the moan a Lisa and now trolling is autistic deviant art.

Back in my day we banned trolls. Whatever happened to that?

Everyone would be banned then.

People don't even call that trolling here anymore, now they call it baiting.

But I have clinically diagnosed autism and that's why I try to avoid shitposting whenever possible.

>No, modern kids and teens are excellent at trolling

Bull fucking shit they are.

People are just more sensitive now. Back in the day the stuff they're posting now would've have phased most of Cred Forums. Cred Forums is not your personal army, but remember back when it was?

Then everyone should be banned. Everyone wasn't banned back then. Because everyone wasn't trolls. Because they knew if they trolled they would be banned (and the real trolls honed their craft to work around and make maximum impact with the limitations they were given).

Member consequences? Member when words used to mean things? Member people used to be held responsible for the things they said? Member when participation in an essentially-anonymous, scantly-moderated, few-holds-barred internet discussion network was acknowledged to be a double-edged sword of free speech that most people were smart enough to avoid?

Why do people call spamming threads sliding, now?

>Member consequences?

I remember when they'd never be the same.

Even on Cred Forums a lot of these people post-2010 don't know how to put any real effort in their shitposting, most of the time they just go with either ad hominem or furry porn dumping to get the thread pruned.

I hate to say it, but Cred Forums in the old days knew how moderation was supposed to be. I think a lot of what was lost was in that mods have a lot less "fun" with us.

Mods used to be like Old Testament or ancient gods. They were insane, and the appearance of any doing anything sent us damn near sacrificing offerings to their inscrutable wrath. Now they just enforce the rules as written. Which allows casuals to infiltrate, and then not lurk enough to naturalize into the particular board's culture before posting.

I mean, for god's sake, we're accepting MAL and animesuki as valid sources for information now. It doesn't matter if they always were, but you didn't SAY it, and if you did, you got called out for it.

Cred Forums is one of the few boards that still more or less stays on-topic though. Even when they shitpost, they at least shitpost about anime.

Go fuck a polar bear, Brandon

Go back to bed, Gerald.

JIDF has full task force for each Cred Forums board.

It hurts to say but Cred Forums is still really good at it and they actually mess with people outside of Cred Forums

But then we wouldnt have gotten Good Times with Weapons, Make Love not Warcraft, the Black Friday Trilogy, the Coon Trilogy, TweekxCraig, The Ungroundable, and so many other good to great episodes.

Which comes in handy cause that's nearly all they do.

Nowadays the only thing you need to do is to go on Twitter and Facebook and say you vote for Donald Trump and you cause several PTSDs already. Its ironic how the internet generation has grown out to be MORE sensitive than the one before it.

You motherfucker.

Lol your stupid, go suck an egg user.

I think youre just edgy as all fuck and the world is rejecting edgy culture

No they aren't, posting nigger and stuff to famous people so they shout back at you doesn't take any effort.

I miss the days of really fucking with chris-chan, that shit got elaborate

That's mostly cause on topic threads on Cred Forums are shitposty in nature any way. Like is a perfectly normal Cred Forums thread, but shitposting anywhere else

They're literally defining the U.S. election. Clinton unironically held an entire press conference to scream about frogposters.

where did everything go wrong

The world in this case would be journalists and the children of middle-class+ parents.


They did fuck all, Clinton was just trying to use them as a punching bag and ended up looking silly. Trump just uses them as useful idiots who will spout whatever lines he says, if anything he is the one trolling everybody and making up memes

How could you list a bunch of great episodes and put the shitfest that was The Ungroundable in them?

There are still some moments

So is he going to get revenge

shit I didn't realized I was already a jaded outcast

>a disappointment

Because it wasnt a shitfest, it was awesome.

>the world is rejecting edgy culture

This is exactly what's happening, we're in the age of the New Sincerity. It's not all bad desu a lot of Newgrounds was shit even then, but we do get worked up over shit (as opposed to the 2000's where we didn't really care).

Basically this is the response to Gen X apathy.

I think the problem is that the things that would've been seen as just stupid internet jokes a decade ago are now seen as reflecting actual views; we're having a culture-wide "oh god they're serious" moment. And it's not entirely without cause, back in like 2005 white nationalism was a joke ideology for instance.

It's like how you'd take some stupid shit your friends say in stride, while if a stranger said the same thing you might get worried.

Don't be absurd, user. There's no shadowy cabal trying to cheat and force their favored candidate into the Presidency. Someone would be bound to notice!

>yfw South Park did The Killing Joke more justice than Brian Azzarello and Bruce Timm

>Its ironic how the internet generation has grown out to be MORE sensitive than the one before it.

They're not the internet generation, we are. They're the post-internet generation.

In spite of the member berries there doesnt seem to be very much nostalgia pandering for the show itself going on. Episodes 200 and 201 were way more heavy handed with that.

I guess they the rest of the season to lay it on but i dont think that's the direction they're heading in.

If they're really going to pull nostalgia, they're going to make Cartman go back to his old self.

Also what was the last scene of last week's episode a reference to?

>6 of 6


I really hope the end of all this is how being a troll is cathartic and a healthy way of getting rid of stress and negativity in a harmless manner and that people take cyberbullying way too seriously.

>I might be a troll

It's almost entirely reactionary though most of the people claiming they are white nationalists only reached that point because they have been told they are actually racists simply for being white so is it really any surprise that they became the monsters they were accused of being?

How new are you ?

Fuck... harsh
We've all been/tried to be a troll at one point.
It's fun to fuck with other people.
We have also all BEEN trolled at one point.
They're so easy to just ignore.
Insert that over-used Tyler the Creator tweet here
Also that social media identity ≠ real identity
Of course. And I can't wait. It's just a matter of how they can compete with or top the chili.

Not him but
Legit enjoy alot of Sonic games.
Minecraft is boring.
Trains are lame.
Well.. i have some form of the 'tism although it's not really bad.