Harvery Beaks: New Episodes Every Night This Week!

After several months of hiatus, Harvey Beaks is finally back to airing new episodes. We're getting a new 11-minute episode every night at 5:30PM EST.

Mr. Borks and Mrs. Borks
>Harvey and Fee throw parties for Harvey's folks, who want to get married again.
Operation Peanut Butter
>The squirrels lose confidence in their outlaw skills, so Harvey leads them on a challenging heist.
Little Littlebark
>Harvey creates dolls resembling the residents of Littlebark, and he thinks the dolls are enchanted.
Repo Fee
>Randl mentors Fee so she can learn the family business.
>The twins test their strength in an arm-wrestling competition.

Get excited beaks freaks!

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This pleases me.

>Get excited beaks freaks!
All 10 of us?


Why do people only post Piri Piri and Claire?

Because they're adorable

cute girls>cute boys apparently

but we all know this isn't true

October Episodes
we are having more 22 episodes this season
>Harvey Beaks
Saturday 15th October 2016 at 11:30am - Technoscare (#213; Halloween special)
Monday 17th October 2016 at 5:30pm - The Blister (#211A)
Tuesday 18th October 2016 at 5:30pm - Secret Gordon (#214A)
Wednesday 19th October 2016 at 5:30pm - The Bad Seed (#211B)
Thursday 20th October 2016 at 5:30pm - The Unknown Comic (#214B)


I used to have a folder full of Fee but it mysteriously vanished. Now I just have a mountain of Piri and Claire pics.

I am here, yes I am.

Piri's a rare sight. Claire on the other hand...
I never knew there were so many of us Piri fags, though...

And while this thread's alive, yeah the show probably isn't gonna make it to Season 3. But Carl's been talking about the season 2 finale quite a bit. So put on your tinfoil and autism hats, cause this is what I think will go down:

Carl mentioned the finale's gonna be crazy. But he also mentioned that's it's gonna have some heavy hitting themes in it. He also mentioned death a couple times. And waaaay back he said we'll learn about the whereabouts of Fee and Foo's parents around that same time. The season (or series) finale might go down one of these roads:

- We learn that the twins' parents are pepsi

- Someone from the cast dies (probably Fee or Foo)

- No one ever died because Littlebark is a magical Y7 rated land

>Carl mentioned the finale's gonna be crazy. But he also mentioned that's it's gonna have some heavy hitting themes in it. He also mentioned death a couple times
Littlebark is going to get struck by natural disaster and everybody dies.

Did somebody say Clarefag?

So fucking ready

Is it true it's gonna end soon?


It's about 90% likely, but not officially confirmed

Season 2 is the last season.

We have no fucking clue.
Everything's all speculation

We still have 3 months of episodes at the very least.

I also like this show

too bad kids hate it or something

It doesn't help that Nick never airs it

Greenblatt discussed a finale with Pan on his podcast, it's more than likely we'll be seeing the end of Harvey sooner than we want

Are the comics going to continue?

They're real fun!


>Harvey and Fee throw parties for Harvey's folks, who want to get married again.
Oh boy, This gone be GEWD



Damn, when Carl said he was gonna tackle heavy hitting themes he really wasn't kidding.

> tfw Harvey Beaks will end

Just end me now

Just to make sure, does anyone here have a DVR? I live in Australia and would like to see the new episode at least an hour after it airs.

I want to make fun of Piri Piri's lame warrior outfit and make her cry.

I'm sure its more than 10 desu. But yeah when it comes to active Cred Forums fan bases we're probably the smallest.

Red five standing by

So ready for this.

Unfortunately I'm stuck in Naziland without a cable box, so I'm relying on the goodwill of you guys for the new ep


>The squirrels lose confidence in their outlaw skills, so Harvey leads them on a challenging heist.
They're going to rob the Union Depository?

But Kisscartoon gets Harvey Beaks faster than most

And where do you think kisscartoon gets the episodes from?


Fate-allowing, I'll try my hardest to get a link up for you folks

Are you implying they get it from Cred Forums?

This is a legitimate question

They definitely do, all such sites. It's the only timely source for a lot of kids shows
I realized this when I figured out the Flapjack encodes on WatchCartoonOnline are mine (though I haven't bothered with that or any other streaming site in years, d/l quality or get outta here!)

Any Nickelodeon livesteam links for international folk?

I second this, I'd love to have a streaming site that works for when I dont have access to the TV

That's certainly interesting. Though I do see a few shows that seem to get stuff there independent of here. Like how people would rip logoless FoP stuff from this season but all the Kisscartoon episodes are streamed

Only now do I realize that I misspelled Harvey's name in the OP


>season 2 is the last season

did he want it this way, or is this Nick?

Sounds like Nick's doings.
The show hasn't been doing so great in terms of ratings. They were able to artificially boost them by putting HB episodes next to the premieres of shows that are doing well. But I doubt Nick will keep on investing in a show that requires crutches to keep on moving forward.
Aside from that, and episodes being rarely aired, if you read the whole debacle between the network and the Steampunks special, it really does show that Nick has deemed it a failure.
It's entirely possible that Carl just decided to end it after those ordeals, as I remember him saying he'd like the show to go on for atleast a few seasons like Chowder before all that happened.
What a shame.

I just don't understand why they can't replace just one airing of Spongebob a day with a HB rerun. It's pretty terrible how homogenous the kids' channels schedules are, they all show the same couple of shows all day.

Sounds like he feels like Nick won't renew the show, so he decided to give us a conclusion. Nick never cancells shows, just never renews them. And the place to renew it was Upfront, but they didn't.
The funny part is that Harvey will have more episodes than Chowder at the end of the day.
Because Spongebob reruns make them more money.

I'm here bud

Guess im here as well

Nickelodeon US livestream (Don't click it without AdBlock)

Holy shit is this new?
How have we not known of this?

I knew about this website since 2011, I think I found it when the Lady Gaga HBO special premiered. But the channels crash all the time. They don't provide their own livestrems, just add new ones from all over internet.

I think this threal will live the whole week, so, let's predict the ratings:
Today it's a 30-minute episode (special?), I predict something from 1,1M to 1,27M. The promo was almost non-existent and the audience doesn't have Spongebob episode to wait after. Henry Danger is up next and his audience is a little bit different.
All the quarter-hours will have a bigger rating, the audience won't have time to turn the show off, Loud House lead-in and Spongebob right after, I expect ratings to vary from 1,25M to 1,6M if we are very lucky. The show is almost cancelled anyway, the producton is almost finished and the only chance for Harvey to be renewed is for him to have 1,6~1,75M ratings every day, but it's not realistic, since the last bomb was promoted a lot and got new Loud House episodes, but still never got those kind of ratings. I wish one of the 'serious' themes Greenblatt was promising in season 2 would be Dade coming out, so liberal media exposure would earn the show some press and maybe even awards, that can lead to renewal. (I don't think any other network had an openly gay child character, right?)

Sweet, the invasion of The Incest House is over.

The Incest House does so good It will probably have like 5 seasons, so the waifufags will be here for a long long time

If anything I'm sad that it's just an ok show (the best episodes are the ones by Savino himself imho), it could have been the perfect complement to Harvey, but it's held back by lazy writing.

I completly agree with you, the show is fine, it's even great if you compare it to the weak content Nick was providing for a long time, but I'm not that big of a fan. I can watch it when I catch a rerun on TV though

I think it does make a nice compliment to Harvey Beaks. The Loud House's more zany humor contrasts nicely with Harvey's more subdued tone. Plus, you've got two shows that have a loving family who cares about each other, although with Harvey it's more of the community as a whole with his family being just one part.

It may not be as good as Harvey, but it's definitely up there, and back to back makes up the best hour of cartoons on TV right now.

>in the Steampunk episode Claire is an abandoned robot, i.e. literally garbage

You can thank the 4channer-in-residence HB writer who stayed for the early episodes. He probably saw the adoration of Claire by Clairefags.

2 5 M I N U T E S

My headcanon is that Claire's mother in Steampunks is an engineer and built Claire, then built a better robot in the shape of her sister and abandoned her because she was obsolete

>5 minutes away from the premiere
>Thread is still almost dead
Oh Harvey Beaks threads how I missed you so


Holy shit, Irving.

God dammit I can't look at Jeremy the same way again after learning of Jeremy genitalia

>Dat Rocker Miriam

I like how Moff is still a little bitch about Irving and Harvey

Things just escalated quickly.


Lol Dade is such a faggot he's ~~one of the girls. They don't even hide it.

Stop saying normie things

What did Claire want to do with those ants and that bucket?

Is this going to be a two-parter?

Yep, it's a half hour episode basically.


>Targeting Jeremy first

Smart move, Irving.


Fuck is this montage?

Is Harvey Beaks the manliest cartoon today?

Oh shit it's cool bug!

HD upload is coming, will be a lil bit

>Harvey is going to go undercover as a Frenchman in tomorrow's episode

>a glass closeted gay bunny
>all main female characters are tomboys

So... yes?

Jesus fuck Michelle and that knife.

...So is Harvey technically a bastard?

anyway, crazy haired Miriam makes this a 12/10 episode.

I wouldn't worry about the legal minutiae. The writers needed to create a premise by which the story of this episode could be set into motion.

I'm just waiting for a Google Drive rip now.

That was awesome.

It's comin up, it's comin up...

ETA 20 minutes

Holy shit she's hot!

Dailymotion would be nice at some point too.


Streamrip. 1080 web-DL should be out tomorrow as well

Thanks pal, you're a real class act.

ty bruh

MEGA user here. I will keep you all updated throughout this week. Shoutout to __ for updating me about the show.you know who you are ;^)

Many thx, my friend.

>contents of purse
>no tampons or Dillinger pistols

What gives?

Where did you find an HD Nickelodeon stream? Or is this the one from your cable provider?

Official stream via AT&T U-Verse login

I am late?

It's pretty much guaranteed that Michelle is going to find her way in there so she's not going to put anything in it that little psycho could use as a weapon.

>that little psycho
Can you stop with this dumb meme? There's one episode that implied she's an Omen and that's all. Michelle is the HBIC

Did you not actually watch today's episode? She rekt Hanzi, bruh.

And Hanzi fucking enlightened.

She was literally stabbing the cake with a knife in the latest episode.
I think they have every right to fear for their lives.

So this episode imply's foo and fee think they would get married sometime?

Take that, TLHfags.

Y'all just whiny fuckboys. Michele is based. Even as an egg, she was a messy bitch and now she is coming to slay your faves.
And if you hate her, there wasn't a Michelle centered episode in a long time, let this qt lil running gag live
Hanzi was just tired.

>you can't think a character is psychopathic stabber and still based.

Yeah, okay.

Gosh i thinked HB threads are bigger then this.

I don't think anyone hates the lil' rapscallion. Ever since she hatched she's been adorable in every scene she's in. Which is great cause it's real easy for a baby character to screw up a good show.

They where until people moved to waifu wars house

Where did she get this bones?

>people moved into a show with lower quality just because the waifus

You really think so? I'd imagine we're pretty different groups. And besides, people can be fans of two shows at once.

Finally a thread without shitpost.

>let's start a pit, I wanna slam-dance

I can't decide if Randl's mom or Miriam is best mom.

Piri Piri secretly kills small animals for fun.

>everyone thinks Claire is the new Panini
>it's actually Technobear

Technobear is pure

Dont associate him with that harlot

>yfw everyone on HB universe is a animal so she kills people

I'm here too

What if I like the show, not for the waifus?

Nah, the show has none other quality besides that, its just a generic show.

>Technobear doesn't even realize he's adopted even when his parents are a completely different species

That's ultra-pure

That's your opinion, senpai.

He's right tho

This thread needs more shitpost.

Irving's the luckiest man in Littlebark.


Anything coming out for this show besides comics? I'd even buy one of those terrible DVDs with like five random episodes of a show put together in no particular order with no connecting theme that CN likes so much. Does Nick ever do those?

>Anything coming out for this show besides comics?
Are the comics ever storytimed here? I saw maybe one storytime thread last year but that was it.

I remember when we used to have flockdraws.
Did anyone happen to save any images from those?

Nick has home media licensing deals with Shout! Factory and Amazon burn-on-demand, you can affordably purchase the full runs of most Nicktoons. They've even released Robot & Monster which flopped miserably, and recent stuff like Sanjay & Craig and Breadwinners.
I think we'll get season sets.

Here's the comics if anyone wants them:


And here's the second SDCC mini-comic:

Prolly not. That was a long time ago.

>file name


>Perfect son
>Great wife
I feel like his luck is running out with his daughter though

hey guys! hope im not late.

This will hurt me deeply if turns to be true. I realy enjoy this cosy and comfy cartoon it warms my black and empty soul.

your contribution will be rightfully appreciated

At the very least it will likely end without us ever having to witness Max Charles' voice change. Harvey will be pure to the end

Seriously, he's almost Pearl tier salt and thirst with a minuscule fraction of the appearances

This fucking show, it's so nice though

>You will never find a take charge woman to compliment your weak-tempered mild self and sit on your face

Bloo hoo hooooooo

Logoless 1080p is ripping. Should be up soon

Logoless 1080p of Mr. Borks and Mrs. Borks with optional subtitles:

>Miriam in a rock outfit
New waifu acquired

Moth is horrible

My Irving hasn't gotten married yet but sometimes I can't stop worrying about what I'll do when he does. I don't want to be that kind of person

Thanks user.

No prob bob

Did somebody say shitpost?


Shitpost it is!


What's so hard about bumping with content, user?

Today is the first cold "fall weather" day here
Comfy bump

Irving had the perfect life. His daughter is going to tear it all down.

best character bump

Anyone got a link to the main MEGA folder?


That's our original MEGA, but it doesn't have the newer episodes. I think the guy uploading them stopped.

>I think the guy uploading them stopped.
He broke or what?

If I remember correctly, he got pissed about Michelle being introduced.
We had another user take his place, and he did equally good work, but I lost the link to that MEGA folder. I'm not sure if he's here, let alone if he's aware that new episodes are happening.

New MEGA is here, he posts on Kametsu:
And yes it's up to date

Alright, cool. Thanks man.

You can practically smell the mommy issues.

This show has no chance.

Is he retarded?

>New episode premieres in 30 minutes
>Thread is still dead
Guys, can we atleast try to start a conversation?
I'll start. Today's episode is:

- Operation Peanut Butter
>The squirrels lose confidence in their outlaw skills, so Harvey leads them on a challenging heist.

What's Michelle's problem?

This is the one they cut for Loud House cross-promo, right?
She behaves like a realistic 3 month old child. Juxtaposition of her and Harvey works perfectly from a comedic standpoint

>start a conversation

Like what even, user? We've tried and exhausted most of those topics early on and now we've accepted HB as an episodic thing.

Actual fan content would be nice, or maybe a Flockdraw, but people here lack a creative bone.

I like how Dade is the only boy at the bachelorette party. Fucking faggot.

It keeps bouncing between him or Kratz at the girls events.

Technobear's there too because he's got the hots for Miriam.

Kid's got good taste.

>A bird!

>not that kind of help

Harvey was kinda hot this episode desu


>mfw squirrel /ss/

Where is the google drive?

Cute episode as always.

Move over Hater, Bootsy's best villain now.


He was barely in it. Bootsie was the real show-stealer.

I found that enjoyably decent.

Who were the writer/board artists?

I liked it more than most squirrel episodes desu

Oh, those three do good work. I think they did the Chicky Boo episode?

Anyway, can't wait for Hanna's Ore Monogatari reference she mentioned on twitter.





Merci beaucoup mon ami.

Shit, user you're a lifesaver.

Middle America is not the internet speed hotbed of the world
I do what I can aight, y'all can get your ungrateful ass outta here

>this user getting butthurt from a obvious baiter who sayed just 1 fucking word

Good to see best girl showing Claire who's boss.

I kid, I kid

Still, RANK IT

I'd say that's about right.

Bootsy was definitely the best part of this episode, but the squirrels themselves were decent.

A solid high 6 to medium 7. It was good, but I don't think I found it too memorable.

Gosh i feel so bad for the steampunk guy in this episode.

So they're gonna kill Harvey?

I think Irving's dad is going to die desu.

I meant the squirrels at the end of the episode.

It's hard to hate Moff because it's so easy to pity him and vice versa.

I though you meant the 'death' Carl was talking about

No, they gonna make he magicaly dessapear.


I'm just not a fan of Les Squirrels.

Am I supposed to download it or use something else to open it?
I'd rather watch online.
sorry for being dumb

you must be incredibly dumb, because there's a streaming player staring you in the face when you go the link

You even know what google drive is?

Really? Your IQ must be really up there huh

.....Just open the link to a new tab.

That's it.

Nice, thanks m8.

The video legitimately wasn't there yesterday.
Just an option for downloading, another button, and a notification that a video player failed to load.
Is there any reason why that might've been?

It was still processing the file.
Also downloading ain't that tough sport

>Also downloading ain't that tough sport
Let's just say that my computer is the bare minimum when it comes to downloading files.
As in mostly just image and document files.

>tfw having crush on friend's mom

So they had one of those "interviewing nickartists thing", and a storyboarder ended up drawing this as it concluded.

I dig her style, but unsure why Fee is taller than Foo. Also, her episodes drops tomorrow.


>he's almost Pearl tier salt
And yet somehow I still like Moff better.
Actually him, Dade, and Randl.

>do you think we came from eggs
Depest lore

It deserved to end when it pulled what it did with his little sister in the second season, not to mention just dumping in all those extra characters. It had a good thing going and it kinda blew it.

I would have even accepted his sister hatching and just being as much of a non-character as she was (especially since she'd still be a newborn), but nah, let's make her evil.

If anything, they should have made her look like an actual baby bird with no feathers and bulging eyes - make the joke that everyone but her family thinks she's ugly but tries not to say anything.

It was just a good premise lost to a bad trope.

Will the OST eventually be released?

I'd buy it.

I'd seriously buy almost anything HB related though if they'd just make the stuff.

>being this delusional

I gotta disagree with ya there.

So far Michelle's been great as a background character. She'll have at most a few scenes in an episode (and that's if she's there in the first place) that are good for a chuckle or two. And for all of her evil vibe she puts off, she's not exactly Stewie from Family Guy. It's just that relative to the comfy atmostphere of HB, she's practically Ivan the Terrible when really she's just a grumpy baby you'll see every so often.

I was just thinking of Plum uploading it all to soundcloud, but I wouldn't mind supporting the show by buying it either.

There's a YouTube channel "Oddio Inc" that has some of the soundtracks. Mostly from season 1, though. They haven't been uploading as much as of late, unfortunately. A full soundtrack on soundcloud or something would be fucking great.

Are you high on crack? Did you even watch the show after the first episode of season 2? Michelle's apperances are almost non-existent. Even the egg had more screen time.
I'm not here for trashy soundcloud sound quality. I'm want a vinyl LP, so someone can rip in in flac and I can buy the physical copy to support the show, it will look awesome on a shelf.

These would be the folks doing records of Nick soundtracks, and they seem to be pretty heavily nostalgia oriented:
I don't think we have much of a shot of getting anything more than a DVD release desu senpai

I just remember Over the Garden Wall OST was released on vinyl.
Shit, Nick gave them big budget on the orchestration. Maybe the it was cut for season 2 and that's why the Oddio YouTube channel doesn't post shit anymore. Too bad, the music in this show gives me chills.
The show has legit no fan-following, even a cult one. And the soundtrack is their thing.
I can only hope the kids who are 5-8 years old right now will have a huge nostalgia-boner in a decade, so Nick will do an anniversary pressing or something like that

If the show did have a school setting, what characters would make up the faculty or other roles?

Miriam as librarian is a given and I think the spider lady would be a lunch lady.

Moff is totally the custodian

>Finally got to watching the new harveys
>First minutes of the first new episode are already hilarious
I'm gonna miss this show when it's gone.

If anyone gives a shit, here is the 1080p logoless of "Operation Peanut Butter" with optional subs: mega.nz/#!dIsxzRzL!7frIAclR_TuSf05nNYOPC522bduEwx5ife4KVZBh8f4

If no one does (judging by yesterday's episode), I'll stop posting them

>Bootsy and Harvey's portraits are exactly the same
God damn this is one of my favorite gags

Just because we don't reply doesn't mean we don't care.

thank you kind stranger.

Don't worry user, we give a shit. There's just a bunch of us quiet ones.

ever wonder how Harvey Threads would end up like if they had traffic and a fanbase like SU?

It wouldn't, since Harvey doesn't have lore.
But if there was, there would be way more waifuposting.

>New episodes
My depression has been lifted

I download the uncompressed TVSmash versions for the sake of my web-DL collection's conformity, are yours webrips? They're quite a bit smaller