How do we control the threat of violent white women raping our comic book characters?

How do we control the threat of violent white women raping our comic book characters?

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we rape them first!

>left page
She's an orange Gryxian you worthless casual pleb shit.

Dude, she's orange. And it's not like she did that on purpose. Her species(if she even is part of a species) does that as part of reproduction(?).

.... Stealth is weird, and everything about her biology is intentionally confusing as hell.

Ban women from comics.

>Drawn human
>Color skin orange

Hey look an alien

She's still not white. Read some damn comics before making bait threads, you ignorant dumbass Cred Forums refugee.

Not white

What issue is that on the right? I must know the story behind this rape.

In a noble attempt at self-sacrifice, I will allow these violent white women to rape me instead, protecting comic book characters from their sexual aggression. It's a heavy burden to bear, but I'm willing to carry it for the greater good.

She wanted his seed.

Sounds like we got a rape apologist over here.

It's from Invincible

Invincible 110. Anissa is from a dying breed of super-folk, and is tasked with repopulating the race. Rather than take a pitiful human, she goes after Mark, half human/half super folk. He says no, she responds thusly.

Sounds like we got a dumb casual who's never read L.E.G.I.O.N here.

Correct that mistake. Or kill yourself. Either way, fuck off.

Thank you, friends.

Where's Dick

Hiding from this thread.

even batman isn't safe


I just can't take the idea of a woman sitting on a guy's dick, and it being called rape seriously.


What the fuck did he think happened that night that they woke up in the same bed naked?

>didn't see her true form

you should read the birth issue user

happens a lot to hal

But when will the invincible storytime return?

Frank Castle shows the correct way to prevent female on male rape

that wasn't rape it was non-consensual sex

devin pls

don't be a shitlord

>i chose to mate with you so we could make the perfect specimen who would become the next Ra'as
>has her son killed by his imperfect clone

Surprisingly he's never been raped for real yet

You'll never be raped by a violent racist white woman

Do movies count?

>Implying it's still rape if they were waiting for you to rape them

So, you're a rape apologist. Gotcha.

>we rape them first!


That's pretty hot desu senpai

The funniest part of that is that they did it on Pa Kent's farm, and in the end Pa even lends some trousers to Mark.

Frank got raped in Widowmaker, though.

you can't win em all

This is real?

I want to see more porn comics with superheroines.

So anything come out of that?

>You'll never be raped by a super babe.

Thanks for making me sad again.

She killed herself afterwards


She killed her stepsister, rode Frank then shot herself while on top of him, as I remember.

Oh. For a second there I thought it went to a "FRANK FINDS HIS BASTARD OFFSPRING" arc.

I lose every time when it gets to Hawk.

No. That does kinda happen in MAX though, a fellow Operator he had a fling with who then died had a baby girl that she handed off to her sister.
Barracuda tracks the girl down and uses her against Frank.

Stealth is orange. Also sauce on the 2nd image I've got a half chub from reading that.

Invincible 110.

I'll rape you and apologize that i didn't finish because you're fucking ugly. Fuck you and your shit bait fake tumblr.


All white women are racist

I'll take one for the team.


by putting our pants down.

Where did
"oh wow"
"shut up"
"and i'm bad girl"
Pics come from? I don't rememb it in John's run.

Who wrote this dialogue? Millar?

Dan Abnett. It's from Justice League, right before the renumbering.

I think the last line might be from that Brave and the Bold mini where he and Barry fought a golden age version of Star Sapphire.

Reminds me of any time a villian uses babies as literal body shielding, like that one Punisher villian.
It's some messed up stuff and I'm not even a moralfag.