Whats the grossest thing youve ever seen on a cartoon?

Whats the grossest thing youve ever seen on a cartoon?

The toenail.

Ren losing all his teeth and ripping out his nerve endings.

This is worse than the toenail. Why isn't this mentioned as much?

I thiught that scene was funny when i saw it.


Because while that example was more extreme than most, it wasn't out of left field. The show had already established itself as the kind of show where that wouldn't be out of place.

As a made up example, compare the brutal killings you see on Family Guy to if an episode of Barney randomly had him smother a child. The latter would be much more shocking despite it being much more tame than an average Family Guy episode.

The tapeworm episode

Which is worse, the toenail or that splinter episode?

From me meaty?
Splinter actually grossed me out.

Beat me to it. Fucking hell SBSP writers...

That one scene from The Mighty B.

That was pretty bad, but I always thought Ren climbing up Stimpy's nose hair was worse.

What scene

Flu glue.

Do web animations count?

If so, EVERYTHING from all four installments of Robotnikclaus

What happend?

One of the girls try to get the flu so she goes to one of the sick girls, picks her nose and eats it.

Personally I didn't find it THAT gross. Gross but I've seen far worse.

thats not what happens

The Nutshack. It was made for a world without a God.

Probably something from Family Guy. Pretty much the entire episode where Meg has to fight a bully using her gross powers. She asks if Chris has her back and he lifts up his shirt to show this flabby, scabby, pimply sack of skin that he slowly rips off leaving a trail of green mucous.

Pretty much any vomit scene where they actually show the puke. Rugrats, Family Guy, etc.

Most grossout humor doesn't bother me. even shit jokes are just meh. Vomit for some reason is usually just too much

That episode of Family Guy where Brian gets his mouth smashed in was gnarly as fuck

It just cute and funny, simple but i don't care about the lore in cartoons.

Pretty much everything about Bloaty's Pizza Hog.

>belch, bloaty hates his life
Never has a character captured my essence quite as well before

I think I'll make a webm of this scene.

That episod of Sanjay & Craig where they try and get some kid to puke.

Probably something from Family Guy.

Something from KND... I think the rest of Sector V had to shrink themselves down and get a brussel sprout out from Numbuh 4. It was the last scene where he just sneezes out the ship while it grew and there was snot everywhere.

jesus fucking christ what a tiny and shitty gif.

Also that episode where Zim just stole body parts was way more gross. Honestly thinking about it, the entire show had so many gross moment that you got used to it.

>Honestly thinking about it, the entire show had so many gross moment that you got used to it.
So thats why i laugh at horror films

>tfw zim barfs out an intestine and no one bats an eye at it

What was that puppet show about meat again? Mr. Meaty or something like that? That got pretty grotesque at point if my memory serves, but the jokes were ok too if I remember correctly again.

Someone please post the Mighty Bee .gif

The ending of "Squidbob tentacle pants"

Looking on SB fan forums, it seems most fans are in unison in despising that scene, and it's not hard to see why.

Not as extreme as some posts
but if Im remembering this right: the KND episode where the baker/lunch lady was cultivating eye-gunk from kids infected with pinkeye to make food

>that scene where he takes a break and unzips his costume
>the man inside is at least twice as fat as the suit, and greasier to boot

>that episode where a guy swallows a live tapeworm


The toenail scene in the Magical Singing Cheese ep of Ren and Stimpy

that show with the puppets in the fast food joint where he fries his nose or some shit

drinking nasty water from a clogged sink full of dirty dishes

Someone post the gif. You know the one

the only gif i could find

...that's it?

this show overall

i still wanna fuck bessie though