Face it, tiger. You just hit the jackpot

Face it, tiger. You just hit the jackpot.

What an ugly fucking bitch.


damn I probably won't even pirate this piece of shit, much less see it in the theater.

She looks like Ronda Rousey after she got her ass kicked. Did she get stung by a bee in the face or something?

You're using an intentionally bad looking photo. I think she's a pretty good choice, and most people on here are just pissed she isn't white.

Dont waste your time user

Yeah. Surely there's something more productive to do than tell lies on the internet

Ay yo lil WHITE BOI lemme ax you sum'n bout you lil tiguh face. You just hit the MUHFUCKIN JACKPOT CRACKAAAAA

>You're using an intentionally bad looking photo

They literally did the exact same thing with Shaliene Woodly when she was cast.

She's just as white as she's black

Every time I see a post like this I wonder if user has ever met a black person in his life.

1 drop rule

Every time I see a post like this I wonder if user has ever heard a joke in his life

But that's literally what black people turn into on the internet. All their memes are presented that way.

Every time it's
>when she suck dat dick
instead of
>when she's sucking your dick

Is she even black? I thought she was hispanic

>I was only pretending to be retarded

It's just a meme. Will Smith doesn't sound like that either, but here we are. We have "welcome to Earf" and "HOL UP" from this one single actor. and to be fair there are black people who sound exactly like that

Ever heard of comedic exaggeration?

Yes. That's exactly what I did and somehow it's racist when I do it.

>I was only pretending to be a humourless git

>only interaction with black people is on the internet

Thanks for proving the point.

That's not what I'm saying. I live in muhfuckn Houston. I'm saying black people turn into retards on the internet. For comedic purposes.

>interacting with non-whites within gunshot range

These threads are literally as bad as TMZ

Confirmation bias. Nobody notices all the non-ghetto posts by black people.

Is that toothless from stranger things?!

Samefagging isn't allowed here

...so? It's not a question of whether or not all black people start talking like on the internet.
Fact is some do, and it's done mostly for humour. Why are you such a sad sack?

I used to be a happy sack, but then in a horrible twist of fate I didn't see a real life vagina for 25 years. Now i'm a sad sack.

Who is the winner of the worst cast?

Jewish Amazon is growing on me.

I'm so attracted to her, but I just know she's gonna become an annoying dumbfuck when she inevitably gets really famous, just like Jennifer Lawrence.

Bulimia is the winner here

You could at least use a picture of what she actually looks like in the movie.

Zendaya, honestly. I mean, assuming she is actually Mary Jane. It could maybe work if they gave her red hair, but it's a bigger stretch than Gadot, who was only really a bad choice because she was skinny. Otherwise she's fine.

>face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.