Remember when this asshole had a rabid fanbase for some reason?

Remember when this asshole had a rabid fanbase for some reason?

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No joke.
A teacher showed this movie unironically to high schoolers in the school I work to teach about enviromental harm. There was this one huge fat kid that LOVED it.

>all those bizarre tumblrs dedicated to him

If the Lorax movie wasn't the biggest spit in Seuss legacy I dont know what it is

He still does, just check out his youtube channel

I think it's complete cancer but let's be honest, who the fuck was going to carry the movie?

The original story has a capitalist green arm and a hairy little hippy. As good as the story was and as important as the message might have been, neither of those were going to appeal to little millennial twats dragging their parents to the movies.

>arm of the once-ler aggressively fisting the lorax

I vaguely remember. Still don't know how that shit happend to begin with.

It was absolutely fucking bizarre how that little faggot took off on tumblr. There were so many people roleplaying as him and making ask blogs and shit like that, and just as quickly as he appeared, he fucking vanished. "Flash in the pan" perfectly describes what happened.

Don't we all

No. I heard he was all the rage on tumblr, but I don't fucking go to tumblr.

how bad me be

Be thankful you don't, that merry bunch of faggots get obsessive about the weirdest shit.

literally who

Reminder that the movie would still be shitty even with the dumbass biggering song in it.

Live-action Cat in the Hat.

To this day I'll never fully understand. I guess there are enough fujos out there who can latch onto homoerotic subtext and ONE convetionally attractive character AND tolerate the fact that the other character involved in said subtext is a grumpy ball of pubuc hair to let the whole Onceler fandom be a thing.

Fujoshits can get attached to some weird shit sometimes. Like Tweek/Craig and that short skeleton from Undertale.

Remember when Tumblr wanted a Loki film?

That seemed like it could have actually happened before Tom Hiddleston was seemingly cast in 30 movies a year and the obvious front-runner for Bond.

I thought it was mostly teenage girls who were into him?

No fuck them that's our job!

I thought since no one else was considered "good enough" by tumblr standards they just shipped Onceler with himself?

Haha, it was shown at my high school for the same purpose when I was a Sophomore.

I hope everyone involved is embarrassed.

>wasn't the biggest spit in Seuss legacy I dont know what it is
Probably the live action Cat in the Hat movie.

Really though, has there ever been a modern Dr. Seuss movie that worked?


Remember when he had a god-tier villain song but it got cut from the movie for some retarded reason?

I'm not sure, really. I mostly saw Onceler stuff on Archive of our Own (Archive of Our Own being a lesser known fanfiction website which, for whatever reason, is full of weird fetish fanfiction. It's also supposedly better than, but has it's own set of flaws, which can include said fetish fics.)

I read a fairly gross Lorax fiction there that involved the Onceler and the Lorax in a relationship, the Onceler having a vagina, and menstruation.

>If the Lorax movie wasn't the biggest spit in Seuss legacy I dont know what it is

Have you seen The Cat in the Hat?

I still can't believe that's the design they went with.

Looking at the book, I assumed the onceler was just a typical Dr. Seuss creature with green fur or skin.

But then again, you shouldn't be able to see what onceler looks like so the fact that they even thought to show his face is already a step in the wrong direction.

Anyone have the video of Ed Helms reacting to fan fiction questions?

Well I guess this post implies that that was indeed was a thing.

....Pretty fucking weird, but lot of fujo's don't want to lust over men if there gay romance or gay sex involved, and I guess ot everyone could tolerate the Lorax, so it makes sense if you think about that way.

That was only good for one scene...


The Lorax was terrible throughout despite the inclusion of Danny Devito.

I think Tumblr Onceler fandom was a Selfcest thing.

No, see, that wasn't even it. I wasn't involved or on tumblr but that is the thing that was hilarious about it from what I heard, and weird.

They didn't ship him with the Lorax, that would be pretty standard fandom stuff. There was no other element or character they cared about at all from the movie, so they literally shipped the Oncler with himself.

That's what made it weird. That there was a whole fandom that revolved entirely around just one character. No one even pretending to have any interest in anything else.

Really strange ships are commonplace but ignoring everything but this one guy and making a million different versions of that guy, that is actually legitimately unusual.

it was so ironic. They did this whole spiel about bemoaning plastic products and cheap fads and consumer culture, but the movie was the exact sort of shit it was condemning.

Why the fuck is there ZERO deforestation porn involving the mom

Its literally begging to be drawn fucking get to work drawfaggots

Tumblr didn't ship Oncler/Lorax tumblr shipped Oncler/Oncler that's what broke everybody's brain

mfw I realized this wasn't a leafyishere thread

Fuck off faggot.

he's basically cartoon Jonas Brothers so its not hard to understand how wet he got girls

No fuck you

Deforestation is literally part of her character its canon that she was the one to convince her son to destroy the entire forest

You don't get to play that fucking card

Did you people get your fetishes from too much Captain Planet or what?

And don't forget the comedy, hoss.

>poor little purple boy

That fucking hummer commercial for this movie pissed me off so much. I'm not even a hippie tree hugger but it felt like everyone involved was gleefully and proudly tea bagging Seus's corpse with every fucking thing they did about that movie. That's what was really wrong with it and why it was so loathsome. How much garbage do you think shitty merchandise and promotions from it generated while dilluting the message to hollow unrecognizable claptrap.

Please, this fucker did a better job at ruin ecosystems than that painted whore could ever do.

So they turned the capitalist green arm into a hipster douchebag.

Hollywood screenwriting at its finest.

The show was shit and your fetish is worse that inflation and scat.

this movie was so terrible

>take out political and social message of story
>replace it with shitty pop culture jokes and a slacktivist message/consume the from the proper companies and you'll be fine message

if only hollywood didn't do this

Serious question: can we report this shit?

I think its shitposting at this point, like blueberry boy was.

Its your faggots fault you don't wanna make easy money drawing non-erotic erotica

How hard is it to draw hot girls cutting down entire forests?

I don't care about them unless they're played by Tim Curry.


agreed. More deforestation porn needs to happen in general.

Also pollution.

>non-erotic erotica


...Seriously? Why do fujos have such weird taste?

Just ignore him.

The Onceler himself is an example of the message getting ripped out. In the original, he was a faceless stand-in for most people from the first world and how wasteful we can be, as we use things "once" and then throw them away. Anyone can see themselves in that blank space.

Making him some hipster sex symbol undermines all of that.

My fetish is league better than diapers, scat, vomit, and piss

If any of the 4 things described get you off you need to end your genetic coding.

>not liking The Mad Man in the Hat
Surely this is bait

I believe that pic was done around the premiere of Monsters University and we all assumed that Randall would fall into the same fandom problems as Turbo, Loki, and The Onceler.

As far as I know, it didn't happen. Don't forget to read the filename.

>My fetish is league better than diapers, scat, vomit, and piss

I actually agree but it still sounds dumb as hell.

Does The Lorax turn you on?

But it did user

Lord no not the original. I only find it erotic when its women who do the polluting

When its men polluting its not erotic its depressing

That's why the remake has the mom and if the story was about her wanting to make thousands of disposable sandwich toothpicks for her dainty wonder bread and mayo finger sandwiches it be a 12/10

>But it did user.

Well shit, looks like I blocked out the horrors they produced.

user is the reason you jerk off to this shit is that you're in denial that you're gay and want Captain Planet to use acorns as anal bread on you?

Actually what I saw was from Pixiv

I only fap to Blight brain washing 2 of the planeteers females to commit deforestation acts all over the world to mass produce Toilet Paper and Sandwich Toothpicks

I'm so desperate that the biggest turn-on to me is a girl being interested in me.

My biggest fantasy is being in my own series, and having equally-desperate Tumblrgirls fangirl over me. I would look at all my lewd art on Tumblr, and fap to the thought of fujoshits schlicking to it. Then I'd meet them at cons and have them melt all over me.

I even made a few drawings of myself in typical 'cute boy' Tumblr style, and I like to pretend it was drawn by a frumpy, awkward Tumblr girl obsessed with shipping me with herself.

user you know you want to get blue balled my him as he makes a splooge waterfall out of your ass.

Yeah, they basically took all the bad elements of his character and made them into a new version they dubbed "Greedler", so that the Once-ler (now stripped of all negative attributes) has someone to fuck for their pleasure.

Eh, maybe not god-tier: the first verse is cringey as hell, but once the Lorax does his little spoken-word bit it actually turns good; and the finale would nice if they ever did a Lorax rock opera. Still, I've never seen a Seuss adaptation with original songs that didn't suffer in comparison so the lyrics that Geisel wrote himself: [Skip to 17:20]

At least they have the decency to ship him with his younger brother and not an alternate, evil version of himself.

That's gay. Ted Turner are you shitposting on Cred Forums

Bring back WCW AOL was a mistake




Jesus Christ man.

I don't know I guess what I learned from this and the Bill Cipher thing and the Warden thing for that matter is that if you want girls to like you, you should wear a suit that is brightly colored for no reason and a hat and be a jerk with mental problems, that seems to be surefire girl kryptonite. I almost want to go to a bar and test this theory out, but thinking on it some of the weirder PUAs already have I think. I'm not going to pay $19.95 for their eBooks to see if it worked, though.

For all its flaws, that's the one part of the movie that I liked. It shows that greed and corruption can happen to anyone. Honestly tumblr and liberal types would be a lot less annoying if they humanized more of the people they opposed. That may involve wanting to fuck them but I'll take those chances.

He admitted that his fetish started when his gf cucked him

The fandom was weird, but it was entertaining as shit. Some good fun to be had.

PS find my still active askblog, assholes.

That sure is something alright.

obligatory cut out song that would've saved the movie

To this day, I still think he was the best part of the movie and I desperately wish they'd included more of him and less of the Thneedville stuff.

>But then again, you shouldn't be able to see what onceler looks like so the fact that they even thought to show his face is already a step in the wrong direction.
Making him into a generic, likeable everyman has the same psychological effect as not showing his face.

In fact, up until the last scene, I thought that the flashback Once-Ler was what Ted was imagining he looked like, hence why the two of them look similar.

Shoulda put that in

>Making him into a generic, likeable everyman has the same psychological effect as not showing his face.

I disagree.
Not showing his face can make it easier for the viewer to put them self in his position, further reinforcing that this could be anyone.

Sometimes less is more.

>green fur or skin
we see him open his glove, man

>The Lorax was terrible throughout despite the inclusion of Danny Devito.
He should have played the villain.

you're the shitbrain who's trying to copy PA now, aren't you

The 5,000 fingers of Dr.T was basically live action loony toons.


Because it was just a lanky jason mraz

>People watched "The Lorax"

You'd be fucking lying.

Thing is, Randall kind of had a fandom like that back during the days of Monsters Inc. Granted, that was way *before* social media as we know it today (no Tumblr, no Twitter), but I distinctly remember Randall having a fandom like that to begin with. But most of those people actually grew up and moved on from that shit. Except Pitbullady... ughhhh

And if Tumblr wasn't burnt out on Benedict Cumberbatch, I'd say "just wait until the new Grinch movie next year". So that one is a 'wait and see'.

why the fuck is Cred Forums discussing tumblr fandoms seriously

why the fuck do any of you know anything about this?

Kids moved onto Jack Frost, who is even blander because he's just a normal teen with ice powers.


Cred Forums has been tumblr-oriented since 2010 my dude.

I remember when I saw the preview I expected there to be metric shit tons of rule 34 involving the red headed girl. The first Lorax porn I ever saw was Onceler guro porn back when I still used tumblr.

Horny adolescent girls are fucking terrifying.

I found a thing on YouTube where the voice actor of this character answered a bunch of really creepy questions. He seemed so confused.

Didn't think I would find the video so easily again but here it is.

> fangirls like mildly attractive villain character they feel they can either fix or motivate

And water is wet. Where any of you people alive in the 80's? The only trope older than this is girls drooling over emotionally distant but ultimately good people.

Wasn't this the main reason the fandom ceased?

Wouldn't be surprised if it was. I seem to recall there was a huge blow up about Ed Helms' reaction (some people chastising the fandom and others chastising Helms for thinking fandom was strange/weird), and then the Once-ler thing began to die shortly thereafter.

And another reason for the Once-ler fandom's quick death is probably because later that year, Rise of the Guardians was in theaters, as pointed out.

dude, what the fuck is this

is it worth watching?

They made him human because they thought making him some green furry monsterman would make him unrelatable and that you had to connect the Onceler's actions to humanity to make the message stronger or some shit.

>why the fuck do any of you know anything about this?
it is our job to know of terrible things, crossboarder

only if you are groovy enough

I liked Horton.

If you don't think the live action Cat in the Hat film is the worst need I remind you it had its shameless product placement INSIDE of the film?

>Cha ching!

Horton wasn't bad.

Horton was pretty good if you disregard the awful anime sequence.

Also the Grinch was good, fuck anyone that disagrees.

Am I the only one that hears the Rasmus?

The 5,000 fingers of Dr. T s a live action movie directed by Dr. Seuss made in 1953.

what's a fujo?!

Interesting way to bump the thread.

is this a leafy thread?

It's a Dr Seuss book man, anything could happen.

>for some reason

He's a feminine looking man who starts off innocent and adorkable then once he gets a hint of success, begins acting like a condescending asshole while wearing a suit.

That's the reason.

pic related

...Eh, pretty much this.

I liked the Onceler's song. The rest of the Lorax movie is fucking garbage and I hate it on principle because it was another entry in the ever-growing library of "lol look at me I was a kids book but now I appeal to ADULTS" movies that do their best to shit on their original creator, but How Bad Can I Be is catchy enough that I can't hate it outright. If it wasn't in the Lorax I'd openly proclaim that I like it.

Yeah, he shouldn't be a monster. He's supposed to be us reading the book and the mistakes we can make when we're unsustainable with the environment. The kid from the beginning and end is also us if we're kids reading the book, but the Onceler is us too even as kids and we start to waste shit, throw everything away, and create garbage.

Generic everyman is much better than monster. But, no face is better than generic everyman because it's easier to see yourself in that position even if you don't look like some skinny guy.

But yeah Onceler in the original book is just a guy. Anybody does that shit. Even better in the original cartoon adaptation, though. He says, "If I didn't do it, someone else would," like everyone does when they justify doing things like wasting electricity or whatever. Fuck, I do that all the time.

But the best part of the original cartoon version is when the Onceler says that if he stops then everyone who works at the factories will lose their jobs. And the Lorax admits he doesn't have the answer to that. It actually shows that the issue is not black and white or cut and dry. Things like that are a big reason why nothing gets done when resources are running out or with global warming. Because it's not just be nice and believe in fairies and Care Bears and the problem will dissappear, it's actually complicated.

like a female fudan

>the awful anime sequence.

What the fuck are you talking about?

"Fujoshi" is Japanese for "rotten woman" I think and is a name that female Japanese yaoi fans made up for themselves or something.

That seems like an odd term to apply to the Onceler shit in some ways though because it wasn't the usual "there are two male characters in this and I want to see them fuck" shit it was "there is a single solitary character I think is hot in this" so they split that single character into two pieces in order to make porn. I don't even know what you'd call that. This is the only time I've ever seen that.

>This is the only time I've ever seen that.

Happened in Digimon, too.

The Grinch was incredibly different from the book, but I still love it if only for the god-tier production value.

>tfw the "heart grew three sizes that day" scene was genuinely moving and well done until Carrey did his Carrey thing

>little millennial twats dragging their parents to the movies.

Nigga what, it didn't come out THAT long ago.

Anyone have that copypasta about how cat in the hat is one of the greatest films ever?

Dude, the entire thing was supposed to be a rock opera and was very much designed to reflect the music industry at the same time.

Really? Which character?

>Dude, the entire thing was supposed to be a rock opera and was very much designed to reflect the music industry at the same time.
That's just a popular rumor because the one track sounds so rock opera-ish. Given that none of the other sounds cut from the movie sound anything like it, it was probably just meant to be a single song that got replaced with How Bad Can I Be?.

>anime sequence
>done by westerners

>mfw people willingly subject themselves to browsing tumblr

fuck that's just shudder inducing

Digimon Emperor/Ken

literally kys
pic related
1. fuck you for making me google that
2. as a fujo i am at a
II I --

didn't danny devito fuckin voice the lorax

>as a fujo

This is a roastie-free zone, ma'am.

yeah but the fans didn't care about the lorax for the most part only the onceler was in all this shit

Even in the German dub. Haven't seen that happen since Christopher Lee in Last Unicorn and Asgard.

More time Tim Slurry.

Cause the stroke!

>Anime sequence
>More than 12 frames of animation per second
>Mouth doesn't just flap open and closed while the rest of the body remains perfectly still
>Pokemon and DBZ references for the millionth fucking time
>le fahnny over the top fast-paced "Speed Racer"-esque dialogue

I hate literally everything about this scene. It doesn't even feel like part of the fucking movie with how awkwardly paced the scenes transition.

>Mike Myers doing blatant product placement that acknowledges itself
Where have I seen that before

To me it feels like Biggering was just the alpha version of How Bad Can I Be. It has the same lyrics at the end.

>And the money is multiplying
>And the PR people are lying

I doubt the Lorax was going to be a rock opera but Biggering feels out of place due to being darker than the finished movie. How Bad Can I Be is sillier and doesn't have as much impact, but it fits the cheery tone of the final product.

>Jack Frost
>then the trail abruptly stops
What happened? Have animated movies stopped making "bad misunderstood boy" characters for 13 year old girls to fawn over?

I've been on Tumblr since 2012 and I could understand every single fandom except for Turbo's.

What was the appeal in him? Dude was buttfucking ugly with his smoker teeth and shit.

Chicks dig power.

Excuse you but I have some standards for my powerful men fetish

Hey everyone its our best friend unregistered hypercam

I think you forgot the cybug form.

so is this the guy that started the fedora meme?

No, it showed that greed and corruption can only happen if you're a skinny jean wearing, fedora toting hipster with greedy family members. By being faceless in the book, The Onceler could be anyone.

Fuck I remember that

I think that's the only reason people liked Turbo, and even then it wasn't him more that everyone was just secretly a bug fucker.

There were plenty of askblogs revolving around cybug AUs. My favorite was the Ralph one, it had cool art and lore

the grinch is my guilty pleasure

Turbo had a fandom? He's not even cute.

The Oncler obsession was basically the same autistic flavor of the month waifu bullshit Cred Forums pulls, but on tumblr instead of here.

It's everyone's.

Like, it's a BAD movie, but there's something genuinely charming to it.

Why the fuck does anyone with this haircut get a bunch of teenagers wet?

Like, Leafy is a vile human being with an acne face and no chin but he still gets fangirls cause of his haircut.

It was purely on Tumblr

Nostalgia Critic of all people caught wind of it

Tumblr is a paralell version of Cred Forums in many ways

I think they moved on to animated tv shows instead.

>TFW ugly, chubby manlet

I need to an outlet to become a smug, powerful asshole, so I can get some nice, hot, triggered Tumblrpussy all over me.

>I only find it erotic when its women who do the polluting
wtf why?

He has SEVERE autism

Shit, I just re-watched the original because of this post. Aside from some corny music it's neigh perfect in every way. Its really a comprehensive summary of how resources have been treated up to and beyond recently.

Until now I never realized how much this influenced me as I grew.

Fuck the new movie though, didnt bother seeing it. Making it a full movie is just padding the message and ads nothing of value. Also the mazda shilling was so heavily tinged with irony. So eco friendly, drive your car everywhere! It's OK, it gets 33 mpg combined!

Jesus Christ I forgot how fucking awful this movie was.

Yes the music is iffy but overall pretty great.

Because it was a Hollywood bankrolled movie that did all of the things Hollywood typically does, and even if the point of the movie is to bemoan the excess and wastefulness and consumerism, Hollywood can't see past the dollar signs to make a faithful product for the sake of the original spirit, or to honor the author, or his legacy, or to pass on what they felt the first time they were read the book/read it to their kids.

I mean fuck, even fucking Disney went plastic and waste free on their packaged versions of Wall-e to stand by their green recycling message.

The Lorax movie speaks for the Fees.

your appointment with fema should be finalized within the week.

It's an extrapolation of the "character and his dark side" shipping people do. It's the same shit as Link/Dark Link and Ichigo/Hollow Ichigo, only fanbases usually see them as separate characters because they interact. In the Onceler's case, the fandom creates the interaction.

I mean, I'm pretty sure there are probably a billion pairings for Sans and his various tumblr AU selves.

>Where are you Christmas


You are a woman.

Hell, this is why that stupid Mazda commercial became the perfect example of everything wrong with the movie

What the heck happened to that site? I'll fully admit I jumped ship shortly after Rob Bricken did, but that looks like it was somehow suddenly frozen in time at the moment he left. I know there were articles after he went; did the people continuing it just give up and restore it back to that state or something?

I actually like the song

i loved that scene

This was written by a guy? Why does he have a vagina? The author knows women don't usually put tampons in right in front of their friends or get off on putting in tampons, right? I mean someone probably has somewhere, but that's not typical.

Luke Thompson ran it for a few years after (ran it into the ground that is). The site just became lame and mean-spirited and full of strange articles that nobody cared about. Interviewing his mother on law on a weekly basis? Constant updates on the WWF? Pandering to SJWs? What the hell was LYT thinking.

>little millennial twats
You wot m8? The movie only came out in 2012. If anything, the parents would be the millennials.

when the fuck did anyone sexualize turbo? he looked like a pale goblin in a drag racing suit.

I'm interested, where can I find more of this?

Did we all go to the same school? My Junior year we watched this in earth science and had some worksheets on it.

One question was even about the song or some shit.

All I remember was his voice actor telling the obsessive retards to seek help.

The raw assmad response was amusing.

it had some really great art, that's why i looked in on the madness.

i was never in the fandom but I fucking love ugly characters/designs.

Shit taste.

that's cool.

I take it he was agreeable?

Become Dan

The Lorax movie had lots of flaws but the one thing that could have made it better and make most of its dissenters calm down was give more time for the Onceler to go from hipster to greedy CEO.

It just happens on the span of one song. The 70's TV special was a lot shorter and yet that Onceler felt natural in his progression.

It also remembers me of this one post on Tumblr that explains the reason the fandom was so obsessed with Oncest was because the change in personality happens so quick that it feels like two characters instead of a past and future version.

I'm with you there, user. However, Turbo is not my cup of tea.

turbo had his moments for me, but it was mostly KC!bug that sold me.

I never saw the movie, what was so bad about it?

>deforestation porn
Is that like a person knocking a tree over with their dick? or is it somebody fucking a lumber mill?

its just a shitposter forcing a shitty meme
report and hide

>Lord no not the original. I only find it erotic when its women who do the polluting
So like if you saw a video of a woman tossing a styrofoam cup on the ground would your jerk off to it?

Congrats user, you're right up there with tile user as most useless fetish ever.

At least he's attracted to women.


Teenage girls are retarded and have no standards whatsoever. Same with teenage boys for that matter, I used to like silicone stuffed fake-ass balloon tits and I thought big, teardrop shaped real tits were totally gross and uggo.

Who fuck is leafy?


I don't remember this at all. I must have erased it from my mind.

I remember it being a pretty good movie otherwise, as you said.



Some faggot e-celeb

He's the reason "kys" caught on. That's all you need to know and should be enough reason to hate him.

Probably the one that made the Seuss Widow permaban live action adaptations.

I wouldn't say it's different from the book, almost every event from the book was in the movie. They just added a lot of things to make the book a full-length movie.

As bad as Cred Forums is with their flavor of the month, there's rarely any "selfcest" unless it's actually relevant to the character. Tumblr's yaoi fanbase is obsessed with selfcest.

This. But you know, if they added more Once-Ler stuff, they'd have less of the Thneedville stuff everyone loves oh-so-much.


I thought Once-ler was some kind of freaky unique case, I've never seen any other fandom producing the kind of content that these people do. Are there any particular fandoms where this kind of selfcest is as popular?

Can anyone recap how the Onceler fandom on tumblr imploded upon itself? An user active in the fandom posted about it in an earlier "hey remember when this asshole was posted all over Cred Forums?" thread, but all I can remember was the part about how the two most influential ask blogs started feuding over some retarded shit, leading to some juicy drama that may or may not have involved doxxing.

It's fairly prevalent in teen yaoi fanbases, so most of tumblr essentially.

The new hotness is Shirocest from Voltron.

Is doxing you ebin haxor

Cred Forums got pretty into the Onceler selfcest, practically any General eventually devolves into the same sort of shit. Gravity Falls and Frozen threads were almost nothing but AU shipping.

I had the thought that it wasn't so odd for tumblr to go fucking bonkers over the Onceler, when we went fucking bonkers over a 2 second sight gag from a 60 year old cartoon. Then I figured there was a difference, they went nuts and paired off the Onceler with himself for some bizarro clone incest, while we just jerked off over sexy lambs. But then we created a whole cast of differently colored, near clone lambs for Leggy to interact with, which isn't that far different. Now I don't know what to think.

He still does, Leafyishere somehow still has a following.

Maybe because I'm not on tumblr but I've never seen it otherwise before, the closest thing was shipping Gravity Falls characters with their "reverse universe" counterparts but that was more of an AU crossover and not just with the male characters either.

Probably because kids would bitch and whine about the infinitely superior 70s version.

>I unironically like bishie Bill

Leggy was basically a blank template, so concocting extras and imagining possibilities with her wasn't really stepping on the toes of anything already there. Onceler was a fully-developed character, and a douchebag, but Tumblr was happy to completely disregard who he was as a character because they thought he was cute and liked his hat. They didn't care what they had to trample over to have their shipping fantasies/arguments.

It's just this one retard shilling his shitty fetish art.

Do like does

>Tumblr was happy to completely disregard who he was as a character because they thought he was cute and liked his hat. They didn't care what they had to trample over to have their shipping fantasies/arguments.
Isn't that basically what happened with Greive-tan?

Shirocest and Billcest are popular, but nothing really compares to the madness that was Oncest and I think nothing ever will.

Tans are different, the whole point of them is AU shit (usually).

Also that still lacks all of the "character cloning selfcest" bullshit. Cred Forums does have autism but nothing that's as autistic as Onceler AU selfcest.

Gwencest is probably up there though.

I don't mind it as much as some people do since the character is a shapeshifter.

I don't know the story about SHiro from Voltron, what are the other Shiros that Shiro from Voltron are shipped with? I though with the GF characters that was with themselves from the evil mirror universe like there's art of Mabel making out with Evil Dominatrix Mabel.

Cred Forums does do the same thing sometimes, Creepy Susie's admittedly minor background stuff and her friendships with the other Oblongs kids are ignored for some AU where she lives with sexy lesbian other creepy cartoon characters, and there was the whole thing with /r9k/ Elsa was was a 4ever alone shitposting NEET who fucked her sister. I wouldn't say there's a huge difference here really.

Yeah, it was never meant to be a rock opera. It was, however, meant to be "darker" or not as cheery. In the earlier version, the people of Theedville were all selfish fucks--protagonist included--who wanted more, more, and more. The demo version of Theendville is a lot nastier in terms of portraying the characters as douches.

Nostalgia Chick for once was actually pretty solid with her review of The Lorax.

There's Shirocest in the Voltron threads at times. But that's also partly because he had a twin in the original show and that still might happen?

The Onceler did nothing wrong. It was his family that corrupted his dream.

Not gonna lie, I'd hatefuck her.

>what are the other Shiros that Shiro from Voltron are shipped with?
Sometimes you get Shiro from before he was captured and forced to be a Galra gladiator for a year. That's the one without the white hair. The more common one is an evil Shiro from a scene in the show where Shiro is getting psyched out. That's the one with the yellow eyes.

This thread has reminded me how fucking weird people are. I dated a girl who was on the weird yaoi Loki wagon. Never again. That shit was too much senpai, too much.

Remember when the movie had an actual deep message and wasn't a comedy?

Seriously? I thought that was just a bad joke for a Nostalgia Critic video.

Gravity Falls had that
Voltron now too iirc, but Klance dominates in the whole ship thing.

Zootopia figured out where Lorax went wrong when it came to lightening up an initially dark script. This film became unironic self parody. Lorax themed car commercials, are you fucking kidding me? Also, the original version ended on a fairly grim note with a chance for hope.

I personally like the lightened up version in concept, but the movie failed to deliver properly.

Did you check out an unreleased song someone posted here? It seemed to be made with a darker script in mind.

Somebody post the professor with the lisp from Horton hears a who. I imagine her getting all kinds of statutory with JoJo. She's got a secret mean steak and uses his lack of confidence to manipulate him into an unequal relationship involving her not allowing him to sing unless she's sitting on his face. Sorry...little bit of a tangent.

>Randall touches upon several of my fetishes
>Avoid porn of him like the plague because he reminds me of me too much
>And also because he's usually drawn with micropenises

Biggering? I have it on my phone already, it's a pretty legit song even out of context.

>music was iffy
It was a masterpiece of 1970's nonsense; absolutely fantastic

How would you fix his movie, Cred Forums?

What's a fudan?

With rusted scissors and no anaesthesia.

Failing the edgy answer, I'd say to cut out the future scenes. They were pure filler and contributed nothing. Then grow a pair of balls and actually question the role of corporations in terms of environmental conservation instead of putting a singing strawman in and hoping pedophiles watch it for the shota and soulless sixteen year old.

>there are people that actually disliked the Live Action Cat in the Hat

Come on, have a sense of humor. That shit was good, even if they bastardized it to hell and back.

Undertale has multiple AUs and artists like to draw Sans!cest and Papyrus!cest from the various worlds.

it's really weird.

you mentioned "he reminds me of me too much" twice in that post.

I also didn't understand. I can see the appeal of franchises or characters that have the most 'autistic' fanbases, but I just don't get this. Most bizarre FOTM I've seen at that level of intensity.

>Gravity Falls had that

That's sort of true but Gravity Falls and apparently Underfail had fan AU crossovers, like what if Mabel fucked slut Mabel from another universe, what if Dipper fucked magic bishie DIpper from another universe, what if Bill fucked crying uke Bill from another universe. I don't think they had "what if Dipper from the beginning of the summer fucked Dipper from the end of the summer" did they?

Or did they?

Hexxus is literally the Anti-Lorax.

>Constant updates on the WWF?

the recent trend of shoehorning Wrestling into nerd shit is fucking retarded