No more Brian Singer

Why are the Xmen movies so bereft of any content? Every movie is about the existential crises of either mutants trying to totally obliterate humans or humans trying to eradicate mutants. And these 2 concepts are tied together by the torment and suffering of Magneto. It's so fucking ridiculous. In the new movie, humans and mutants are best buds after just a few years of their discovery.

With the Avengers movies, we have a much slower buildup toward world ending events and the writing, though mediocre, is so much better than the Xmen. With Iron Man, Tony has to overcome his business partner's (Jebediah) struggle for power. Avengers has Hydra as a mini foils, along with the conflict between Thor and Loki. The Xmen have... Magneto and convoluted chain reactions that lead to world end scenarios. So many wasted characters...

Am I missing anything? Why are the Xmen movies just so goddamned awful?

>comparing it to other movies instead of X Men Comics

Not exactly. Although I am comparing it to movies, the question is why aren't the movies utilizing what's great about the comics?

You've... never read the comics, have you?

A lot of it is just inherent problems with huge movie franchises like this.

You gotta tie Magneto into the plot of every movie because he's a lead and signed a multi picture deal. You gotta have a villain who doesn't offend any foreign markets. You gotta have a young, handsome lead who bangs the young hot female lead at the end. And you gotta have a story you can squish into three short acts in under two hours that even the dumbest mongoloid old lady can follow in the theater in between thirty trips to refill her extra large Mountain Dew.

Nah, this is a fair comparison, OP just did it poorly.

The X-men comics beat dead horses just as relentlessly as the film franchise. On the other hand, Avengers comics don't have a lot of stand-out storylines themselves, and tend to rely way too heavily on concurrent crossover events.

But, the MCU adapted Avengers and the attached heroes' stories much better than the X-Men franchise handled adapting X-Men, because Marvel Studios didn't bite off way more than they could chew from the start.

The first and second X-Men films had big rosters, established every major character in a perfunctory, if not exploratory, way, and went big with the finales. This meant that follow-ups couldn't go bigger and stand out, and new castmembers sort of blend in to the colorful hodgepodge of "characters" who are just defined by powers and a lazy plastic-y costume. X-Men sequels doubled down on certain elements (all the Magneto and Wolverine), and tried to go bigger and more dramatic each time, which yields diminishing returns. Some films tried to distinguish themselves with period settings, but that's a limited bag of tricks to pull from.

The MCU didn't repeat itself as much, and avoided X-Men's repetition problems, by not really being true to the comics. They let each hero by stylized and adapted by different directors, then for Avengers, relied on the actors' chemistry together rather than the chemistry of the various, rotating Avengers on the page, which is hardly ever present, and at best inconsistent. They go on diversions like GotG. They shake up the status quo with things like the place Civil War leaves off, with the Avengers broken and Team Cap in hiding. Mostly they just avoid the urge to do more of the same.

Your points are valid, but man, I actually like the X-men movies. Most anyway.
X-Men, X2, First Class, Days of Future Past and even Deadpool

Something about them I like more than the MCU movies, but yes they're unbearably repetitive and honestly should've ended at DoFP.
Imagine that, a Superhero franchise actually ending. Would've been nice.

>Why isn't everything a Marvel movie?

This. X-men has a long history of being a giant mess of shit with Wolverine at the storm's eye.

>wanting Marvel to turn them into the Quip-Men then shoving movie shit into the future X comics

Never implied this at all. Marvel should never cross the streams between the existing adaptations, they're incompatible at this point. At some point if both are rebooted, sure.

Ideally X-Men comics would just have their own imprint and their own continuity, where they could be free of Marvel comics' shittery and crossovers, and hire competent writers who build X-Men experience as their editors.

Time for some hard truths about the X Men films:
>A good number of the characters are glorified cameos that trick fans into buying tickets going "Hey its ___!"
>Magneto is forced into almost every fucking movie
>Wolverine is given too much focus at times
>Mystique became shit once JLaw was cast
>It too THIS long to get Sentinels and Apocalypse and both were equally disappointing
>Series biggest achievement was a massive retcon
>Every movie feels like its treading through the same material, nothing really progresses, and we never get the X Men team we really want to see in action
>Quicksilver is broken
>CGI has progressively gotten worse

Did this scene actually happen in the comics? It felt so heavy handed that I actually laughed in the theater. Ugh..


This is one of the few times where Movie Blob is right on the money.

The X-Men movies apart from First Class suck.
The first two get some slack because people falsely assume that they pioneered the superhero genre in the 90s. Which is false, since it was Blade.
The third one is shit.
Wolverine Origins is horrible.
Days of future past takes everything First Class did fresh and differently and turns it bland and impactless, returning it to the same milquetoast tone of the first two movies.

Didn't see Apocalypse because I don't spend money on crap.

>X-Men 1
This is great.
>X-Men 2
This is great.
>X-Men 3
What the fuck happened here?
>X-Men Origins: Wolverine
What the fuck happened here?
>X-Men - First Class
Wow.. Not the greatest, but kinda cool.
>The Wolverine
Wow.. Not the greatest, but kinda cool.
>X-Men - Days Of Future Past
This is great.
>X-Men - Apocolypse
What the fuck happened here?

>The X-Men movies apart from First Class suck.
First class could have been good, but they killed off best mutant pretty quickly.

X-Men have always been garbage. It's a comic book series about an invalid that uses his brainwashing powers to recruit children soldiers into his personal militia.
It's funny that movie series is made by a man who uses his financial power to recruit children into his own personal harem.

Blade, Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, Hellboy, Batman

No, it didn't. But it's in character for Mags. He is vengeful and a bit melodramatic. I laughed, but only at the "Who the fuck are you? Don't try to stop me murdering these men!" bit.

>own imprint
>own continuity
no that's dumb. As for the crossovers ALL Marvel should be free of the overdone events

The only X-men movie which don't follow this formula is X-men first class. Singer is the problem.

I liked future Sentinels.
Apocalypse was a huge disappointment, though.

He's a pedophile but I like his movies

I think Deadpool did a better job being an X-men movie then Singer series. GOAT colossus, and I really liked the scene where negasonic powers destroyed her street clothes leaving just her X-suit. I like costumes more when they are suited to the hero's powers like sunspot in days of future past or The incredibles.

First Class still has the problem of not being a proper X-Men team movie. Yet again, the spotlight is on Xavier and Magneto and the other characters are either glorified cameos, devoid of any characterization/memorable scenes or just killed off randomly.

I'm honestly starting to feel like casting big actors like Fassbender and Lawrence in these movies was a mistake. Producers feel the need to shove them into more important roles because of their stardom (like Mystique) at the expense of characters like Cyclops that are played by literally whos.

Because they're directed by a pedophile. A very untalented pedophile.

>The X-Men movies apart from First Class suck.

This. My nigga.

>Days of future past takes everything First Class did fresh and differently and turns it bland and impactless, returning it to the same milquetoast tone of the first two movies.

>Didn't see Apocalypse because I don't spend money on crap.

Dude, it's insane. It's full of First Class references and flashbacks (complete with footage from it), characters constantly saying
"remember that cuba beach", etc.

The actual movie meanwhile is absolute garbage.

>or just killed off randomly.
Fucking Darwin, man.
Why was he even included?

When they signed Lawrence, she was a nobody. It wasn't until a year later when Hunger Games came out that she was finally worth screen time, at which point FOX had her under contract for another two movies (which shows how little anybody rated her when she was signed - if they'd had any idea, they'd have pushed for 4, 6, movies and built them all around her).

The problem with star power is that you can't make a big movie without it. In the end, you need more than just a gimmick to sell tickets - you need something people are going to want to re-watch, to buy merchandising from, not just the year of release/home video release, but for years, maybe decades, after that. So you really, really need big names, because even after they've disgraced themselves or got embarrassingly out of shape living the good life or just plain died, they'll still sell. People are still going to see Jack Nicholson in shit and he hasn't tried acting in almost 30 years - as most of his reviews have said in that same time - because he doesn't need to.

You could have a story-driven X-Men tv show, with far lower budgets and it would look like the movies do (up to a point - there would be fewer actors, smaller sets, less exterior work, but the effects they're using are basically 16 years old now and can be replicated by anybody with a copy of AfterEffects and a little patience, instead of teams of animators and a render farm), but the trade off would be more soap-opera (which given the comics are basically that wouldn't be too far off the mark), the loss of most if not all of the big names (but I'm sure they could still get Hoult), and a very high chance of cancellation in the first season, with little will to reboot or revamp the property as a show at FOX, and probably (having gone to tv over movies) little will to reboot as a movie series, because there would be very little time to change their minds and get a serious movie offering out.

The Wolverine was so terrific. Can we just get Mangold to make little nasty movies about random X-Men characters?