Cartoon starts as a comedy

>cartoon starts as a comedy
>slowly becomes a depressing story about terrible people

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>cartoon remains a comedy
>dark/grim parts are downplayed and, dare I say it, subtle

>cartoon starts as a comedy
>slowly becomes a depressing story about terrible people
At least it's better than the reverse.

>cartoon starts as depressing story about terrible people
>slowly becomes a comedy

Bojack thread?

>Cartoon starts out as a light hearted yet strange and quirky each-episode-stands on it's own thing
>Descends into a Serious, only sometimes momentaneously humorous show with a long overarching plot and something important has to happen every episode.
Literally happened after only six episodes of Mob Psycho and One Punch man.

I never expected to read the entire series. More in November right?

You're right OP, Morel Orel was pretty good.

I feel the same way honestly. I felt like Season 2 of Rick and Morty doubled down on the whole "Rick is a terrible person and space adventures are traumatizing" aspect of the show and I had less fun watching it, for example.
Then again, I have a bit of trouble watching seriously depressing shows in general, so that's part of it.


Soon(TM), but November sounds about right.
>mfw it's a doubleship

The Bellybuttons/Les Nombrils
>implying you didn't know that already but just wanted an excuse to bump

Is it Steven Universe?

this one

Just wait until the Garou arc of OPM. It'll pretty much be the entire 2nd season

>cartoon starts as a comedy about terrible people with depressing elements
>slowly becomes a depressing story about terrible people with comedic elements

can't say I hated the tonal shift. The show was already kind of dark to begin with. The happy ending might have been tad forced, but goddamn I don't think my heart could take Orel repeating his family's miserable cycle or him killing himself.

What is Family Guy post-season three?

>Moral Orel
Tonal shift was well-executed, if a bit heavy-handed, less so than the rest of the show though.
Also, did anyone think of God's Chef during Don't Breathe?

>Bojack Horseman
Dramatic writing proves be to the show's main strength, and as a result, its comedy is often the lowest point of the show

>Rick and Morty
Least effective dramatically, due to the inability of being able to resonate with Rick, Morty has far more potential developmentally as proven in Rick Potion No. 9.

It would've been better if the "serious" moments didn't feel so tacked on. Like Rick's nonsense catchphrase actually meaning he's depressed seems like it would've just been a dark one-off joke but they tried to play it seriously and it just falls flat. His suicide attempt just felt tacked on.

>slowly becomes a depressing story about terrible people
Les Nombrils was that from the get-go, you just got fooled by the art style and the slapstick.

Seriously, dude

I seriously love Les Nombrils and I never expected to.

>story starts as a comedy
>it stays a comedy from beginning to end
>the fandom has to take a couple dark jokes and stretch them to a breaking point so they can make it into deepest lore

Orel says hi, I suppose.

Venture brothers?

>Literally happened after only six episodes of Mob Psycho and One Punch man.
After that shit with his brother I thought it was gonna remain at schoolyard level with different espers leading different schools fighting then suddenly a guy leaps down and the story comes out nowhere.

Vicky was a terrible person though, what happens in Vol6 and 7 took her down a peg.

Oh definitely. To this day I find the suicide attempt entirely pointless

Art mirrors life once again

>Comedy is about depressingly terrible people


>daily dose

Last tomes fucking when. I want to read this, but I'd rather wait until the last tome is out and marathon it.

On a semi related note, anyone remembers what tome pic related is from?

I would watch an animated Always Sunny In Philadelphia

i hope that his parents, while not happy with each other, are at least content to see that their kids all grew up to be decent human beings.

That was always a depressing story about terrible people

Because it's shit

has there been any new meg, mogg, and owl?

google takes me here

I know it's Seuls/Alone, but there's ~10 tomes scanlated now and I can't remember which one that scene is from.

1-4 also has cinebook rips.

No not that I know of. I swear after Simon's work got popular and released in anthologies, there isn't a good outlet to read them all for free. One More Year is slated to come out next year but nothing really till then. I can't find any downloads or sources for cbr. You can of course buy them, but Life Force can't be found cheap I've only seen >100usd. Megahex - Amsterdam can be bought for < 20usd though. So it's not too bad.

I storytimed Life Force, bits of MegaHex, and Amsterdam the other day. But scans are hard to find for a 'web-cartoonist' like Hanselmann. You can read some strips on, but they're mostly from Amsterdam.

Not that user, and I don't care for that comic at all, but I know there's a storytime of some of it on 420chan.

Just a headsup.

>>cartoon starts as a comedy
>>slowly becomes a depressing story about terrible people

But I like it when that happens. Usually I end up enjoying them way more than I expected to; it's a nice surprise.
Moral Orel and Bojack Horseman send their regards.

It's not for everyone. I'm not foaming at the mouth over an ausfag-tranny's stories about burnout townies. I got 75% of what I storytimed from a zip in that thread on 420chan. Thanks for trying though.

I've never seen this happen and notice it.
Only ever in reverse.

>People mentioning this like it was a bad thing
Series with no plot are forgettable shit.

Comedies that lose the ability to make us laugh because the author needs to show us a patina of drama that turns into something disgusting and abhorrent aren't good. I'm not saying this is necessarily always true, but there are certainly cases where it is. There's a difference between characters going through a hard time and struggling, and characters who take an abysmally dark turn and stop being likeable. Or shoehorning despair into a comic to make it edgy and dark. There's a left hook, and there's a sucker punch.

Go some examples? Because all the ones I can think of were for the better.

truly great works of fictions use both ends of the emotional spectrum, because a rollercoaster is always more intense than a regular train.
I remember an horror festival with a movie marathons, and every single one had hilarious moments. Evil Dead had "Shut up, Linda", The Thing had the protagonists getting annoyed at the spider head trying to get away sneakily, and so on.
Most comedies becoming more depressing are just finding their cruising speed.
That, or the author's brain has fired; it happens too.

tome 1 or 2.

Steven Universe.

isnt it the other way around? The series began with Steven finding out his powers by eating a cookie cat lol.

The end was entirely forced, because Mike Lazzo is a cunt who doesn't have good taste in shows.