Superman is a menace who must be stopped. We can't allow alien creatures to rule over us

Superman is a menace who must be stopped. We can't allow alien creatures to rule over us.

>We can't allow alien creatures to rule over us.

Jews already rule over us.

not fooling anyone lex

Is Lex Jewish


He is Mark Zuckerberger in BvS.

We all know you are yandere as fuck for the alien.

Lex's argument is usually legit though. The only thing about it is that it's Lex that's saying it. Like, how can the world be sure that Supes doesn't become an autocrat? Every single comic book always falls back on good faith that "oh, but Supes isn't raised like that." Like hell. It is not very likely that a working class farmboy in Kansas will not be corrupted by absolute power. And as we learnt from the cold war, the best way to deal with a nuclear apocalypse is to put away the missiles. So by that, shouldn't Superman be exiled, because by every logic in risk analysis, he is a liability? What's Cred Forums's thoughts?

Without Supes the world would have been destroyed many times over so it's really a moot point. You can't stop him if he wants to rule, but until he does that he's far more of a boon than a risk


We didn't put away the missiles though. We just never ended up using them on each other. There's still thousands of them sitting in their silos and airbases, ready to be used at a moments notice. It's not that the threat has passed, we've just gotten so used to it that we don't even think about it anymore.

Very fair point. I would argue though that the human race ourselves are very capable of dealing with lots of conflicts as well. For localized crime-fighting, we have Batman Inc., and it's great too because public discourse affects the direction of a corporation, so there's citizen participation. As for more supernatural stuff, Supes is useless against magic so no loss there. Other than that, The Green Lantern corp have a quasi-senate thing going for them, Diana is a pretty good strategist, and so on so forth. Yeah, it would be easier having Supes in the equation, but the harm of it is: What happens when Supes is gone? It's canon that he can age, and it's reasonable, I think, to assume that he could be aged enough to be incapacitate. So when he's useless, how will we rise to meet the challenges? Sure he inspires us to both become better human beings and better at protecting ourselves, but what if we didn't reach to his aspiration when he is gone?

I can't wait for Trump's hair to fall of during the Hypercrisis

This. Potential tyrant or not, he's been essential in preventing the world from becoming a burnt cinder. At the very worst he's an acceptable risk because the alternative is certain death.

I was trying to come up with something, that at least the nukes are well-regulated, well-maintained, and large nations are well-sanctioned against using it, but then I realized all of that are bullshit (terrifyingly). So yeah, I give you that pointed. Well-played, user!

Lex weisenberg

Luthor in this comic is fucking hypocrite. We all knows that all what he wants is power and love of Metropolis. He afraid of Superman not because he can became "rogue" or make people weak. He just took place of savior instead of baldy so he is butt-hurted everytime, but need to have excuse for that.

just gonna throw this out there.

i hate superman comics. he's an outmoded cold war character that needs to die.

that being said, i will never trust a rich member of the ruling class more than an alien.

>cold war

Clark pre-dates the Cold War by nearly two decades.

You just don't understand, user. Go back to your Steve Universe and Ms. Kamala/Squirrel Girl books.

Why hasn't lex teleported superman's vital organs out of his body?

thats the point
the only person he wants to convince about superman being going rogue is himself