If you were a superhuman with your ideal superpower, would you wear spandex, a uniform, casual wear or etc?

If you were a superhuman with your ideal superpower, would you wear spandex, a uniform, casual wear or etc?

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Nope, that is retarded. I would wear standard military gear. That way when someone claims I stolen valor I can say yes and have no shame. By the way I would be a villian. The name would be "Stolen Valoranore"

I would whatever the fuck I want son I got Superpowers.


I'd wear a Soviet cosmonaut spacesuit modified for combat with a working jetpack and declare unending war on autism and the cia

Depends of the power

Well I am sure ideal superpower for most people would be reality warping or however high tier as you can get. Might as well get everything you can.

A good limitation on it, to push people's creativity would be street level super power? So if you have pyrokinesis, you probably shoot little fireballs. If you have super strength, it is probably like 1-5 tons. Or you can have a mix of powers but have a limitation or caveat that prevents you from being overpowered. Invincible but only for 20 minutes then need an hour to recharge or something.

I'd want to be invincible.
I'd wear nothing, I'd go around in the buff. I'd be invincible which means nobody would be able to do anything about it.
I'd stop crime by making every criminal in the room too uncomfortable to do anything.

I'd join the police. Less potential for shady shit than the military, and I could responsibly use my powers for profit and benefitting mankind.

So basically I'd wear a uniform.

In a world with superpowers, I'd assume a special metahuman SWAT team or patrol or something would emerge and we'd get our own uniforms, but it'd still just be a uniform.

That being said, I'd totally have my own symbol and copyright it. Not for merchandise, just to have a bunch of shirts and a few jackets with that on it to wear.

I would wear regular clothes, a hood of some type and a mask, so basically can hide in plain sight but also look normal if I wanted to.

Since reality works differently from comics, this seems like it would be the best approach to use your abilities and operate at the same time without drawing fire down on your real life.


Probably casual, since I could change on the fly.

I'd go shirtless.

OP said ideal power.

So you get to pick.

Or hit random on the superpower wiki until you get one you want.


I have a hard enough time maintaining my own persona without adopting another one.

Honestly, even if you had Luke Cage's powerset, you could pretty much get away with anything you wanted to, unless you decide to be stupid and steal nuclear launch codes or something top level like that.

I would wear a uniform. A baseball uniform while pulling in $40M+ per year and playing 30 times per year

Speed force teir super speed. Would I wear spandex? Absolutely, what the fuck are they going to tell me, I can't? I'm fast as fuck boi, you aint gonna do shit.

espee pls

>New virus is going around.
>Cannot receive vaccination because of unbreakable skin.

Unbreakable skin is the worse power you could have.

Depends, do I get superhero muscles to go along my superpowers?
This is important because I would look really stupid in spandex with my dumb skinnyfat physique.

Just put it in his butt.

Quick question: how do we get powers?

Are there aliens? Magic? Interdimensional beings? A multiverse?

Do I choose what I am? Because if I was an alien, I'd probably look into combining their type of clothing with Earth clothing.
If I'm a robot or cyborg or something, I'd play around a bit with clothing, maybe do something like a 1950's dad.
If I'm magic I'd just walk around wearing a bath robe and some stylish pajamas, because why the fuck not. It'd be comfy and I'd have an excuse.

A suit as I go across the nation and make millions of dollars off scientists who want to study my fuckin' superpowers, then live the NEET life comfortably for the rest of my life off the science money.

Hmm that's true. I guess my definition of street level is a bit lower than big 2 street level definition. Isn't he like a 25 tonner or something?

Essentially, my definition of a street leveler is someone who can fight a criminal or a few of them with what powerset they got, and have a reasonable chance of winning. If the government were to get involved and send in an army or specialized troops, the hero/villain in question would nearly 100% be guaranteed to lose and either die or get locked in a prison they would never be able to escape. So they are still decently vulnerable and can't start doing crazy things in the world.

Couldn't you ingest or inhale it?

I know there's a few different experimental delivery systems for burn victims and hemophiliacs and folks that otherwise can't safely take an injection.

Metal-Organic suit, though I'd ultimately prefer Doc Manhanttan level power, so it don't matter

Well I wouldn't wear spandex because it looks horrible in real life. It has the opposite effect and hides muscle definition. Just look at Arnie in The Running Man

an all black or an all white suit planetary style.

Probably just athletic and military gear in the case that i actually need to carry gear. I probably wouldn't wear a mask.

I dig the aesthetics of a normal looking, but superpowerful human just walking towards danger unfazed. To get full use of my persona, i'd probably put on a bunch of survival gear in pouches so i could run innawoods and track my prey, but I don't forsee myself ever wearing a colored suit or mask if i had powers

Kitty Pride's Phasing power. Or Johnny Royalle teleportation, Nightcrawler's is too flashy.

Probably would wear casual clothes, since the main objective is to dissapear at will.

Something broken like super speed(I would try to read everything so I can actually help the people) or reality warping.
If I cant ask for that level of power, I pick survival powers like Wolverine.
And I probably wear something like a luchador (mask included) with a jacket or hoodie so I don't feel too weird.

One of the questions I ask myself every day is "What super-power would be best in this situation/help me out the most/be the most useful" just sort of randomly as a side-thought.

What almost always comes to me is the ability to stop time, or Nightcrawler-esque teleportation, minus the brimstone perhaps.

Hell yes I'd go full costume. Maybe not straight up spandex, but i'd need to have my face completely concealed, not giving any hint of my facial structure or eye color or anything. Basically an opaque(maybe mirrored) dome. From then on i'd probably complete it with a dark padded jacket, with gloves and boots and everything covered. Doesn't really matter all that much, since with either of those i'm not getting seen all that often ideally. But, that'd still complete it all nicely.

I would totally put on a costume. Probably not spandex but branding is everything. If i'm a superhero why not make money off of toy and videogame rights?


some sort of crazy mask and street clothes

hit crime where it hurts

Yeah, I think the Stop Time skill can be dangerous. What if you still get old using the skill? It would cut at least half of your lifetime.

>Or hit random on the superpower wiki until you get one you want.
wew lad
Bow down to your new ruler, slaves

How can you make money out of it without making your secret identity public?

Pay me in money bags. If not then I guess I just go public like Iron Man and keep my loved ones safe with my millions of dollars. If they somehow get killed then I go on a literal rampage finding the killers then kill their loved ones while showing the rest of the world to not fuck with me or my family.
My powers are anyway. What could anyone do?

Only faggots want boring powers like reality manipulation.

My ideal power is shape changing so I'd probably be naked all the time.

A suit+mask.

It's happening quite a bit in the thread though. I mean really most people would go for it because then whatever powers you actually want to manifest/use, you can do that through reality manipulation. Want to live like Spider-Man? Manipulate reality to get 10 tonner super strength, wall crawling, web slinging, and spider senses.

But yes, I agree, it is boring. It's why I was talking about a limitation to remove that out of the pool.


Shape shifting would be so fun. I'd fuck with people by turning into monstrosities out of nowhere like The Thing instead of stopping crime. Or maybe both

>Ideal superpower is serious wizard powers
Typical stage magician setup with a top hat and suit

I start off making small gigs at kids parties and shit as a stage magician, doing stuff that's impressive but doesn't really seem to be anything other than simple illusions. When I start getting more well known and move on to bars and shit I get beef up my act with shit that seems absolute David Copperfield-tier but still never pull out the big guns, everything that seems like it could be done with smoke and mirrors. Finally, when I move up to a really big show with a massive audience in the thousands with TV crews and everything I pull out the real shit, doing some serious cosmic magic shit that puts me in the history books.


>"The ability to become an embodiment of disgust."

Fucking hell. I suppose my outfit would be a garbageman's.

But user you don't need a costume

Infinite range unlimited teleportation with perfect control, and I cant accidentally teleport myself into walls and stuff. I probably wouldn't do much crimefighting, and just use it for convenience. If I did though, I would probably wear some kind of plate armor so i could just teleport on top of people.

>make yourself look like a little old lady with a purse full of cash
>walk the streets alone at night
>whenever a thug tries to rob you, you explode into a screeching maw of eyes and teeth
>cuff them while they're screaming

You could call yourself Captain Pants-Shitter.

So, unless I can summon them to me, I literally just exist. GREAT.

Time manipulation.

I probably wouldn't wear spandex but somethinges along the lines of what Moon Knight wears but tinier so that it actually fits me.

A [stand] can help

Honestly i'd be way more fucked up. Instead of arresting street thugs I would follow big name crooks and murderers, follow them for weeks, find photos of their loved ones, find them at night then proceed to shapeshift into them and proceed to mindfuck them by then turning into convulsing piles of flesh, bones, and teeth while screaming their names.


I'd just wear a tracksuit.


If it's telepathy, going with a casual look. Discretion is best.

Any elemental power, especially Ice, would probably be something fancier, but with a choice of color you wouldn't expect, like red


What's your superhero name? SuperSlav?

Yes. I would use my powers to remove kebab. I would be the greatest hero Yurop has ever known, but hated by the media.
Don't know what my power would be though.

Also its good for being aerodynamic.

The Suburban Crusader.

>Preferred power.
The Hamon, pre-stand shenanigans.

Pic related.

That's not nearly as funny...

I'd go naked as God indented, or perhaps only wear regular underwear. You think I'm gonna have a superhero body and just cover it up?

i'd wear knight armor because my ideal superpower is being a speedster. i wanna be the knight with racing stripes on his helmet that catches criminals by shield bashing at mach fuckteen

deus vult motherfucker

But I'm not a Slav to begin with. Though I suppose I could say I am, since nobody could tell from under my balaclava.

Super squatting and kebab removal would be your powers user, they're powered by vodka.

>I'd join the police. Less potential for shady shit

Coveralls, covering the whole body and still comfy.

But I need a specific superpower that will protect me from their beheading-scimitars and bombs. Otherwise I'll just be Frank with no guns.


Has there every been an instance of a nude superhero? Not by accident, i mean he streaks everywhere he goes.

I might consider it. Public nudity isn't a bigger offense than vigilantism, and if i'm indestructible then my clothes might just end up getting ripped or blown off anyway

Sue Storm in the first FF movie.

Okay, fine, but what about internal bleeding?

>Not by accident, i mean he streaks everywhere he goes.
I don't think so but let's make one. I vote for his name to be "The Silver Streaker"

A leather jacket
Some nice jeans
And Timbs
Maybe a hoodie or hat

Power amplifier, buffing people around me.
Keep dressing like the bum I am.

What should someone with super speed wear IRL?

>that trigger discipline
>that die hard

Wear a speedo and call yourself The Streak.

Why don't you have any guns user?

Because I want to be a superhero. Also because my aim sucks.

Cosmic armor of super ultra importance

it will glow, and have auras that burn with light.

It will look like a mix of a galaxy, a rave party, and the literal sun.

I will be so bright that i cause intense blindness and burns to all who look upon me.

my super power would be Self- Importance. Everyone will be compelled to find me the MOST important person ever and all would be agree on that even if they didn't know why.


>You can't be a superhero and a gun owner at the same time
>He doesn't go to the range and practice so his aim gets better

I would be wearing everyone.

I don't want to kill people, user. It'd be enough to have a teleportation power and remove kebab that way.

coat, hoodie, etc, so it's hard to look at my face and I can blend easily... Maybe protection, depending on the limits of my powers. Call me edgy, but while I still wanna look somewhat cool, I don't wanna go around calling everyone's attention.

But will it keep the kebab away?

>One of the questions I ask myself every day is "What super-power would be best in this situation/help me out the most/be the most useful" just sort of randomly as a side-thought.
You would be Eidolon from Worm, whose power grants him the three powers he needs in any given situation. This comes with literally devastating consequences if you need to feel like a savior, though.

just controlling fire or emit it from a part of your body?


Will my body be able to handle the insane speed at which I'm running with just a speedo on? Advise me senpai

My ideal super power is having a symbiote, so I'd probably just wear underwear for the few times it will come off me.

>I would be the greatest hero Yurop has ever known

not like there's much competition; almost all the great superheroes are American or Canadian

>cryokinese at iceman level
I'd be a beetle knight in ice armor
I have a name already....

Other than that of I wasn't serious id probably collect various masks and use them according to my mood and the way of use my powers that day.

12 year old detected.

I wanna be a speedster, and dress in all black linen, naked, or sometimes gold (like the knights of the zodiac)... I wouldn't abuse my power, now that I think about it.

That's for you to find out.

No offense, but if I had my ideal superpower, I'd forcibly evolve mankind and usher humanity towards an era of actual peace.
Costume wouldn't matter to me.

The biology nut in me rages at this blasphemy against anatomy but the jrpg nut in me really wants to play a game where these guys are a race.

Invisibility, no uniform needed

What makes it blasphemous?

If you had that sort of power you would want to do something else with it because you probably wouldn't be an edgelord who hangs shitty fake swords from the pawnshop up next to his TV.

Peace is fucking boring, mate. If there is no conflict then what's the point of being here

>The biology nut in me rages at this blasphemy against anatomy
What if the beetle was actually just beetle sized so he could breath, and he just has really tiny weapons to battle spiders and shit. Maybe they have stories of famous beetles who have killed snakes and birds.

What would be an ideal superpower for someone who wants to dress like a skeleton, like Lord Death Man? Necromancy seems too OP, and I just want to be a credible threat, not virtually unstoppable.

Look at where the face is and then think about how a Hercules beetle works.
That's like your face appearing on your chin and everything else being blank.

Insects get oxygen into their systems by tiny holes all around their bodies that air just passively passes into, they don't conventionally breath. If an insect is too large, it would suffocate.

Violently raping undertale fans.

well, anyway cosmonauts are the coolest shit

i'd wear a white beater and jeans no shoes

ahh the old motorcycle helmet, a classic.
personally i prefer robes

>wife beater
Don't use the PC term, use the real term and don't be a bitch or just say undershirt like it's properly called.


I would likely stay low key but in the event of being discovered, I'd probably get a signature look of some kind. Nothing costumey or dorky, but something that stands out slightly and is not aesthetically displeasing or embarrassing

Not him, but that's awesome, man.

Hey Us, how's it going?

Self bone growth and low level regeneration.

You can grow branches off of your bones to form weapons. It still physically damages you though, hence low level regen. If you really want to limit it and be street level:

Both bone grow and regen are reliant on the body's health and nutrional status. Meaning you need to keep eating food because the regen is just kicking your body into high gear self healing process. Also, more you use bone grow, less you heal. So if you are fighting and you grow a huge axe out of your arm, you'll notice it takes longer to close the wound. Have to be creative and conservative when using powers. However it is a very utilitarian power. You can shoot bone spikes, fight close combat, even climb things thanks to bone claws.

I really don't know. I suppose my decision would be based on if anyone else was getting superpowers and what they were wearing. It's not much of a uniform if nobody else is wearing one. At the very least I'd take the opportunity to wear a weird mask regardless of what else I would be wearing.

I actually considered bone growth and I love the way you think. Thanks for the assistance.

Thanks man. I am fanscinated by street level powers because the limitation allows for a push in creativity. I have a dream where Cred Forums is organized enough to get a comic going of a bunch of OC street level superheroes and make a board wide expanded universe.

Depends on the powers. Give me a power and I'll tell you what id wear

They come back, they get teleported away again. In time they will give up.

Have you read Wildbow's Worm? It's a really well done superhero story full of characters who make creative use of street level powers (the protagonist can control bugs) and the worldbuilding is amazing. It's a web serial at over 1 million words, basically a book series, but I'm nearly finished with it and I enjoy it immensely.

how much can you hold and bring with you while teleporting?

If a lot, you could just teleport kebabland into the void between galactic super clusters.

Well my ideal is immortality but that's fuckin gay so let's think of something else.

I'd go with shapeshifter. And I'd be wearing normal clothes, but like a bunch of layers at all times. So I'm rocking that undershirt, underneath a button-up, underneath a denim jacket, underneath a bombers jacket or big coat with the fuzzy ends, et cetera. Probably a beanie and a baseball cap. Because, you gotta have new clothes for once you shapeshift, right? I mean, I guess you could shapeshift fake clothes onto your body, but I'm not walking around naked. Plus it would give the added benefit of me looking sorta maybe homeless, so people would automatically not want to look, because society of awful, thus helping further keep my identity safe.


Spandex, but only after I turn into a tall, sexy woman.

But there's historical artifacts and ruins there. And animals. And plants.

And here we see two sides of Cred Forums momentarily converging.

Nobody can do anything about it? Handcuffed and taken to the loony bin. Game over.

My ideal superpower is a GL ring, but that's not really a power so I'll take telekinesis instead. I'd be a hero but wouldn't be averse to stealing shit I want.

I would go full spandex. Talking straight out of the god damn silver age. Would probably swap to casual wear every now and then. Spandex is cool and all, but I can imagine it getting uncomfortable.

seconding this. Worm is fantastic. Made me really re-evaluate what even the shittiest of super powers could be used for.

I have not, but I'm writing that down right now so I can check it out. Thank you for the recommendation!

yep. and they still would be there. Just in the cold, lightless void.

Save the animals beforehand if you want.

Not like you can't go back there if you want.

This seems like a lot of effort. I don't feel I'd have the right to go interfere with Kebabland, I just want to keep them out of here.

user, you're the superman. It is your right.

Superman does not genocide people, Zack.

my ideal superpower is superspeed, I'd wear really cheap clothes for when I need to run so fast it shreds my clothes, so no change

I wasn't referring to Superman himself, just the concept of 'a superman'

Adolf please go.

It's easy to say that when your house isn't the
one getting blown the fuck out, user

I'd get ripped and wear red poca-dot boxers arpundits. Only those close to me that see me like that would know my secret identity

Better question, if you had that superpower, and this is a Dr. Manhattan scenario where you're the only person with superpowers on the planet, would you abuse that power?

hell yeah I would.

Nevermind, I just watched a video of them cutting a goat's throat and letting it bleed to death. Into the orbit they go.

I have abnormally sensitive flicker-vision and am just generally tough with a fucking dense bone structure. Ideally I would take these attributes and heighten them enough to count as super powers.
I want to say headsock/trenchcoat combo to go with my long hair but I know for a fact that goofs like pulling hair in a fight like horny sluts. Maybe purple/gray/brick tactical camo in a ninja style suit. Not spandex, but a reversable hoodie with brown on the reverse and a slot behind the neck for a loisville slugger that I'd drill a chamber for ball bearing into, just wear it with nondescript jeans. This would be the ideal costume/weapon combo for what I would do, defend homeless people(used to be one) and maybe if my book gets all grimdark start murdering serial killers.

that's a good power but it's gonna ruin his costume every time he has to use it

Does it count as abuse if I'm just constantly changing my face so I don't have to talk with people

I'd wear a mask, probably not much of a costume though. I'd probably be a villain though. Fuck saving random assholes from muggers on the street, i'd be robbing banks and getting rich.

Expensive three-piece suit or alternatively French neoclassicism clothing.

That's more or less selfish, so I would say yes.

Well abusing your power generally means to use your powers for self and/or petty reasons, so yes

I'd wear some cosplay-tier costume, then go as myself to cons, only wearing an "ironically bad" version of my costume so nobody would know who I was

Captain Cold, please.

>I'd join the police. Less potential for shady shit than the military

vector manipulation or telekinesis

Id probably just dick around with my powers without harming anyone like grabbing things with my mind when im too lazy to move or refract light from my body too walk the streets naked.

Accelerator please go, I'm sure there's a loli for you to take care of somewhere.

>Less potential for shady shit than the military

Other way around.

People filter in and out of the military all the time, it's a huge group of people who bind together in times of war. Otherwise most of them just do normal, boring shit all day. This makes it harder to keep things secret for long periods of time.

Internal police culture is a whole other level. Much more insular and self-protective. Things can go on for years before anyone catches wind of it, because every officer is pressure to protect the blue, no matter what.

I think he means international shady like genocide, not being a pig and stealing drugs from the evidence room for the fishing trip with the boys.
They're both shady, think about it you have cop families that last for generations but you also have the same with military, cops just are a bit tighter knit and the families get more intertwined, it's easier to see because they operate on a more local scale.

Jeans and a tee.

just a balaclava and some easily stripped off baggy clothes

With my ideal super power, I wouldn't need any of that.


with enough toughness to withstand my own strength.

I'd probably enroll with military. They'd want me to go specops but I think I'd rather be with the engineers.

I'd go traditional, trench coat and Fedora and a Kato mask

Kung-fu fu pants cut off t with a designer vest that matches my pants a bit.

>I'd probably enroll with military.

enjoy a lifetime of being experimented on..and a death in a cold sterile room surrounded by scientists just waiting to open you up.

I'll dress up like a cowboy and shoot shit

something skin to a tshirt and shorts i guess
flexible, breathes, not too loose to grab nor get caught on, light, not noisy, easy to blend in, easy to change, easy to maintain
i guess spandex also works but not for me personally

I would go full Deus Vult

>Ability to shoot a huge laser beam from my mouth, it doesn't destroy anything it's just like a laser pointer bit bigger. It can blind the fuck out of you. Also I fly at half the speed I can walk.
>White unitard with ass window

Something street level maybe even street clothes to blend in like a hoodie and jeans. What daredevil wore in season one of the neetflix series or something like the homeless avenger is good too.

Shapeshifting, I want to know how to feels to fly but also turn in to a bad ass bear to beat the shit out of criminals bear handed.

I would wear the campiest spandex suit I could find.

Exoskeletal type armor
And then wear my regular clothes over that shit as if I never had such a thing in the first place

No point in walking around in nut hugging tights

the crusaders were faggots


found the shitskin

Begone Saracen

A nice tailored suit, that way when it gets fucked I can do my favorite thing in comics that suit wearing characters do. Fuck everybody up in the most smarmy way possible.

Nobody expects the shitposting spanish shitskin.

Nondescript clothes, reversible jacket and a lucha mask to pull out for action.

birdshit is white

I'd have time manipulation powers, but I'd try to pass it off as teleporting.
I'd try to make a cool costume like some magical girl shit, but it would look stupid and people would make fun of me. So I'd just wear normal clothes, maybe with a name tag of my superhero name.

I would pick shapeshifting with the included ability to give myself enhanced physical abilities through it.

I would create a female identity for myself as a cute, cheerful "good girl" superheroine in a cute costume.

Just give yourself low level necromancy. Maybe only a handful of skeletons at a time or one big, mega skeleton made from the combined bones of all the others,

4 humans vs 2 bears vs 1 elephant, maybe.

I like the simplicity of the Viltumites powers. Just immense strength, endurance and flight.

As for outfit, just something nondescript and a balaclava.

Fair enough. I do love mega skeletons. Kubo and the Two Strings has an amazing one.

My ideal power is Paladin powers, so I'd be wearing steel plate.

My superhero name would be Deus Vult.

My archnemesis would be Inshallah.

t. Google Lives Matter cucks

The ability to turn thing into peanut butter with my left hand, turn things into chocolate with my right hand and infinite appetite
Clothing is optional for me

The ability to animate small objects with full personalities. Spandex for days.

Extensive plant and earth control and essentially being able to become incorporeal by fuing into plants/ground nature in general. I'd wear roomy pants made out of leaves and more or less be a god of nature, plus for barkskin, in which case I'd rock antlers with a great plume of foilage.

casual, mostly because i can stop time and no one is going to see me doing anything.
watch tv, ad break, stop time, go around town for a couple of hours, stop anything i see, go home, resume time

hmm, let's see now.


I guess I'd just do a Rorschach kind of deal and have a full face mask and some body armour under plain clothes for my crime fighting outfit. Nothing so flashy that it would attract too much attention if somebody were to go poking around in my house but sufficient to hide my identity from anybody who might want to find me while I'm on my downtime.

You reminded me of a distressingly vivid dream I had about Rorschach using condoms that matched his shifting ink blot face mask. Tried to fuck a cold can of beans and everything.

Telekinesis and anything I can afford at a hunting/sporting good store. Probably gonna need some knee supports and thermal wear cause I'd fly and shit.

I read a metric fuck ton of comics, but there comes a time when you just need to put them down for a while.

You've clearly passed this point.

>need some knee supports and thermal wear cause I'd fly and shit.

Not thinking well enough, bud. Use your TK to warm the air around you and brace your joints. Easy.

Might tire you out fast, at first, having to focus on so much but it'd make you so much better at controlling and being used to your power.

Telekinesis is the greatest power. Anyone who says otherwise is just not creative enough. You can re-create an other power other than mind reading and some similar ones.

>an other

*any other

To be fair, if I actually had tk, i would just use it for shit like your pic

oh of course, we all would.

You know, I saw a lot of shit back when Cred Forums came close to experiencing a minor civil war over all the Watchmen porn back in 2009. But I don't think anyone drew an idea quite like that.

>Plastic Man
I simply become him.

Nothing but a thong if I'm a flying brick.

My ideal power is to be able to turn into a girl like Ranma, so I guess I wear casual clothes and I don't really fight crime.

>Spandex, but only after I turn into a tall, sexy woman.

This is the gayest shit ever.

I'd have the power of flight, invisibility, and phase through objects.
I'd call myself The Ghost and I'd wear a white blanket over myself and nothing else

I wouldn't be a superhero. Why would I? Why can't I have something like fire powers or speed powers but be a normal civilian?

Something like this

Supes best outfit honestly

Nevermind this is the gayest thing.

Casually worn spandex uniform.

Ideal power would be everything a human is capable of doing but boosted to a godlike level. Strength? Hulk tier. Durability? Superman tier. Agility, reflexes and speed? Flash tier but no access to speed force and thus significantly less potential than a speed force user. Stamina, healing factor and immunity? Wolverine tier. Immortality? Standard pantheon god tier. Intelligence? Doom tier.

Costume would be a slim non-bulky power armor with a helmet covering my face.

>Reality control
>Traditional Samurai/Bamboo armour
>Bamboo is actually Brandysnaps, filled with cream
>Cream never goes off, never melts
>Brandysnaps always crisp and fresh, never too sticky
>Always have a delicious snack to give to saved hostages, or hardworking servicemen that I assist

Alternatively; gravity control and a suit with shades, MIB style
I will be The Ice Mage
Keep'em guessing, and try to keep the exact nature of my powers a secret for as long as possible

I'd be a shape-shifter, so I'd technically be naked all the time.

Probably, but then again my power would be to track down Cred Forums users and kill them so I can kill shitposters, Cred Forums and the Cred Forums posters that come here

I'd walk around nude.

And so would every female on the planet.

My ideal superpower is omnipotence.

Fuck. I always have dreams about flying so my immediate choice would be flying.

But then, people saying shapeshifting in this thread have made me think that's probably the best way to go. You could shapeshift yourself to be some super hench hot looking guy if you want to go pick up girls, maybe shapeshift your self more/stronger muscles if you need to do some feat of strength, and I could experiment with stuff like wings and perhaps be able to fly after all.

I could even shapeshift into a qt trap and finally live out my fantasies.

I'd want Invulnerability.

Probably would just wear Comfortable fitting Jeans. A T-shirt with whatever symbol I'd come up with and a jacket over it.

A Skull cap And one scarves that look like giant turtle necks. Like Elektra had in the Daredevil Netflix show.

Im not even sure I'd bother with the symbol tee. But Its a fun idea.

He already has my ideal powers, so his outfit but with maybe a mask of some sort like red robin's condom mask pre-new 52

Pageantry is important. And I definitely don't want to be some tacticool dipshit "why doesn't Batman kill/rape rape the joker".
People will recognize right away that I'm no soldier.

I'd dress like The Shadow and just go around smashing crime rings and all criminals great and small while having sex with every cute girl I see. My power would be mind control.

Silver Surfer? Perhaps some alien characters.

Probably just a black hoodie and balaclava+glasses.

>Not turning into undead versions of their victims

>Less potential for shady shit
>In the fucking police

absolute over kek

Couldn't one wear fatigues and webbing and stuff like that, but no insignia or ranking markers or anything like that? Military surplus is a whole thing, and some military outfits are just really comfy and functional.

Is this an American thing?

Telepathy and Telekinesis.

Something super classy mixed with a little slutty like Emma.

If I had my ideal superpower I wouldn't even be physical anymore. Something like Wonder Man when in his glowy ionic form. Strength, durability, flight, energy projection, and lack of biological limits (needing to eat, drink, sleep, and the pesky aging problem)

Tool around the universe exploring. Should be able to get up near to c, time dilation makes the trips take even less time.

Best way to decide on powers.
Then make outfit based around that.
so i got;
So clothing optional... but I'd go with casual wear and some bullet proof padding incase someone shoots blindly (make them think I'm immune to bullets).

That's pretty much how every country slaughters livestock.

>Mcguffin speed punches
Probably wear casual or go full jojo, I would get into random street fights and take on mafias and stuff, it would be comfy

>ideal powers
>kryptonian physiology

Well since Superman has gained an average of 6 billion tons of strength per second since arriving on Earth, I wait an hour then do whatever the fuck I want, and I do it butt-ass naked, because I'm a fucking GOD.

I don't think I'd be doing heroing unless it was convenient. I'd mostly just make my life better with it.

It being superspeed or teleportation. I hate being in vehicles, but I love traveling.

>Generic flying brick powers
>Casual wear
>I am bulletproof
>My clothes are not
>End up going broke because I have to keep buying clothes
>End up having to steal cash to fund my wardrobe
>Thus begin my turn to the dark side

Being able to multiply or clone myself and experience the multiple lives simultaneously. Only cunts wear costumes I'm not trying to draw attention to myself.

>I would create a female identity for myself as a cute, cheerful "good girl" superheroine in a cute costume.
Why just one? You could rotate through a bunch and not give away your true power levels.

Soooo... alex mercer?

jeans, white shirt over a long sleeves black shirt, sneakers, gloves and something for the face, can't think of a good one that hides my appearence completely and be pratical at the same time

Buck-ass nude.

a (regular, not those white ones that jason uses) hockey mask and face paint

never wore those myself, but it must be better than a motorcycle helmet

You fucking bet I'll rock that spandex like a rockstar.

Also why is everyone talking about superpowers when OP only asked about clothes?

>time and space manipulation
When I'm doing super villain stuff id wear some royal getup with a cape

Otherwise I'd wear my regular clothes

If my power is super speed I'd wear a leather jump suit inspired by Returns Catwoman


I would wear a full black urban ninja outfit with googles

Basically normal clothes, but with my symbol on the chest. Think something similar to The Captain, but also with a mask.

I have a sick fetish so I'd go with Ant Man's size manipulation. Can't use spandex because boners would be obvious, so I guess uniform.

But you would be tiny so nobody would see your boner
Or so huge you could crush your enemies with your boner

Not if they're closely inspecting me.

>I want to reduce suffering in this world in legitimate fashion as opposed to relieving small scale conflicts, temporarily restoring the peace on a case by case basis.
Do you think medical technology is edgy as well, because it helps saves lives on a larger scale than any super?

meant to write "global" instead of "legitimate"

>Wanting to hide boner
>Not wearing hard shell armor
It'd also be disproportionately protective when you're tiny and bullet-stoppingly thick if/when you get big.

I would just encorporate a codpiece with a shotgun into the costume.

>stolen valor
What kind of battles would he pretend to be a part of? Would it be military stuff or would he also pretend to take part in major superhero battles?

There's no real worry since I said Antman's size ability. He can't really be harmed that easily when tiny and his skin is tough when big.

Venturing into Cred Forums, yet I liked Isone's Language User ability from Yozakura Quartet.

I think I'll have her ability with a very stylized causual wear outfit the border on a design suited for a hero.

Not sure what kind of powers but I'm torn between casual clothes or the cheapest, ugliest and terrifying fursuit ever.

Actually I'd like to change my outfit every time I use my superpower.
So, when somebody will try to understand what happend, that man will be unable to tell if there was a certain superhero or somebody else. Or, I just would try to hide the fact of superhero existent from everyone.
So, nobody will tell things like "Oh my, that manly Groovyman saved that boy from burning building yesterday!", but more like "Oh my, that boy survived in that burning building by some miracle!".

>Implying you can't have both

The thing is, at small scales, actual armor is the difference between "can survive getting bitten by a rat" and "can survive getting hit dead-on by not!Hawkeye's arrows".
At large scales, it can help with biological/chemical attacks if you don't have Ant-Man's helmet to go along with.
In either case, it's a lot less likely to break and have Bad Things (tm) happen. Seriously, air at the wrong size may as well be carbon monoxide for how much you can't breathe it.

My ideal power would be telepathy, in which case I wouldn't bee seen at all, I'd basically just nudge law enforcement and world leaders where I think they need to be and drive them near insanity whenever they delve into shady shit.

If I had to actually choose a power to do crime fighting in it would probably be something like duplication or your flying brick set and I would totally wear a costume.

Flying brick with sunlight manipulation

this or normal clothes with the spartan helm

I'd totally love to have Telekinesis, depending on how well I could use it as a shield I think I would go with casual wear, but some armor underneath would be relatively cool. Just have to wear something to obscure my face.

For my power I'd have fear inducement
( powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Fear_Inducement )
Which to me could be super cool because you can literally make people run away just by staring at them.

For my outfit I'd wear a gas mask and an adidas tracksuit. Gas mask to hide my identity and tracksuit for mobility and style.

>telekinesis and accelerated regeneration

I feel like I'd wear some version of a modified SHIELD uniform, I just love how they look. Some form of the "kevlar weave" bullshit that they use in the MCU that probably makes up Captain America's and Black Widow's uniforms.

The color scheme would probably be blue and green.

Yeah, I'd go full face-concealment with my mask. I'm not risking the government finding out who I am and kicking in my door when I'm fapping.

I'd want the passive-aggressive wizard superset; Illusion/Invisibility, Telepathy/Crerebromancy, Teleportation and Intangibility.

I'd ware a trench-coat while I walk the earth, training my body and seeing the sights, and bring justice to any baddies I stumble upon. I'd also help the Authorities or other heroes if they ask politely.

Nah, birdshit is the black center of what you regularly see. Normal shit is brown or black, though. Hope that helps, subhuman.

My super power would be a gun

Flight, Nigh Invulnerability, Super Strength.
I'd wear a modified pilots outfit.
If I get a super tailor, I'd wear some grey/silver sentai shit based on aerospace suits.
Who wants to join the force?
I'm Air. Soviet flame guy?