What is the best Marvel movie and why is it Kingsman?

What is the best Marvel movie and why is it Kingsman?

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I didn't like Kingsman

All of the Captain America Solo films

Mind elaborating?

Civil War and Winter Soldier were good, but First Avenger wasn't great

because it's Deadpool

Avengers: Age of Ultron

>Civil War
>Captain America solo film
I chortled.


I can't really put my finger on the reasons why other than I'm sick of the "nobody kid gets badass training and becomes a badass in a secret organization or dystopian society".
I didn't like a lot of the humor eother I guess.
I'll admit I missed the beginning.

I honestly like all three about equally.

That's a weird way to spell Blade II.

I read it as just best movie and was wondering why there weren't more diverse opinions

>I'm sick of the "nobody kid gets badass training and becomes a badass in a secret organization or dystopian society"

he was basically Luke Skywalker but in a spy setting

First Avenger is still ok, but it's not as focused as the other ones. Though the Steve and Peggy romance is GOAT


I liked that Gazelle looked kind of like Samuel L. Jackson in the comic, and Samuel L. Jackson turned into the villain in the movie while Gazelle became incredibly hot.

>Obama gets his head blown off at the end

was not expecting this

Well it does toy with it in that he's a badass beforehand and doesn't really get that much better via training.

He's basically The Ace, in that you'd usually see him being the foil to the hero instead of the hero himself.

did that lady really not have any legs? What's she doing now?

He did have his father's pants. So small chance he inherited spy affinity. Plus they did manage to have a long training arc and he was sorta lucky

it's mostly his attitude that changes. He starts out a Chav and evolves into a proper English gentleman.

>Swedish woman is a slut
This has got to be the most realistic thing I have ever seen in any comic adaptation.

the actress has legs. They used blue socks just like Lt Dan

Resting her stubs on Chads shoulders why laying on her back. Her attitude more than her appearance made her such a qt

Yeah, I was surprised about that. It's in the spirit of the comic though. Hell, in Nemesis apparently Millar initially wanted to have the villain decapitate Obama at the end.

>sleeping with the guy who just saved the world makes you a slut


Nigga, the prosthetic legs were CGI, the actress has legs

yeah but the HEROES blew up Obama's head

Well my sense of wonderment has been destroyed forever.

True. Pretty ballsy to even show him getting on board with the whole "kill half the world" plan.
Were any of the other politicians that we were shown real?

I love Nemesis. Or love to hate Nemesis, to be more accurate.
It's the only comic which adaptation I'm still hyped for because of how much of a retarded trainwreck the comic is.
When? Seriously. When? I just can't fucking wait.

It is stated at the beginning that he was a talented gymnast that could eventually compete at Olympic level, but he went full chav and ditched his career.

the ending was shit.

she was in the most recent Star Trek and is gonna be in the Mummy reboot.

you're shit

well yea, but the movie still had a bad ending.

no u

Pretty sure they mentioned he was in the Royal Marines until he quit because his mother was having a breakdown over possibly losing her son like she did her husband.

I like the movie better than the comic.

>civil war
on being as convoluted as possible, maybe

nah man WS is where it's at, with FA a close second. and for entirely different reasons, too. FA was a magnificent pulp war movie. WS was a hard-hitting spy ride.

civil war was just Avengers Lite

be real with me for one minute, from one idiot to another: are you stupid

I thought I was the only one.

>constantly claiming it "isn't that kind of movie"
>the ending is Bond to a tee

Also the dog thing. Living with and training a dog as a team member and then kicking trainees out when they won't kill said team member? That's fucking stupid AND is anathema to their goals as an organization. That shouldn't be their fucking final exam.

The gun was loaded with blanks user
The point was absolute loyalty to the organization, to the ideal behind it. The members individually could be corrupted, as we saw with Arthur, but the ideal must be preserved
Also the movie is totally Bond, they literally have umbrella guns and other shit like that. The "It's not that kind of movie" happens once in the entire thing, and the villain says it. because he thinks he's the hero

Civil War was focused in the sense that pretty much all the scenes hit the beats they needed to hit in order to work regardless of the overall story (which I agree was overcomplicated), without sacrificing the engagement in the moment.
FA was also pretty good in this respect, but there were a few too many awkward montages and scene transitions for it to work in the moment the same way that civil war did. There's an essay that explains it better than I can (filmcrithulk.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/peggy-carter-why-captain-america-works/).
WS is probably the best at balancing in the moment engagement with big picture story, but there's still a fair bit of stuff that feels extraneous. It's still probably the best of the three, though I personally preferred CW based on the hype moments alone.

Mission comes first son. Can't be scurd to pull the trigger

I'm aware the gun was loaded with blanks. They explain that later. But the dogs are innocent. And they spent quite a lot of time drilling home the importance of keeping all your team members alive. Colin Firth's failure to do so is the catalyst for the MC's involvement in the story to begin with. Maybe they do a better job explaining that this is testing their willingness to purge the organization in the comic. But in the movie it looks like they're trying to see how much of a badass mother fucker the trainee is.