Despicable me- forgettable

>despicable me- forgettable
>lorax- trash
>despicable me 2- trash
>minions- cancer
>secret life of pets- lazy toy story ripoff
Is there any company making animated movies that's worse than fucking Illumination?

They suck becuse their entire stick is to make things for as dirty cheap as possible.

Theis results in them copying and paste assets as much as they can.

All profit no passion

Their goal isn't to make good movies, their goal is to make money.

Disney strives for both as, fundamentally speaking, they wouldn't be caught dead releasing a film that didn't have slavery levels of effort put into it. But Illumination Entertainment is Chinese and don't have the work ethic or reputation for quality, so they don't mind shilling minivans with the Lorax or creating the pop culture tumor that is minions.

Illumination Entertainment is what Dreamworks used to be before they got their shit together.

>they wouldn't be caught dead releasing a film that didn't have slavery levels of effort put into it
Then how did they end up making Home On The Range?

But Illumination isn't Chinese. It's owned by Warner Bros.

>abysmal concept means no effort was put into it
It's adorable how stupid people think that a bad end product means that every negative thing you can say about it is true.

Hell, Disney pumped MORE animation budget into that piece of sabotage than usual just so they could say to their shareholders "see how unprofitable Traditional animation is, now can we please be Pixar?"

>Sing- A koala named Buster Moon has one final chance to restore his theater to its former glory by producing the world's greatest singing competition.
First they make a shitty Toy Story with pets, now they're ripping off Cats Don't Dance?

Universal aka Comcast.

And no, they're not Chinks. They're French.

'Buster Moon?'

If that's a play on 'bust a move' I'm going to fucking punch someone.

Punch a girl while she's dancing,
that way you can
Bust her Move.

You're wrong, Despicable me 1 & 2 are great.

Despicable me was good, Despicable me 2 was okay. Still haven't seen Minions, but when I do, I'm not gonna let excessive marketing and shitty memes affect my judgment of it.

I'm probably not gonna see Lorax because I'm sick of heavy-handed environmentalism. Seriously, environmentalists may be right, but their movies are usually so shit that I don't care anymore.

SLOP sounds kinda boring.

despicable me movies are fine.

its rest that are cancer filled trash (including minions despite minions being a despicable me movie).

Will it suck worse than the Jim Carrey one?

Hello R.eddit

>isn't Chinese. It's owned by Warner Bros.
That's just as bad.

This movie sounds like Shark Tale 2.0. Ridiculously large celebrity cast, terrible plot, shoddy music. Add in waxy looking PlayStation 2 animation and we got ourselves a disaster.

I really wanted to like Secret Life of Pets but by god did it bore me. They seriously did nothing new with the film, all we got was 'hey let's make a movie about a talking dog and not do anything creative!'

Illumination needs a better and more innovative crew.

The only memorable thing about the film is how edgy it was with all the talk of slaughtering and death. That was kind of tonally jarring actually.

It will be better than the live action movie simply by it not being live action but even then, that design for him looks really off.

I don't trust an animation studio that doesn't release concept art books of their movies

My dad used to always say to me "Slaughter! Slaughter! Slaughter!" He's dead now. I like that.