Judge death enters the universe of the last cartoon you watched. How fucked are they?

Judge death enters the universe of the last cartoon you watched. How fucked are they?

>The Loud House
...wow they're fucked...

>Justice League
Not very.

I dunno, might depend on which universe and if Rick cares to do anything about him.

Wow, i didnt know they made skinny jeans that tigh-HUURRRRK
lucy would probably end up being one of his dark judges in the end

What's so special about him?
>Sarah and duck

>"donnn-t worry about it "BURP" mmmorty. Well just do that thing we did when those mantis people wanted your dick. Remember when those bug people wanted to fuck you? That was crazy"

>Venture Bros

They should be completely fucked, but they won't be

I'm actually not sure.

He killed his entire version of earth because he was a genocidal maniac who got powers from two witchs. He got bored of his dead world and broke ito other universes to bring his own dark justice to them. Sometimes he makes people into undead zombies, because his rational and justification for killing is that only the living commit crime, so life itself should be a crime.

>star vs
I think star would stop him, but not until after a shitton of people died before hand

They might be fucked, not sure.

He kills people by reaching in and grabbing their hearts. His body is already dead, so the only way to really stop him is immobilisation or burning, in which case his soul just pops out and escapes. After which he'll find some poor sap to mindjack and prepare a new body for himself.

About the only saving grace of the Dark Judges is their insistence on sentencing every being one-by-one. So they're slow to progress.

Theyd live, most of beach city and the rest of the earth wont. Honestly, id predict theyd repair the galaxy warp and unleash the cluster to give earth a mercy killing and prevent him from infecting other planets.

Lapis is honestly op as fuck

What if Steven took the place of Anderson by keeping Death in his head via psychic dream powers?

Death would escape within a year. They might be able to bubble him, however.

It might slowly fear him apart though, the only thing he would be doing is relaying the inevitable.

that slowness thing only really counts if they don't get access to stuff in prog where death goes to Vegas he ends up nuking it and killing millions in a instant and there also necropolis

*tear him apart

Yeah, they tend to prefer the personal approach but when needs must they're quite happy to unleash genocidal weaponry.

What era of Judge Death are we dealing with? The original 80s implacable ghost-zombie, the campy dark comedy character of the 90s or the more recent scary-as-balls version? He was relatively easy to defeat back in the 90s, even the Scarecrow from Batman got the drop on him.

>Avengers: EMH
If Dredd can punch right through Judge Fear's head, the Dark Judges should go down pretty quick against the Avengers.

>Calamity Jane
Most likely not maybe

Star Wars: Rebels

Egh; shitty part of being a prequel series is we know roughly how it ends.... Sorry, Death. Even if you win, it's not long term.

This was a bad time to watch Ninja Turtles with my niece...
But, it was that weird crossover between the '87 Turtles and the Nickelodeon cartoon...
I THINK the power of their ridiculous plots might be enough to thwart Judge Death.

I've been splurging on Space Ghost: C2C, so... I don't really know? I feel like the crew would be no match for him, but then they'd have some guest who was awesome enough to take him out.

>Steven Universe
He can't escape sealed environments, so bubbling can take him in.
He's gonna have a body count though. And Steven's never gonna be the same.

Destroying the body isn't that big a deal (its essentially just an animated corpse), its dealing with the possessing soul. That said, Dr Strange or one of the other magic users could give that a go. Maybe borrow Emma Frost and trap him in her head for the full "blonde mutant psis are his main nemesis" thing.

In what issues can I find the recent version of him?

The most recent with that art by Dave Kendall would be Dreams of Deadworld (part 4 2000 AD #1949, 2015. The previous three parts are about the other Dark Judges) and Tainted: The Fall of Deadworld (2000 AD #1973 onwards, 2016). They're all set on Death and the gang's homeworld quite some time before the events seen in the Judge Dredd strips.

The last time he appeared in Judge Dredd itself would be Judge Dredd: Dark Justice / John Wagner and Greg Staples, 2000 AD Prog 2015 special and #1912–1921). He'd been MIA for a decade before that

What if he kills half the galaxy within the first year he aarrives, which changes the entire course of the OT. By jedi, hed probably have killed 99.9 percent of the galaxy.

I always love the art in british comics. They almost always seem to be better

EQG4. Something interesting happens for once and the universe implodes from this contradiction of humanpone reality.

>by kek

>The Real Ghostbusters, JMS lead and pre PHD toting executives deciding to meddle.

We're cool. Maybe it's a two parter? They get to use that sick as fuck end of the world creepy music and the action sequence music where things look dire.

Fuck that show actually had a great score.

it becomes a non-canon comedic hunting of a very dangerous hollow.

But thats not a cartoon

Oh dear.

The Dark Judges can be contained. In fact it wouldn't be all that different from poofing and bubbling a bad gem.

>the more recent scary-as-balls version?

Oh? That sounds interesting.


Nothing a good loaf of Life-bread can't fix.

>DC Superhero Girls
It'll probably be fine, after a few couple of deaths.

Damnit! why wasn't this tagged for guro and torture?


>This would make for a great season

>death reaches into amethyst's chest for their heart.
>They poof.
>Gem drops to the floor.
>Death is vaguely confused.
>Garnet smashes the everloving crap out of his skull.

The sort of thing that would make Death give his whole philosophy a bit of a rethink.

>All crime isss committed by the living.
>Life itself isss therefore a crime.
>Rocksss are not alive.
>But these rocksss broke the law.
>Better kill all the rocksss just to be sssure.

He doesnt care anout crime that much. He just uses it as a sick reason to kill people thats why he became a mega city 1 equivalent to a cop

>Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Seems like a pretty standard episode actually

nothing my boy can't handle

I'm well aware of Deadworld's hiring practices, but he does at least try to justify himself. There's a good bit about it at the end of Dreams of Deadworld, but it's kind of a spoiler.

Does If the emperor had a text to speech device count as a cartoon?
Because then JD is the one how is fucked.

>Judge Death Goes to Holy Terra
>Gets curbstomped by greased up bananas
>Soul escapes to the warp.
>Meets a demon of Nurgle.
>Explains to him that all life is a crime.
>Nurgilite beatdown in the warp ensues.
>It is explicitly disgusting.

Yep. Best possible result.

>Judge death goes out to try his luck at pounding sand.

Good old amethyst, The Ablative Armor of Steven Universe.

Death works quite well as a follower of Slaanesh, actually, what with the excessive devotion to the murder of all life-forms everywhere. Obviously he won't succeed, but its fun to watch!

Khorne also works on a similar principle if you assume that there's similar depths of endless hatred behind the petty sadism.

Yeah, Death is good for Khorne, he loves the whole "blood for the blood god" thing.
Still working on skulls for the skull throne.
Hearts for the heart footstool just isn't the same thing.

I thought slannesh was a sex god?

Super Propaiyan Hank can take him


And then the other Dark Judges show up and Nurgle talent scouts Mortis into joining him.

>Cred Forums

But yeah pretty much all groups post Part 2 would take him (and I wouldn't discount Joseph's ruse-cruse force). The tricky part is dealing with the soul, though there are more than a few stands equiped to deal with that.

I think they can handle it.

They're commonly portrayed as such, and that's definitely part of it,, but Sla'anesh is the Prince of Excess. Without trying to get too philosophical, Justice is a good thing, Judge Death is too much of a good thing. They fit pretty well.

Whether he's doing the work of Sla'anesh or Khorne kind of lies in the motive. If he's just killing for the sake of killing, that's all Khorne, all day.

It could either fly with high colors or become one of the worst disaster possible.

There can be no middle ground.

>arent you kidsss a little young to embraccce deathss cold embrace?
>yes, yes we are-"HURRK"

What is Magnus's angle, there, anyway.

Being show his foolishness, getting back his soul from his father and being forgiven isn't enough?

You'd think he would give him a little bit of trust, at this point, no?

If a new Bike isn't enough, what would do the trick to convince him?

>Remember when those bug people wanted to fuck you

I do not recall that episode.

That's... That's like one of the important key plot point episode.

Morty ask Rick to make hima love potion and it degenerate into a virus craze that transform everyone into Mantis monster and when Rick try to fix it, it fuck the planet even worst.

but hey, at least Cronenburg Rick and Cronenburg Monty are both happy.

Batman the Animated Series.

...this sounds totally fucking rad. Only way it could get better is if it was Batman Beyond.

I just want to see what Judge Fear is afraid of.

Nah, he'd just be a guest as part of his prison sentence and loathe Space Ghost and everyone else.

I get the feeling it would be like the Scene in Hogfather where the Tooth Fairy's castle manifests Ma Lilywhite. And at this point Doctor Crane realizes he and the Judge aren't so different.

>Gaze into the face of fear!!
>You have no idea what it takes to scares me.

>Rick and Morty

About fu-urp-I King time...come on, we doing this thing or not? High five me, pat me on the, the back or something. I'll even give your bony ass a reach around if that's what you're into! Just hurry up and do it, motherfucker!

>Judge Death vs Deadpool.
>Deadpool runs into Death after he judged a kids birthday party.
>It ends badly for Death.

I feel like Death is fucked. It seems the more seriously someone takes themselves, the more The Warners fuck them up.

>The crime issss life, the ssssentence issss DEATH!"
>"I ssssaid, the crime-"
>"No, waitaminute...who are you again?"
>"I am Judge Death."
>"What? I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that, you'll have to speak up."

You can't kill the Internet, no matter how hard you try.
Don't you know suicide is a federal crime? Looks like you'll for life in jail for that...

derptool (because it WAS and will be a wapanese anime live action mockery)

Imagine an animated adaptation of Judgement On Gotham with a Timm-style Gotham and a Bisley-esque Mega City One. Imagine a Timm-art Mean Machine Angel.

Damn you for making me want what I can never have.

>TFW never see Cap verbally destroying Judge Death.

>Transformers Prime

Somehow, for some reason, Starscream will attempt to team up with him and gain leadership of the Decepticons, like always.

does anime count because the last thing i watched that was animated was my hero academia, and yeah that universe would be screwed.

Well the last cartoon I watched has a kid who's cursed to die and be reborn every day, another kid who is friends with C'thulu, and another who is super holy powered and yells PINK BERRY CRUNCH! when he cheerfully smites evil. I think Judge Death has bitten off more than he can chew.


Death runs around for 15 minutes trying zany after zanier scheme to kill the people Elmore but just keeps failing. Finally gives up and wanders into the void.