This is Namor

>this is Namor
>this is Marvel's attempt to compete with Aquaman


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I don't know why Alex Maleev decided to trace a picture of Bendis for Namor/.

I seriously had no fucking idea that was him until he fucking said his name.

>This is bait
>this is Op's attempt to compete with shitposters

Namor is the most powerful superhuman of the WW2 era, an on-again-off-again antagonist, the guy trying to bone Reed Richard's wife, and the only dude Doom feels worthy of having a Super Villain Team-Up with.

He's not the running joke of children's cartoons that is being miscast in an attempt to grind an edge on him.

Someone post namor dressing like a slut.

>ocean wizard superman

>sue storm orbiter and literal cuck

He convinced that whale to kill itself

>to noble to cheat

I get that Namor is proud, but that is horseshit. Namor would cheat like a dirty bastard. I mean, if it was something like Namor's rage giving making him not notice the whale, it would be one thing.

OP, quit being a fag. Nobody likes company wars threads, take that shit to Cred Forums.

What the fuck is this shit, Namor can lift more than an orca.


>ocean wizard superman

Try "the 43rd strongest guy to every be a Justice Leaguer, including some guys who's primary power isn't super-strength. Oh and talks to fish".

They were trying to base him on Jean Reno for some reason

And Spider-Man can lift more than a car, but if a car fucking dropped on his head, it would still hurt him.

It's a "the fans get to vote who wins" episode.'

And yes, Namor can typically hoist just shy of 100 tons when out of water, he can throw Orcas into low orbit.

Not sure I want to see Jean Reno walk around in nothing but a green, scaly speedo.

>being Namor
>Literally who for normies
>Don't have any decent comics

>being Aquaman
>played by Mamoa so normies shut up
>Have one of the best runs since 2011

>It's a "the fans get to vote who wins" episode.'
That should really say everything about a guy when people are willing to vote for Aquaman over him

>be Aquaman
>your wife is more interesting and has a stronger personality than you

>played by Mamoa because WB is afraid of laughinggirls.jpg
>Best run of Aquaman, low a bar as that is

Namor actually had a decent Byrne run, but he's generally a foil for heroes
>Hating on the classic Super-villain Team Ups
I'll do you a favor and just assume you are ignorant of them.

Aquaman is kept in a title because he has Golden Age tenure, and DCfriends are nostalgia-fags like no other.

1/10, got me to reply.

Isn't that the same story where Captain America and Batman "decided not to fight" because the Bat-fag anal pain would have caused a riot?

Where Batman gives a "well, you might even possibly beat me" line?

As opposed to Namor, who has just as much clout yet never managed to get anyone to actually care about him. In and out of universe.

No, they were in a sewer, it got flooded and Bats had to save Cap because BATGOD.

Why is it that the original is always better than the copy?

Why did Namor interfere in surface-dweller conflicts? Did the U-Boats wake him up from nappies?

Because the original was created with HEART, while the copy is merely an imitation and lacks that fire.

Better writers.

that's the thing- Aquaman actually DIDNT come before Namor. Namor actually came first.

It's just that Marvel was never able to write him as a compelling character, while DC was able to do lots of things with Aquaman.

I think the whole "master race" talk provoked him into challenging them, and then they whipped up "Master Man" and finally gave him someone worth punching with his full strength.

At this point, Namor was like Saitama, there was literally no one in the world punching at his weight class. Apocalypse was buried somewhere probably.

Cred Forums invented company wars, kid. Cred Forums ain't shit.

>Namor actually had a decent Byrne run

Master Man?

>while DC was able to do lots of things with Aquaman.
Give him a girlfriend, give him a teen-side kick, generic monsters to punch, give him a villain that's his "Own Evil Clone" or relative.....typical DC. Am I missing anything?

Oh yeah, he's arched by the Negro that Swims.

Marvel fans BTFO

>Martian Manhunter & The Vision

And then you get the weirdos that come out almost at the same time like Doom Patrol/X-Men or Swamp Thing/Man-Thing
How does that even happen

Wouldn't Hyperion be a better example of a Supes ripoff?

Since they don't have Google in your country....
Evil Nazi Super strongman.

Black Manta is a top tier villain.
Swamp Thing and Man-Thing were ripped off of an older character called The Heap.

>I don't read good comics.jpg
Lol, go back to read Bendis.

Holy shit it's Dolph Lundgren!

This is the run that had the fights decided by fan vote, right?

Neither are human, both are super strong, both can turn intangible.

Not exactly the same since one's a robot and the other a martian but they are pretty similar.

Both Hyperion and Gladiator are intentional riffs on "What if Superman existed in Marvel".
They aren't rip-offs, they are homages.

Well, The Vision was a supernatural alien.
The original Vision, from 1940.
It's one of those characters most people forgot are actually legacies.

Swamp Thing and Man Thing were both based off an older character, and Doom Patrol and X-Men were due to corporate espionage.

Well if he's from the 1940's then the chart is wrong.

Was Catwoman anything like Black Cat in 1979 though?

>They aren't rip-offs, they are homages.
Yeah ok.

>X-Men becomes one of the most popular superhero franchises which can support a dozen books at a time and has had multiple cartoons and movies
>only about 10 people care about Doom Patrol
damn shame

>Darkseid is in any way similar to thanos
Casual detected.

Sure does suck when a comic has shit interior art work

>Dc turned the blond blue eyed aquaman into a poo in the sea
And here i thought DC was safe from SJW bullshitery

>distant outsider
>flight, density control, shapeshifting, intangibility, and mental powers
>deals with what it means to be human

>Black Manta is a top tier villain.

I lol'd.

Aquaman's arch-foes are an Angry Black Man with SCUBA powers, his evil brother, and a guy with Fishing Rod Powers.

His history is full of guys with incredible names like Sea-Thief, Captain Cutlass, and Marine Marauder, ordinary mooks with SCUBA TANKS.

Namor's nemeses include Dr Doom, the entire Fantastic Four, various super-nazis, Atlantean warlords and the Hulk.

Does Aquaman have a single heavyweight villain? Or is it all Sea Monsters and Scuba Pirates?

Both of them have the requisite Shark-guy, I suppose.

Wasn't that Comic made in the mid 90s when the JL cartoon was airing and they actually made Aquaman cool? I could see why fans would vote for the name they know.

Namor's arch enemy is literally a nerd who married the girl he stalks

It was made in the mid-90s, yes, but JL was 2001.

Aquaman's rogues gallery is objectively worse than Green Arrows.

>Does Aquaman have a single heavyweight villain?
Ocean Master, Dead King, Legend, and Chimera are my favorites. He's also a regular in Justice League so you can add those villains and threats onto him.

>DC invented the idea of the speedster, the sexy female thief, the highly skilled assassin, the man who performs feats with bow and arrow, the superman and the detached outsider

You mean that guy who routinely thwarts Galactus?
Yeah, he's quite the nerd.

Have you read Aquaman's N52 run? A lot of his villains were pretty cool.

but yeah fisherman isn't the greatest

>measure villains based on their power-levels, not their character, intelligence and motivation
Oh, god. How causal you can be?

Wow really? I fucking hate how dates just kind of melt togeather in my memory these days.

Gladiator is part of a legion of superheroes homage, not a general Superman homage.

Don't you think it's kind of missing the point if you call Squadron Supreme a Justice League rip-off?

post pages where namor gets cucked

>He's also a regular in Justice League so you can add those villains and threats onto him.

No, Darkseid isn't a Green Arrow villain because Ollie has a membership.

I mentioned his Evil half-brother, every DC villain has to have an Evil Clone of themselves.
Chimera has that hilarious "You are an evolutionary rival of mine!" "Wait weren't you put together in a lab?" "Sh-shut up!". Seriously, DC needs to look up the world "evolution" before writing stuff like Faora's speech in MoS.
Dead King is a pretty cool guy with a name that's stupid and lazy even by "Captain Cutlass" standards.

He might get denied by the one he wants more than any other, but Namor gets more pussy than anyone else in the MU. dude doesn't give a fuck so long as they pass the Harkness test.

>but Namor gets more pussy than anyone else in the MU
Was Hercules retconned out of existence?

Herc runs a close second, but only because he wrecks boipussy too, which I can respect.

>Herc runs a close second
Your math is way off.
Herc has also canonically boned Namorita, so he's practically fucked Namor too, for good measure.

Thanos is literally a Darkseid rip off.

>One seeks anti-life
>The other seeks death's love
>They both have a very fucking similar look
>Both are OP as shit

The anti-life equation is the eradication of free will, while Death's love is just the love of a good woman. These two things aren't really similar at all.
Thanos is very much a Darkseid rip-off though, just more emotionally driven.

Hmmm.... It's pretty clear that herc would do Namor if given the chance, but would Namor be down for that?

Depends on what mood Herc catches him on. Namor may also decide he doesn't want it half-way through.

>while Death's love is just the love of a good woman.

I don't care how many Deadpool maymay's exist out there. When I first read the Infinity Gauntlet I viewed "Death" as a hallucination or vision of Thanos' to justify his nihilism.

No one can or will ever convince me she's the actual anthropomorphisation of "death"

Why not? DC has an even cuter one.

>this is bait
>this is a DC fan's attempt to stay relevant


Because she doesn't actually do anything in Infinity Gauntlet expect spurn Thanos, while Thanos literally has the devil whispering lies in his ear to boot. I always have and always will read it as a vision/hallucination. Just because I, the read is privy to a visualisation of Thanos' hallucination doesn't make the hallucination any more real.

It's like saying John Wayne in Preacher is a real character; not just a hallucination Jesse Custer invented after witnessing the death of his father a child from trauma.

*to protect a child from trauma.

If John Wayne was a hallucination, how did he tell Jesse things he himself didn't know?

But Death is a character in the comics. You can pretend she isn't, but she still is. You're just plain wrong.

What is she a character in?

Deadpool and Thanos stories? For Thanos I've already laid out that I view her as a hallucination.

Deadpool is the perfect example of an unreliable narrator. Even Deadpool doesn't know what happened to Deadpool. So Deadpool made up a story about how he cucked Thanos and that's why he can't die.

Jesse has Genesis inside him.

John Wayne doesn't tell Jesse things he doesn't know before Genesis enters Jess.


There's no point talking to you then.

Is she a character for anyone other than Thanos or Deadpool?

Has Marvel's "Death" interacted with any character but them?

Death exists, but isn't a woman, it's a cosmic entity that occasionally takes on a physical female form. The whole relationship with Thanos doesn't make a whole lot of sense though, not sure if it's bad writing are they just wanted it to be more mysterious.

Mar-Vell, Silver Surfer, Galactus

It appeared before Wolverine in Death of Wolverine also. It doesn't always look the same though.

they got Deadpool's time of creation WAY off, he was created in the late 80's not 2000

also pretty sure both Quicksilver and Hawkeye were created before 1964

I'm honestly amazed that Wolverine has stayed dead so long, even more amazed that it's had surprisingly minimal impact on the setting as a whole

That's because we have a version of OML in 616 to fill that gap. I don't mind, I've been enjoying the OML ongoing.

>dude doesn't give a fuck so long as they pass the Harkness test.
they're younger than Agatha?

Maleev is a tracer?

Oh yes

Me and my friends used to joke that he traced a famous greek singer named Lefteris Pantazis. When I learned that Maleev is Bulgarian, I actually started to believe that he did it on purpose. Just google the singer and you'll see the resemblance.

Didn't namor come before aquaman.
But yes aquaman is better then namor not because hes not good but aquaman is tough to beat.

I can't believe someone posted lefteris on Cred Forums

This only goes to show how giant casuals dc fans are.

>Byrne being a bar for quality

What the fuck are you talking about? Starlin himself said that he used Metron and Darkseid as inspiration for Thanos,


No, it only goes to show how stupid people who make company wars bullshit are.

>Namor's arch nemesis is the guy currently rebuilding the multiverse
How can Aquaman even compete?

>this mic drop

Deadpool was created far earlier than that, and Catwoman gained about 75% of her present day personality from Black Cat.

Sentry or Hyperion would be a better Superman reference.

>Marvel's attempt to compete with Aquaman
He came before Outrageous-man.

>people still bitching about characters ripping each other off

Who the fuck cares who was the first person to drew a costume on a character 60 years ago? All comics had shitty writing back then and just copied each other.

But the resemblance is uncanny!

He can telepathically control humans, give them seizures, and COMMAND sea life.

Oh, and rip apart tanks with his bare hands.

no black cat used to be what cat woman is now. A sexy cat burgular. Catwoman on the other hand was like Poison Ivy with her own henchmen and stuff.

Ofc Catwoman suddenly became awesome by copying felicia in the90s and black cat ended up getting shit writers like Slott.

Didn't Namor bang Emma behind Scott's back? I remember something going on between them during Utopia.

Hercs also boned centaur women canonically speaking

Namor was being Namor and trying to flirt with her

Catwoman started out as a sexy cat-burglar who had a flirtatious relationship with Batman.

Yeah they fucked.

Well people would need to know who he is first
I think Winter Soilder and Ms Marvel have appeared in cartoons more then he has

Black Mantas is hardcore.

Cyclops only loses the biggest cuck award to Reed Richards.

I like Aquaman better as a concept, but Namor is the hotter one.

But Namor came first.

Long as you don't look at his busted ass feet.

Aquafags are the saddest

I'll never ever get the Vision and MM correlation, the can become intangible. That's literally it, they have fuck all else in common.

>I am namorsky, king of the gopniks

Oh god I remember that horrible art... They took namor and turned him into a greasy jew, how the fuck did that get past an editor?!

Bendis likes to put himself in comics he's writing. It's really stupid

Leave the lil wings alone, they work hard.

I think its that, and general cape wearing people that are just so inhuman.

But Namor is objectively better, DC even took his "fuck surface scum" schtick and gave it to nu52 Aquaman.

>small whale blocking a guy who can lift 100 tons.
Even more egregious than his jobbing to the Thing.

>fuck surface scum
We get it user, you don't actually read comics so quit bragging about how you're objectively wrong.

I'm guessing the artist just saw the Big Blue.

Are you saying Wolverine>Lobo?

Lee & ditko did mutant comics before doom patrol

they play similar roles in their respective teams and have similar power sets.

Same thing as with Twin movies.

>unironicallly hating on Reed

>Don't have any decent comics
Read Sub-Mariner: The Depths.

I like your headcanon but Death being passive and letting the living do her job seems pretty fitting to me.

>Catwoman gained about 75% of her present day personality from Black Cat

No she hasn't. Retard.

What is Justice League War.

Confirmed for not knowing shit about either character.

> Black Cat and Catwoman, it would seem, have everything in common. Being that Catwoman's first appearance predates Black Cat by almost forty years, and they are virtually the same character by today's standards, by proxy you would think that Black Cat is a complete rip off of Catwoman. This is actually a HUGE misconception. Let me explain. Back in 1979, Marv Wolfman was looking for a new villain for Spider-Man. He decided to base his creation off of an old Tex Avery cartoon called "Bad Luck Blackie". Bad Luck Blackie was a black cat that brought misfortune to anyone that was close in proximity. Black Cat is a cat burglar in the Marvel universe. She wears very low cut, tight leather costumes, a mask, and has claws at the tips of her fingers on her gloves. She is very nimble and agile, which helps her in her cat burglaries. She also has a love interest in Spider-Man.

>At first glance, this sounds almost exactly like Selina Kyle's Catwoman. However, at that time in Batman comics, Catwoman was only known as "The Cat" and she was nothing more than a pickpocket in a green dress with no mask. It was not until 1987 in Frank Miller's Batman: Year One, almost a decade AFTER Black Cat's appearance in comics, that Catwoman became the tight leather and mask wearing, clawed cat burglar that we know her as today. So if either of these characters are guilty of copying the other, one would have to say its Catwoman that is the copy-CAT. Mostly because at the time that Black Cat was created, she had almost no resemblance to the Catwoman in comics at that time

You can't argue with aquatards, user. They start off as delusional enough to think Aquaman is good and then go up from there.

Aquaman's a less interesting water based character with all the same problems as Wonder Woman, and they have no better idea what to do with him than her.
They crib shit from Namor here and there, but it doesn't really work in the dc universe.

>Well if he's from the 1940's then the chart is wrong.

no shit the chart is wrong, it was made by DC casuals. Deadpool is 1991 for a start.

Why is it gladiator instead of hyperion anyway? Hyperion was 1969.

So I guess we all have to pretend Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt Catwoman doesn't exist.

>Mfw DC's only way of marketting Aquaman is by turning him into Namor

Mamoa is too Alpha to be Namor. Namor is what Nerds what being Alpha is like while Jason Mamoa is genuine Alpha.


Julie Newmar was rocking the tights in the 60s, and something loosely akin to the personality we associate with catwoman today.
It's true that comics catwoman was more like a evil opposite of Batman for most of her publication career, but I'm inclined to call this one a "It's such an obvious idea, calling one a ripoff of the other is fucking retarded, like trying to own rounded corners"
these are genre universes full of colorfully costumed characters named after animals and flirty villains that flirt with going good for the hero are stock pulp tropes employed by virtually all vaguely similar media- it pretty much guarantees catwoman and black cat, and who came first is kind of pointless, because neither are particularly original.

aren't superheroes in general what nerds consider to be alpha

Not really.

Oh my god what the fuck is this r9k weak bone law bullshit

Subscribing to that fucking eunuch's excuse is knowing less than nothing

Wait, the author of this article seriously thing Catwoman was still called The Cat in 1979? Where is this from, i09? By the time Black Cat was created, we already had the obscenely popular version of Newmar's Catwoman from the 60s show. She wasn't wearing the green outfit any longer, she was wearing the black one at the beginning of 1970 and then transitioned into her purple one before the end of the decade. She was also an on-and-off again love interest of Batman and sometimes-reformed thief and femme fatale long before Black Cat was created.

How about you actually read comics instead of reading shitty articles from people who don't know what the fuck they are talking about?

Who does she love more? Deadpool or Thanos?

The power levels didn't make munch sense in those crossovers.

Daily reminder that Rightclops got kek'd by a fishman.

Also, OP is a master baiter haha

That was from /before/ Scott and Emma were a thing.

However, she did mind-bone Namor in AvX.

His real name is literally a direct homage to superman.

I don't know much about her costume/personality changes, someone tell me more. From what I just found, she wore this strange wrestler outfit in the back from 1969-1980. Most articles online talk solely about her live action or cartoon costumes and make bare mentions on how they influenced her comic self.

>normal guy finds out he's king of atlantis
>despite this, is a competent leader
>has to juggle relations with surface and the sea
>while also fighting planetary threats

>King of Atlantis
>Superiority complex
>has crush on girl normal
>is cucked by inferior being
>gets mad when cucked

Namor is for edgy teens
Aquaman is for people who want some substance

Now if only he got a better writer with Rebirth.

Namor is way closer to Black Adam.

I wish Jim Hammond would get more respect, he should be the Marvel U's Alan Scott.

That looks like fucking Beuno Excellente.