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Let's talk BS Theories.


What if the shopkeeper had silver eyes


fuck off



what if I asked nicely

I'm feeling rather rude today so it'd still be a no.

well lets give it a go anyway and see how it feels
would you kindly fuck off

So does Papa Schnee actually love Winter and Weiss?

In the manga Papa Schnee's assistant alluded to the fact that eventhough he was distant he was watching over them.

I hope we see more Neo in V4. I actually don't want her connected to Cinder, I just want her to track Ruby down in revenge

the show has neither shown nor told us anything substantial about his personality. All we know is that he uses slave labor and doesn't like his children in the military .

I'm sure he loves them as any family would naturally, but it's a very controlling care, for his name, his company, removing any independence from Weiss like 'I'm doing this because I know what's best for you'

Speaking of the mango where can I read the raws?

I can read moon well enough and since the scans are delayed till October I'm getting impatient.

This calls for a joke!

Like that Joke where one time Yang accidentally backhanded you and you were reminded of your father?


Where is the Jaune, Neo, Cinder and Pyrrha go on a ex wave together and basically end up living in a shag tower?
That was a fun theory.

>Ruby with Tracer.
My dick.

Savage user.

or maybe a Neo Face turn, free from the shackles of Cinder




Did they even say slave labor? I thought they just alluded to sketchy work conditions at most.

Yeah but the Faunus have no workers rights.
Even after the war they were accepted into society, but it didn't make them equal with humans and I assume that they still had no unions and labour rights.

The White Fang started as a protest group for this reason.

Glynda is the spring maiden


What a nerd.




That God that isn't an actual screen shot.

It is

Oh dear.
This is going to be a shit show.
Far more than usual. I'll stuill watch it because I have fuck all else to do but my eyes are gonna bleed.

This is going to be a beautiful disaster.

Rubes uses CR like a sword too. It's hilariously cringey. Trailer rubes is ded.

For real?

>Using a scythe like a sword.
Doesn't she have a glaive mode for it too?
It's not that hard, she basically just has to be a poledancer that happens to swing her pole around.

Also more bs powers and weird cape physics.

I'm still gonna watch it all probably


I just don't get how they just completely forgot that her fighting style was based around conservation of momentum


To be fair, it's possible that no one left there can animate Ruby's old fighting style since Monty died and Shane left.
Same thing happened with Weiss just spamming her Semblance instead of melee fencing in vol 3.

fuck off

All I want from fights is Blake going HAM swinging all over the place and Yang one arming motherfuckers.

>tfw she only uses her dust magic missile attack 2, maybe 3 times in the whole show

Stop throwing a tantrum?

i love how fags like you just want to see tha bad in things go fuck yourself

>no criticism
>ignore everything bad or weaker even if it bothers you
>lets just focus on the good parts
>even if they aren't really good!
>say they're good anyway!

criticism of something that's not out yet

>no soft and warm Yang gf to cuddle with in bed on a cold winter's morning

This feel is most unfortunate.

>We watched the rtx vol 4 trailer
>I-It's not out yet!

yang a slut
ruby is better for cuddles

There are leaked videos of Ruby fighting the gorilla Grimm, and I've watched it. While I agree animation should be held to criticism when it actually comes out, you can still be criticizing BS powers and replacement of fighting style in favor of flashiness


Rubes a best.

i saw the its fine you ass and if you are mad about her Using a scythe like a sword look at who her teacher is if you want to nitpick go watch that fatmanfailing fag

>When you have to go shopping but all you want to do is reset this twisted game.

You mean Qrow. The guy with a shotgun sword scythe who taught his niece how to use her, I dunno, high-caliber sniper SCYTHE

Not this guy . But while the visuals are pretty appealing the choreography has taken the steepest decline in the new trailer. I think it's because they've embraced their inexperience with characters fighting styles and are just going for flash effects and special abilities.


ok so you are going on about how bad it looks from some random youtube video fuck off

Grainy phone camera doesn't change how she used it.


Negatives, definitely the lack of fighting choreography in favor of flashiness.

In some positives I can think of, the Grimm animation looked good, I like the glow trail on the eyes

It will be missed

Freshly baked opinions here:
I just watched both the red and vol.4 leaked trailers and there are differences for sure. The animation in the leaked one does seem technically better. At the same time it lacks substance or character. It seemed like Ruby was just doing a general swinging and attacking animations instead of the definitive style present in the red trailer.

Also the style of the animation is sort of weird. Very cartoony and bright and pastel when compared to the red trailer. Or any of them, really.


Soon the dick chair will bless the world.

Yeah but then it seems the world has more colour than it did in the red trailer. Y'know?

>Shadow bridies look like moving shadows.

We get it you dont like criticism


what criticism just are just talking about random shit


did he stop making comics?

at least anything rwby related I think


Well, naturally colours exist. No one is disputing that. The rather lack of colours in the read trailer had to have been an artistic choice in service of the style. Something the leaked one was lacking.

so did they fuck?

Every day.
Like rabbits.
Vevet watched them once and learned a lot.
Took notes.

and where can i read these notes?

She was highly aroused when she wrote them user.
You have to look in her notebook and then on Yatsu's chest and back. Also the walls in her room.

I have them somewhere.
I recall a small section on leather and suspension.


>I recall a small section on leather and suspension.



>Implying pic related doesn't happen

>Where's my goddamn hat

>Ozpin never activated Beacon's Gattai protocol


When do you think we will get an official trailer for the new volume?

Were we not meant to let the thread die?
Post cringe.

The release is October 22nd.
So it's likely the trailer will come around the first week of October.


this guy's stuff usually never bothers me, but this one is really pissing me off

i know ruby is supposed to stick out but fuck it looks like she was just dragged and dropped onto the screen.

What about the 2d smoke in the distance? Normally I wouldn't kick up a fuss about it but it just seems like they weren't trying.

That said it's more a proof of concept rather than the show proper so it's likely they were trying out their software.
Also the Nevermores in the gif version look neat. Like moving shadows.

She's lost her dream, her job, her school, her self worth and she's been abandoned by her uncle, her father, her mother, her sister, her partner and her team. That kind of does that.

i assumed the rwby chibi was for them to cut there teeth on the new software. yes the smoke if bad too also DESU it honestly looks like a peace of concept art with ruby shopped in and smoke added it was probably apart of the story board for the trailer.


RWBY Chibi had them working with downsized modles and shorter animation times. All of the movements are simplistic as att the attention is on the heads.
Unless they were spending time on actual models and working with them around the clock I wouldn't expect them to have really gotten stuck in to the new software.

However we all expected a drop in animation quality.
I'm just wondering if they managed to fuck the story. Poeple in the /trash/ general have said Pyrrha dying is was as dark as it's gonna get.


her death is where the bar is set for how dark the show will get. the question is will they flirt with that line or decide to cross it at an appropriate time. i think they wont cross that line for another season but who knows we ill get an idea in the first couple of episodes.

They will probably let people recover in volume 4 and then start hitting the kill button on a few characters here and there.
The main seven are safe for at least two volumes before then.

i can see side characters getting the ax i'm curious if we are going to get new characters to support blake and weiss, yang.

I'm betting Nora or Jaune getting killed off.

Weiss will most assuredly have a few new supporting characters even if they're servants and her singing instructor or something like that.
I assume that Yang will have a few friends around Patch and her dad looking out for her.
Blake will either have nobody or will run into Sun early and have adventures with him.

Personally I'm wondering what JNR got as their redesigns and if there will be yet more supporing characters for them.

Jaune getting the ax is entirely dependant on how bad his man pain and angst are over this volume and if it bleeds on to the next.
If Ren dies, Nora is 100% kill.
If Nora dies, Ren will shut down and talk to Jaune alone if he doesn't blame him for her death.

i feel a plot point for weiss will be her looking into the black queen virus maybe someone at atlis created it, who know im just throwing shit out there.

Rube's fate has been foretold

Well it's close to time and if any of the RWBYs are in a position to do some acutal investigation it would be Weiss.
Though if Papa Schnee lets her out of her house give how crazy protective he seems.

>Introducing more characters when we already have a shit ton of undeveloped character, main cast included

>Implying Weiss even has the tech smart to do this

its a reasonable assumption that if characters are going to die they will meat fates simular to how there historic/fictional counterparts meet there end

Tripfaggot drop it and go cancer up a forum or git out reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
RT's on record saying that they're going avoid a bunch of their counterparts. Meat instead of meet was a typo right?

You're waifu just insulted Josuke Higashikata Hair.

What did she say, and how does she fair?

I don't follow JoJo but hey nice rhyme

I can't even imagine Yang insulting his hair.

Laugh, I don't have a waifu.

He's a faggot when it comes to his hair and his stand lets him heal to bullshit levels like fusing people to rocks.

Does he understand sign language?

He understands bird and dogs.

If Pyrrha was Achilles, then jean de arc's arc has to be that of Joan of arc. I could see him hearing her speak to him, fighting like her, and maybe using her weapons or wearing her armor or circlet. I think that would be way better than him being mopey and ineffectual as always.

Jaune talking to shade Pyrrha and having her lament about her choices when?

i can see how coming back as a Jedi ghost that only jaune can see and that would be about to she probably wouldn't even talk.

Not like that, pls. Maybe have it odyssey style where they need to talk to someone who is long dead and Pyrrha is one of the ghosts that is summoned.

Cue Achilles-esque sob story about how she hates being dead and how she wish she had done things differently.

it seems like a decent thing for jaune's character arc. he could have just gotten better as a fighter over the timeskip, but having him fight possessed or with pyrrha's shield would be better for him than saying he cried for a month he's over it


Reminder that Monty liked him dem lesbians.



The smuggest ice cream

i hope we see more of her in the next volume.

I hope this is the next to last season or something.

Not because I dislike the show, but because I don't think it needs to go on for much longer.

Considering how little was covered in the first 3 volumes I don't see this show ending anytime soon. We're in for the long haul.

Monty said he had enough ideas to last for like 20 volumes or something, so get prepared for the long run.

I think your idea of what needs to be covered and mine are quite different, but fair enough.

Monty is also incredibly dead.

And RWBY is a huge cash cow so it's not going away soon

As in, he had that lined out

That's exactly my point. I wish they wouldn't just keep it going because it makes money.

He also lined out a very different way for the 3rd volume to go.

That's actually quite an effective use of the "spot-red" technique

I'd worry about him if he did not.

>Monty's not even in his grave and they were already lewding his daughteru
>Miles is using a rubes daki
Is there a company worse than RT?

Monty knew exactly what was gonna happen when he designed her to be so cute.
Also fuck Miles, hoarding all the official Ruby dakis.

Where are my Lancaster bros at?

I never left.



Accidentally responded to you

No. Embrace it.

How's it feel knowing that White Knight has a better chance than Lancaster


I'm okay and resigned to it.
Every fandom I ever get involved in I end up shipping, and they never happen no matter how sure I am of it. I have bad luck with what ships I like and I'm used to disappointment.

Here, as always

looks like they have the same face here

Yeah, does make it kinda shitty.

>How's it feel knowing that White Knight has a better chance than Lancaster
Kek no way, Lancaster may not happen but it's got a better chance than White Knight.

Are you sure that's not Nora?

The lewd

Are we doing this? We're doing this.

I'll always prefer Arkos, but I'm down with most Jaune ships and I think White Knight has at least the most chance for development between the two characters

Idk my dude it feels like they might try to make it happen, pull a whole 'Tsundere' thing with Weiss
>"Do you like Jaune?"
>"WHAT OF COURSE NOT" blushblushblush


what if ruby brought enough cookies for everyone in class and got everyone hyped up to eat cookies but ate them before she passed them out to everyone?

user, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...

>yfw the stress from Ruby and Jaune is too much
>They have a conversation at the next hotel
>They both wake up to find themselves naked and covered in sweat
>They both promise to never mention it again
>Ruby takes test to make sure the situation didn't get worse
>yfw "+"


>hey everyone I brought cookies!
>turn to look at Ruby
>passed out on the floor
>empty cookie box on top of her face

What? That shit with Miles writing on the box that "Lancaster was stupid"
He already admitted that the guy he took the picture with asked him to write that to poke fun at the fans. He didn't confirm or deny anything.



>Used to date a chick who did that
>Called me up while bleeding in her garage
Wild times, those.




Tbh I have no idea what you're talking about.

I was more or less implying that Lancaster's chances of happening, while probable, are less likely to happen than, say, Bumblebee, WK or whatever Ren + Nora's one is.

>Tfw no fanart of a pregnant Rubes that doesn't involve Weiss.


There was a lancaster fic like that minus the pregnancy.

its just renora lmao

Bumblebee seems less likely because of Eclipse.
A lot of the staff at RT doesn't seem to like White Rose.

Honestly this is the best thing ever, as long as they make fans cry I'll be happy. Even if Lancaster doesn't happen.

Did someone say Arkos?

For those who need catching up.

Well ladybug is a niche ship and Normies can't take the enabler god forbid futa enabler. There's no real hook for ren, nora or Pyrrha and vomit boy triggers your gag reflex. So many ship other ruby ships that they never really get into rosewick, fallen petals or gemstones.
It's such a painful feel

Oh and better ships like Bee's schnees take the rest of her team away from ruby. And pollination, while being the GOAT ship, has so many conflicts and is so hard to write well that it's withered.

yes I did, lately I've been on a whiteknight and Knightshade fanfiction kick, Arkos is still the best, but the other pairings lead to interesting places

H-how would she break the news to Jaune?

Cardin x crossdressing Jaune OTP

>tfw Knightshade fics are possibly the best RWBY fics written
Where were you when Knightshade became the best crack ship?

>A lot of the staff don't like WR
>You now remember those tweets that were put out by Lindsay and Kara put out saying how they believed Ruby needed someone nicer than Weiss
>Watching Tumblr implode that day

Disabler a comf. COMF!

like pic related.

they are usually way better than most of the competition, but I'm reading one WhiteKnight fic that is surprisingly really good right now to

>Someone at RT complains that Pyrrha's death was just for Jaune's man pain
>Miles and Kerry Laugh saying hysterically "Well, we liked it. You don't have to"


It really hurts

feels so good reading this


What kind of monster girls would RWBY characters be?


The best thing about Lancaster and White Knight is they both would destroy WR fans.
Imagine if either of them happened, along with Eclipse. The amount of tears from WR and Bumblebee fans would drown the internet.

I'd say Lancaster is more likely than Bumblebee and White Rose. Not that that's a very high bar.

I dont like Lancaster or White Knight

But I'd love to see the WR & BB ship fall

>"Well Ive got some good news and bad news, the good news is that Yang is too depressed and crippled to hunt you down for the bad news..."

blake is already a monstergirl, sort of

Ruby would be a Werewolf of some kind or another.
Weiss would be a Yuki-onna or something similar.
Blake is a catgirl which, while generic, still counts.
And Yang would be a Fire Elemental and/or Dragon.

Blake can be a were-cat

Vampire Ruby is the cutest.


how do you fuck a dragon

Pyrrha would most likely be a centaur


Werepuppy Ruby deserves some credit.

I cant wait for Tila Tequila cameo we were promised

If I started answering that question, I fear I may never stop.

pls no


>Bumblebee on top
>Ruby/Penny so low
>Weiss/Yang over anything

once again, a question /rwbyg/ has answered.

"Letters from Winter" is it?

I love rwby threads as much as I love Emerald

So not at all?

yang's lookin' good.

If it makes you feel better, it's the most popular subject of fluff comics in Japan.

Most of these look kind of awful.
Except Blake-Colors Weiss.

>People on 4-Chan think White Knight has the same or more chances than lancaster

Jesus, where are you been. I posted that on facebook and received murder threats from WR shippers

Thanks user, i'll check it out now

>Thinking WR shippers will consider the chances of a ship becoming canon with logic

I don't ship White Knight but it would be nice to see Weiss apologize to Jaune for be a dick and for Jaune to apologize for being an idiot.
I'd like to see them get along as Weiss holds guilt for Jaune over Pyrrha.

So what ever happened to Alpha Jaune?

What the fuck is 4-Chan?

How was Weiss a dick?

Not him, but Weiss is always a dick.

But that's what makes her wonderful.

She could have said "no" nicer instead of a bitchy way.

Of course fuckers will never admit to this and will hold guilt for Weiss and act like Jaune is a rapist or something.

>That one RWBY character that everybody seems to like but you just don't give a shit about
Whats their name Cred Forums?

Then don't be a creep.


I never really cared for Neo.

Yeah, I figure if Whiteknight was to happen these are all the things that would need to be addressed.

Plus it's not like Weiss hasn't seen some of Jaune's merits in canon, she was there when Jaune fought the Ursa Major, She knows that the only reason Neptune came back to her at the dance was because of Jaune, and out of all the people he could call on to save Pyrrha she was his first choice....all the material is there, but hey we're at the mercy of Miles and Kerry here so prepare for poetry

not a rapist, but dumb as a goddamn stump

>told no the first time

White Knight or no, Weiss becoming very gentle and respectful around Jaune would be pretty nice to see.

I can't describe it, I just don't care about her.
Maybe it's how the fandom treats her that makes me not care for her.
I could fucking care more about Cardin than her.

Only fetishfags and smugfags like Neo

it hurts

Neo is the best and cutest girl who deserves nothing but happiness from the world.

I feel like most of the cast is going to be like that around each other, especially Ruby, Jaune, and Yang since they all took the biggest hits by the end of Volume 3

White Knight never gets brought up because in canon it's in a shit place and the fandom fucking hates it.

The response you got is exactly why. It's the only ship people actively hate on.

I have a hard time seeing Weiss really being gentle or respectful, unless it's incredibly forced

Weiss and Emerald equally. Weiss because stereotypical, stuck up & snobbish girl who is quite possibly tsundere. Emerald because I voted for Pauline Hanson.


>Instead of a Jaune with angst we get an overprotective Jaune in volume 4

He just needs to start acting like Neptune


They already seem to have made up and become something of friends by Volume 3 though...

She takes notice of his improving in terms of combat skills during the tournament, and during the Fall she both expresses concern for him, and is apparently totally okay with him having her number.

>tfw the only time the artist didn't draw / paint the Rubes with a dick is when she's sucking Jaune off

But Weiss has grown out of that attitude over time...character development is a thing.

Even disregarding that the VAs aren't tremendously involved in the writing process in the first place.

What if he becomes too protective?

She has a dick in that? I was thinking something different

The artist has always drawn her with a dick, with only one commissioned pic of her not having one, so I made assumptions.

I'd like overprotective Jaune, determined not to lose anymore friends.

I thought penny was having fun with her vibration function

I will laugh if RT actually makes Destiny into like, Jaune's trigger word.

Could also be that. sorry if I ruined the immersion for you user :(

lmao nah its all good my dude, we're shown nothing so I can still see it my way

So which episode do you think Pyrrha will make her grand comeback in?

Look at those feetsies{spoiler}

>Jaune slowly becoming the next Tai
>Everyone worried that Ruby will fallow the same path as Summer
>It's later revealed that Salem is Summer
>People weren't afraid of Ruby dying, they're worried about Ruby becoming worse than Hitler
>Death at this point seems like a better option
>Show takes different "what if" paths
>yfw we get an "End of Evangelion" like path
>Tumbling down
>Tumbling down
>Tumbling down

the saddest part of that pic was the commissioner was too cheap to get it in full color like most of the artist's other pictures.

>Strap a white dust bomb to her back
>She sonic booms into the BBEG as deep as she can before accumulated wounds down her and when chomps the detonator implant in her replaced tooth
Press F to pay respects

So does Ruby have the kid before she sells the world out, or after?

And not in his usual art style either :(

Am I honestly the only person who finds Fuuta disgusting as shit?
And I say this as a man who's into odd fetish's

I used to then it grew on me as I read more yuri

I actually really like that art style in that penny/ruby comic, something about it is nice, I never cared for the babyface look they do a lot of

Ah, morning after, over sexed Ruby!

I dont care for vanilla yuri because the lack of actual penetration, so futa is a nice middle ground between straight and yuri.
also I just plain love NDGD's work.

Before, of course.
She might even experiment on her.

>Jaune slowly becoming the next Tai

I want this fucking meme to stop. Unless Jaune's dad is a carbon copy of Tai or a massive fucking asswipe, that is who Jaune should end up like, whatever that entails. Hell I'd rather he be more like Qrow than Tai.

I hate this concept of the newer generation mirroring the old in anyway so it's shit no matter what.

>he doesn't want to suck on ruby's girl-penis
get a load of this fag

End of this Volume or the next Volume

It's gonna be lol.

Just watch, Jaune's dad will turn out to be just like Taiyang.
All of Jaune's 7 sisters? different mothers as they keep tragically dying and Mr. Arc moves on.

I do think Jaune should develop a jaded and overly cynical "Qrow" personality, but I think he should do it in his own Jaune way.

Like he's got biting wit and a deep-seated bitterness about the world, but at the same moment he's being the dork Jaune always is.

I concur. I don't get how anyone really gets into that shit in the first place.

>experimentation on a pregnant Rubes


He said someone everybody loves


go fuck yourself

>That image
Just like old times.

Rorschach was right again.

I'd actually like a a conflicted and over protective Jaune this volume, he's been the series Ussop for so long, but now everything he's got just isn't enough so I can see him struggling to become a better fighter and a leader, but also clashing with all of the mains because no matter what points he brings up most of his opinions will be ignored in favor of the series mains which will make him struggle more until he become like pic related

If something like this happened I'd become a die hard Lancaster fag

>Yang or Tai finds out
>They suddenly spawn behind Jaune

How do you see Jaune improving his weapons and combat style?

So Ruby not only becoming like Big Boss but also like Wesker?

I feel like this would be more Yang than Tai, because honestly Tai is pretty much just an alternate timeline Jaune already


Am I really the only one who thinks they'll go the Anime route and just leave almost the whole cast single forever?

>Anime route
>whole cast single forever

When it comes to combat against Grimm he seems to do well now. He's kinda got that cliche Shonen hero hidden potential based on how far he came in one semester training with Pyrrha, going from aura-less and no skill at all to being able to oneshot Ursas.
It's really his weapon that's still holding him back since an extremely basic sword and shield makes him weak at range.
That's why I got money riding on Crocea Mors having some kind of hidden feature or magic bullshit.

nah, while they're trying to keep up with all of the anime tropes they can, they still lean more towards the western style of writing so expect at least a few canon pairings like Ren/Nora and the like, the better question is what fans will they troll harder with their own ships

Naruto is the exception.

yang is a strong independent woman who don't need no man
ruby is an autist who only cares about fighting monsters, which is why she's the chosen one main character in the first place
they've shown no signs of dropping blake and sun's thing unless that dude dies
i dunno about weiss


Jaune is going to start applying dust to empower Crocea Mors like Resin in Dark Souls.

season 4 when?


>Everyone else has transforming weapons
>and guns and special rounds
>majority are fast and quick in combat
>Jaune is slower, simple sword and shield, and no gun
Jaune really is a Dark Souls character trapped in a world of Bloodborne Hunters.
He's gotta learn how to exploit some invincibility frames and fat-roll around.


sweet, thank family

Jaune won't be like Qrow or Taiyang.

He'll git-gud and be the chosen undead of RWBY.

Will Jaunes voice stop sounding like nails on a chalkboard in volume 4?

He all ready has all the I-frames covered, don't you remember the punch he got from Cardin in Volume 1

Jaune's semblance is secretly just the ability to create instant I-frames to protect himself from hits

Though as for how his fighting style evolves I'd love to see him come out with a move set like pic related


>The child is born
>Jaune takes the child away to prevent her from being influenced by her mother
>Literally the last thing in the world he has left
>If he lost her, he wouldn't know what he would do.

>Jaune literally goes full Kiritsugu hiding the girl away and teaching her in secret
>he cares for her as best he can while only rarely venturing out to get enough food and supplies to last for each month
>His daughter knows he's doing everything for her, but doesn't know why he never talks about her mother when he speaks about the "better times"
>He only ever once told her about her mother, and even then all he said were four words
>You have her eyes.

Is that when Jaune grows a distaste for magic and becomes Havel the rock?


is this new?


>this thread still alive

It's around.


I really am sad no one ever capped the second half of this Greentext



The worst part is I can't remember any of them so I can't retype them for the sake of a new cap

Hi Ruby :3


There was a second half?

yeah, I did it the following day after work. It lasted two threads focusing on the kids being kids as well as near the end the moving in of the lovely new Neighbors the Torchwicks and their child Sherbet

to this day I'm still so mad I'll such a computer noob that I couldn't cap it myself

is it on the archive?

>the lovely new Neighbors the Torchwicks and their child Sherbet
That is adorable.


Nora. God I hate those carefree OP happy type weeb characters. Bitch needs to die.


Misunderstandings Shenanigan Jaune is always the best

>Yfw he encounters Hollow Pyrrha

>yfw Hollow Pyrrha is as thristy as normal Pyrrha.

I seriously hope you're talking about platonic friendship Lancaster.


>Lancaster being anything but the worlds most awkward friends getting into the strangest situations that everybody else misunderstands as romantic.

It's not even iframes, it's literally just super armor (or hyper armor)

greetings from /nepgen/

This pair could only fuck everything up.
Nep is too lazy and Ruby is too energetic.

nice pic

There are so few clothes swapping pictures it's a crime.

i actually need more of this

>that bulge

Only one I got left is Pyrrha weaing Cinders things.

Grimm May Cry

Have an edgy Jaune as thanls.


Why not.


Neo was with Roman, so she doesn't have much to do with Cinde .

Could be worse


>He couldn't even fight Jaune.
Jesus he has to be some whole new level of shit.

it was at one point, but you have to remember that greentext was written right after the volume 2 finale, it would be long gone by now

Yeah, people liked him, he played well off of Janey

Emerald's JP VA [Marina Inoue] drew EM


I hope she die______________

If she shows up in Vol4 it will be the set up to a fight with Ruby.
It is extremely unlikely that Neo will survive because being mad will fuck you up in a fight.


From the thumbnail I thought that was a covenant Capital Ship.

I did too.
Apparently this is cyber-punk Jaune.

>yfw Grimm are just abandoned Covenant races

I'm not sure which would be worse for Jaune, encountering hollow Pyrrha or Cinder

on the one hand he has the straight monkey's paw of discovering his partner/friend/first kiss actually alive, but completely corrupted into something horrible and struggling to save her

and on the other hand encountering the woman responsible for ruining everything for him, his life at Beacon, destroying Vale, and killing Pyrrha and even if he goes full Guts levels of rage there is literally not a thing he could do to even scratch her

both would utterly crush all hope from Jaune.....and now I kind of want to see both of those happen

>Chruch being the misanthrope he is kills people instead of Grimm.

We all know that the Cinder one won't happen because Salem is too big a cunt.
She'll make Jaune follow the sotry of Joan of Arc and he'll "die" untill Ozpin or Ren and Nora bring him back.
Or Salem will bring him back with more edge.

Never can tell.

>"Ain't that a bitch?"


I think they'll have at least one confrontation before Cinder fullfils another reference prophecy though I can see it more playing out like...

>Cinder encounter Ruby, Jaune, Nora, and Ren while trying to fulfill one of her plans
>Proceeds to stomp them into the dirt, taunting them, probably singling out Ruby and Jaune for obvious reasons while just plain toying with them
>Eventually Ruby goes full saiyan eyes and Cinder retreats while still having basically one singlehandedly
>Jaune does the crushed shounen MC thing where he staggers after her demanding she come back here blah blah blah vengance blah blah blah Pyrrha blah blah

And then the stage will be set for a later Cinder Jaune fight where Jaune either heroically sacrifices himself or just has a valiant but futile fight against her, either way ending with Jaune getting burned at the stake

or hey, maybe pic related could happen, who even knows anymore

>Pic related
God that would be cringe as fuck. It'd make more art of this though.

But yeah chances are that Jaune won't survive to the end of the whole thing. He's still got maybe three more volume though.

It all depends on how much manpain he goes through in volume 4.

If Jaune has a date with the flame I'd rather he just be disfigured horribly. I mean if JNPR are just the sacrificial lambs meant to die so we feel bad and MnK can say they kill off main characters, I will drop this fucking shit like a bad habit.

Joan of Arc is famous for being declared a witch and an enemy of humanity, an official statement that was held to for a veeeeery long time, and only long after her death was she vindicated and proclaimed a saint.

Jaune's probably going to suffer the same fate. He's going to be considered a traitor even when he really wasn't.

So get hype for Grimm!Jaune?

I didn't need to read twilight 4 to know it was shit.

>still waiting on JNPR character pack for Grimm Eclipse

Grinding hunter ranks gets old, fast. Especially because they don't currently do anything.

He's right though. As long as the quality isn't so poor that you can't see anything the choreography will still stand out. It's not like The Raid's choreography would look worse if you watched it on some shit stream, its everything else

I can see Jaune getting painted as a traitor and getting shunned adding to his suffering, but I can't see him dying in disgrace with MandK as the writers.

More than likely something like said would happen and he'd be horribly disfigured and seperatd from the cast only to come back as

>Punished Jaune a man denied his victory

>Her Father

What? As far as we know Taiyang is there all the time (except I guess when he teaches). Unless I'm missing something.


Compelling concept....

Though I think that M/K could play off the Joan allegory and have it some bittersweet sort of payoff.

if the creator is asian it's anime

I don't think Tai teaches, he goes on missions though, which is how Zwei ended up at beacon, because he had work and couldn't get anyone else to dogsit.

Do casual speedruns, GE is exploitable as fuck and it's hilarious.
I got down Blake's stage 1 route after a long time experimenting with parry cancels and now I can trigger the control center before my team has even finished the first checkpoint.
Their reactions are usually funny.

Nah, I'm just gonna get up to hunter rank ten, then stop playing until JNPR DLC gets released. Assuming I finish before RT does.

yeah, but I feel like their wouldn't really be any kind of decent payoff for the story if they just up and martyr off team JNPR, hell even if they only kill off Pyrrha and Jaune I think we can all agree Ren and Nora don't have the same weight to carry on as meaningful survivors

If Jaune lives through his whole Joan of Arc gimmick he still has room to do things as a character and there will be weight regardless because he's had so much focus since the begining of the series

Well the way most people fugure it is that JNPR were meant to be the b-tem but instead became a-2.
Poeple will moan but RWBY has Ruby as the MC and Jaune as the secondary main. While Jaune will be put through the ringer the most injury the remaining members of his team will sustain are scars and a very close brush with death.

It'll go like this user and you can screen cap this if you want, though I'm not sure why you would.
>Nora and Ren will be smacked around hard, Ren will be put in a position in which death is extremely likely and seems inevitable and survive only through the skin of his teeth and because he's good at avoid tanking.
>Nora herself will be smacked around and quite possibly lose an eye, her semblance may get overcharged and cause her to damage herself weakening her muscles.
>Jaune will get the absolute shit kicked out of him and go MIA for a little while (at least a volume) and when he returns he'll be fighting Grimm, possibly avoiding the group while he figures out what exactly is going on. He'll have a few scars and burns but he sure as hell won't die.

>Still no RvB character pack

The problem I have with following 100 percent Joan or Arc with Jaune is that it's way too predictable. Monty confirmed long ago that not all of JNPR will meet their same fates, I honestly cannot see someone like Jaune getting burned on a stake.
Do I see Jaune dying? Yeah, do I see him living? Maybe. We'll just have to wait and see.

>yfw Ghost Jaune

Grimm Eclipse is the biggest pile of shit for a RWBY game.
I don't give a fuck if this is their first game, it has many issues that need fixing.

Who would even be in that pack? Tucker, Meta, Carolina, and Wash? No one else really uses melee/hand to hand attacks, the rest of them mainly rely on firearms.

>Ghosts in RWBY
Eh, no.
But if you're going to do it, do it briefly with Pyrrha.

It's not so much that Jaune would get the full Joan treatment, but he does have a bad date with fire coming seeing how he now has to at least once meet up with Cinder as Pyrrha's killer....and she one-shoted him like a bitch when she barely had any of her real power

I like Jaune, but unless he gets one hell of a power up he destined to at least get a good chunk of his face burned off

All we can do is wait till we see what's happening in the show.
I wonder if Jaune will come clean about his secret to anybody this season?

>Sarge, Tucker, Griff, Wash, Carolina, Caboose, Simmons, Lopez, Doc/O'Malley
I think he's making a reference to ghost Church and how when a main Character dies in RvB they don't actually stay dead.

>Not playing as Grif and beating Grimm to death with a traffic cone.

Don't forget the childish devs that ban for legtitimate criticism AND that the game is a broken mess with no patches in sight.

I'm mad, glad I picked it up cheap but the game is very much not worth it.

>Sarge, Griff, Caboose, Simmons, Lopez, Doc

None of them really fit the play style of the game.

What would his ultimate be? Running Grimm down with vehicles, culminating in him crashing a pelican onto the battlefield?

Sarge has a shotgun
Griff has the cone
Caboose is as strong as an ox
Doc is crazy
Simmons and have me there

Lopez has to deal with the fact his supiriors are fucking nutballs.
He's gonna snark and contemplate suicide at them.

Simmons comes driving up in a Puma and they just drive around gunning down everything.
Also, this plays for the duration of the Ult.

Of those options, only Griff could potentially qualify, as he's the only one with a weapon that could be made to work in the game's style(the Griffshot).

I was thinking that Jaune doesn't exactly die off like Joan does, but disappears to some far off location in exile - while everyone thinks he's dead.

But regardless the points here are solid.

How is Caboose not a viable option?

If Jaune went into exile I'd be interested in what he's doing.
But I'd like that ending better.

Probably deliver it like he dies - but in the ending story as someone voices over all of RWBY and Co. at the end of the season/volume/book, you see this helmeted dude escorting a doctor to a sick mother out in the wilds - far away from any city. They get to the cottage, off goes the helmet and hey look it's Jaune, the volunteer protecting this community of farmers from Grimm.

>Jaune basically 1 mans the Grimmlands and looks after communities himself.
I would like that.

>Jaune's probably going to suffer the same fate
Really? Because I don't recall Goldilocks ever losing an arm

what is the point of this he really thinks he knows more about the show that the people making it and he takes jokes thay thay say and thinks they are serious and making a video about a show long before people make up there minds about it is he stupid


At least he knows how to punctuate and structure a sentence.

And while some of his points are very nitpicky, a good deal of them are very right

You must read the wrong fairy tales then man.
Like the one about Achilles being roommates with Joan of Arc, Mulan and Thor, then dying fighting Cinderella on a tower while Little Red Riding Hood watches on in horror.
That's my favorite tale.

You clearly never read Roald Dahl.

You know Weiss' entire thing is going to be dealing with/getting out of the Schnee estate, right?

She got dragged back home and probably had her weapon confiscated and locked up, forbidden from combat training or contacting any of her friends. She's probably forced to go back to her stuffy pre-Beacon life, paraded around like a doll and forced to attend balls and shit surrounded by the kinds of people she used to be like and now finds distasteful.

>The next season is set after a 5-8 year-timeskip.

Wouldn't it be funny if Pyrrha was also somehow brought back as well?

what if ruby accidentally jaune?


The definition, please? I know what Monty said but that doesn't mean that similarities/inspirations are 100% confirmed not to happen.

>5-8 month timeskip

Well as a good rule of thumb, if it's important it happens off screen.
You know, like the RWBYs getting elemental bullets or all the development that apparently happened between season 1 and 2.

White Rose shippers would be salty, Arkos would probably be salty, any of the ships that involve Ruby would be salty except the penny shippers.
They would demand and threesome. Lancasterfags would be happy.

But then we don't get to see adult ruby.

Yeah it's probably going to be absconded and hidden up until something big happens.

Then in the middle of some battle some generic helmet-guy takes off his helmet and holy shit it's Jaune.

Adult Ruby would be a miracle of the universe.

But yeah, if they were going by their MO then we'd have one character that shows up and dissapears on occasion that helps the group out and then vanishes as needed.
They'd reveal that it's Jaune when he's vulnerable at a critical moment.

Doesn't help directly though. More like "damn I hope there aren't any other bandits".

And then they find like three bandits knocked out and the question becomes "I don't remember punching you".

Small mysterious things like that. I think Jaune masquerading as a typical Atlas soldier and then being a part of a team escorting a student of "New" Beacon would be a cool dynamic.

Then when a massive horde of Grimm threatens the city/squad he takes off his helmet and gives it to the hunter-in-training: " You need it - now follow my lead".

Rose v. Schnee was bullshit it ended with a run-in from jaune cena

Is Stardust Canon?

All Rubes are miracles, but boy do I love her new outfit.

Nothing Chibi is canon.


>Jaune essentially becomes a shadow in the back that messes up the plans of the monsters.
>Takes steps to keep himself out of the line light.
>When RWBY and RN meet up at "New" Beacon escprted by Atlus guards like all the new students nobody notices one of Ironwoods personal guards.
>Ironwood walks over to the new recruits to introduce the new headmaster of Beacon (Qrow or Glynda) all while Jaune stands firmly at attention.
>Just before Team RWBY split up and entered the hall at different times, Ruby was in the same place she was when first entering Beacon back in volume 1.
>"Are you lost? I'll take you to the hall"
>Jaune manages to stay behind as a guard.
>Nobody knows its him but rumors float around about a guard that never takes off his armour. >Ever.
>Everybody speculates what they must look like.
>Eventually an attack happens at Vale in the town, team RWBY and RN attend.
>Three younger hunter teams attend as well, one of the teams are really good, another is midding and one team has good teamwork but the leader is clearly not a good fighter.
>Gets hit back and lands into Jaune.
>Jaune takes off the helmet and tells him to follow his lead.
>The fight is hard and nobody really notices that a guard is fighting without a helmet.
>Just see blonde hair and a flash of blue eyes.
>Familiar sword play but nobody can place it.
>Takes his hem back after the fight.
>It's not time yet.

Something like that I guess.


I admit to not really liking Henceforward but the designs are pretty good.

is this loss?

My train of thought is:

Jaune protects farmer collective out in the wilds for a couple years.

Tensions between kingdoms is resurfacing thanks to the events of X and J and Y.

Jaune begins to worry for his friends. The level of grimm are low in his town - the kids are getting strong enough on their own...

Enlists in Atlesian army to gain intel and hope to help. By this time an blondy-blue-eyed guy doesn't really stand out to jarheads.

Deployed to Vale.

And then something something Jaune reveal, like you said.

Though - I don't think he has Crocea Mors anymore - I think he gave that to Ruby as a way to cement his "death" in order to fade to obscurity.

No but he'd still use a familiar ser of weapons.
>Ruby keeps Corcea Mors on her person at all times as an orniment and reminder of Jaune in hopes he'll reclaim it one day.

>lime green hood
>blake as a study in white
Fucking revolting.
Rest are at least ok, though.

Which is a shame at times because we got more characterization for Ren and Nora in chibi than we ever got in the main show.

>Except Blake-Colors Weiss.
That's the worst one though

Honestly I think he'd stick to what is required of an Atleasian soldier.

But when shit hits the fan, Ruby's just going to leave Crocea Mors at the foot of Beacon's fountain...

Basically, yes. I bet she would keep it in a glass display and constantly get flack for displaying such a cursed set of weaponry, but she would just defend it saying it represents the price of heroism.

>Before every mission she leave it in front of the new statue in Beacon's court yeard.
>Has the guards watch it, they don't mind since it's so old that nobody but a collector would have their eye on it.
>One day Beacon faces a minor assult from some of the more adventurous Grimm. A few hundred old Beowulves and a Millinial Ursa.
>The hundreds are dealt with quckly but the usra remains the problem.
>Somebody nobody recognises stands in the field in front of it.
>Holding an old sword and shield.
>A singular swipe of the shield and a flash of blinding light and the Ursa has it's top half removed cleanly.
>The figure is gone.
>Rumors float around about a spirit tied to the grounds that will appear to defend it from any Grimm that dare enter.
>Ruby comes back to find Crocea Mors in better shap than she left it in.
>She could never find the time to maintain it properly.

Only until Vol. 4 starts.

>does a Kerry

Needs more frog throat.

>implying Neo won't use signs pulled out of nowhere to talk to people
>implying Roman won't come back to break the 4th wall

New episodes WHEN?

>Roman returns with his brain hooked up to a Paladin

Neo wins

October 22nd.
On the third we get a new trailer.

Cutting off her hand...WORST idea.

Less than a month away



fuck off

Nowhere near time.
Earliest we can being to shit post is October 3rd because the new trailer drops then.

22nd is when we're back for real.



Nah he's gonna come back all Grimm'd up just to spite all the Grimm Pyrrha theories about her returning.

>yfw Mercury brutally kills Neptune on screen this season

So hyped

>yfw he resets this twisted game

Time to start posting my colossal RWBY folder again

>Something important.
>Happening on screen.
Come on, it's never gonna happen.

Penny is dead and is probably going to end up as a Gun that prevents Caboose from Killing other people

Goodwitch last name, Glynda first.
I honestly don't understand at all. I understand Ozpin, Oobleck, even Port. But I never understood why people fall head over heels for Glynda.


I miss Camp Camp


Best ship

Only ship with Ruby that deserves canon

This is some wh40k shit

Qwen is cute


>that robo booty

What the fuck is that?


I liked David a lot. Never gave in to Max, even at the end.

Chibi Penny when.

You haven't seen Pyhrtorias?


>Even in death, I still look better than you.

>Chibi Penny episode
>All Penny Death jokes
>Written by Barb

Just give it up. They are not gonna bring her back with some stupid shit like that

Look man there's no going back for me. Have pity, but don't ask the impossible.

Also what do you know? It's Monty-Miles-Kerry writing here.

This is Monty+Miles/Kerry we're talking about.

She'll come back to us someday.

>People still want Pyrrha back

I have absolutely no faith in M and K's chucklefuck writing ability but I'll still keep watching

Oh I don't care about her coming back user.
I just wanted you to know about Pyrtorias. Because that's a thing now.

Autism I guess

I blame the Faunus and The Blues

Would you a dad?

Would I what a dad?
Cuddle? Highfive? Help him look for his kids?

You could mean anything.

I want him to make terrible dad jokes trying to cheer Yang up.

Hey if there were actually any other good waifu's I wouldn't be so obsessed.


Well, I hope we both still enjoy RWBY even when Pyrrha returns due to Final Fantasy and grimdark and angst.

Alright, that upset me a little

aw yiss

Oh my goodness Ruby sure is cute!

I missed the rwby threads



Well the general can come back on the 22nd and nothing is stoping us from psting when the trailer drops on october 3rd.

I'm honestly suprised there werne't more threads in the intermitent time.




Really hope he starts doing more of these when Vol 4 comes out.

Pretty sure he will, they are still into the show

I hope so too, he has some pretty good stuff.

>Pretty sure HE will
>THEY are still into the show


Take an English class m8. That sentence structure is fine.

but saying he completely defeats the purpose of saying they

y'all nigga know it

'he' let you know that the artist is a male. From that point 'they' let's you know that you are still talking about that male without having to use he, him, or his constantly, since the the subject 'he' has already been established as a male


>that lil Ironwood face on the flower

I agree that most RWBY characters are shit, but almost all of them are still better than Pyrrha.

I remember when you guys used to like Pyrrha.

Aand I just noticed the batteries in Penny's ice cream

Goddamn this picture is adorable


That was just Octavian. Pretty sure he killed himself after Volume 3

>Adult Ruby would be a miracle of the universe.

I can't wait to find out that Neo was his daughter and see the reaction of all the Neo X Roman shippers/porn artists


I don't get where that theory came from, how is Neo actually Romans daughter?

Say something nice about Blake

My interest in Pyrrha didn't even survive the first volume. Kinda like Yang, initially had high hopes for her but got nothing but disappointment.


She's gone now

M&K writing isn't all that bad.

As if incest would be enough to stop shipping.

That's a pricey suicide. Why not drink bleach? or just fill a tub and weight yourself down till you drown?

>It's Monty-Miles-Kerry writing here

user...I have some news for you.

Not saying it's bad, just saying that it could follow a predictable path. Some things are pretty predictable, like Penny's whole "am I human" arc that is going to happen. Again.

Oh, I know. But his notebooks remain.

Same. Strongest character design, but horrible everything else. Only good for cute shipping and bad ass art.

Looks is like 85% of what I look for in a waifu.

Pyrrha's has one fo the best designs in the show.

Don't give me that crap, I was around back then. She used to be regarded as a pretty high tier waifu, in general.

Yeah, this makes more sense.

This is true - hate her betaness if you want, but her design is pretty fire.

Because her simp-ness was novel back then. Then it turned obnoxious.

This show looks like it is made with an animation version of comiPo


Pyrruby height difference art makes my heart go doki doki

Your not far off. Monty insisted on using Poser, and an old outdated version of it to boot.

Why not update?


They did

Where are the lewds?



in /trash/ and /aco/




>it's a "lets pretend Black Sun is actually going to be a thing until halfway through volume 4 when B A S E D Bumblebee finally happens" episode

just you wait

I kinda hope not.
Sun deserves at least something good for his troubles.

Yang and Sun should hook up. Blake is too shit desu

sun deserves some decent character development and team SSSN deserve a scene where they arent a joke

Blake likes blondes, so she takes both Sun and Yang

Jaune and Goodwitch are blonde as well...

>yfw theres a scene where Sun and Scarlet are doing surgery and Scarlet fucks everything up

>Blake takes ALL the blondes

But...Tai is blonde...

>and that is when they hold an intervention

ALL the blondes, user.

they were on her "To-Do" list

but now that Pyrrha's out of the way she has been sending Jaune a lot of special texts, some with picture attached

you help with the grieving

Tai ran after his only daughter he actually cares about. Fuck the used goods.

They said he was a teacher at signal. Because shit was hitting the fan he was getting pulled back in cause he still was part of STRQ even if it's dissolved. Scarecrow couldn't do all of the wizards work.

Would I a slightly muscular rogueish blond?

I would destroy his hips so hard he couldn't walk for a week.

Who else is going to be blake's token faunus sidekick during her white fang angst arc?



I hate that ship so much

I don't ship them either, user. I think it would just be cool to have actual Yang and Raven interactions.

So what was that time when Yang actually met Raven at the end of season 2 and then nothing came out of it?