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You ever get so mad you punched a ghost?

Way to be a lousy friend, Parley.

>parley, we're not friends any more.

The same George that punched through a brick wall.... That's one tough ghost.

>Could have resumed the illusion by thanking Jeanne for defeating the evil robot and pretending to 'investigate' what's wrong.

>"Nah fuck that. Let's fight!"

>jeanne had a friend for the first time in HUNDREDS of years, although illusory
>and shes betrayed once again even within the illusion

I had thought that was the whole reason for the fight. Distract Jeanne with some other threat to keep her mind off what Annie was doing and keep the illusion alive. But now Parley's actions are throwing that idea into doubt.

Oh my God she just ran in. STICK TO THE PLAN

Damn, that actually makes me feel

Not everyone is a sociopath like you two.

What do you mean?

I hate man-bod George.
It's like she's on steroids.

>lol my friend got sliced in half who fucking cares
This is the reaction you think she should have.

After chopping him in half herself, I would think she'd know he'd survive and wouldn't endanger the others by provoking her further.

>hating based muscle girls
you have no place on this board

The ghost knows that feel.

>I'm the only one allowed to slice that robot in half!

She is.

Magic steriods.

I hope she grew a magic dick

It's possible to draw a very muscley girl without just giving them a man's body

With Halloween coming up, I could see Parley dressed as he-man.

>tfw no he-man gf

But does she praise?

When she did it he was all robot. Who knows how the bionic parts are going to handle this.

Irrelevant because his mind is still on a cpu chip. It doesn't suffer damage from being 'dead' like an organic brain would.

So no matter what his body is made of, it can be completely ruined and all Kat has to do is take out his chip and plug it into a new one.

He'll probably survive either way. I'm more interested in whether he has enough of a soul to end up with an etheric scar like Annie has.

>CPU getting fried because of sensory overload
(I don't think anyone's gonna die, tho, Tom is too much of a pussy.)

>water coming off the docking station

Christ how humid is it at the court?

It's half the cape comics genre.

Parley doesn't know this, she only knows muscles and Jeanne is destroy robot's muscles.

The willful destruction of gains must be avenged.

Not enough!


Parley cut him up herself and saw that he was just fine later. Jeanne did no different.

>Implying Kat would forget simple things like surge protection.

You doubt the Creator?

I doubt your knowledge of how computers work

I found some Kat foot stuff.

Any more and it's a fetish.

>Implying it's ever not a fetish

A fit woman is healthy and mentally strong, it's want your body is attracted to.
Anything else, wether it's skeletons, whales or swole tumor women, is a fetish.
You have whole areas of the world were physical excercise is rare and people have naturally adapted to think those body types are normal, but I would be more inclined to call that a case of mass fetishization than calling the return to normal easthetics a fetish.

>Can't even fetishize normality
Git gud!

With Siddell, anything is possible. He's, in my eyes, great at throwing curve balls, everytime I expect something to go this way, he make it go another way.

>there are people in this thread who've never jerked it to American Gothic


Such beta cucks.

if the 'artist' is still hanging around these threads, i'll request american gothic with Tony and Annie

I'm always gonna be here.
Can't draw, though.

Yea. She-Hulk, Power Girl. Barda.

George just looks awkwardly squarish compared to her former body. Also the build doesn't make sense for someone that was a fencer.

>she-hulk, power-girl (literally what muscles?), Barda
>very muscley

you have no idea of the true muscle.

Guess I'm not into Anime Monsters then.

I'm pretty sure the plan is just for Robot and Parley to buy time for Annie at this point. Of course, they could have bought more time by sticking to the illusion, but oh well. Blue probably can't hold it anymore.

She's not a fencer, though.

That's not water, it's condensed emote-ions that robots can condense out of the aether when under stress. These are negatively charged emote-ions, normally blue and liquid. Positively charged emote-ions are red and form a sort of haze around the face and ears. Do not get a robot that is happy too close to a robot that is sad, or their ion clouds will discharge into eachother.

Welp she Gon Die.

>Only *I* am allowed to slice up Robot!

The build makes perfect sense for someone that is a Protector of the Court, they were all swole as fuck.

Sir Young: swole as fuark
Robot Sir Young: fuarking joocy
Mr. Thorn: beefcake supreme
Eglamore: ripped. like, shredded.
George: THICC

Do you think we'll ever get a 'coming out' page like this?

With Paz pregnant and Kat in a wheelchair.

fuck's this

Spinnerette. That other webcomic with a lesbian plot shoehorned in.

oh thank god i thought it was something i gave a shit about

I need that /fit/ story now, the one with the bro who beat up a ghost.

wait is Spinerette pregnant? Is this some weird science stuff that Robomaid did to her?

She wears a preggosuit to hide her extra arms.

Wait isn't robomaid in spinnerette Japanese?
I mean she looks to be the exact same skin tone as cracker ass spinnerette.

What skin tone do you think Japanese have?

fuckin bright banana yellow

*crushing disapointment*

She's half Korean half Burgerstanni