Webcomics updating rarer than monthly

but more than once a year.

Akimbo comics


Part of me is kind of surprised that this is still going. Like you'd think his supply of rubes would have dried up by now or that he'd have taken all of his crowdfunding money and fucked off to Mexico or something.
I guess I should just never underestimate how much money you can potentially grift out of people on the internet.

Last updated Christmas last year.
Good things come to those who wait...

But if he keeps putting out the products people are donating to him for, rather than doing what yo said, how is he gifting them?

Ava''s fucking demon

He said was patreoning so he can go monthly. Then yell's at his Donator's asking where's the updates.

Yeah, that's pretty shit.

They've had at least two new ones this year.

I can't be assed to look up the amounts right now, but he's done multiple times.
He once did a Kickstarter for a huge amount that was basically his annual living expenses for multiple years, with the promise that he'd make the comic his full time job if it went through. The Kickstarter went above its goal, and Diaz still continued to release comics at the same glacial pace. Then he made a Patreon like said, once again with the promise of more frequent updates and no dice despite meeting the goals.
I don't know what he's doing with the majority of his time, but unless he is the most slow and inept comic artist ever, it definitely isn't making the comic his job the way that he promised in exchange for all that money. By all indications he's just relaxing and living the easy life by floating on a cloud of free crowdfunding money. Or just grifted it to put aside for investment in addition to whatever it is he really does for a living.

Anyway, maybe retiring to Mexico is too mainstream. He strikes me as more of a retire to Thailand or Laos as a rich, white god with lots of peasants to condescend over.

pic related shows patreon support pretty stable, despite the slowing of updates
>said was patreoning so he can go monthly
two weekly, actually:
>A guaranteed Dresden Codak comic every other week!
Hmmm, he did just post this:
>Apologies for the radio silence, I’ve been in China for a while! I’ll be chronicling those adventures in sketch form over on my Patreon shortly, but now it’s back to our regularly scheduled comic. Those gals seem to be in quite a pickle!

But the product he puts out is shit.

People with bad taste enjoy shit.

How can this artist be so technically sound on each individual piece of his drawing but so incredibly UNsound when it comes to composition and conveyance

I see a great many well-drawn things in a layout that makes no fucking sense.

Ava's Demon's been pretty irregular the last year or so while Michelle's been getting all the kickstarter shit out for volume two. The kickstarter ended almost a year ago and I didn't get my books until last week.

... in fairness they're fucking awesome and with all the printed and hand-drawn goodies the order came with it's no surprise it took as long as it did. Still hoping we start getting regular updates again now that that's all wrapped up.

I don't understand why people make fun of homestuck fans to this day when there are chumps out there in 2016 reading this comic and giving Diaz money.

>Or just grifted it to put aside for investment in addition to whatever it is he really does for a living
He doesn't do anything for a living outside of the comic. He's one of those dudes who had a trust-fund.

>I’ve been in China for a while!
You'd think he'd mention that in a quick tweet before he left. Or was he still waiting for the fallout of those comments about Eisner and Kirby to blow over before returning to social media?

That's always been his problem. It's kind of impressive, like, it's uniquely bad. I can't think of anything else with quite the same problem.

it hurts

they said there not gonna do a third one and just focus on the comic after they've shipped the last ones so they'll probably start to post more

Diaz has no focus. He'll drop Dresden Codak to go.haring off on whatever bright shiny thing strikes his fancy.

A short list
>I'm going to redo the Star Wars prequels the way they should have been and make them a web comic.
>There's no way Lucasfilm will sue my ass off
>I'm going to reinvent the Justice League and Batman.
>There's no way DC won't sue my ass off.
>I'm going to do my own illustrated version of the Lord of the Rings and the Similarion
>There's no way the Tolkien estate won't sue my ass off

It's like he drops his.own property, which people are basically paying for,, in a hare brained attempt to glom on to an already successful property, then gets slapped down and goes back to the Dresden Codack.

Missed it, what did he say about Eisner and Kirby?

>He'll drop Dresden Codak
no he wont

He'll keep talking about all the shit that he'll do, but in the end all he's gonna do is keep banking in on Codak.

Called Eisner a mediocre white man while talking up Kirby. People got angry him both for calling Eisner mediocre and for suggesting he was white (seeing as he faced a lot of discrimination for being Jewish back in the day).