"Gerald is thrilled with the media attention as he continues to troll everyone and anyone."

"Gerald is thrilled with the media attention as he continues to troll everyone and anyone."

Looking at this image, I can assume that Kyle will be blamed?

So Cartman isn't doing anything wrong? What bullshit is this.

>So Cartman isn't doing anything wrong?
He's bound to be doing something, we just don't know what yet.

Knowing Kyle he'll probably willingly take the bullet and tell Stan to find the real culprit.

Actually, they're investigating Cartman suddenly quitting Twitter without leaving a message saying he would.

twist, cartman is the only one who will be doing nothing wrong the entire season


Ike is going to be blamed.

this its suspicious why would he quit so suddenly when he was part of an important cause.

Blame Canada

>Cartman quits twitter
>Doesn't even have a single line and is absent all season making out like he's actually dead

Because they broke all his electronics and unable to actually use Twitter?

>Moooooom! My computer and cell phone broke! Can I have new ones?
>Of course sweety

Don't you remember he had to complain about getting "fucked in the ass" to get his ipad originally?

Probably tracked his IP. That's what Gerald gets for being a scrub and not using 7 proxies.

Doubt it, Gerald's got a multi monitor set up so he must be reasonable competent, and he's a good lawyer so he probably isn't worried about getting grilled by two beat cops.

Stan is in Raisins 2.0 mode right now

>Gerald's got a multi monitor set up
No he doesn't. He has two separate computers in the same room.


Why should I torrent something I'm only going to watch once?

Why don't you just watch it on the official website?

Why would I want to watch ads when I have the option to not have ads? Also, the official website takes too long to upload new episodes.

>not having adblock

I don't live in the USA

I do have adblock. That's why I don't have to deal with KissCartoon's ads. Comedy Central embeds their ads right into the video, so fuck that shit.

Either do I.

I would actually love that.

Will there be Tweek and Craig this episode that's all I care about

>implying his mon will let that happen

Remember when she aimed a gun at him to go to sleep?
She's been getting far more strict since the Cthulu Saga

Well they're the only couple now

Remember when she yelled at him to go outside in the very first episode?
She's always had it in her.

I haven't seen the first two episodes yet, but did PC Principal get a role in this whole plot?

It wouldn't make sense to introduce him the previous season and then don't use him when he would fit within the themes of this season the best.

He only had like one line in the first episode, he's mostly been in the background.

Kisscartoon is the most convenient way to watch shows in great quality. Streaming sites have come a long way.

He's just "principal" so far this season.

>Either Do I.


I like the continuity of new South Park. If we didn't have this we'd have...
>shitty Ghostbusters episode
>shitty election episode
>shitty Brangelina episode
>shitty terrorism episode
>shitty alt right episode
>one actually original episode
>shitty Stan's dad being wacky episode
>shitty feminist hate episode
>shitty Kardashian episode
>shitty faux musical episode

Massive bonus points if he gets blamed EVERYTIME a new problem shows up.


Ike will probably be blamed AND guilty. He probably began to troll after his father's little talk in the last episode.

Butters still has his Canadian girlfriend.

My theory is that Cartman really wanted to go straight (for whatever reason), but his friends' betrayal over his social media sends him back on the dark path. Though is a great idea as well.

>>shitty election episode
now it's a shitty double season election story

I just want more nice music.

Police could also be asking about Cartman's "murder" at the cabin.

Yeah that's exactly what it is, Kyle is suspected to be involved so it'll be interested to see where this goes