Miraculous Ladybug

Queen Bee is Chloe edition

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More hints for season 2 here


How can you tell? That mask is completely hiding her face!

How did a show that's clearly designed for pedophiles to jack it to so popular with little kids? It's even mildly popular here in America now because >muh female MC.

Anybody could have told you that based on Chloe's regular color scheme.

By, surprisingly, not being shit

Why are there so many mean rich girls in french cartoons?

Chloe. Mandy, Sissi.

It's a French cartoon right? How does it compare to Totally Spies?


Because it's a harmless, formulaic superhero show.

Could the Bee girl be a somebody else?

You'd be surprised at how many denialfags there are

So does this mean that Chloe's going to stop being a turbo cunt?

Probably. Or at least just be a turbo cunt with a heart of gold.

It just means that she'll be an even bigger cunt in her normal life, in order to throw off any notion that she's a super hero.

French have a thing against royalty and thus "prissy princesses" type characters. They had a whole revolution about it and chopped a lot of heads and everything.

She's probably going to pull a Flash Thompson and (somewhat) grow out of her bully phase because Ladybug inspires her to be better.

The Revolution was largely the work of a bunch of Freemasons in Paris and their English benefactors who were threatened by the Bourbons.

Unless Chloe has a twin sister or some shit then no.
Unless the bee Kwami changes the hair of their wearer like the cat one does with the ears.

Is this fake, I seem to remember that poster and chloe wasn´t the bee.

>bigger ass than ladybug

I hope they make her more likeable as hero. Shes super annoying in her current state.

it's from an updated version of that poster, though they still hid Bee's face until yesterday

>implying that's a bad thing

It would definitely be interesting to see Chloe actually having to clean-up her own messes for once

The whole point of having a bully in a cartoon is for the inevitable redemption/friendship episode. It'll be interesting to see how they develop Chloe's character, if they even try to have a story this season.

so was the America revolution
your point?

well, Chloe IS the bigger ass after all

The American Revolution was England deciding that the colonies were too expensive to maintain.

>The whole point of having a bully in a cartoon is for the inevitable redemption/friendship episode.

Bitch please

I meant children's cartoons, obviously.

>Implying Dio is the bully and not those damn Joestars that always get in his way and tremple his ambitions.
If it weren't for these meddling JoJos Dio would have reached Heavens by now.

>RT’d by Winny

>Finally, some character development
>Nope, it's her sister lol!

Who is this person. Does she work on the show?

I mean, we've never met her mom, sometimes kids go with different parents when they get divorced.

But that pretty clearly isn't Chloe and she looks even less like her in 2D.




So, Chloe has a nicer twin.

So who's gonna be the first to draw smut of her?

I really hope it's a cousin and not a surprise sister and especially not a twin. Too many shows have the hidden twin reveal. And I am so done with the evil twin good twin cliche.

How often is the hidden twin the good one, though? That's a fresh spin on the cliches.

Goodamnit these blondes all look alike

>Expecting this show to be that clever.

could just be fanart

I'm going to need to see a comparison


I'm rooting for you, user.

Simpsons did it.

>Amber Bourgeois
>Am Bourgeois

There's literally nothing the Simpsons didn't do, short of having a character turn out to be a sapient, disembodied penis that can shift into a human form

So will she be more useful than that guy who the ladybug's got a crush on?

No? Ladybug straight-up can't do her job without Chat's Miraculous.


So they where miss leading to keep the surprise, I can get behind that.

Ladybug has saved the day without Chat

Chat can't purify akuma without Ladybug

Let's remind everyone that in the first episode he appeared Dio, assaulted a woman and killed a dog. And that was before he became a souless monster of the night.

>what is steel ball run


Chat's the one that's pointless and basically a glorified sidekick.

And this character has countless enthusiastic fans and supporters, somehow. Kars is a much better villain and a better dick.

She has a bee leitmotif, of course her ass is going to be bigger. She has to have a thorax that inspires hope and strikes fear in the heart of evil.

A twin WTF, so they got out of their way to mislead people a keep her identity secret and then inmediatly reveal that is a secret twin?

Wouldn´t have been more simple just make people belive Chloe was going to get the bee miraculous and then reveal that it was actually her sister?

Is Marinette pure?

If she can resist the catboy, she can resist anyone.

Post Marinette lips! They're so glossy hnnnngggg

that would had been very interesting actually.


>Not Chloe

Nice. She's such a piece of shit a redemption arc from person who causes most of the problems to straight up superhero would be undeserved.

It is. And trust me she will have a redemption arc and it will be great.

I wish I WAS bee girl desu senpai...

I just love how everyone is running around like chickens with there heads cut off over if its Chloe or not

I kinda hope it is her since I would rather they develop Chloe than just introduce more characters to be underdeveloped like the rest of the characters in their class

And what if Chat Noir gets confused between his lady and this Amber girl?

I want to harvest fresh honey from Queen Bee's ass!!


Never fucking respond to me again

Nah fuck this I'd rather take Chloe.

He's been raped by five syrian immigrants already, like all French girls.

>people think introducing a new character out of nowhere is better than developing an existing one




I get where you're coming from, but if a character has already been set up as a strictly one-dimensional plot device of ruining Marinette & Adrien's romance and being a nuisance in general to irritate both Marinette and the audience, wouldn't it come off strange to suddenly start developing her into a more well-rounded character?


Marinette's regular color scheme isn't close to Ladybug's at all and Lila's is exactly on point for Volpina but look how they turned out. Until the hair was revealed for Queen Bee, people thought it was a red herring.

I like that idea actually.


And how much development have all the other characters received?

Alya has a little

but she needs more


So new webisodes start tomorrow on the ladybug YouTube channel.

so close

wait really? link?

>Implying she can't be the third wheel now that she would be a part of the group.


ok seeing the youtube channel but not seeing anything saying when the webisodes start

I remember Zag confirming they were coming in October but not when exactly

only the liberal ones

You know, it's weird how surprisingly good so many french cartoons are. I mean, Totally Spies was a fun series. Wakfu is fucking amazing, Code Lyoko was awesome (aside from the atrocious voices, Jeremy in particular was just terrible). Makes me wonder, are there any other french cartoons that aren't getting as much attention that are also good?

Prople actually think Amber isnt just Chloe's concept name. Like Felix and Bridgette were.