How did Skeletor not just kill himself...

How did Skeletor not just kill himself? He would come up with a flawless plan and He-man would basically show up throw a rock and defeat him. He never stood a chance.

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Why not Lex Luthor? Or Joker? Or any other villain?

Skeletor has beaten He-Man several times. It's just that since he is the villain, he needs to be defeated at the end.

If your plan can be beaten by somebody throwing a rock, how is it perfect?


Skeletor actually wants to save Eternia from the super powered state police that runs it (aka Masters of the Universe)

He doesnt care about humiliation and defeat, only about the people.

>aka Masters of the Universe

It's funny because the cartoon was originally going to use that title to refer to the villains.

Is that Dan Abnett and the guy who does Sunstone?


Skeletor actually doesn't give a shit about Eternia. He wants to destroy the whole Universe, and create one by his own image.

>He never stood a chance.

he knows

i like how in that comic, he was the only voice of reason in the kingdom before hordrak corrupted him

There is not anything like a super powered state police on Eternia, because the whole planet has clearly medieval structure. The various races and tribes on Eternia are organized on city states and warrior societies. The Masters are the elite warrior cllass, who protects half of the planet. The other half, the Dark Hemisphere is under Skeletor's rule anyway, and his own team of warriors.

He was not. Keldor was corrupted long before he made the deal with Hordak. He has his reasons, but nonetheless he manipulated his nephew and his brother, he murdered the Eternian Council, and then he tried to kidnap his nephew and kill his brother.

>killing a racist, incompetent council somehow bad

eternia was in constant peril because they couldnt ever properly secure greyskull and left the job to a sect of bird women

Do you really think that Keldor ever give a fuck about any race or people?
It was always about himself, his hunger and his obssession for power.
Besides this was the council of the city of Eternos. The Eternians are a mix of any kind of race, each one with its own ruler (see Stratos King of Avion, or Mer-Man of the Acquatic Kingdom), and all of them are part of a complicated system of alliances. With all these races around there is not racism on Eternia, with the exception of the Gar people, because of their betrayal and the tyranny that they established after King Grayskull's death.

>with the exception of the Gar people,

which is why he was passed over to be king despite being the rightful heir (firstborn) of the king

he was just reclaiming his birthright

As for Castle Grayskull was passed out of knowledge until He-Man/Skeletor's times. Before then, the Castle hadn't been attacked, because its importance has been forgotten. Only the Sorceress, who is actually the High Priestess of the Eternian Goddess, and the guardian of the castle knew the truth.

No he was not the rightful heir.

He was the illegitimate son of Miro. Something that Hordak reminded him as well.

the king fully recognized him as his son

just not as his heir

He recognized him as his son, but he was legitimate. Miro wasn't married with Saryn, Keldor's mother, who was actually the person that betrayed and murdered King Grayskull, so Keldor was considered a bastard as he admitted himself, and certainly the Eternians will not accept as King, the son of the murderer, who killed their greatest hero.

i meant illegitimate.

Imagine meeting the 80s cartoon skeletor

what are the top 2-3?
are they from some comic verse?

> imagine him finding out about the Langella Skeletor.


They are coming from some concept versions, who have been brought here as alternative Universes's examples of Skeletor through the MOTU Multiverse.

2 of those look like the skeleton from comic booklets that came with toys. the one toy with a "smashed/normal" chest piece

i think i still a few of those somewhere

that skeletor was more like Darkseid than anything else

fuck maybe darkseid is DC's skeletor

But he is still a Skeletor, and was mostly competent one at that.

>mostly competent

i didnt like that or the tone it had

if a movie would benefit from marvel's quippy shit would be a MOTU one

Um that movie was littered with quips on the hero side. They were just Cannon Film quips.

But.. Skeletor on the other hand.

Don't think so.

Without Disney's huge pubblishing campaign, to back it up, it would be a huge flop.

Besides there is not any current actor that could ever remotely stand at Langella's Skeletor. He was one of the best fictional villains ever.

Quote for the truth:

Here's come now.

>Robot Chicken Skeletor is canon to the multiverse
>Based Frank Langella Skeletor isn't


It's canon. The problem is that Mattel doesn't have the movie rights, so they can't use Langella's Skeletor not even as an action figure. For this reason we didn't see movie Skeletor here.


Langella's performance is on a level that no one will ever probably ever match.

It's true sadly. Paramount owns the rights as they do all the Cannon Films and that one stings the most.

Wise words!

Langella's Skeletor is up there with James' Earl Jones'ss Thulsa Doom and Darth Vader!

Hot damn

I'm amazed you can be screwed out of the rights to a take on your own IP. Copyright law is nonsensical.

There's probably a loophole, but if Mattel made a Langella Skeletor a convention exclusive they'd probably be even more hated than ever before.

it has nothing to do with copyright

the owners of the MOTU ip sold the movie rights

the movie rights owners also own all the movie-related stuff

its a licensing issue not a copyright one. the solution is to wait it out or buy them back/agree to share them

I really can't hear these lines in Skeletor's iconic voice. These comics good?

They are. Good epic fantasy storyline, with cosmic and sci/fi elements.

that wasnt "normal" skeletor tho, he had absorbed some power

the comics are fine. start with the giffen run

The irony is that the movie Skeletor figure is the most wanted MOTU variant from the current toy collectors

But they own Blade, Gwildor, and Saurod because they made figures of the three when the movie came out. So weird licensing issues.

It's complicated. Apparently the fact that Blade, Gwildor, and Saurod have vintage toys back in the 80's, put them in a different status from the rest of the movie characters.

not sure about blade and saurod, but gwildor was created by the movie studio because orko would have needed too many fx sequences

I...I'm not crying, He-Man! I...I'll win next time!

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