What exactly is the appeal?

What exactly is the appeal?

Hypnosis + bondage + vore

You forgot to mention he's shaped like a penis.

I'd rather fuck Kaa's mouth. He must be great at deepthroating.


>tfw scouring /d/ for that comic where Jane fucks Kaa while Tarzan watching

Thanks for the reminder, the hunt is on

What makes a person get into this stuff or furry shit?

Robin Hood, Jungle Book and Lion King were some of the only movies I had on VHS as a kid. I watched them religiously and never once as a kid did the idea of anything sexual in them even cross my mind. I know every line and moment of these movies and I had my first faps to an ad of a girl in a bikini in the back of a video game magazine like a normal person.

Actually the idea of 2D girls and waifus were the hardest thing to wrap my mind around when I started using Cred Forums and the internet in high school.

>Implying Maid Marian didn't do things to your willy as a kid

Project all you want dawg, it didn't happen

I'm going to say that either you're lying, or there's something physically wrong with you.

Probably the former.

> Scarlet Johansson will never hypnotize and eat you

then you're a sexually active raging homo.

>Meet a girl and think "oh she seems normal"
>go on one date
>she turns out to be a massive autist who plays Toon Town and has a huge, open hypno fetish
>gets visibly excited whole we talk about Purple Man in Jessica Jones
>gets hung up on me having met Jim Cummings because he voiced Kaa

Like, I get it. Hypnotism is a pretty lukewarm fetish. It's basically just an offshoot of rape play/sub-dom stuff.
I get it.

But man, I do not get the kind of people who get boners for a wacky lisping cartoon snake voiced by Winnie the Pooh.

>he didn't play toon town

I was a Runescape kid, it was free.

Even still, I feel like playing Toon Town in college would be a bit of a red flag

I would wife her immediately.

There are many appealing things about snakes.
Hypnosis and Vore are shit though.
Truly, wanting to fuck a snake is the worst furry hell

Fucking Didney can't into reptiles

We talked for a few hours and literally everything she said came back to Toon Town or hypno. It was like trying to talk to a brony, only she was an adult who ate Kid Cuisine for dinner every night.

I know finding a socially awkward nerd/NEET girl is the dream, but the reality is a lot more uncomfortable.



Pythons have four rows of teeth in the top jaw and two on the bottom one and they are all sharp as needles and pointed toward the back of the mouth. You stick your dick in there, it's not coming back out easily or painlessly.

So I'll get him something to go over his teeth so they'll be smooth. Like a smooth retainer like thing to go over his teeth. Big deal.

>What's the appeal
>talking about a snake

OP. the appeal is that the movie has a lot of bananas.

sauce on that pic?

I've been a furry for probably a dozen years now and I don't even fucking remember how.

I think I just sumbled on it through looking for Pokemon porn (Misty was my first waifu - not talking about the Pokemon themselves) and it just snowballed from there.

But your question is a flawed one. Asking someone what got them into a fetish usually doesn't make sense. Can you point to a specific event that got you into redheads, or bondage, or girls with abs, or whatever fetish you have? Usually it's someone that is already attracted to something and then discovers it. It's rare that someone gets taught a new fetish. The reason you weren't attracted to any furry girls as a kid is because you aren't attracted to them and never will be, and that's fine. Not everyone has to like every fetish. I will never understand the appeal of feet, for example.

Superior (and underused) hypno-fetishism mascot right here.

>"Lapham" on the lower right side

im a dumb fuck thanks

Isn't the Incredibles comic dead?

>being a furfag
I hope you have good taste.

Been dead for years.

What, uh... What do you define as good taste, friendo?

Zko master race to masturbate.

It was a hypnosis scene, well animated, well acted, lengthy (meaning, on some level, it was seductive, as all non-instant fictional hypnosis is), with a tinge of danger on a character that was easy for kids to project themselves onto.

Furthermore, it was deemed a classic, meaning new generations of kids are consistently exposed to it.

It was the perfect formula like no one had seen since Violet Beauregarde. The only way it could've become more precalent is if one of them was a girl, and, surprise surprise, in both sequels/remakes one of them was.

being gay

Everyone knows bi the the superior sexuality.



is that what you biscum tell yourselves?

Are you fucking retarded?

it's on sadpanda

Were there any other great hypno scenes?

There ya go.