ENDTOWN - 2016-09-26 Special Nothing To Talk About update


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Wally's canonically augmented now


Does he hit the floor in the four panel?

that's what is looks like


Wally has ditto superpowers now


Wally said he had trillions of dittos under control, enough to build a platform strong enough to support him, Kirbee, Holly and Chick

is his little ditto buddy a super-dense ditto construct??

before all the impatient people complaining about "nothing happening" start to complain

this ain't your furry dramafest comic where every update has a paragraph of dialog and at least one character showing of her ass.

Next comic he commands the dittos to wrap around his hands and body, using them to augment his strength to duke it out with the Ghost of Lyn.

>that screwdriver
It actually looks like a cool idea

it's a thing

they are handy, but a nice makita is better.

I was referring to the design that's very mouse like

it'd be hard to hold on to without a handle.

>at least one character showing of her ass.

>you can see wally's ass in the 4th panel

user, you defeated your own point right there.

From a few threads back

Udders? Seriously?

it was actually confirmed before that, and yes, seriously.

Does that apply to other hooved mammels in Endtown?

how do we know this is all true?

>this ain't your furry dramafest comic where every update has a paragraph of dialog and at least one character showing of her ass.
oh, so that's why nothing is happening, got it. enthralling conclusion.

We don't actually. We've had at least two of these "user totally phoned Aaron" posts now and each time they're bizarrely accepted as gospel.

i don't see why not.

That's KC actually, and yes... apparently he did phone Aaron.

Proof of either?

Ask Aaron.

i honestly don't have any, but given how connected Kc is to Aaron, i don't see reason to not believe him.

both jamil and kc are chummie with Aaron and Selena, and so it's most likely true.

have we ever heard that or seen it indicated by Aaron or Selina? Or just from Jamil and KC?

Something is happening, only because you are an impatient faggot doesn't means that it's not

So why doesn't KC use his name and tripcode when posting them to avoid confusion, then?


I'm not sure why, but both KC and Jamil tend to not tripfag here.

Have you ever looked at Selena's FaceBook page? She does art with the 2 of them all the time.

Avoid drama i guess? he gets shit sometimes when he uses his name. Jamil doesn't, surprisingly.

I hope the dittos die.

Yeah, what the fuck.

Phone him.

>Jamil doesn't, surprisingly
Let's say that is because Jamil doesn't have a bad reputation

So, where do you suppose the other players are?
Is the AI keeping them together or seperate fantasies?
What would Chick's dream be?

>bad reputation

elaborate, i don't know much about kc.

>What would Chick's dream be?

>chic's watching himself peek on his parents having sex, feeling completely embarrassed about himself

His shitty upbringing. I wonder if he misses his mother?

Because KC often comes comes across as an attention seeker and a backseat moderator. Jamil doesn't.

Frankly I'd rather have things left to emails, guessing and interpretation than have KC playing Metatron.

Why not strike up conversations with
Aaron or Selena yourself? I've written
to him a few times and he was very
good about answering my questions.

>Why not strike up conversations with
Aaron or Selena yourself? I've written
to him a few times and he was very
good about answering my questions.


>Frankly I'd rather have things left to emails

I don't know if you where here at that time but KC got problems with some people because he didn't deliver commissions or something like that, everytime he commented there was always someone telling him to finish his commissions and there was also that other guy complaining about how the threads were becoming a drawfag circlejerk using the drama with KC as example

>that other guy
most likely in this very thread right now


You're good Jamil

Gogo ditto shield!

Shouldn't those things be as strong as jello?


Opening up requests of any of the following;

Chik & Irving

Sarah Battle


Whatcha got Cred Forums?

Chuck's dream is no one hitting him for a whole week.

Oddly, Irving's dream is nothing but Chic getting hit.



Slam out some Battle pics; SARAH Battle pics!

I got no suggestions except to avoid anything that isn't far enough away from "Lewd" that you can't see it without the aid of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Janitors have been antsy in these threads lately...

just post in the booru

Or we can start a trash thread

Maude in a six-piece bikini.


Brainfart. Counted wrong.

Three if you count both rows of udder as one piece of fabric.

bonus points for immediately jumping up someone's neck for insulting your favorite comic.

no, he hits the inside of the ditto as its trying to slow him down

>pointing how he is wrong is jumping is his neck
Sorry if I hurt your feelings

Maude duking it out with Sarah in a WWE-style costume in the lizard arena for the waifu championships, which Sarah wasn't supposed to be a part of but invaded the show to steal for herself.

you didn't. I'm merely pointed out how angry you seemed over such simple shit it's almost cringy.

you're right, that'd amount more to you being sensitive than anything

>getting angry over a constant flow of art in a general
almost as hilarious as people complaining about furries in this board of all places

Now if I call someone a faggot it means that i'm angry?

then leave it at that and stop trying to look for validation, jesus.

I just find funny how you interpret my post like I was angry

I want to expect a lot of Maude in a lot less clothing, Aaron.

>yfw A character walks in on Maude, exposing her and straight up showing her udders.

So, Cred Forums, why hasn't this comic received the love it deserves?

I just recently read it and was blown away by it, but it was baffling to see that there wasn't really any discussion about it, not that much fanart except from Cred Forums. There's a forum, but it seems like the last threads are from like three years ago, and there's a ded subreddit. What can be done to bring the wider internet the joy of endtown?

It's getting there. We get new readers every week, and Aaron has received a bump in his Patreon supporters.

If you ask me, it's the lack of advertising. Like you said besides Cred Forums no one really talks about the comic but not because they don't like it it's because they barely know it exist, Aaron doesn't really have the time to do that no even with things like twitter or facebook.
Also the format and the anthro animals are enough to scare many people

Not sure. Was there anywhere to fall too? Is falling another illusion? Who knows?

i would love to see some Sarah to be honest, maybe looking at Jim's bone dick with a shock and disgust expression.

I was not expecting a return to Endtown at least for another year. I wonder what they find when they get back.

I doubt we are gonna see them going back but rather us the spectator going back to Endtown

Wasn't there user that was working on the the RPG book? That might attract an audience.

Outside rpg circles doubt it, keep in mind that I also mentioned how anthro animals are a big red flag for some people

Yeah, I noticed the Endtown facebook page isn't updated very frequently. It's a shame because, aside from this one, I tend to follow my webcomics through there (Sue me.)

Also noticed that the Endtown tag on tumblr is basically reposts of the Cred Forums threads, which saddens me a bit. Maybe I'll try to revive the subreddit, but it'll take a while

/trash/ thread is up... Just in case.

All that motion blur, and no one is commenting on it.

I think that what Endtown needs is something big, something that could catch the attention of a big number of people, a web series comes to mind but that ost money so...

it needs more kirbee

Side page adverts can go a long way if that could be set up. Got me introduced to Dreamkeepers, which I thought was alright.

Adblock would take them out though, so maybe on a site that tells people to fuck off if they have it turned on.

>so maybe on a site that tells people to fuck off if they have it turned on
I don't know, many people are disposed to leave the site rather than see an ad. Maybe just spread the word throught diferent places or with sites or people that review webcomics.

> Facebook
> Endtown.Appreciators

Updates almost daily.

EARTH needs more Kirbee

Anything with Chik and Irving.

There's a Booru?


The Endtown booru exist for quite some time user

is it me or this has no CSS at all?

i tried to customize it myself while learning code but I fucked up

Is there no way to get it fixed?

Yea everytime I set it back to default it goes back to that

my nigga

True but he never asked for it.

I want more dinosaur

wow, that is a dead subreddit.


That's pretty cute.

Added an image to it.

But yeah, only 9 subscribers to it as well...

> Look at tag
> Fanart by Suule, Akunim, David, Jamil, Kazen, KC and other drawfags

user are you sure you're looking at #Endtown tag?

I wonder if he will ever get a proper name.

They can't keep calling him that forever.

It's missing a large chunk of pictures though, so check Cred Forums booru too. Endtown booru's got some stuff Cred Forums booru doesn't though.



Which Endtown character would you help brush their teeth? youtu.be/kPD50KVgNtI

porn comic

Or at the very least the pinup calendar to be released.
>yfw Aaron releases it this christmas as a gift to all his supporters

>>yfw Aaron releases it this christmas as a gift to all his supporters

we can only dream

A game?

I want some hawks

>Wally learns a lesson from every woman he ruins
>Kirbee is supposed to teach him a very important one
What can be more important than "shit happens"?

Is that a request?

we got eagles. That close?

He's gonna learn what does cloaca tastes like

Like eating ass and vaganias at the same time.


Allie, i would gently brush each one of her fangs, and peck her snout when i'm done.


Jim now that I think about it.

His teeth need a good brushing.

fucking madam min giving me childhood boners

I bet the worst part of Endtown is the smell.

>Holly and Wally could've just offed Sarah and Jim while they were out cold
>Jim could've died content instead of as a psychotic, possessed, homicidal trash panda

Sarah could have been less of a bitch.


Great minds always think in Sarah getting his shit fucked


Hey guys.

Somebody posted this other comic in a different thread but I think the people who are into Endtown may enjoy it too.
The kind of people who would give a comic a chance despite the protagonists being animal people.

It is sci-fi/fantasy.

But because I really do know the Cred Forums Endtown crowd I have picked a page of a curvaceous catgirl ramming somebody with a flying car as an example.


looks interesting, user. Thanks.

ok, I will admit it caught my attention

>All this Sarah hate

Hater's gonna hate i guess...

none of this is gonna change the fact that Sarah is one of the sexiest waifus in the comic.

I don't have a problem with udders. But Maude's too old and thick for my tastes.

ya beat me to it pen user. fantastic as always.

It never hurts to have more Maude, and thanks


You two do great in different ways.

I talk to people outside of Cred Forums who know of Endtown and the things they say about it.


Endtown X Street Fighter when?


What a coincidence, I've been thinking about that lately but with King of Fighters.

One of Marx's specials should be disappearing, opening a hole behind the opponent, tapping their shoulder then sock 'em when they turn around. Wally could make a functional assault riffle with the dittos for his special. Jim can turn into JimGod with the right combo. The combo/energy bar is labeled "PSYCHE".

Just imagine!

I think we found it.

Forgive me thread but a Endtown fighting game and this description sounds straight up the ally of jojos bizarre adventure

It would be far too complicated to pull off.

How so? I explicitly mentioned that it's based on King of Fighters.

Just the general background for the character fighting styles is pretty goofy for king of fighters but I still approve it

>fighting styles is pretty goofy for king of fighters
Do you even know what you're talking about?

>fighting styles is pretty goofy
>fighting games
>anything but goofy

Good ideas, but those two series are to overused when talking about crossovers what about Guilty Gear?

If you guys wanna be real here why not Bloody Roar? That way characters can switch from human to animal/monster mutations

More crowanon.

That's a terrible idea.


Might as well post what's left over in total.

I need a lot more practice.

Speaking of vidya

>Think of a video game, can be any one so long as it has a main character
>Got it? Good.
>Your choice of game's main character is now in the Hillside wasteland, thankfully unaffected by the mutagen
>How long will they survive? How will they react to other survivors and vice versa? How would they fare against Topsiders or monster mutants?

Either this will be the longest blood bath against the Topsiders, monster mutants, and anyone the non-functioning payphones tell him to deal with ever seen in any reality, or he'll last for less than a second.
Survivors will just be a hallucination, and he'd most likely never talk to nor be approached by one. Being soaked in blood and unable to find a functioning washer, as well as wearing a rubber animal mask might spook everyone off.

Hey, practice is practice. Keep going at it man.

>Geralt of rivia

he's be fine...



Best waifu, no matter what Aaron says.

The mutagen immunity wouldn't matter much, but I wonder if he'd be able to continue the wise cracks for very long or if he'd actually crack and have a break down.
Kinda hard to tell with such an underdeveloped character.

>Brad from LISA
He'll be fine, as in just as MAYBE a bit miserable since Endtown is less fucked up than LISA. He'll probably end up killing all of the Topsides or a shit ton since he'll end up getting a new Buddy to protect from the horrible world.
And he can handle all the horrible psychological stuff going on since he has someone to protect.

>Resident Evil 4
He might fare off pretty well, though I would like to see him as a animal mutant

>read the first comic out of boredom
>"what is this furshit?"
>6 hours of reading the archives later

Not Jim?

>first comic
I don't think the first anthro mutant even appears until like 20 pages in.
I know what you were getting at, but I wanted to point it out since it caught me off guard when I first got into the comic without having seen any of the later pages.

>Nuclear Throne

I don't know how Endtown would react to the first seen plant mutant, but I'm pretty sure that if it had access to some ray guns there would be a Topsider massacre.

All of the Nuckear Throne characters, except maybe Plant like you mentioned, would fit really well in this comic.

Even Jung Venuz?

This is how I got my friend into it. Didn't tell him it had anthros and he didn't connect it until he was in the middle of Wally's first arc.

He's a much better Marx, so yes.

cause I'm all messed up

She has what appear to be breasts whenever she appears with her bathrobe on, does she have both or udders work as multi breasts?


More cute Kirbee to lighten up the mood!


Had 5 mins to scribble out a funny thought before leaving.

Pretty cute man.

What dinosuars haven't we drawn and waifu'd yet?

>The Nameless one from Planescape Torment

Well, it'd really update his journal.

Just caught up. Good shit

Welcome to the agonizing wait.

Nice, good to see more people reading it.

Thus far Aaron has left Friday updates as some great cliffhangers. Maybe we'll get to see Wally absorb this crazy ship AI into his Dittoball

i have the Feeling he's gonna run into kirbee this friday, and next week we will see her flashback start.

Nice, that's too cute for life. Have anything else of this character?

DK's done a bit of her




We saw tiny mutants trying to get clothes, Maude get new clothes, even porcupines, but now I must ask: where are the pics of dino-ladies trying to get clothes their size?

Do people actually waifu that bitch? I can understand the urge to bang her, but is there any actual emotional connection there?

heh. not really... i just want to fuck her hard until she regrets what she did.

She'd just as easily cuck you for someone else while you go full Gozer like she did for Jim

i don't see how she can cuck me if i only intend to rape her.

I've noticed that everyone in these fanarts is always sad. I get that the comic is sad and all, but people are not sad ALL the time. It's like a parody of it.

Not all, user. Not all...


You can't fool me, That sign actually reads "Hopeless."


Seriously though, user. I do like drawing good moments in the sea of misery.

Now that's just furry!

It's always nice to see.

>fanarts is always sad

not all of it

Lot of stuff on the Cred Forums booru isn't that sad.

Actually, I think we only had an increase in sad after the Great Cuckening.

Yeah, but happy Bill is somewhat ironic considering we all know how that turned out.

A happy Kirby is a smile worth protecting.

>A happy Kirby is a smile worth protecting.

Kirbee's always happy, she's always worth protecting.

>Now that's just furry!

It was just silly ideas during one time really.

Jim deserved better.

He was too cute. I want to cuddle Jim and whisper everything is gonna be alright in his ear.


Looking through the boorus, I haven't seen much fanart of I/Schism Jim.

Non-schism Jim is best Jim though.

Oh my god she's precious

Maybe so, but something about a madman now host to some otherworldly being has it's own charm.

I have more pics of schism Jen than I have of Jim. Well, now I know what I need to draw more of.

I want to help her feel better about herself.

I love how so many anons here want to live in Endtown, but so many would be the first to get Schism Syndrome.

Now post the real version.

Cool man. Just throwing thoughts out, but I'm surprised no one's done anything with Rocket Raccoon and Jim. Or venom Rocket and schism-Jim


>I love how so many anons here want to live in Endtown
what on Earth gave you THAT impression? Endtown universe it the LAST place I'd want to be.

i would like to be there... just for her

Here's Jim.

A bit more bug-eyed than I had wanted...

I don't have the real version.

You ain't wrong, on both counts.

Fuck you talking about, if I had the choice, I would 100% decline no matter how many QT waifus are there for me. Even if I could live happily without the luxuries of our 21st technology, vidya, and the internet, I'd still never want to live there even if I never had to go Topside.

If I was forced there because of Marx-faggotry, then I'd have no choice in the matter and discuss how I wouldn't immediately start gnawing my fingers off and find a way to neck myself. Really, I doubt anyone in this thread would want to live in Endtown, and only discuss what they'd do if they were forced into that reality.

Beep Beep! some OC coming through!
Spoilered cause mods have their bloomers in a bunch.

Definitely needs more practice on the face, but I like the suit and the folds. Can never really get them right without it looking really weird.

Keep on practicing my man.

I know this isn't relevant to faces, but here's a hand drawing tutorial I found that looks pretty handy. Maybe it'll help you with those too if you're having trouble with them.

Thanks, man! Always happy to get some critique and tutorials.

The only real upside to living in endtown is the fact that it is proof that ALL other realities exist

than you know what that means...

If you don't already have one I have a Jim reference pic.

...There might be a way to get back home.

Fuck, I can't find it either on both boorus.

It was a gif.

Very Nice
>Tail sock

Fully appreciated!


bit risque tho.

Said it before, will say it again: we really need to put these references up somewhere. Maybe the endtown booru.

That would be pretty handy.

>unbuttoned bloomers
doing this in the 1800's will get you arrested


well, let me drop them so you can upload them if you want.


I'm not the one who makes them but I save them any time I see them. They're fantastic to have but I'd like more profiles, full body shots and views from the back of the head if their in the comic.


Sorry same pic


All good.

here's another Allie just because she's cute and special





>next ship they find is the Exelion sticking out of the sand and up into the sky


Sorry, I'm not the one who owns the Endtown booru. Looking at it now though, the guy who does it putting them up, so thanks man.

>As they travel further and further into the wastes, more and more stuff Kirbee absolutely adores is found
>They even find a fucking functional Stargate

Uploading these too, just in case

Added the ones posted here so far.

Feel free to post more so I can add 'em in.

Thank you, user, gave it a shot.

I'd be happy to do more drawfag stuff, though who knows how well my skills compare to the rest of Cred Forums


these bitches are canonically made for lewds.

Threadly reminder that Aaron confirmed Maude as best Endtown waifu.

Indeed. Why not post that delicious lewd with them and Jim in the trash thread?

>only based on her size
>not her personality

Sure thing.

One of the best commissions i have gotten from Lon


what's the point of using post apocalypse as a setting if it's not going to be dangerous, now that Wally is a ditto God with basically unlimited power?

seems like he just really wanted Marx to be the main character and was upset people didn't like him

Good stuff, user. Your stuff looks great and I hope you drawfag more for us. Good OC, no matter what it is or how well it's done is good for discussion, which is good for the thread.

>It's Jim.

>watching the fifth element
>Huh, Leeloo kinda looks like Kirbee
>Jump scene
>Holyshit! I'm sure Aaron inspired himself with this movie!
>Send mail to Aaron
>"Nope, Just a coincidence"


Looking at the Unity lizards bodies, I think they're all made for a Grade A fucking. Those thighs, the hips, the booty. Either hit the mutation jackpot like Flask, or pray you turn into a booty lizard.
I bet with those bodies, they ride dick like champs.

>Maude not the perfect waifu in terms of personality

Is this nigga serious?

is this why the threads started to suck once we got into Unity?

>they ride dick like champs.

They probably have the experience, i mean... they fuck all day, every day, Canonically.

>started to suck once we got into Unity
>literally the threads became regular during unity


i am no saying that maude's personalty is shit, but it's obvious the only reason Aaron claims maude best waifu is because of her size, specially if you keep in mind, Gustine is "Close Second".

>now that Wally is a ditto God with basically unlimited power?
Doing some structures with dittos doesn't really makes you a God with unlimited power

>doubting based Aaron

I started doubting him when he said Allie and Jim were shit

>Morrowind, most recent build was a destruction Mage
They'll last forever, becoming a living god amongst the beasts and survivors.

Aaron's the creator of this whole thing, he knows exactly what Maude, Gustine, and all of the other waifus are going to do and what their entire personality is like, how they'll live on a normal day to day basis, and the choices they're going to make in the future of the comic.

Maybe it is because of their 2x THICCness, or maybe it's because he knows that in the future of the comic they'll be the purest, or at least Maude will, while the others reveal they aren't as good as you thought they were. Or maybe it's way too late and I'm looking for depth into a kiddie pool.

Now while I agreed with you that not everything that Aaron says it's written in gold if your only reason to doubt him it's because he didn't praised your waifu/husbado you must be fucking stupid.

Aaron is known for liking plus++ girls, user... is no secret. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's obviously biased towards them.

Gustine "second close", is the most obvious evidence of this, i don't claim Gustine is shit, but she's nowhere near Holly for instance.

He's changed canon several times, though. I feel like he's found his footing in the latest arcs, but I wouldn't trust that everything he says is set in stone.

I'll post some of the ref sheets I have.



And that's all I have of ref sheets

>literal plot device
jesus fucking christ people actually like this shit?

>Now while I agreed with you that not everything that Aaron says it's written in gold if your only reason to doubt him it's because he didn't praised your waifu/husbado you must be fucking stupid.

Not at all, i was actually joking about that, but i do honestly believe that he calling maude and gustine best waifus, is due to his preference for big girls. which is perfectly valid, i am not bashing him in any way. But taste is completely subjective and just because he likes them best, doesn't exactly means they are.

Thank y'all for posting these references and having it put up on the booru. I know this'll be a great help for future drawfriends.

Added 'em all in.

>but i do honestly believe that he calling maude and gustine best waifus, is due to his preference for big girls.
I think there's no doubt about that, I just said the fucking stupid part because it wouldn't surprise me that there is people that would bash Aaron only because he doesn't think his waifu is great.

There's no doubt about that either, some people will get triggered by this, no doubt.

And this reminds me, why has no one posted the booru in the /trash/ OP? I feel like that would have people join the threads more

i will next time

Here's another head-'n-shoulders Jim.

Front one looks much better. You should try and re-do the other one with what you've learned, particularly making the eyes smaller and sides of his face more pronounced.

3rd and final Jim for tonight.

I know I'm going to be spending time practicing on eyes.

Yep, that looks more like Jim. Good job, user, keep it up.

That's great user, keep practicing!

Did Wally fall into a Peter, Bjorn & John video?


Nice. Don't mean to poke, but a bit of touching up on the hulk hands, and you got a good Jim picture there.

Keep on going on man, I'm trying the same here.

I appreciate the encouragement, thanks!

No problem!

now hurry up and git gud so you can draw us porn!

Maybe, we'll see.

...Fuck it, one more before bed.

Love the Chick!



When does Aaron usually post the update?

It varies a lot, but in streaks. For a long time recently we were getting it early, now it's gone back to being later.

Got banned for that Possum/Ram Endtown couple.

See you on Friday

Right now it looks like every 3 days.

So tomorrow at noon seems likely.