So I just finished watching Transformers Prime, my first tentative dip into TF and liked it quite a lot

So I just finished watching Transformers Prime, my first tentative dip into TF and liked it quite a lot.

Are there any guides for what else from Transformers is generally watch/enjoyable? How are the comics?

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Beast Wars is very good. There are also a lot of really good comics. I had a link somewhere to a mega of them but I'm on mobile for now.

The War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron games are also pretty great.
Next on my list is Animated, which I hear is different, but good.

I thought about watching Animated next since... yeah, I still can't expand my disbelief for the car robots now also having animal robots (yet). There was some wacky pseudo-science already in Prime with cloning, T-cog biomechanisms and so on but I managed to accept that to some degree.

With the comics, is it like a Hellboy or a Big Two deal? Is reading everything recommended or is it a "stay with an author/run that appeals to you" kinda deal?

Don't quote me, but I think most of the comics were written by like, one guy, with a LARGE story in mind. Definitely more Hellboy than big two. Read what you want, but I've heard it's all canon and all solid.

Don't take this the wrong way but I hope you're wrong on this because that sounds massive.

Best shows are Beast Wars, which has terrible CGI but great storytelling and characters, and Animated, which has kind of shit animation that grows on you and a good sense of humor.
The comics are more complicated, but tl;dr: the best ones are More than Meets the Eye, which is fantastic from issues 1-40 and then varies between average and unreadable up until issue 55, and Robots in Disguise, which is generally pretty good but becomes awful when the author has to set up crossovers.
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You're thinking of GI Joe.

Thanks for the numbers and link, that helps immensely!

Also anyone who has some fanart is more than welcome to post it.

No problem. Those two run parallel to each other, incidentally.
Also, start with "The Death of Optimus Prime", since it sets up the status quo of both series. And read the Last Stand of the Wreckers miniseries, which is GOAT.

Here user have the comic guide of august. I owe you the series guide because I'm on mobile

He is. Ignore him.
Okay, here's a quick rundown of all the comics.
First the Marvel ones:
>Marvel G1: Generally thought to be pretty good, though it's kind of goofy and the quality's inconsistent in the early years. Initially by a bunch of different authors, but eventually got taken over by the author of:
>Marvel UK G1: Includes all the Marvel US stuff, but has a bunch of extra stories by the writer Simon Furman who eventually took over the US comic. Has some classic stories like Target 2006 and City of Fear.
>Marvel G2: Edgy as shit and completely ridiculous. Follows on from the previous US material, and worth it just for the goofy-ass faces on the characters. Ends on a cliffhanger that was only resolved in a fanfic by Furman.
3H Productions:
>Transformers Universe: Sequel to Beast Machines cartoons that spends most of its time trying to undo everything from BM. Forgettable.
>I'm not even going to mention specifics here because it's all fucking awful. I guess the War Within comics - again, by Furman - are okay?
IDW Publishing:
>Regeneration One: Billed as the "true conclusion" to the G1 Marvel comics, it's basically all of the bottom-of-the-barrel ideas Furman had that weren't worth using in G2 or War Within.
>The "-ations": The first things in the "IDW G1 universe"; a bunch of miniseries by Furman that set up a big overarching plot that eventually gets truncated so a new writer can take over. Has some stupid shit but generally pretty good.
>All Hail Megatron: God-awful. Basically "the G1 cartoon but MATURE and for ADULTS". Dropped every plot point from the -ations.
>"The Transformers" ongoing: Possibly even worse than AHM. Ignore it.
>More than Meets the Eye: The point where the comics started getting good again. Sci-fi sitcom in space with a ton of worldbuilding and character drama.
>Robots in Disguise: Runs parallel to MTMTE. First half is a political intrigue drama on Cybertron, second half is "humans ruin everything: the series".

Special mention for the Battle of the Star Gate manga, which is Japanese but still pretty fantastic. Also, read Micronauts, ROM and Action Man, which aren't about Transformers but are set in the IDW universe and are also great.

Hot damn dude that's thorough. Thanks for the summaries and the IDW recs, I'll have to give them a go after this.

Don't worry to much about the series guide, next on would be Animated for me and I tend to lurk to check if there's other TF threads already up, so maybe next time? I don't think this one will live long enough for either of us. I'm glad your recs are in the guide from this user though
And thank you for this guide, because I never knew how much transformer comics there actually are... how can you tell them all apart?

There's just one thing that's been bugging me, I've seen a lot of fanartists tag their stuff with #maccadam, which is apparently the name of the a barkeeper on Cybertron... what's the deal with that?

>lot of fanartists tag their stuff with #maccadam

Twitter? Tumblr? First time hearing this.

Have you checked out Robots in Disguise? It's a continuation of TFP but much more light hearted.

Tumblr, I think I've even seen some barely-english speaking artists give that tag. Not so much reposters who prowl through pixiv/twitter to find more stuff though.

Not yet, but I'm kinda iffy on the pre-school aspect and how bitter some people are about it apparently. Saw a clip how Soundwave appeared to wreck everyone and that was pretty good, and I wouldn't mind seeing Bee trying to follow into OP's steps.

I am guessing so they can just have fandom stuff there or discuss their stuff there, without having to deal with the general Transformers tag which sometimes has stuff like articles about the Bayformers or other stuff that might not appeal to them.

They do it on tumblr

> I'm kinda iffy on the pre-school aspect

Fair enough. It's certainly got more comedy in it but give it a shot whenever you feel like it. Also Rescue Bots is good. It may be for younger audience but it's surprisingly has good writing and is now the longest running TF show.

>bitter some people are about it apparently.
Gonna warn you. TF fandom got a shitload of negative nay-sayers for every generation. Go with what you like. Not what the general conscious wants you to like.

I have to remember that tag.
>that Rodimus/Drift pairing

I've seen many posts on blogs about that as well, but I figure that's the nature of a long running, successful franchise, and I generally take the good with the bad anyway.

I'll give it a try, just to see how it goes. I mean, not even Miko's reckless behaviour or Jack's center spot during the S1 finale pissed me of, I just went " I hope the kids watching it like it because that's what it's for".

I never went down that tag, I looked at the series+character one (i.e. #tfp starscream) and set the search parameters for pictures and "most popular", then look for artists whose work I like and look at their #transformers tag or archive.

I also really liked Transformers Prime, but it's kind hard for me to actually get into the actual comic series.

It's mainly the character design, I think, with me not really liking how most of the characters look in the comics and other places compared to the Cybertronians' design in Prime.

>" I hope the kids watching it like it because that's what it's for".

Well aren't you rare. Don't lose that aspect.

I know what you mean, I really have a hard time telling the characters apart and even when I've seen some single panels posted I've mistaken one for the other everytime.
But I know this guy is called Rung and is apparently everyone's psychotherapist.

I have only limited energy, can't waste that at being angry at a show I'm not even the target group for.

Tbh, of IDW's Transformers, I'd recommend you More than Meets the Eye. Think of it Justice League International wannabe.

Yeah, telling them apart is definitely one of my problems. Another is those noses. Just seems too out of place to me, and makes them too, well, human-looking.

>Think of it Justice League International wannabe.
Or Firefly space opera!

Or that, too. Honestly, Ultra Magnus reminded me of J'onn and Captain Atom a lot with his RULES RULES RULES attitude.
And Rodimus is pure Booster.

It's weird how things are perceived from which starting points. I got into TF when Dreamwave came out. Then to TFA -> TFP-> -MTMTE -> RB/RiD and so on. It does sometimes get a little crazy trying to remember the 100+ bots running around in the comic but they kinda just meld into the background when the main-story is running on full blast.

>second half is "humans ruin everything: the series".
The humans didn't ruin anything though.Soundwave convinced them that the autobots had Megatron now and later Galvatron decided to invade Earth despite the alliance he had with humans. The IDW humans are idiots but they're paranoid for a reason- Cybertronians are inconsistent in their vows and overall just sketchy as hell.

>The humans didn't ruin anything though.
Except Spike. He ruins everything.

Spike needs to be killed off already. I don't care whether it's Cobra, Prowl, Ian, a Dire wraith, someone has to do it.

I think the noseless TFP design is throwing me more off, but from what I've seen of the comics I've got a harder time seeing facial differences between the characters, and the very similar looking bulk of helms and their bodies doesn't help.

That sounds a bit like a Big Two hero line-up where everyone and their mum hangs around in New York and appears for a panel or two now and then, but you've been at this far th I am. Gotta head off now, but thanks again everyone.

I wish it could of been by Prowl. He need some sort of satisfaction.

He'll never get any satisfaction.
Has anything EVER gone right for Prowl? I actually can't think of one.

Fucking please. Best boy kills worst boy.

>Has anything EVER gone right for Prowl? Getting away with murder?

It would be so good.
Nobody would miss Spike and it would only further cement Ian status as best human.
I actually forgot about his mass genocide of neutrals.

Who's Ian?

Action man.

Ah. I didn't get into Revolution yet.

Yeah it just started so you're good.

Does he get away with that? The whole SOTW was kinda messy to follow. Didn't anyone else found out about it?

He got away with it.
I'm sure the Wreckers might know about it but they pose no threat nor are they going to punish Prowl for it seeing how they've also committed war crimes in the past and Prowl knows about them.

Mobile rip of the new RID is up.

>Grimlock: Brother Gunther's cool, bee!
>Bee: How can you be so sure?
>*Beaming holy light and choir*
>Bee"...... Yeah. ok.

That got me.

>read the Last Stand of the Wreckers miniseries, which is GOAT
I read LSotW a few months back, most of the stuff leading up to it too, and I just wasn't impressed.

Maybe I'm just not as into robo gore and torture porn as the majority of the people recommending it.
Nothing about really grabbed me, none of the new character, not Overlord, not the art. It was all pretty whatever to me.

Read Action Man. It's a four issue mini that sets up the most likeable and funny character in IDW.

I keep forgetting Action Man is a thing.

I did too until I read the new series, and now I don't think I can ever forget him.

Action Man, he will also eventually team up with Kup and they'll end up forming a team with Blackrock and Ayana Jones in a comic that's going to be call Revolutionaires.

Also I can't wait to read it because I like Kup and I like when he's around youthful characters and Ian is the definition of young.

>still no preview up for exrid #57
Is it being pushed to a later date AGAIN?

I think the idea of Aequita was incredibly cool, not only that but it brought something to the table that I don't think a lot of people had even considered or and that's autobot war crimes. It's definitely a little overhyped but it was genuinely good.

Personally I preferred SoTW not because it was a better story per se because God was it messy at times but because of how bizarre the whole idea was. A giant spider with webs vs. A bunch of G1 Transformers. Not only that but the whole deal with Springer and Tarantulas was pretty tragic.


I wonder if Springer knows he was a test tube robot baby project and his daddy is a psychotic spider.

Is it that hard to type out 11 numbers

>I thought about watching Animated next since... yeah, I still can't expand my disbelief for the car robots now also having animal robots (yet)

Animated is a good choice. Although, about Beast Wars it might be a bit better in G1 they already had "beastformers" to an extent but they were all obviously in the style of G1, looking like robot animals rather than organic ones....Beast Wars is a sequel to G1 that's set in the future (and simultaneously in the past because of time travel crap) where Transformers technology has gone through changes and advancements over time....example being they are smaller instead of giant, and have gotten more advanced in adopting "organic" disguises which they only do so because they crashland on a primitive planet with no mechanical objects to take the form of, so they have to scan organic lifeforms

>Wyatt starting to snap at people on twitter


In all serious, what the hell made him finally snap?

I'd say Hot Rod's Bayformers design but that was a month ago.

So apparently the nazis and the queen of england will have a role in Transformers 5.

Last night was about Soundwave. Did he do something new tonight?

All I'm seeing is political bitching.

It is true though. Just another tumblrgirl going ad hominem against an artist.

Maybe? He was getting upset hateful about the existence of IDW Soundwave. Don't know if it was before or after this one.

Soundwave seems like a fickely subject since he's either a robotic-sounding drone, a silent servant or neither of those in the current IDW story.

Both those people are dudes you idiot.

>neither of those in the current IDW story.
Which is why it's his best incarnation.
Also, the G1 Marvel comics made him a cocky punk so I don't why that doesn't trigger Wyatt who' represents the worst of genwunners.

I agree with him shitting on that person for insulting Sakamoto persoanlly but Wyatt is overall such an unpleasant person.

Best boy is Chris Ryall

Wyatt is a dick and Sakamoto can only do that cutsie shitty animu style so they're both shitty people.

Browsing through twitter images, they both look the same. Except one has a mustache.

>Also, the G1 Marvel comics made him a cocky punk so I don't why that doesn't trigger Wyatt who' represents the worst of genwunners.
Oh, it does. He bitched about how no comic writers get Soundwave.

I miss Kotteri. Why isn't she doing more issues.

I'd pay to have Kotteri over Sakamoto anyday. Her stuff is unique and cute without looking retarded. Why cant we have her as a regular?

I know working on comics can be pretty demanding. Maybe it just wasn't her thing. Still I miss her woooorrrrk.

Sakamoto at least doesn't bitch and moan publicly about the people working alongside him in the exact same franchise.

Ah, yes.
Its so terrible that comicbooks actually try to make a character interesting and emeorable beyond "the Decepticon with the cool voice".

She's a fantastic artist.

>Sakamoto at least doesn't bitch and moan publicly about the people working alongside him in the exact same franchise.
True but that makes me wonder if he has some equivalent Japanese account where he vents.

I don't know man.
He's like in perpetual excitement and joy over cons.

Messed up hobo Soundwave is the best Soundwave. I want to see how he's dealing with Ravage's death. Does he blame himself? Does he blame Megatron? etc.

My that man sure knows how to use an exclamation mark.

>Does he blame himself? Does he blame Megatron? etc.
We're finding out in exRiD #57 according to Barber during the Q&A. Which will be ,hopefully, out on Wednesday.

There's apparently supposed to be some big Transformers-related thing in the Micronauts Revolution tie-in this week.

That's really good news.
I loved Micronauts already but TF is always welcomed.
Have any hints been dropped as to what it will be?

Just that whatever it is will appeal especially to one particular segment of the fandom.

>He bitched about how no comic writers get Soundwave.
But they don't. I honestly don't care about the comics so it's not a huge issue for me, but everything I read with Soundwave is just awful....they turn him into a totally OOC ....OC, and a shitty one at that

I don't think it counts as an OC if it's one of the first ever portrayals of Soundwave.
IDW Soundwave just grew out of the Marvel version.

You have a point, if that's even true...I know the general premise of the Marvel stuff but I never read it, always been more on the cartoon and toy side of the fandom, but I gotta say if Soundwave is as dramatically different from the cartoon in the original comics as he is now....I don't feel I'm being arrogant when I say the cartoon probably takes precedent in most people's heads over the comic.

>It's a continuation of TFP
Is it really? Haven't watched it myself though I know Optimus is in it.
How'd they explain him coming back to life?

What's "getting Soundwave" to Wyatt? His own Soundwave was a self-serving robot who stole Tailgate's bio, wasn't loyal to Megatron, and even was described in the intial production bio as "no modulated voice for THIS Soundwave!"

>I don't feel I'm being arrogant when I say the cartoon probably takes precedent in most people's heads over the comic.
Right, but divergent characterisations have been part of Transformers since the beginning. Wyatt's just the worst kind of whiny geewunner who hates the comics when they don't line up with the cartoon he half-remembers from his childhood which, let's be frank, was mediocre schlock that never gave most characters half the depth the comics did.

>which, let's be frank, was mediocre schlock that never gave most characters half the depth the comics did.

That's one side of it, the other side is that comics ruin what character made certain characters so great. Soundwave is unique because he was the original lone robot among robots who act like made him creepy and intimidating for this reason. To make Soundwave as human as all other TFs is to take away the very thing that made him cool to begin with in the majority of people's eyes...much like Rob Zombie ruining Michael Myers, or Marvel ruining the symbiotes

>Soundwave is unique because he was the original lone robot among robots who act like made him creepy and intimidating for this reason.
Which we was from the beginning of IDW to post Dark Cybertron. We never got to see what kind of person he was until Shockwaves actions against the Decepticons and Megatron threw him into a rage.
The cold, robotic, thing worked for a cartoon aimed at children but you can't (at least intentionally) have a character who's personality is literally good as a wooden block.

>Just that whatever it is will appeal especially to one particular segment of the fandom.
Shout out to MTMTE?
They're like the only particular portion of the fandom as far as IDW goes. Otherwise it might even be G1 pandering.

>He bitched about how no comic writers get Soundwave.
I haven't seen that but I love when he subtweets the fuck out of Mairghread Scott. I've seen him call her a hack in so many words a few times.

>Mairghread Scott. I've seen him call her a hack in so many words a few times.
She's been doing a good job with TAAO though.

Yeah this was pre-TAAO iirc anyway. I'm actually pretty pleased with TAAO myself even if the other Windblade books didn't really do it for me.

Simon Furman's unpublished scripts for the Dreamwave TF comics are up for grabs on eBay.

The unpublished issues (because Dreamwave is kill) in question:
>Transformers: The War Within - Age of Wrath #4
>Transformers: The War Within - Age of Wrath #5*
>Beast Wars Transformers #1
>Transformers Energon #31
>Transformers Energon #32
>Transformers Energon #33**

>*Bonus outline of Age of Wrath #6 (the conclusion)

>**Bonus outline of Energon #34-36 (the conclusion)

>I've seen him call her a hack in so many words a few times.

I'm not surprised. He probably hates Windblade like he does Drift.

Oh then I definitely agree.
The Windblade books were awful but regardless, I just can't get past the idea of talking so negatively about artists and writers you work alongside. I wonder if all the shit talking will come back to bite him in the ass?

What I don't understand is how much of a huge MTMTE fanboy he is despite his irrational criticisms towards everything else. And no I'm not implying that it's bad, but it's second season got wonky as hell

I think Scott's issue is that she can't do conclusions. Both the Windblade mini and the first arc of TAAO were great for three issues and then they tripped at the last moment.
Of course, Windblade v2 was shit, but I'm inclined to chalk that one up to being cancelled before it began and having to stuff 10 issues worth of worldbuilding and story into 4.

>tfw I like both Windblade and Drift
Tbh, Drift had really dumb backstory. Joining Lost Light was the best thing that couls happen to him.

>I just can't get past the idea of talking so negatively about artists and writers you work alongside.
Wyatt hasn't worked on Transformers since BotCon 2011. He's basically just a big name fan at this point.

He does seem to talk a lot of smack lately. Haven't seen it bite him in this ass yet though, but who knows. It might keep him from IDW at least if I had to guess.

Thank god.
I loved animated but I would be lying if I said any of the designs were remotely appealing beyond Swindle.

Does Wyatt robo-fu Swindle?

Does he?
I don't follow the man so I'm in the blind.

>still no exrid preview out
Either something fucking amazing happens or Newsrama is jobbing.

Fuck, I need those. The Unicron Trilogy comics were actually entertaining and engaging. If I had the cash I'd pay someone to draw out what they never published.

Oh wow even Chris Ryall is in the dark. Apparently not even reviewers have gotten their issues of exrid #57.

The epic conclusion.

Let's derail our comic for an event no one asked for! Let's publish the issues out of order! Let's change the series title and relaunch at #1 afterward! This won't confuse anyone! What could possible go wrong!

sasuga DIamond

>Let's derail our comic for an event no one asked for!
Fuck off, I'm looking forward to it. Unless you mean Titans Return, that's a fair assessment.

>IDW is mature

Fuck off, this is why nobody likes you people. The comics suck and that's can't just make up things and have anybody other than false fans be ok with it.

>Oh I know, now Batman doesn't brood...and he's called jollyboy

Go home, Derrick.

Don't worry! Revolution will be plagued with publication delays as well! Everyone's invited to this party!

>REEEEEE It's not a carbon copy of MUH GENWUN

Face it, comic fans are mainly comprised of non TF fans who got into it for gay porn. Hence why every single fucking TF thread is derailed by you retards who know nothing of TF other than the shitty comics and refuse to talk about anything other than the Deviantart tier fanfictions within them

You don't think that could be because the comics are what's coming out at the moment, do you?
What would you rather talk about? Rescue Bots? Transformers Animated? Beast Wars: Uprising?

If you like Transformers comics you are a TF fan.

He was ghost-training with the 13 Primes and they sent him back for some "great mission"322

Comics are coming out, and they suck. The thing is it's become quite clear comic fans are not long term TF fans because they have quite different interests than those who are.

Comic fans insist on trying to, well, insist, that the comics are and should be the status quo for Transformers....which they aren't and shouldn't, they are a fucking bizarre oddity that shouldn't exist. And it's only an issue with TF oddly enough...IDW is good at pretty much everything NOT regarding TF, even My Little fucking Pony comics are better than this garbage and those comics are not good either.....YET STILL BETTER

Transformers have always been gay and shall remain gay always.

Again, what would you rather talk about?

>MLP comics

I like equines but I can guarantee that they are worse, consistently, than most of what IDW puts out.

Its too bad the G1 cartoon didn't last longer or that no one was able to see in the future and manage to find a way to lead into the BW era more smoothly.If you look at the G1 toyline, some of the last few lines are the beast Pretenders, and Micromasters. BW characters are basically both of those. It really isn't the radical 180 some people treat it as; it makes sense considering the way Transformers was heading in the late 80s.

The pretenders did get more play in the comics and the Masterforce anime; incidentally one of the Beast wars writers had a proposal similar to the pretender concept in Masterforce. basically Transformers: humans in disguise.

IDW puts out the MLP comics...since Hasbro, m8y

You're fuckin' gay pal


You bet I am. Transformers made me gay. I was cold constructed this way.

No shit, I didn't say otherwise. IDW's quality control mostly goes to other series like TF, TMNT, Jems, etc. Ponies sell even with bad issues because of the cover characters and the fans who haven't jumped ship..

You think TF comics have quality control? HAHAHAHAHAHAA

That's funny, you're funny. It's utter shit guy. Which is the entire point, IDW does pretty much everything pretty well...OTHER than Transformers, MLP is probably the other thing they fuck up and still it's not nearly as fucked up as TF. It sucks, but it's not completely OOC to ridiculous lengths for just about every character and revamping every character into a new OC who only shares a namesake with who they are supposed to be

So basically your complaint goes to "not muh"


James Roberts, go back to bed. Nobody liked what you did to Star Saber just because you can't let go of your twenty year old fan fiction.

Does anyone even give a shit about exRid anymore? Genuine question. I hardly see any talk about it anymore.

MTMTE is better than G1. Getting pissed about the difference is like getting pissed that modern Batman movies have little to do with Adam West.

>Implying Star Saber had any characterization prior to MTMTE beyond "Optimus Prime but less personality and also he's a jet."
WEW. The delusion.

Much like you can't let go of your nostalgia for the cartoons you grew up with.

Face it, the comics have been around for what, more than a decade and if you expect them to remain the status quo just for the sake of the fans who don't want any of it to change, well it might as well be as dead in personality as a fucking Bayformer.

No it really isn't. I bet you're a fucking 20 year old gamer girl who doesn't own a single Transformer but call yourself a "fan" because you pirate this shit comic and go on Tumblr

Kill yourself you cancer

Every Western TF cartoon is better than these comics...they have a slight edge over most anime, but that's because anime is disgusting horse shit of an entirely different level

All IDW fans are non TF fans

Don't be a faggot, Transformers is entirely unrealistic to begin with. A mass-shifting motorcycle robot isn't all that different from a cheetah robot. People like Beast Wars because the writing is pretty good and it's one of like two shows doesn't feature humans at all.

Yeah people still care about it and personally it's the one I prefer.
It's been talked about more frequently as of recent actually but it's ending tomorrow and kicking off with "Optimus Prime" in October so I mean.

Disliked robotic animals as a kid, but stayed because of my pre-adolescent boner for Arachnia...and then later the story and the G1 cameo.

>taking this guy's bait

It's 10 in the evening and I'm very tired yet awake enough for my Cred Forums needs.

>He actually believes this.
Mate, just go play with your 80s toys and pop a g1 vhs in the tv to fap to. Christ dude.

Yeah I like G1, I'm a fucking Transformers fan. I'm also 27, not one of these imaginary bogeyman you faggots have of 40 something year old guys jerking off to Wheelie.

You people are the problem, not us. I'm not a "geewunner", I like most TF media that isn't anime or shit ass fucking comic books that only appeal to retards who don't know anything about TF otherwise .

Which angry faggot from TFW2005 are you then? Did you get banned or something?

>but I love when he subtweets the fuck out of Mairghread Scott. I've seen him call her a hack in so many words a few times.

Oh man I need to see this lol.


To be fair, Windblade comics kind of sucked until TAAO.

TAAO is a weirdly ok comic and it's bizzare that Scott wrote it.

It's still got it's wtf moment but not nearly as awful as Windblade v2.

I am all for Revolution but renumbering and renaming MTMTE was a mistake. Ending exrid and starting back up as Optimus Prime is still annoying but forgivable in hindsight since it might help sales. I mean, everyone knows who Optimus Prime is and Kei's art is godly, so even non-TF fans might consider giving it a chance.

>but renumbering and renaming MTMTE was a mistake

It's the in thing with comic companies. Lost light is a better titles and you know that they'll go back to the old numbering when they were about to reach #100 in order to do a big event issue like how Marvel did with DD.

Lost Light is definitely a better title.

>Which we was from the beginning of IDW to post Dark Cybertron.
No he wasn't. He was human-like when he first appeared in his spotlight. He had a million characterizations in IDW until around Dark Cybertron.

Yeah, and more accurate to boot.

>More Than Meets the Eye - implies transforming
>characters don't transform

>Lost Light - that fucking stupid shit they never get off of
>oh look, more adventures on the USS Quirky

I didn't expect this thread to still be up after more than 24 hours, so thanks for that guys.

It's a common thing to switch up names and such. Nothing to worry about. It will just be confusing for new folks starting into the comics.

It was nice until kids got out of school.

It was nice until people started talking about comics

>characters don't transform
How do you feel about the number of transformations in ex-RID?

It was fine until around 7am CST this morning.

Stop feeding it. It's the same user who has been pissy about the state of the comics for months and can't get over it.

They actually transform a lot in exrid.
Astrotrain was killed in his alt mode for Christsake.

They transform a lot everywere.


I don't even like MTMTE anymore but the hyper anti-MTMTE faggots are the single most annoying people in this fandom right now.

You won't stop it existing by being a faggot, and you won't change anyone's mind you'll only make the fujoshit shipping stronger by being a massive sperg lord over MTMTE.

People ITT actually said

>MTMTE is better than G1. Getting pissed about the difference is like getting pissed that modern Batman movies have little to do with Adam West.


>Transformers have always been gay and shall remain gay always.


>IDW Soundwave is the best incarnation

This proves IDW fags are not real TF fans are in fact, utter and complete morons who need to be executed

I'm glad I'm not a real TF fan because going by you being a real TF fan means being the biggest faggot to ever fag God's green Earth.

Face it old man, no one sees Sunbow g1 as the and-all, be-all anymore. If anything you should be happy that new fans like a remaining of g1 so much; instead of it being Armada or Animated being the one to displace it. Action cartoons befor Batman TAS are basically irrelevant to most people; do you want the TF fandom to be like Thundercats or He-man?

So you're content to be a poseur, cool shit brah.

I'm 27, if that's old to you get the fuck off this board you snot sucking queer. Plus, TF has existed through out the decades....very consistently, your comparisons to other shows make no sense since TF has been updated and has never NOT been on the air with a new show, good or not

And all are better than the comics, IDW is not G1 at all.....

> you'll only make the fujoshit shipping stronger

Gay shipping of bots has been around since the dawn of Transformers. Doesn't matter if it's MTMTE, RiD, or the next new thing. It's gonna happen. People will ship no matter what fandom it's from. People just need to learn to ignore it. I'm surprised the popular gay comic from 2004 is still floating around online.

>do you want the TF fandom to be like Thundercats or He-man?

He does. That's what all the hyper anti-MTMTE faggot want.

They want to drag the fanbase and the franchise to the 2002 era when the G1 cartoon was the only relevant piece of fiction in the franchise. But they can't. Because new people came in an keep coming in.

And here's the horror, they aren't coming in by watching the G1 cartoon. There are people in the fanbase right now thaat NEVER saw the G1 cartoon. And it pisses them off that these newfags DARE to like Transformers without also sucking the cartoons dick.

Guys. Do we really need to resolve this in massive dumps of cute bots.

I've been a TF fan literally as long as I can first action figures were TF, I've been collecting and following it longer than you've been alive and G1 is not the only version I're grasping at straws faggot

>So you're content to be a poseur, cool shit brah.

Son I've been in the transformers fandom since '96. I was at the very first Botcon. I have mo street cred in this shitty fanbase that you whiny baby will ever have.

But I like MTMTE so obviously I'm not a "real TF fan, which lead me to conclude that being a "real TF" fan mean being a fucking faggot. Just like you.

>IDW is not G1 at all....

Tiny robots that are human sized and fight wrestlersyet still turn into cars and jets is G1. Super robot swordsmen are G1. Schoolgirls controlling giant robots are G1. Jazz having a disguise thats a giant white guy is G1. G1 went on for a loooong time and got really weird.

>when the G1 cartoon was the only relevant piece of fiction in the franchise


You really are a presumptuous moron, and also yeah a fucking newfag

I'd welcome it.

Acting serious in-fighting among the fandom is ridiculous as Strongarm in fried garb. Chill.

>Son I've been in the transformers fandom since '96.
I've been in it since like '91, big deal fag, I started collecting when I literally was a whiny baby, you Johny come lately piece of shit

IDW is shit not G1

How does it feel like getting 30 nigger cock rammed up your butthole every night?

Thank fuck I never bough TF toys as a kid, since they obviously cause mental retardation.

Not true, that picture is making me smile and brings me joy, something the guys in this thread haven't managed.

>shit ass fucking comic books that only appeal to retards who don't know anything about TF otherwise .

Honestly you need way more in-depth knowledge of transformers to really enjoy tF comics than you do any of the cartoons. As a 5 year old watching Bast wars, I was like "Starscream, Autobots, Unicron, Great war, eh, sounds legit, now just show me more Transmetals." All you needed to know was explained to you. but with the comics, it helps a lot if you know the toyline to remember all the names and roles.

I think it feels like a lot of the hate towards the TF comics from guys like you just comes from the fact that its a comic, and you just prefer animation. Like a comic isn't a "legitimate" addition to the franchise.

>Old faggots fighting
Do you guys even remember what's it like to be young and carefree.


I'm so happy that IDW is popular now and will continue to be popular/influencial and a dominant force in the TF fandom and fiction for years to come because it cases people like you so much anal devastation.

I can't wait for you to kill yourself over depression caused by people not liking the same toys as you.



How do you like being a complete and utter nigger? TF PRIME....WHO HURD O DAT? TF ANIMATED...WUTS DAT????......BEAST WARS, O LAWDY I NEVA HERD O DAT DERE

Fuck off retard, IDW is not fucking relevant period and is not even at the top of relevant TF caters to a small group of faggots most of which post here and don't know anything about TF prior


I had some weird knock-off toys on the tier of pic related, what do you think did it to me?

>IDW is shit not G1

G1 is, on the whole, pretty shit. yes even the movie.

Imagine if people cherished other 80's garbage the way Sunbow G1 is. Like, fuck Batman The Animated series and avatar; SILVERHAWKS was much better! and GI Joe, total masterpiece compared to cartoons after it!

>from the fact that its a comic

Not it comes from it not being an exact replica of the G1 cartoon and because it commited the sin of gayness.



>Is this actually entertaining?
>Surprisingly it's/they're worth watching

Out of all of those, BW was the only one around in the 2002 era, and even then it was still a point of contention.




>I can't wait for you to kill yourself over depression caused by people not liking the same toys as you.

>This faggot thinks you can cross toys with fiction

You don't even collect do you? Good toys are good toys, nothing to do with the fiction. People don't buy toys because of the fiction...but the fiction often fucking sucks, and never more so than with IDW and you neo TF posers who think it's good because you aren't actually fans

>Honestly you need way more in-depth knowledge of transformers to really enjoy tF comics than you do any of the cartoons.

No you don't, you need to be a fucking retard to enjoy them.

>I think it feels like a lot of the hate towards the TF comics from guys like you just comes from the fact that its a comic, and you just prefer animation.

I read plenty of comics, IDW TF just fucking sucks....if it was good, I would like it, but it isn't. Sorry. I can point out my hatred of these awful books by simply pointing at what they did to Soundwave....they have no respect for the character and neither do you as a fan of this trite pandering garbage. I'm not going to go into massive detail about why these shit books suck but if you want it in a nutshell, they do NOT respect the source material at all and if you hate the source material yourself you are a fucking poseur.


>being this triggered

Don't you have some tfw2005 thread to shit up?

This thread is full of fake geek gamer girls who need to be shot in the fucking face


yeah....pretty much, or judging from the number of posters ITT just one retarded one

>People don't buy toys because of the fiction

Make way for the sexiest bot alive!




> Bee as tired kindergarten teacher with his students vs mean animals
That makes a shocking amount of sense.


>ITT we trigger the raging faggot



There's a lot of art of bots in lingerie...




Bots in TFP had some amazing legs.

Hearing Starscream's voice again in RiD feels good. Never realized how much I missed it.

Kinda wish Starscream would've used his more for melee instead of just the claws, his knee-spikes and pointy feet would've been perfect for that.

So, IDW fags are spamming literally because someone called their bluff about knowing anything about TF?


>Maybe I'm just not as into robo gore and torture porn as the majority of the people recommending it.

That was my takeaway from reading Last Stand of the Wreckers, too. It was like a fanfic a 13 year-old would write; lots of violence and gore and death death death because that's what's MATURE, right?

If that's the gold standard for IDW Transformers fiction, I think I'll pass on all of it.

His legs would probably break easily. His arm easily broke off from a single blast once.

He's to much of a delicate ballerina of the skys, damn. Really only good for seeking things.

At least he beefed up in RiD. No idea how... Maybe he'll actually start fighting more.

I love this.

All this fighting, dear god.
Come on, I came for comfy Transformers threads, not this. I'm a bit of a fellow newfag to the series like OP, only watched Animated and G1 so far. I was gonna ask for the guide to the comics cause I've seen it floating around but that already got posted. Thank you to whoever posted that, btw.

But damn, hearing/seeing Wyatt be a dick after just getting done with Animated feels weird.

His art style is an acquired taste (The slanting legs still irks me) but it does feels weird when someone like him get angry over something as ridiculous as how a character is portrayed.... in a long running franchise of multiple different interpretations.

So its blasphemy to have Soundwave not talk in monotone, but it is ok to have Prowl be a ninja? If he wants G1 accuracy then fair enough, but be consistent about it at least.

You watched G1. That makes you at least a real fan, watch Beast Wars too.

Get into the comics as you wish but know they butcher everything about G1 and also are the reason so many fucking cancerous non fans are now in the fandom....however, this should not stop you from liking it if you do, but just know that these people are fucking stupid

>someone insults IDW

They are cancer, friend, and they don't like TF as much as they do pandering

Dude. Can you even read the thread.
and so on.

and this because it chills the situation from becoming pure vitriol.

Remember when these threads were fun?

You just quoted all of me, what's your point?


No but I remember when these threads were full of lust over sari.

I like G1, Armada, TFA, TFP, RB, and the comics from marvel to MTMTE. Good thing I know how to enjoy things in strive.

>what's your point?

That you're a faggot?

You need help.

Funny enough, the fun stopped when that /toy/ guy started hanging around.

WEW LAD haha hey kys

I respond, I never come into threads shitting on IDW just for the joy of it which it does bring me, I react to moronic IDW poseurs saying past TF series suck simply because they're not true TF fans and should be sliced into bits

Ok but you still a faggot

> I react to moronic IDW poseurs saying past TF series suck simply because they're not true TF fans and should be sliced into bits

And yet...
>Anons talking about the different points of Soundwave.

Are you Derrick?

>Lust over a one-way 8 year old who went through magic puberty upgrade.

How? I admit, I liked her design after she upgraded and I came to like her more as a character, but really?

This is Cred Forums.

Did....Did I just seriously type once-was as one-way?
The fuck am I doing?

Yeah, take that word the n folks are doing. Go for it girlfriend!

That user is wrong

>Blades is jealous Danni is flying another helicopter.

Why is he so adorable.

Again, why do you guys insist on taking his bait?
How do you guys survive on boards that aren't Cred Forums?

TFP Starscream has issues towards the end but his voice was never one of them.

Because she went through a magic puberty upgrade. She gained sexually mature attributes.


It was two old fags duking it out. Rest of us didn't care and just wants to talk about bots.

That's a neat costume,

Who is the cutest bot, anons?

TC for being a wannabe screen writer with a little pet dog.

Anyone have that infographic that explains how the Aligned continuity fell apart?

user if that is you cosplaying I would like to say that

1. good job, it's a great costume

2. I would fuck your butthole until my dick dries out and fall off.

>tfw your Robo Waifu is so fat she's fucking deep fried

I love these, thank you kind user.

Thundercracker is such a best boy. Why are aliens engaging in Earth culture always so cute?

It's nipple time


What fucking bait? Do you seriously think that you IDW fags are the majority of the TF fandom? You're fucking delusional kid, sorry.

Are you seriously delusional enough to think that the majority re G1 fans?

70% of the fanbase are movie fans retard because 70% o the fanbase are KIDS who don't even know about a cartoon from 30 fucking years ago.

Calm the fuck down. MTMTE is ending with #57. It's time to move on.

It's actually not.
It's ending with MTMTE: Revolution.

It's coming back in December. He has two month to fill up his batteries.

Or to get his anus filled by niggers god knows he loves that.


Baby robot colony when?

C'mon, let's simmer down already and post comfy bots

Also gonna post the best dad figure in Animated.

Amen to that.


Technically it isn't really ending at all. The new title is Lost Light starting in December.

No, technically it IS ending. The title is stopping.

More comf






>Are you seriously delusional enough to think that the majority re G1 fans?

I am a Transformers fan....not a G1 fan. Of course this includes G1 seeing that I am a real fan...however, you are not a Transformers fan, you're a MTMTE're a fucking pebble. You make zero money for Hasbro.

More comf, this thread is getting happier by the minute

Ignore the faggot. Post more comf.

Don't give up on me, dammit!







Seekers are always nice


The ultimate comf

I need more Sixshot in my life.


Dad and kid bonding



I lied, this is ultimate comf


This thread is a lot more comfy, thanks guys

No prob! Happy to help with comfy!


Well you're in luck, because he's getting a new toy.

Ah nice! I'll have to snag that when it comes out!

Have soundwave

Can you get into Revolutions without reading any of IDW's other (Transformer) comics? It sounds fun but I've never followed any Transformer comics.

>Available with Titans Return Six Shot, "Decepticon Revolver" can transform from a small robot into a head compatible with any Deluxe-or-larger Titans Return figure. The "headband" of the head mode has the kanji for "six".
>Revolver is physically based on Jack, whose death Sixshot orchestrated in the Headmasters cartoon. Someone at Hasbro or Takara has a twisted sense of humor.

Tell me your favorite autobot and decepticon. I want to make an autumn time name game.

You'll be missing out on the details of backstories but it tells you what you need to know. All of Revolution is designed to be readable if you don't know the respective properties, and the post-Revolution stuff won't be crossing over heavily so you won't have to keep up with every franchise.

HA. I love it.
Favorite Autobot, Skids. Favorite Decepticon, Tarn.

Fav autobot:
>Ultra Magnus

Fav decepticon:

I will show you my favorite Autobots and Decepticons right here. And IDW fags are gay as fuck and need to be murdered

I like that he's getting a new toy, but it still sucks they fucked up the chest. by moving the lines down, and printing the wing detail strait on the chest instead of on the wings themselves.

Take it from someone who used to regularly take to him in private.

The dude is a straight up dick. They say don't meet your heroes and I should have listened.

>used to regularly take to him in private.
>A dick

Sorry. Having a bit of a giggle tonight. It's unfortunate to see well known people show it's dark side. Everyone's got them. I never want to see Peter or Franks dark sides.

They have no dark sides user, in fact I will tell you a story.
A conference Im on staff for was having both as guests and they each had their own private hotel rooms provided for them. Volunteers were sent by their rooms occasionally to see if they needed anything and to get them for their appearances. Most of the time Cullen wasnt in his room, he was across the hall in Welkers and the two of them were doing various voice impersonations and giggling like little girls. This would continue on down the hall and to the elevators everytime.

I wish they were my uncles. I bet Christmas with them would be fun.

Pleb tier taste familia.

They would be those fun uncles that even your friends would want to come over and hang out with.

This makes me happy.

Fav Autobot:
>Ratchet, Herbert West version. But I don't have any good pictures of him so Arcee

Fav Decepticon:
>Soundwave, every version of Soundwave

Fav bot who really needs more damn screen time please, just bring him back somewhere:
>Predaking, TF:P version

>TFP Megatron
>TFP Shockwave
>TFP Knockout

And you claim not to be gay as fuck yourself.

>Fav bot who really needs more damn screen time please, just bring him back somewhere:
>>Predaking, TF:P version
Strongly agree.

Favourite Autobot: Megatron
Favourite Decepticon: Megatron

>Favorite Autobot: Optimus Prime

>Favorite Decepticon: Soundwave



I like you

I like you.

favorite autobot: Whirl
favorite decepticon: Tarn

Excellent taste.

I love you kind user.

Hidden among the hate and bickering, there's some really great art and discussion in this thread.

Guess there's more to Cred Forums than meets the eye.


Sure I guess if you like that scrapmetal chicken look

Hypothesis: Guy in shadows talking to Starscream is Lockdown.
Based on the fact that he is mangled looking and possibly a bounty hunter.

Not enough names so lets play a different game in the meantime. Not sure if anyone remembers the spring and winter ones we did a long time ago in TFG. So have at it.

Roll to get your fate.

That isn't a bayformer user. Its Whirl from the marvel and IDW comics...


Rolling with Rodimus

>Afternoon naps with Rodimus

Hahahaha perfect with the image I had.

Starscream I hope its fun


>Terrorized nightly from Thundercracker
I imagine it would be about his screen plays.

This is bad comedy

>That Blackarachnia
I seriously need to find more art of her. She was one of my favorite "baddies" if you can even call her that.

Meanwhile most of my TFA pictures are Blitzwing and Prowl

so am I sharing a sweater with him or we have matching sweaters

Speaking of Blitz, I'll roll for Icy

4(even number) 3

Neither. Your getting tossed into a fiery bonfire which I'm sure is fun to him.

We're binge watching either a musical series or critical thinking shows.
I mean Bill Nye is always an option and I honestly wouldn't mind

Rolling with Tarn


Wait, I read it wrong I'm retarded
I die via laser tag with real lasers
Icy gets extra advantage because jet mode.

>given a scenic ride by Tarn but he think's I'm a pest

Seems about right.

So I get carved up like a pumpkin by Grimlock...

Dude you got 58. It started with an odd number. You got a wedding.

Well my night just got a lot better.

The best part is that after cutting the cake, Megatron cuts the groom.

Not at my wedding, that party pooper isnt invited.

Don't forget to read his safety manual.

Tarn did you cut off Overlords dick.

Except that it does look retarded too.

Anyone knows what's going on with Transformers: RID? Are they going to show the rest of season 2? And where can I find the two new ones that air in Canada?

Don't we usually have MTMTE spoilers by now?

No idea on the scheduling but you can find the new ones here-


Depends on if the reviewers who get it early say anything, otherwise we have another 4 hours until its dropped.

Spoilers: Roberts has a robot snuff and guro fetish.

Rollin with megatron

Pfft as if that's a spoiler.

No, there are also people who get it on iBooks by now.

Well then they need to start talking already those selfish bastards.

>TFP Arcee

I'd never waifu'd before but damn I waifu'd hard for her.

I'm so lonely I'm gonna die

Please, lord Galvatron
Make it end

Also can you post the spring and winter ones?


Mistaken this for the winter one. This is just the basic version.


The winter one was a different kind of game.

One day a 3rd party group will make an anatomically correct figure of her, with removable kibble.

Grimlock and Shockwave.

>All Hail Megatron: God-awful. Basically "the G1 cartoon but MATURE and for ADULTS". Dropped every plot point from the -ations.

Can't believe people dislike AHM. It's easily one of my favorite bits.

I actually love it too even with all it's continuity errors.

Its one of those things you either love it or despise it with the fury of a million dying stars.

Yeah, I'm not too nitpicky on those since comics have been filled with those for ages.

That could explain it.

Also, have the comics for the month dropped yet? I love dem Cred Forums storytimes.

>Also, have the comics for the month dropped yet? I love dem Cred Forums storytimes.
We're supposed to be getting mtmte tonight I think?

being a night owl in the uk always gets me confused on release times. earlier i was thinking, "it's 3am on the 28th, Cred Forums storytime now?"
but nope. back to waiting!

I've always wondered why they never went with Chromia for her name.

Hitler riding a dinobot when?

Delayed to October 12 but out now on iBooks/iTunes, according to someone from TFW2005.

Tell IDW first.

Lost Light is MTMTE Season 3.

Because it was the more well-known name. They made her blue simply to avoid the whole girl character being associated with the colour pink trope.

She even joked about it when Bee got his colour scheme updated in S3, something like "At least you got something to work with, if I'd reverse it I'd be pink!".

They could've gone with red though.

Eitherway they missed the opportunity to have two well known fembots instead of one.

>Lost Light is MTMTE Season 3.
Yes, thank you, that's been established.

Optimus is red.

but energon is blue in tfp

I still find it weird that out of a ton of other franchises, a model of her gets made into a skin mod for Left 4 Dead.

arcee waifufags are a desperate bunch

And the thread is still going on good. Thanks for all the art and fun posts.

Can't blame them. There's not a lot of robotic waifus out there.

Arcee was briefly pink in one alternate universe.

But Slipstream is 100% tsun


Too bright and white.

But I'd probably spend dosh for it nonetheless

Win-O-Thread says MTMTE 57 is today.


Huh, would've thought that the metal framing her face would become blue as well.

That's not what G1 Arcee had.

I thought her regular prime colours would become inverted, not that she'd get G1's colour scheme.

Prowl lives to no ones surprise.

Ah, good. And already back to flipping tables by the look of things

Exrid is out on Comixology apparently.

And finally after years of IDW's run do we begin to reach information about the thirteen primes.

Sasuga Micronus.

It's official then,
Optimus and company vs. Quintessons AND the thirteen.

exRiD #57 ending details from someone who read it.

The ending is also kind of heartfelt, with Soundwave finally fully accepting Optimus as not only an ally but a friend, and opening up about Ravage's death. It's a nice culmination in their relationship, one that I think has developed way more naturally than I ever thought it could be.

Holy shit, I need to see this.

So is Prion basically Planet Micro ?

You're in luck, I'm going to storytime them in a minute but here's the downloads now.
Transformers #57:!bkYiDQjB!3XnzuULmb2GtcZPWELitzE6RGBVlH2Cpo4-EeLVQALY
MtMtE #57:!CwYUwJrJ!axSJQCiWRpJZ-qwbknU9tWZdwYRnwL5M6gKf7Xa4cXc

Just in time. Cred Forums was down for a few hours.

This is what I'm here for. Doing god's work, user.

thanks user!

Fuck, this was so enjoyably stupid I had to set the comic down for a second


Prowl's table flipping antics never gets tiring.