Is it that hard to just call the movie Superman: Last Son of Krypton?

Can they stop being ashamed of his name?

You'd prefer Mxyzptlk?

Nether, no campy silly villains.

But I thought we want to have fun and nice and laughs in DCEU? I thought Snyder hated goodness?

>Not liking Bizarro
The only time to say you hate Bizarro is in Bizarro talk.

>Bizarro is a kind, compitent, and smiles
I'd watch that

>no campy silly villains in my movie about a flying guy in a cape and long underwear

>I thought Snyder hated goodness?
No he dislikes goodness with out sacrifice, consequences & hardship.
He wants characters to work for their happiness rather then it just coming easy for them.

oh god, imagine miserable brooding bizzaro

jesus christ

Nothing about aliens with capes & laser eyes is inherently silly, execution is what makes or breaks it.
Not 1 single time in MOS was Superman's outfit silly or overly outlandish.

And so the Snyder Cycle continues

Where was this retarded complaint for "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises"?

No, the Bizzaro we got in Forever Evil would be fine.

Johns is making the DCEU more optimistic now.

Actually, Bizarro being the opposite of Superman, in Man of Steel 2 he'd probably act.....well, exactly like normal Superman.

Well meme'd, sir.

ffs, livewire, parasite or even metallo would be better,throwing heavy shit like brainiac would be to much so close to darkseid

Only if they don't go with the growing blob versions of him, keep him human sized like Tas.

> growing blob versions of him
is that 52 or something?


"Bizzaro" is revealed to be actual superman and we have been watching bizzaro superman in MoS and BvS

Eh he was like that at times pre new 52 also.

Make him subtle & creepy like pic related.
We got our giant humanoid monster with DD & likely will get a 2nd with Steppenwolf, we don't need a 3rd.

Am I the only one that reads Cred Forums and goes ''Wow, I understand bullies now! They have a point!''

Kill yourself you failed abortion

Why do you need Supergirl, Brainiac, and Bizarro? Just give Brainiac a fucking brute for Supes to fight, like having him use some alien from a captured city